The Prairie Traveler by Randolph Barnes Marcy, Captain, U.S.A.


II.--From Fort Leavenworth to Santa Fe,
by the way of the upper ferry of the Kansas River and the Cimarron.

 [In this table the distances taken by an odometer are given in
 miles and hundredths of a mile. The measured distances between
 the crossing of the Arkansas and Santa Fe are from Major
 Kendrick's published table. Wood, water, and grass are found at
 all points where the absence of them is not stated.]


          From Fort Leavenworth to
  2.88.   Salt Creek.

  9.69.   Stranger's Creek.

 13.54.         "

  9.60.   Grasshopper Creek.

  6.50.         "

  2.86.         "

  2.60.         "

  4.54.   Soldier's Creek.

  2.45.   Upper Ferry, Kansas River.

  7.41.   Pottawatomie Settlement.

  5.75.   Pottawatomie Creek.

  3.89.   White Wakarussi Creek.

  7.78.         "

  6.27.         "

  0.73.   Road from Independence. - No place to encamp.

  5.72.   White Wakarussi Creek.

  2.51.   White Wakarussi Creek.

  2.82.   142-mile Creek.

  7.80.   Bluff Creek.

  5.77.   Rock Creek.

  5.08.   Big John Spring.

  2.29.   Council Grove.

  7.97.   Elm Creek. - Water generally.

  8.06.   Diamond Spring.

  1.42.   Diamond Creek.

 15.46.   Lost Spring. - No wood.

  9.25.   Mud Creek. - Water uncertain; no wood.

  7.76.   Cottonwood Creek.

  6.16.   Water Holes. - Water generally; no wood.

 12.44.   Big Turkey Creek. - No water.

  7.83.   Little Turkey Creek. - Water uncertain; no wood.

 18.19.   Little Arkansas River.

 10.60.   Owl Creek. - Water generally in holes above and below

  6.39.   Little Cow Creek. - Water only occasionally.

  2.93.   Big Cow Creek. - Water holes, 10 miles (estimated).
            Water uncertain; no wood.

 18.24.   Bend of the Arkansas.

  6.66.   Walnut Creek.

 16.35.   Pawnee Rock.-Teams sometimes camp near here, and drive
            stock to the Arkansas to water. No wood.

  5.28.   Ash Creek.-Water above and below crossing, uncertain.

  6.65.   Pawnee Fork.-Best grass some distance above crossing.

          From Pawnee Fork to the lower crossing of the Arkansas,
          a distance of 98 1/2 miles, convenient camping-places
          can be found along the Arkansas; the most prominent
          localities are therefore only mentioned. A supply of
          fuel should be laid in at Pawnee Fork to last till you
          pass Fort Mann, though it may be obtained, but
          inconveniently, from the opposite side of the Arkansas.
          Dry Route branches off at 3 1/2 miles (estimated). This
          route joins the main one again 10 miles this side of
          Fort Mann. It is said to be a good one, but deficient
          in water and without wood.

 11.43.   Coon Creek.

 46.58.   Jackson's Island.

  5.01.   Dry Route comes in.

 10.05.   Fort Mann.

 25.34.   Lower Crossing of the Arkansas.-The Bent's Fort Route
            branches off at this point For the distances upon
            this route, see next table. A supply of wood should
            be got from this vicinity to last till you reach
            Cedar Creek.

 15.68.   Water-hole. - Water uncertain; no wood

 30.02.   Two Water-holes. - Water uncertain; no wood.

 14.14.   Lower Cimarron Springs. - No wood

 20.00.   Pools of Water. - Water uncertain; no wood

 l9.02.   Middle Springs of the Cimarron. - No wood.

 12.93.   Little Crossing of the Cimarron. - No wood.

 14.10.   Upper Cimarron Springs. - No wood. Pools of water 7
            miles (estimated). No wood.

 19.05.   Cold Spring. - A tree here and there in the vicinity.
            Pools of water, 11 miles (estimated). Water
            uncertain; no wood.

 16.13.   Cedar Creek. - M'Nees' Creek, 10 miles (estimated).
            Water indifferent and uncertain; scant pasture; no
            wood. Arroyo del la Sena, 2 1/2 miles (estimated). No

 21.99.   Cottonwood Creek. - No water. Arroyo del Burro, 5 miles

 l5.17.   Rabbit-Ear Creek.- 10 miles (estimated), springs. Round
            Mound, 8 miles (estimated). No water; no wood; no

          Rock Creek, 10 miles (estimated). Grazing scant; no

 26.40.   Whetstone Creek. - Spring; no wood. Arroyo Don Carlos,
            10 1/2 miles (estimated). Water, etc., to the left of
            the road.

 14.13.   Point of Rocks. - Water and grass up the canon, just
            after crossing the point; scattering shrub cedars on
            the neighboring heights.

 16.62.   Sandy Arroyo.-Water uncertain; no wood. Crossing of
            Canadian River, 4 3/4 miles (estimated). Grazing
            above the crossing; willows.

 10.05.   Rio Ocate. - Wood 1/3 of a mile to right of road;
            grass in the canon. Pond of water, 13 1/2 miles
            (estimated). No wood.

 19.65.   Wagon Mound. - Santa Clara Springs. Wood brought from
            the Rio Ocate. Rio del Perro (Rock Creek), 17 1/2
            miles (estimated).

 21.62.   Canon del Lobo.- Rio Moro, 3 1/2 miles (estimated).

          Rio Sapillo, 1 mile (estimated). The Bent's Fort Route
          comes in here.

 18.00.   Las Vegas. - Forage purchasable.

 13.05.   Tacolote. - Forage purchasable. Ojo Vernal, 5 miles
            (estimated). No grass to speak of.

 14.00.   San Miguel. - Forage purchasable; no grass.

 21.81.   Ruins of Pecos. - Grazing very scant. Cottonwood Creek,
            4 1/2 miles (estimated). Water uncertain; no grass.

 13.41.   Stone Corral. - No grass.

 10.80.   Santa Fe. - Forage purchasable; no grazing.

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