The Prairie Traveler by Randolph Barnes Marcy, Captain, U.S.A.


XXI.--From Fort Yuma to Benicia, California.
From Lieutenant R. S. WILLIAMSON'S Report.

           (Distances in miles and hundredths of a mile.)


         Fort Yuma, on Rio Colorado, to
  6.51.  Pilot Knob.
  5.06.  Algodones.
 11.18.  Cook's Wells.
 21.11.  Alamo Mocho.
 14.16.  Little Laguna.
 10.29.  Big Laguna.
 12.92.  Forks of Road.--The left-hand road leads to San Diego,
           139..94 miles, the right-hand to San Francisco.
 17.62.  Salt Creek.
 28.94.  Water in the Desert.--Below point of rocks.
 12.60.  Cohuilla Village.
 15.82.  Deep Well.
 10.62.  Hot Spring.
  7.36.  East base of San Gorgonio Pass.
 18.29.  Summit of Pass.
 27.10.  San Bernadino.--Mormon town.
 17.60.  Sycamore Grove.
 14.00.  Qui-qual-mun-go Ranch.
 26.60.  San Gabriel River.--At crossing.
  6.70.  Mission of San Gabriel.
  9.00.  Los Angeles.
 10.20.  Cahuengo Ranch.--At the crossing of a branch of Los
           Angeles River.
 10.70.  Mission of San Fernando.
  5.90.  Summit of San Fernando Pass.

  7.15.  Santa Clara River, southeast fork.
 15.80.  Summit of Coast Range.--In San Francisquito Pass.
 18.00.  Eastern base of Sierra Nevada.
  6.70.  Summit of Tejon Pass.
 13.10.  Depot Camp in the Tejon.
 31.00.  Kern River.--At the crossing.
 10.80.  Depot Camp on Pose Creek, or "O-co-ya."
 24.30.  White Creek.
 14.90.  More's Creek.
  5.10.  Tule River.
 22.00.  Deep Creek.--Deep Creek is the first of four creeks,
           crossed by the wagon-road, into which the
           "Pi-pi-yu-na" divides itself after emerging from the
           Sierra. These streams are commonly known as the "Four
  0.29.  Cameron Creek.--The second of the "Four Creeks."
  3.30.  Kah-wee-ya River.--The third and principal one of the
           "Four Creeks."
  0.89.  St. John's Creek.--The last of the "Four Creeks." At the
 28.13.  Pool's Ferry.--On King's River.
 12.32.  Slough of King's River.
 25.73.  Fort Miller.--On San Joaquin River, in the foot-hills of
           the Sierra Nevada.
  9.40.  Cottonwood Creek.
  7.72.  Fresno River.
 12.15.  Chowchilla River.--Sometimes known as "Big Mariposa."
 10.39.  Mariposa River.
  6.03.  Bear Creek.
 18.33.  Merced River.
 18.87.  Davis's Ferry.--Tuolumne River.
 28.85.  Grayson.--A ferry on the San Joaquin River.
 27.54.  Elk Horn.--The distance is by the wagon-road, and is
  6.90.  Summit of Livermore Pass.
  7.20.  Egress from Livermore Pass.
 40.42.  Martinez.--On the Straits of Carquives, opposite
           Benicia, California.
 Total distance from Fort Yuma to Benicia, 800.45 miles.

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