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The Topeka Library Association.--The germ of the present Library Association was planted by a few ladies of Topeka, at a meeting held November 12, 1870, when an organization was formed, known as the Ladies Library Association, its object being the establishment of a circulating library. The following ladies were the first officers elected: Mrs. N. C. McFarland, president; Mrs. J. M. Spencer, vice-president; Emma J. Steele, secretary; Mrs. H. King, treasurer. During the succeeding winter the ladies accumulated about 150 volumes, and the library was opened March 11, 1871, in the carpet-room of Messrs. Keith & Meyers, under the Opera House, the free use of the room being tendered the association by the proprietors. The membership, at this time, had increased to fifty, and the library was open for the delivery of books three hours each Saturday afternoon.

The growth and prosperity of the ladies' association during the remainder of 1871, was such as to warrant an enlargement of the original design, and at a meeting, January 17, 1872, at the residence of the vice-president, Mrs. J. M. Spencer, the Ladies' Library Association, by vote of the members, was merged in the Topeka Library Association. Articles of incorporation were adopted, which were filed with the Secretary of State, January 20, 1872, and on the same day a permanent organization was effected by the election of the following officers: President, Mrs. William Tweeddale; Vice-President, Mrs. J. M. Spencer; Secretary, Edward Wilder; Treasurer, Mrs. H. Clarkson (resigned at first meeting of directors, and F. W. Giles elected in her place). Directors--Mrs. McFarland, Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Dr. (sic) Baker, Mrs. William Tweeddale, Mrs. M. E. Leighter, Mrs. S. D. McDonald, Mrs. O. T. Welch, Mrs. Dr. S. E. Sheldon, Mrs. T. L. King, Miss Anna Ekin (resigned in favor of Mrs. M. E. Whitton), Mrs. A. J. Huntoon, Mrs. H. Clarkson, Mrs. Captain (sic) Higgins. Advisory Committee--Rev. Dr. McCabe,
F. W. Giles, Prof. Worral, A. J. Huntoon, E. Wilder.

A life membership subscription list was opened--memberships $50 each--which, in a few days, contained twenty-four names. This fund was applied to the purchase of books, and the furnishing of room 213 Kansas avenue. On April 3, 1872, the library was publicly opened, with appropriate ceremonies--addresses, music, etc. The library, at this time, had increased to 639 volumes. In 1873 the membership was 214. In the fall of 1874, a more commodious room being needed for the rapidly increasing library, a hall in the building of Mr. Quick, on the corner of Seventh street and Kansas avenue, was procured, and the library moved to that location. In the spring of 1878, the library was made free to the citizens, and the city appropriated for its use $1,200 for one year. The sum appropriated by the city being reduced in amount after the first year, proved inadequate to the necessities of the association, and the deficiency was raised by public subscription, after the rooms had been closed for a brief period. The library now contains about 5,200 volumes of well selected books and a convenient reading-room, liberally supplied with files of newspapers and periodicals.

During the fall of 1880, the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad Company, and the Union Pacific Railroad Company, donated to the library $25,000, on condition that the city erect a building, in size and elegance commensurate with the worth and importance of the association, on the State House grounds. The proposition was submitted to the Legislature, and adopted at the last session. The building, which is near the northeast corner of the State House Park, facing Eighth avenue and Jackson street, is now approaching completion. It is constructed of native limestone, trimmed with Colorado sandstone and brick, and is roofed with red terra-cotta tiles. Its dimensions are 116x55 feet. Upon the first floor will be located the reading and lecture rooms, and those of the officers. The second story is designed for an art gallery, but will be fitted with all the appurtenances of a theater, including a stage and scenery. This room is thirty feet in height, and is lighted from the roof, for the double purpose of giving hanging space and proper direction of light. The expense of construction will be $35,000. When completed, the library will be no discredit to its intimate association with the stately capitol, nor to the judgment of those who located it.

The Topeka Musical Union was organized January 16, 1869, with the following officers: President, Dr. S. E. Martin; Secretary, James M. Barringer; Musical Director, Dr. M. F. Price; Pianist, Mrs. Gov. Crawford. This society which was organized for the study and practice of standard musical compositions, has achieved marked success. The result of the conscientious study of its members is apparent in the higher standard of musical excellence developed from year to year. Under the instruction and guidance of skillful directors the Union is now able to interpret many of the compositions of the old masters, with credit to themselves and pleasure to their listeners. Musical Union Hall, 199 Kansas avenue, is leased by the society, which holds regular meetings for rehearsal every Wednesday evening. The Union own (sic) a musical library, a piano, double bass viol, etc. The present officers (1882) are Dr. S. E. Martin, president; S. R. Remington, vice-president; James F. Griffin, secretary and treasurer; R. N. Vincent, musical director; Miss Kate L. Thomas, pianist; R. Adams, librarian; Dr. S. E. Martin, Frank Drummond and O. W. Fox, executive committee.

The Topeka Choral Society was organized in June, 1880. It now has a membership of about thirty-six. Officers: H. V. Hinckley, president; Mrs. J. Brown, vice-president; C. G. Leeper, secretary and treasurer; Henry Worrall, pianist; Carl Von Weller, musical director.

Modoc Club--A male amateur club under the musical direction of Major T. J. Anderson. The club render (sic) popular music of the day in a most enthusiastic and stirring style.

The Avon Club was organized in 1870, and is the oldest club now existing in the city. It meets twice a month from October to April, celebrating the birth of Shakespeare by a banquet on the 23d of April.

The Kansas Academy of Science holds regular annual meetings in the State House, and publishes annually a volume of proceedings. Officers: J. F. Lovewell, president, Topeka; J. H. Carruth, first vice-president, Topeka; Joseph Savage, second vice-president, Lawrence; E. A. Popenoe, secretary, Manhattan; J. B. Brown, treasurer, Leavenworth.

The Topeka Scientific and Literary Club was organized in December, 1871. Re-organized April, 1878. The meetings of the society are held in Board of Education rooms, City Hall, the exercises consisting of discussions, reading of essays, correspondence, etc. The present officers are J. T. Loveland, president; L. A. Thomas, vice-president; Geo. S. Chase, secretary; Miss E. A. Lyman, treasurer.

The Swedish Library Association was organized in October, 1879, for the purpose of starting a circulating library. The membership is rapidly increasing, and the association are (sic) adding many new books to the library. Officers: President, Alex Rudolph; Treasurer, Andrew Johnson; Librarian, John Watts.

The Woman's Christian Association was organized March 27, 1872. Its aims are to afford relief to the destitute and assistance to those who are struggling to support themselves. The society has achieved a noble success, distributing its benefactions by an orderly and intelligent system, which helps the deserving without encouraging the idle. The present officers of the society are Mrs. J. P. St. John, president; Mrs. S. E. Sheldon, vice-president; Mrs. A. L. Griffith, recording secretary; Mrs. E. W. Bowman, treasurer; Miss O. P. Bury, corresponding secretary; Mrs. S. A. Thurston, auditor.

Young Men's Christian Association.--This association was organized December 31, 1879, in the English Lutheran Church, near the corner of Sixth and Topeka avenues. L. P. Firey was temporary chairman; William W. Padrick temporary secretary. The number of the members at its organization were fifteen active, two associate and six honorary. Its first officers were: President, C. E. Wheeler; Vice-President, James Easler; Secretary, William W. Padrick; Treasurer, E. E. Collns. In June, 1880, the place of meeting was in the hall, No. 220 Kansas avenue, and in January, 1881, they removed to 223 Kansas avenue with a membership of eighty-five, which is (1882) 125. Its officers and board of directors are: R. B. Gemmell, president; T. B. Sweet, vice-president; J. F. Griffin, treasurer; W. W. Bollard, recording secretary; Wm. N. Fisher, general secretary; E. M. Shelden, Methodist Episcopal; H. R. Hilton, First Presbyterian; J. H. Lyman, Congregational; S. K. Cross, Christian; L. P. Firey, English Lutheran; E. E. Collins, Adventist; A. Prescott, Baptist; E. Bloomer, Baptist, North Topeka; James Fulcher, Third Presbyterian; C. R. Hudson, Episcopal.

The reading room is kept open from 7 to 9 o'clock each evening, except Sundays, and is well supplied with the leading daily, weekly and the different religious newspapers; it has also scientific journals and monthly magazines.

The Kansas Orphan Asylum.--This asylum, incorporated under the laws of Kansas in the year 1866, is located at Leavenworth and has many auxiliary societies perfected and in working order throughout the State, two of which are in Topeka. The object of the asylum is to provide a home for and educate all orphans of legitimate parentage under fifteen years of age. It seeks to protect the helpless, to shield innocent childhood from temptation and consequent crime, when shorn of natural protection; to provide these waifs, out upon a world's waste with the blessings of a pleasant and healthful home. It has an auxiliary society in Topeka.

Topeka Cemetery Association.--On the 5th of December, 1854, a few gentlemen assembled on the banks of the river Kansas, with the beautiful rolling prairie before them, and they then and there formed the Topeka Association; resolving to use their most strenuous efforts to build up a city, which should be the capital of Kansas, provided the assent of the people could be obtained.

In the spring of 1855 Mr. Joshua Abbott, from Andover, Mass., who was living in his tent on or near lot 74 Kansas avenue, died of cholera, after a very short illness, and it was then that the question of establishing a cemetery was first brought before the association. No lands in Shawnee County had been pre-empted or even surveyed for pre-emption and it was impracticable, then, to establish one. So it was concluded to bury temporarily on the town site, but so far away from residences that it should not be objectionable. The city was at this time surveyed no further south than Sixth avenue and the interment was made as far away as the crossing of Tenth and Kansas avenues, as determined by the subsequent plat and survey. This locality, south of Tenth and east of Kansas avenues, became quite a graveyard in appearance before the Topeka Cemetery was established, there being then not far from 100 interments made, all of which were removed to the Topeka Cemetery after it was established in 1859, the city and township purchasing a section in said cemetery for that purpose, viz: Section thirty-one of the grounds. The Topeka Cemetery contains forty-five acres, it being part of Section five, in Township twelve, Range sixteen east--a handsome roll of high prairie from the top of which the view is unsurpassed in the neighborhood of the city.

On the 2d of February, 1859, an act was approved by the Governor of the Territory of Kansas incorporating the Topeka Cemetery Association, the corporators being Loring Farnsworth, F. L. Crane, C. C. Kellam, A. F. Whiting, M. C. Dickey, John Ritchie, H. W. Farnsworth, Wilson L. Gordon and James T. Holliday. Notices of time and place of meeting were sent were sent at three separate times by the second corporator to the others, at the third of which a majority assembled, and upon due consideration of the importance of the matter resolved, That as F. L. Crane possessed the most suitable land in the immediate vicinity of Topeka, that he be requested to plat, survey and fence grounds for a cemetery; that he do so upon his own responsibility, and that he get his pay from those using the grounds; and further resolved that they, with the absent corporators, would make over the charter to him, the said F. L. Crane. To make a plat of the cemetery without much information on the subject and without the help of other plans from which to copy gave full swing to the faculty of origination. A plan was, however, immediately commenced, and when completed Mr. Crane and Mr. Loring Farnsworth proceeded to the ground and surveyed and staked some eight or ten acres of sections and lots, leaving avenues twenty feet in width and paths ten feet, with alleys four and five feet wide. The grounds were fenced, trees and shrubbery planted and other improvements made. A considerable number of large and handsome, with many smaller monuments now ornament the cemetery, and it is expected that water may be introduced next year by connecting pipes with the city water works. Blue grass has largely taken the place of the grass which originally grew upon the prairie. The records now show there have been 3,157 interments in the Topeka Cemetery.

Topeka Land League.--This Land League was organized January 12, 1881. The regular place of meeting is at the schoolhouse on Jackson street, and the meetings are held on the first Monday of each month. Its present officers are as follows: President, William Warren; Secretary, Michael Hogan; Treasurer, Timothy Donovan. The league has quite a large membership, and it has made considerable contributions to the cause of oppressed Ireland.

Lincoln Post, No. 24 (G. A. R.).--Organized in September, 1875. Its corps of officers are as follows: Thomas Johnson, post commander; J. G. Searle, first vice post commander; S. P. Wade, second vice post commander; George Tauber, post adjutant; C. E. Wheeler, post quartermaster; S. E. Sheldon, post surgeon; J. F. Carter, officer of the guard; J. C. Thomas, sergeant major; J. Lee Knight, quartermaster's sergeant. This was the first organization of this soldiers' order in the county. Following are the sketches of the living organizations:

Lincoln Post, No. 1 (G. A. R.).--H. X. Devendorf, post commander; A. M. Fuller, senior vice post commander; R. P. Pay, junior vice post commander; J. N. Hopper, adjutant; C. M. Atwood, quartermaster; H. M. Billingsley, chaplain; T. W. Durham, officer of the day; Ferdinand Fensky, officer of the guard; N. Milliken, sergeant major; A. McGregor, quartermaster sergeant. This post was organized June 29, 1881, and it now numbers more than 200 members. It holds its meetings on the first and third Saturdays of each month at the Ancient Order of United Workmen's Hall, over Rodgers Bros.' grocery store, No. 132 Kansas avenue.

General Rice Post, No. 71 (G. A. R.).--This post was organized June 11, 1882, and its membership is about seventy-five. Its place of meeting is Odd Fellows' Hall, over Knox's Bank, 202 Kansas avenue. Its officers are as follows: A. R. Wilkin, post commander; William M. Hess, senior vice post commander; William Higgins, junior vice post commander; P. H. Wood, adjutant; George L. Murdock, quartermaster; W. H. Wilson, officer of the day; Charles Fernald, officer of the guard; S. S. Simonton, quartermaster sergeant; C. B. Hopkins, sergeant major.

Representatives of Supreme Council in Kansas (Masonic).--E. T. Carr, 33d degree, inspector general, Leavenworth; Charles Spalding, 32d degree, deputy inspector, Topeka.

The Kansas Masonic Temple Association.--This association was organized and incorporated under the laws of the State of Kansas, November 7, 1881. Its officers are as follows: President, Orrin T. Welch; Vice-President, Silas E. Sheldon; Secretary, Charles Spalding; Treasurer, Theopilus (sic) P. Rodgers; Executive Committee--Orrin T. Welch, S. E. Sheldon, and T. L. Stringham.

The Grand Lodge, A., F. & A. M. of Kansas.--This organization was made at Leavenworth, December 27, 1855 A. L. 5855. Bro. Richard R. Rees was selected the first grand master and the first grand secretary. John Guthrie, of Topeka, was grand master, R. W., in 1878. Its first annual meeting held at Topeka, was on the second Wednesday of February, 1882. Its officers in 1882 are: William Cowgill, M. W. G. M., Fredonia; John H. Brown, grand secretary, Wyandotte.

Zabud Council, No. 4, R. S. & S. E. M.--This council was organized under dispensation in the year 1871, and under charter October 17, 1873, with Comp. Stephen Babcock, T. I. M. It assembles at Masonic Hall, the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. Its officers in 1882 are: S. E. Sheldon, T. I. M.; Charles Spalding, secretary.

Topeka Commandery, No. 5, Knights Templar.--This commandery was organized under dispensation, October 6, 1869, A. O. 757, the dispensation bearing date June 5, 1869, A. O. 751. Their charter was granted October 18, 1869, A. O. 751, and they were duly organized under it December 27, 1869, with E. Sir Thomas J. Anderson, E. C.; Sir Orrin T. Welch, generalissimo; Sir Joel Huntoon, C. G.; Sir B. M. Smith, recorder. Regular conclaves on the first and third Tuesday evenings of each month. The present officers (1882) are: E. Sir Frank Drummond, E. C.; Sir Theophilus P. Rodgers, recorder.

Topeka Royal Arch Chapter, No. 5.--This chapter was organized under dispensation, April 18, 1866, A. I. 2396, and constituted under charter, November 3, 1866, A. I. 2396, with Comp. Thomas J. Anderson, high priest, and John Wayne, secretary. Regular convocations are held at Masonic Hall, the first and third Monday evenings of each month. Present officers (1882) are: Bryce McMurtrie, high priest; Charles Spalding, secretary. The present officers are: P. G. H. P., S. E. Sheldon, officiating; J. C. Langston, M. E. H. P.; Frank Brooks, E. K.; C. A. Eichenberg, E. S.; T. P. Rogers, treasurer; J. Lee Knight, secretary; W. S. Rankin, C. H.; C. M. Atwood, P. S.; W. J. Whitson, R. A. C.; J. B. Hibben, G. M., 3d V; J. S. Danford, G. M. 2d V.; S. McKibben, G. M., 1st V; Robert Edwards, tiler.

Topeka Lodge, No. 17, A. F. & A. M.--This lodge was organized under charter bearing date October 18, 1859, A. L. 5859, with Bro. Joel Huntoon, W. M.; Bro. James T. Holliday, S. W.; and Bro. Samuel Walkley, J. W. Regular communications are held on the first and third Wednesday evenings of each month. The present officers (1882) are as follows: L. E. Echleman, W. M.; H. W. Farnsworth, secretary. The present officers are: P. M., S. E. Sheldon, officiating; W. S. Rankin, W. M.; James Ramsey, S. W.; J. B. Hibben, J. W.; Albert Knowles, treasurer; H. W. Farnsworth, secretary; E. R. Woodruff, S. D.; D. W. Nellis, J. D.; J. S. Clark, S. S.; J. D. H. Gravely, J. S.; Rev. Albert Brown, chaplain.

Orient Lodge, No. 51, A. F. & A. M.--This lodge was organized September 6, 1867, with John Guthrie, W. M., and Orrin T. Welch, secretary. Its charter was granted October 16, 1867. Regular communications on the second and fourth Friday evenings of each month. Its officers (1882) are: David Bowen, W. M.; Charles Spalding, secretary. The present officers are: P. G. M., John Guthrie, officiating; C. A. Eichenberg, W. M.; J. L. Dunham, S. W.; C. M. Atwood, J. W.; T. P. Rogers, treasurer; Frank Drummond, secretary; A. K. Wilson, S. D.; W. J. Whitson, J. D.; C. T. Chesney, S. S.; F. J. Fuller, J. S.; S. T. Dodd, chaplain; Robert Edwards, tiler.


Grand Commandery of Knights Templar.--This commandery was organized at Leavenworth, December 29, 1868, A. O. 750, with R. E. Sir William O. Gould grand commander, and E. Sir E. T. Carr, grand recorder. The present grand officers are: R. E. Sir ----- -------, grand commander,; R. E. Sir ------ ------ grand recorder.

Unity Chapter, R. X., No. 1.--This chapter meets at Masonic Hall, the first and third Thursday evenings of each month. The officers for 1882 are: W. W. Phillips, M. W.; Theophilus P. Rogers, secretary.

Oriental Lodge of Perfection, No. 3.--This lodge meets in Masonic Hall, the first and third Thursdays of each month. Its officers (1882) are: Charles Spalding, 32d degree, V. M.;
Theophilus P. Rogers, 32d degree, secretary.

Grand Royal Arch Chapter.--On January 26, 1866, A. I. 2396, the representatives of the three Royal Arch Chapters of Kansas, viz: Atchison No. 1, Leavenworth No. 2, and Fort Scott No. 3, met in the Masonic Hall, at Leavenworth, for the purpose of organizing a Grand Royal Arch Chapter for the State of Kansas. M. E., Richard R. Reese was elected the first G. H. P., and E. T. Carr the first grand secretary. February 26, 1866, A. I. 2396, the Grand Royal Arch Chapter was organized under charter from the General Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the United States, under date of February 12, 1866, A. I. 2396, and the officers were duly installed. The present officers (1882) are: Dr. Silas E. Sheldon, M. E. G. H. P., John H. Brown, Wyandotte, grand secretary.

Golden Rule Lodge No. 90, A. F. & A. M. (North Topeka).--Regular communications are held at Masonic Hall, No. --- Kansas avenue, North Topeka, the first and third Thursday evenings of each month.

Fidelity Chapter No. 6, Eastern Star.--This chapter was organized under charter March 12, 1872, with Bro. Stephen Babcock, W. P., and Mrs. Ann E. Sheldon, W. M. Its present officers are as follows: Mrs. W. P. Douthitt, W. M., Mrs. M. H. Chase, secretary. Regular meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays in each month.

The Masonic Mutual Benefit Society of Kansas.--The object of this society is to give financial aid and benefit to the widows, orphans and dependents of deceased members. It was organized and incorporated under the laws of the State of Kansas, in March, 1873. Since its organization, benefits have been paid amounting to more than $50,000. It had 1,782 policies in force, November 1, 1881. Its present officers are: President, D. M. Valentine; Vice President, John Guthrie; Secretary, D. W. Nellis; Treasurer, C. W. Jewell; Medical Director, S. E. Sheldon. Finance Committee, John Francis, A. M. Callaham, and A. H. Vance.

Masonic Board of Relief.--This organization is composed of the masters, wardens and secretaries of Topeka Lodge No. 17, and Orient Lodge No. 51. Its present officers are: Bryce McMurtrie, chairman; Charles Spaulding, secretary; J. W. Farnsworth, treasurer.

American Legion of Honor.--Council organized in Topeka, Monday evening, January 22, 1883, by P. L. Teeples, deputy grand commander, with a charter membership of eighty-three. The following officers were elected to serve during the year: Commander, Horace G. Spurgin; Vice Commander, George W. Reed; Orator, H. N. Castle; Past Commander, D. W. Nellis; Secretary, C. L. Thompson; Collector, R. F. Fitzpatrick; Treasurer, E. M. Sheldon; Chaplain, H. R. Hilton; Guide, E. L. Copeland; Warden, Coit Farnsworth; Sentry, F. W. Fuller. Trustees--D. W. McCollum, J. W. T. Hughes, John L. Truslow. Medical Examiner--S. E. Sheldon; Alternate Medical Examiner--J. B. Hibben. This society--the Legion of Honor--originated in Boston some four years ago, and at present has a membership of fifty thousand. The insurance plan of this order varies from most other secret orders, in the fact that a policy can be taken at from $500 to $5,000, and the scale of assessments is graduated by the age of the holder. This society admits ladies as well as gentlemen, and in that respect differs from most other like organizations.

The object of the order of Ancient Order of Workmen is to give equal protection to all classes and kinds of labor; to create a fund for the benefit of its members during sickness, or other disability, and in the case of death, it provides for the payment of $2,000 to the family of each member, or such person or persons as he may designate. The adoption of its secret work and means of recognition are such as to insure the protection of its members wherever the order may exist, and to improve the moral, intellectual and social condition of its members.

[Caption beneath picture.] RITCHIE BLOCK. First brick block built in Topeka, on S. E. corner of Kansas and Sixth avenues. Begun in the summer of 1857, completed in the fall of 1858; burned in November, 1869. The above is as it appeared in the summer of 1868.

Grand Lodge of Kansas.--This Lodge was organized February 5, 1879; Dr. Silas E. Sheldon was chosen P. G. M. W. Regular annual sessions are held in Topeka.

Capital Legion, No. 1, Select Knights A. O. U. W.--Organized March 26, 1880. H. A. Needham, S. C.; A. J. Huntoon, V. C.; C. F. Chase, L. C.; E. Mueller, recorder; A. J. Loveland, Rec. Treas.; F. Poppendick, treasurer; S. S. Swinerton, chaplain; J. W. Surfis, S. B.; E. O. Eittrelm, S. W.; J. W. Stoker, J. W.; S. Haster, guard. The present officers are: A. J. Huntoon, S. commander; T. D. Hamilton, V. commander; W. W. Proctor, L. commander; F. Poppendick, Treas.; E. S. Mueller, Recorder; N. Chandler, Rec. Trea.; M. Lowenstein, trustee; H. A. Needham, Rep. to Gr. Legion.

Grand Legion of Kansas, Select Knights of A. O. U. W.--Organized March 29, 1881. M. Ezekiel, G. S.; H. D. Trickey, G. V. C.; L. S. Page, G. L. C.

Capital Lodge No. 3.--This Lodge was organized October 1, 1877. It meets every Thursday evening at their hall, 130 Kansas avenue. Its officers for 1882 are: H. A. Needham, P. M. W.; George W. Reed, M. W.; W. Chandler, F.; J. B. Hibben, O.; R. E. Cowdrey, G.; M. Ezekiel, recorder; F. Poppendick, receiver; T. A. Beck, financier; W. Dunlap, I. W.; P. L. Doane, O. W.

Topeka Lodge, No. 11.--This Lodge was organized January 10, 1879. It meets the first and third Fridays of each month, at the hall of Capital Lodge, No. 3. Its officers for 1882 are: F. G. Spurgin, P. M. W.; M. Holcomb, M. W.; R. A. Henderson, foreman; G. S. Overton, overseer; George A. Ege, recorder; H. N. Castle, receiver; R. F. Fitzpatrick, financier.; L. Van Dorp, guide; E. W. Patten, I. W.; James Boyd, O. W. Trustees--S. Etlinger, C. F. Junod, G. Greenwald. The present officers are: C. D. Brusman, M. W.; C. A. Holmes, F.; R. P. Pay, O.; H. G. Spurgin, R.; R. F. Fitzpatrick, F.; H. N. Castle, R.; J. W. F. Hughes, G.; H. S. Hartley, I. W.; F. G. Hentig, T.; J. W. Redden, M. E.; H. G. Spurgin, R. to G. L.

Kaw Valley Lodge, No. 20 (North Topeka).--This lodge was organized October 1, 1879.

Capital Lodge, No. 21, K. of P.--This Lodge was organized under dispensation July 26, 1878. It meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, at the A. O. U. W. Hall, No. 130 Kansas avenue. Its officers for 1882 are: A. K. Rodgers, C. C.; James Moore, P.; J. D. McFarland, P. C.; A. B. Quinton, V. C.; J. H. Wehle, K. R. and S.; George W. Veale, Jr., M. F.; J. N. Strickland, M. A.; T. C. Kellam, I. G.

Topeka Lodge, No. 38, K. of P.--This organization meets on the first and third Mondays of each month, at the A. O. U. W. Hall, No. 130 Kansas avenue. Its officers for 1882 are: Gustavus Nieubert, C. C.; E. E. Heath, P. C.; Frank Herald, P.; W. W. Admire, V. C.; Joseph Reed, Jr., K. R. & S.; Frank Smith, M. F.; George W. Reed, M. A.; William Hazen, Jr., I. G.

Section No. 355 of the Endowment Rank of the Knights of Pythias.--This insurance association for the members of this order was organized in October, 1879. It meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, at the A. O. U. W. Hall, No. 130 Kansas avenue. Its officers for 1882 are: W. H. Rosington, president; ------ ------, vice-president; James Moore, chaplain; T. L. Sexton, secretary and treasurer; J. N. Strickland, guide.

Washington Lodge, No. 787, K. of H.--This Lodge was organized under charter from Superior Lodge, November 17, 1877. It meets on the second and fourth Wednesday evenings of each month, at the A. O. U. W. Hall, No. 130 Kansas avenue. The present officers are: Dictator, R. B. Welch; Vice Dictator, R. H. C. Searle; Assistant Dictator, William Chandler; Treasurer, S. E. Martin; Reporter, Leslie Maxwell; Financial Reporter, Willis Edson; Chaplain, A. M. Callaham; Guide, Charles Cox; Guardian, Wm. E. Goulding; Sentinel, H. A. Louis.

Kansas Lodge, No. 788, K. of H. (North Topeka).--Present officers: Deputy Grand Master, J. A. Cook; L. M. Phillips, dictator; J. H. Bartoll, vice-dictator; J. A. Miller, assistant vice dictator; W. G. Shaw, reporter; Robert Norris, financial reporter; J. M. Steel, treasurer; A. J. Arnold, chaplain; J. H. Fought, guide; Wesley Case, guardian. W. G. Shaw was elected representative to the Grand Lodge.

The Temperance Mutual Benefit Union of Kansas.--This is a Life Insurance Association, differing from other Mutuals in several features, the most prominent among which is that the person insured is required to take and keep a total abstinence pledge in order that his policy may be held valid. Its officers are as follows: Honorary President, John P. St. John; President, A. B. Jetmore; First Vice-President, James A. Troutman; Second Vice President and Treasurer, D. S. (sic) Skinner; Secretary, Charles E. Wheeler; Legal Adviser, (sic) George W. Carey; Medical Adviser, M. R. Mitchell, M. D.; Board of Directors, A. B. Jetmore, Topeka; James A. Troutman, Topeka; D. L. (sic) Skinner, Topeka; Charles E. Wheeler, Topeka; George W. Carey, Topeka; M. R. Mitchell, Topeka; Hon. Willard Davis, ex-Attorney General, Topeka; Hon. William Sims, Topeka; Prof. George W. Hoss, Topeka; Hon. J. Jay Buck, Emporia; John G. Haskell, Lawrence. State Agent, W. T. Curtis. This Association is very popular and its membership is in excess of 1,200. Any person may become a member of the Union between the ages of eighteen and sixty-five. (1) By signing the pledge in good faith and keeping it. (2) Passing due examination and paying the policy fees as required by law. It is a co-operative institution, and its motto is: "Death to Intemperance."

Kansas Legal Temperance Association.--This association was organized after the State election of 1880, consequent upon the triumph of the amendment to the State Constitution prohibiting the traffic in intoxicating beverages. Its corps of officers are as follows: President, Miss A. M. Way; Secretary, Mrs. M. E. Bouldin; Organizer, Mrs. M. E. DeGeer; Attorneys, Davis & Jetmore. Its objects were to secure friendly legislation to the will of the people as expressed in the amendment, and Attorney Jetmore was in frequent consultation with the Temperance committees of both branches of the Legislature. Many of the better provisions of the prohibitory liquor law are due to his counsels. Mrs. DeGeer conducted the publication of the Kansas Legal Temperance News.

Topeka Turn Verein.--This Association was organized February 10, 1867. In 1879 the Association erected a handsome hall in their garden, on the corner of First avenue and Harrison stree, but in 1882, the hall being so small, the Association built a Harrison street front building in addition to the old hall, which contains a gymnastical room; bar-room and a double covered ten-pin alley. The building is 26x70; one story. The value of the building and grounds is $15,000. The present officers are: Ernest Mueller, president; Jacob Schmidt, vice-president; H. Von Langen, recording secretary; W. P. Schmidt, corresponding secretary; J. Kraemer, treasurer; Karl Klein, gymnastical teacher; F. Poppendick, M. Ezekiel and W. Weidler, trustees.

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