The Prairie Traveler by Randolph Barnes Marcy, Captain, U.S.A.


XIII.--From Indianola and Powder-horn to San Antonio, Texas.


         Powder-horn to
  4.     Indianola, Texas.-Steamers run from New Orleans five
           times a week to Powder-horn.
 14.     Chocolate Creek.-Good grass and water; fuel scarce.
           Road passes over a low, flat country, which in wet
           weather is heavy and muddy.
 12.     Grove.-Grove of oak; good water and grass. The road
           passes over a hog-wallow prairie, which is very muddy,
           and almost impassable for loaded teams after rains.
           The grass is abundant every where in this section.
 12 1/2. Victoria.-The road is good, passing along near the east
           bank of the Guadalupe River. The country is thickly
           settled with farmers, who sell grain at reasonable
           rates. Grass abundant, also fuel.
 34.     Yorktown.-Road crosses the Guadalupe River on a bridge;
           toll one dollar for a six-mule team. It then crosses a
           low bottom for three miles; from thence the road is
           good, over a rolling country, with plenty of wood,
           water, and grass.
 33.     Cibello River.-Good road; wood,water, and grass plenty.
 35.     San Antonio.-Good road, with plenty of wood, water, and
           grass along the road. The Cibello is fordable at
           ordinary stages.  The traveler can procure any thing
           he may need at Victoria and at San Antonio.

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