The Prairie Traveler by Randolph Barnes Marcy, Captain, U.S.A.


I.--From Fort Smith, Arkansas, to Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico.
By Captain R. B. Marcy, U. S. A.


          Fort Smith to
 15.      Strickland's Farm.--The road crosses the Poteau River
            at Fort Smith, where there is a ferry; it then
            follows the Poteau bottom for ten miles. This part of
            the road is very muddy after heavy rains. At 14 miles
            it passes the Choctaw Agency, where there are several
            stores.  There is the greatest abundance of wood,
            water, and grass at all camps for the first 200
            miles. Where any of these are wanting it will be
            specially mentioned.  The road passes through the
            Choctaw settlements for about l50 miles, and corn and
            supplies can be purchased from these Indians at
            reasonable rates.

 11.     Camp Creek.- Road crosses a prairie of three miles in
           length, then enters a heavy forest. The camp is on a
           small branch, with grass plenty in a small prairie
           about 400 yards to the left of the road.

 12.     Coon Creek. - Road passes through the timber, and is
           muddy in a rainy season.

 12.     Sans Bois Creek. - Prairie near; some Choctaw houses at
           the crossing.

 14.     Bend of Sans Bois Creek. - Indian farm.

 15.     South Fork of Canadian, or "Gain's Creek."-Road
           traverses a very rough and hilly region. There is a
           ford and a ferry upon the creek. Indian farm on the
           west bank.
 12.     First ford of Coal Creek.- Road crosses over a rolling
           prairie, and at four miles the Fort Washita road turns
           to the left.

         Second ford of Coal Creek.-Indian farm.

  4.     Little Cedar Mountain.- Very rough, mountainous road.

  6.     Stony Point.- Very rough, mountainous road.

  5.     Shawnee Village. - Several Indian houses.
 14.     Shawnee Town.- Road passes several small prairies.
           Indian settlement; store on opposite bank of Canadian
           River, near the camp.

 21.     Delaware Mountain.- Road passes over a very beautiful
           country, with small streams of good water frequent,
           and good camps. It crosses small prairies and groves
           of timber.

  5.     Boggy River. - Road passes a country similar to that
           mentioned above.

  3.     Clear Creek. - Road turns to the right near a prominent
           round mound. Beautiful country, diversified with
           prairies and timbered lands.

  7.     Branch of Topofki Creek.- Beautiful country and fine

  9 1/2. Cane Creek. - Excellent camp.

  5.     Small Branch.-  Road passes about two miles from the old
           "Camp Arbuckle," built by Captain Marcy in 1853, since
           occupied by Black Beaver and several Delaware

 11 1/2. Mustang Creek.- Road runs on the dividing ridge between
           the waters of the Washita and Canadian, on a high

 17 1/2. Choteau's Creek.- Road passes on the high prairie
           opposite Choteau's old trading-house, and leaves the
           outer limits of the Indian settlements. Excellent
           road, and good camps at short distances.

 11 3/4. Choteau's Creek. - Road runs up the creek; is smooth and

 12 3/4. Head of Choteau's Creek. - Road runs up the creek, and
           is good.

 17 1/4. Branch of Washita River. - Road runs over an elevated
           prairie country, and passes a small branch at six
           miles from last camp.

  5 3/4. Branch of "Spring Creek." - Good camp.

 16.     Head of "Spring Creek." - Road traverses a high prairie
           country, is smooth and firm.

 13.     Red Mounds. - Road runs over a high rolling prairie
           country,and is excellent.

  5.     Branch of Washita River. - Good road.

 15 3/4. Branch of Canadian. - Road continues on the ridge
           dividing the Washita and Canadian rivers; is smooth
           and firm.

 17 3/4. Branch of Washita River. - Road continues on the

 18.     Branch of Canadian. - Road continues on the divide from
           one to four miles from the Canadian.

 19.     On Canadian River. - Good road.

 16.     Little Washita River. - Good road; timber becoming

 13.     Branch of Canadian. - Good road.

 17 1/2. Antelope Buttes. - Road runs along the Canadian bottom,
           and in places is sandy.

 14.     Rush Lake. - Small pond on the prairie. No wood within
           half a mile; some buffalo chips; poor water.

 16.     Branch of Washita River. - Good road on the divide.

 10 1/4. Dry River. - Road descends a very long hill, and crosses
           the dry river near the Canadian. Water can be found by
           digging about a foot in the sand of the creek. Good
           grass on the west bank.

 17.     Branch of Canadian. - Road winds up a very long and
           abrupt hill, but is smooth and firm.
 22 1/2. Timbered Creek. - Road passes over a very elevated
           prairie country, and descends by a long hill into the
           beautiful valley of Timbered Creek.

 11 1/2. Spring Branch. - Good camp.

 14.     Spring Branch. - Good camp.

 17 3/4. Branch of Canadian. - Road passes a small branch 3 1/2
         miles from the last camp.

 18 3/8. Branch of Canadian.- Road passes a small branch of the
           Canadian at 8 miles from the last camp.

 17 7/8. Spring Branch.- Good road.

  9 1/2. Branch of Canadian .- Good road and camp.

 18 1/2. Branch of the Canadian.- Good road and camp.

 10 1/4. Pools of Water. - Good camp.

 10.     Large Pond. - Good camp.

 25.     Pools of Water. - No wood; water brackish. The road
           passes over a very elevated and dry country, without
           wood or water.

 18 1/2. Head of Branch.- At 13 1/2 miles the road crosses a
           branch of the Canadian.

 19 3/4. Laguna Colorado. - Road here falls into an old Mexican
           cart-road. Good springs on the left up the creek, with
           wood and grass abundant.
  7.     Pools of Water. - Road runs through cedars.

 10 3/8. Pajarito Creek. - Grass begins to be rather short in
           places, but is abundant on the creek.

 13 1/2. Gallenas Creek. - Good camp.

 15.     2d Gallenas Creek.- Good road.

 16 1/2. Pecos River at Anton Chico. - This is the first
           settlement after leaving Camp Arbuckle. Corn and
           vegetables can be purchased here. Grass is generally
           short here.

 15.     Pecos River opposite Questa. - Road runs through the
           cedar, and is firm and good. Camp is in sight of the
           town of Questa, upon a very elevated bluff.

 21 3/4. Laguna Colorado. - Road passes through a wooded country
           for a portion of the distance, but leaves it before
           reaching camp, where there is no wood, but water
           generally sufficient for trains. In very dry seasons
           it has been known to fail. The road forks here, the
           right leading to Santa Fe via Galistio (45 1/2
           miles), and the left to Albuquerque.

 22 1/2. San Antonio. - Good road.

 18 3/4. Albuquerque. - Good road.

Total distance from Fort Smith to Albuquerque, 814 3/4 miles.

Total distance from Fort Smith to Santa Fe, 819 miles.

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