The Prairie Traveler by Randolph Barnes Marcy, Captain, U.S.A.


XI.--From Soda Springs to Fort Wallah Wallah
and Oregon City, Oregon, via Fort Hall.

       Soda Springs to
 25.   Portner Creek.-Good camp. Take the right-hand road.
 10.   Ross's Creek.-Good camp.
 10.   Fort Hall Valley.-Good camp. Road runs down the creek.
  8.   Snake River.-Good camp. Road crosses the river bottom.
  5.   Fort Hall.
 15.   Small Branch.-Camp is three miles below the crossing of
         Port Neuf River, which is fordable. Good wood, water,
         and grass.
 10.   American Falls.-Good camp.
 13.   Raft River.-Road rough and rocky. Sage for fuel; grass
 17.   Bend of Swamp Creek.-Grass scarce.
 20.   On Snake River.-Road crosses Swamp and Goose Creeks. Wood
         on the hills; grass short.
 25.   Rock Creek.-Road erosses one small creek, and is very
         rough and rocky for several miles, when it enters a
         sandy region, where the grass is scarce; sage plenty,
         and willows on the creek.
  24.  Snake River.-Road crosses several small branches. There is
         but little grass except in narrow patches along the
         river bottom.
  26.  Fishing Falls.-Road very crooked and rough, crossing two
         small streams.
  29.  Snake River.-Road crosses several small creeks, but leaves
         the main river to the north, and runs upon an elevated
         plateau.  Good grass at camp.
  16.  Snake River (ford).-Road tortuous; ford good in low water.
  19.  Small Branch.-Road crosses Snake River, and follows up a
        small  branch, leaving the river to the left. Good grass.
        Road ascends  to a high plateau, which it keeps during
        the whole distance.
  26.  River "Aux Rochers."-Road passes Hot Springs, and is
         rough. Wood, water, and grass plenty.
  22.  Small Creek.-Road crosses two small branches, and is
         very rocky, but at camp grass, wood, and water are
  23.  Rio Boise.-Road crosses one small creek, and follows along
         the Boise River. Good wood, water, and grass.
  26.  Fort Boise.-Road follows the south bank of Boise River to
         the fort.
   2.  Fort Boise.-Road crosses Boise River. Good ford at
         ordinary stages. Grass good in the river bottom.
  20.  River "Aux Matthews."-Good road. Grass abundant, but
         coarse; wood and water plenty.
  27.  Snake River.-Road passes over a rough country. Grass
         scarce and of a poor quality.
  20.  Burnt River.-Road leaves Snake River, and takes across
         Burnt River, following up the north side of this to the
         camp. It is mountainous and rough, but the grass is
         good, and there is wood along the river.
  22.  Burnt River.-Road continues up the river, and is still
         rough and mountainous. Grass and wood plenty.
  26.  Small Branch.-Road passes over a divide to "Powder River."
         It is still rough, but getting better. The grass is
  13.  Powder River.-Good road; grass plenty.
  21.  Creek.-Road passes a divide, crossing several small
         streams, and is smooth, with plenty of grass and fuel.
  20.  Creek.-Road crosses one small branch, and is rather rough.
         The grass and fuel are good and abundant.
  21.  Creek.-Road follows down the creek for ten miles, then
         turns up a small branch, and is good. There is plenty of
         grass and fuel.
  12.  Branch.-Road crosses a divide and strikes another branch.
  5.   Small branch of the Umatilah River.-Good road, with plenty
         of wood and grass.
 16.    Branch of Wallah Wallah River.-Wood, water, and grass.

 18.   Wallah Wallah River.-Wood, water, and grass.

 18.   Wallah Wallah River. - Wood, water, and grass.
       Columbia River at Fort Wallah Wallah.-Wood, water, and
 10.   Butler Creek.-Good camp.
 18.   Wells's Spring.-Good camp.
 12.   Willow Creek.-Good camp.
 13.   Cedar Spring.-Good camp.
  6.   John Day's River.-Good camp.
  5.   Forks of Road.-No camping. Left-hand road for wagons, and
         right-hand for pack trains. This itinerary takes the
 10.   Ouley's Camp.-Good camp.
 19.   Soot's River.-Good camp.
  6.   Fall River.-Good camp.
 10.   Utah's River.-Good camp.
 18.   Soot's River.-Good camp.
  6.   Soot's River.-Good camp. Road follows up the river,
         crossing it several times.
 16.   Sand River Fork.-Good grass a mile and a half to the left
         of the road.
  8.   Good Camp.
 15.   Royal Hill Camp.-Good camp.
  7.   Sandy River.-But little grass.
 45.   Down the River.-Good camps all the distance.
 25.   Oregon City.-Good camps all the distance.
 75.   Salem.-Good camps all the distance.

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