William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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GUY HARRINGTON, farmer, P. O. Louisville, was born in Essex County, N. Y., August 17, 1845. In 1860, he entered the Normal school at Farmington, Me., where the outbreak of the great rebellion found him a student, and in August, 1862, he enlisted in the Twenty-eighth Maine Volunteer Infantry; re-enlisted as a veteran in the Second Maine Battery, and served through the war. He took part in many battles, and was at Appomattox when Gen. Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia. Returned to Maine for final discharge, and then returned to New York, where for a year he was a student at Fastman's Commercial College, Poughkeepsie. In the spring of 1866, he moved to Mercer County, I??, and engaged in teaching in the public schools. In 1871, he moved to Kansas City, Mo., and was in business there until 1873, when he began teaching in Jackson County. This continued until 188?, when he bought a farm in Pottawatomie County, Kan., and moved to this State, where he at present resides, in Louisville Township. He is a member of the Masonic order, and the G. A. R. He was married in Jackson County, Mo., July 13, 1874 to Miss Mollie Jessup. They have four children - Wilbert, born October 8, 1875; Herbert April 29, 1877; Olio E., April 9, 1879; Velma L., March 9, 1881.

A. F. HEISER, farmer. P. O. Louisville, was born in the city of Helzhausen, Germany, April 29, 1849. He landed at New York City, July 4, 1852, and settled in Maryland, where the family lived a short time, and from thence moved to Hart County, Va now West Virginia; and from thence to Shenandoah County. In 1860, moved to Muskingum County, Ohio, where he lived three years. In 1863, moved to Coles County, Illinois, and from thence to Kansas, in 1869. The following year, settled in Pottawatomie County, where he still lives. He was married in Westmoreland, Kan., to Mrs. Mary L. Vieux.

R. S. HICK, attorney-at-law, was born in Oneida County, N. Y., January 20, 1829. At the age of eight years he removed with his parents to Mount Carmel, I??, where he attended and (sic) academy and received most of his education. In 1848, he moved to Kendall County, and in 1852 to Livingston county. He was admitted to the bar by the Supreme Court of Illinois, sitting at Ottawa, in 1854. In the political campaign of 1858 in Illinois, wherein Lincoln and Douglas were opposing candidates for the United States Senate, he was chosen a Representative in the Illinois Legislature by the Republicans of his district, composed of Grundy, La Salle and Livingston counties, and voted for Abraham Lincoln for United States Senator. He took an active part in the organization of the Republican party in that part of the State where he resided, and has been identified with it ever since its foundation. In 1862, he removed to Kansas, intending to locate in Topeka, but soon afterwards became employed in the quartermaster's department of the army, and was a clerk in the post-quartermaster's office at Fort Gibson, Indian territory, until the close of the war. April 14, 1866, he settled at Louisville, and has been in practice there ever since. In the fall of 1866, he was elected County attorney, and re-elected to the same office again in the fall of 1868, again in 1870, and again, after an interval of one term, in 1874, and was elected to the same office again in the fall of 1882, where we now find him. Several months in 1867 he acted as Register of Deeds, by appointment of the governor, to fill a vacancy. He belongs to the Masonic order and to the I. O. O. F.. (sic) He was married in November, 1852, in Kendall County, Ill., to Emeline F. Wright. They have two children now living - a son and daughter. The son, Udell Hick, is an attorney of Louisville, and the daughter, Rosa M., is married to F. A. Reed, an attorney of Onaga.

HENRY HOPKINS, farmer, P. O. Louisville, was born in Washington county, N. Y., March 12, 1846. He was raised a farmer. In 1868, came to Kansas, settling on a farm in Louisville Township, Pottawatomie County. In March, 1870, he was appointed a guard at the State prison at Leavenworth, serving until May, 1871. In 1872, he began business as a merchant in agricultural implements, hardware, wagons, etc. This was continued for four years, when he sold out to Almon Benton, and returned to the farm. He deals in live stock in addition to grain, and handles large shipments. Is a member of the I. O. O. F. He was married, April 17, 1871, at Leavenworth, Kan., to Miss Martha Harris. They have four children - Mark, George, Olive, Josie and Mary Ella.

A. S. KEMPER, stock-dealer, was born in Wayne County, N. Y., August 24, 1852. He was educated at an academy at Newark. In 1870, he came to Kansas, settling in Pottawatomie County near Louisville on a farm. Continued to farm for five years, and then clerked for Mr. Bittman for two years. He returned to New York in 1877, and began business at Lyons as a clothing merchant. Two years later, he returned to Kansas, relocating at Louisville, and has been engaged in the livestock trade since, his shipping points being Wamego and Onaga. He is a member of the Masonic order. Was married, January 6, 1883, at Westmoreland, Kan., to Miss Hattie A. McComas. Is the proprietor of the Mechanic's Hotel, Louisville, Kan.

A. H. KNECHT, farmer, P. O. Louisville, was born in Northampton County, Pa., January 30, 1843. He was educated in the Easton High School, and on attaining manhood's years became a manufacturer of lumber in Clinton County. In 1878, he came to Kansas, settling first in Wamego, where he lived a year, and then bought a farm in Louisville Township, where he now lives, engaged in farming and stock-raising. While in Beech Creek, Pa., he held the office of Councilman, and was a member and Clerk of the School Board. He owns a splendid farm, and is a good farmer. He is a Mason of Royal Arch degree, and also belongs to the K. of P. Was married, June 10, 1869, at Beech Creek, Pa., to Miss La Frances-Keyes. They have three children - William A., born December 30, 1870; Alvin, August 24, 1872, and John Y., July 22, 1874.

JOSIAH R. McPROUD, farmer, P. O. Louisville, was born in Ross County, Ohio, March 28, 1829. When he was nine years of age his parents moved to Randolph County, Ind. He was raised a farmer, but received an academic education at the Indiana Asbury University. He taught in the public schools of Indiana for nine years. Came to Kansas in 1866, settling on the farm where he now lives. In 1875, he was elected County Treasurer, and re-elected in 1877, serving four years. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. He was married, March 8, 1859, in Delaware County, Ind., to Miss Sarah A. Taylor, They have nine children - Guy C., Jessie H., George K., Laura, Millie A., Lawrence, Orville, Edwin and Osborne.

ALBERT C. MERRITT, miller, was born in Cass County, Mich., March 9, 1849, and was raised a farmer, which business he pursued in his native county until 1876, when he removed to Kansas, settling at Louisville, Pottawatomie County. He, in partnership with his brother, J. S. Merritt, bought the Union Mills, of Louisville, and he has been engaged in milling and farming since. In 1882, he was elected to the Kansas House of Representatives from the Fifty-sixth District, comprising the western part of Pottawatomie County. He was married, August 1, 1871, at South Bend, Ind., to Miss Elva Storey. They have one child, Myrtle, born August 22, 1877. He is a member of the Masonic order, and the I. O. O. F.

J. S. MITCHELL, County Superintendent of Public Instruction, was born in Huntingdon County, Pa., October 21, 1842. He was educated at Kishacoquillas Seminary, Mifflin County. He enlisted in October, 1861, in Company C, Forty-fifth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, and served through the war. Returning to his native State, he entered the People's Business College at Reading, and took a thorough course. He then engaged in teaching in his native State until 1871, when he came to Kansas, and settled on a homestead in this county. He continued to farm and teach with success until 1880, when the people of the county elected him to the responsible office which he now fills. He was re-elected in 1882. He has been on the Examining Board since 1873. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. Was married, February 13, 1869, in Mifflin County, Pa., to Miss Eleanor L. Galeway. They have three children - Mary Margaret, Edith Florence and James Garfield.

P. SOOSFIELD NAGLE, Register of Deeds of Pottawatomie County, was born in Decatur County, Ind. He removed to Kansas in 1870, and settled in Pottawatomie County. He was educated in St. Mary's College, leaving that institution in 1875. He was elected to his present office in 1879; re-elected in 1881, and his office term expires in January 1884.

ANDREW NOLL, farmer, P. O. Louisville, was born in Prussia, March 28, 1823. In 1846 came to America, landing at New Orleans January 1, 1847. In 1848 he came into Kansas at Fort Leavenworth, and entered the employ of the government as a teamster. Went with a train in the year 1848 into New Mexico, and returned to Kansas in 1851. Hauled the first cord of lumber for Fort Riley from Fort Leavenworth. Left the government service in 1854, and returned to New Orleans, where, on February 1, 1854, he was married to Miss Julia Fesler. Returning the same year to Kansas, he settled in Pottawatomie County, where, with his wife, he still resides. He was the first settler of the county outside of the St. Mary's Mission, and his, daughter, Lizzie (now Mrs. Henry Hesse), was the first while child born in the county, born April 10, 1855; Kate (Mrs. Vincent Rapp), born December 12, 1856; Louis, born June 3, 1858; Eli, born February 22, 1861; Victoria, born May 2, 1863.

EZRA D. PERRY, farmer, P. O. Louisville, was born in Jackson County, Ind., March 1, 1852. In 1878 came to Kansas, settling in Pottawatomie County. In 1879 settled on a farm in Louisville Township. Has been Constable for a year. He was married February 4, 1880, in Pottawatomie County, to Miss Tabitha E. Thompson. They have one child-Edna May born February 12, 1883.

JEREMIAH SABIN, M. D., druggist, was born in Portage County, Ohio, July 22, 1810. He was educated in an academy at Tallmadge, Ohio, and studied medicine, graduating from the Ohio Medical College, Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1831. In 1832 he moved to Michigan, and located in Macomb County, where he was engaged in practice until 1855, when he started for Kansas, reaching Topeka January 1, 1856. He settled in Shawnee County, and took an active part in the struggle between the free and slave State factions, being on the side of liberty, and was captain of a company. During the Civil War he was a contract surgeon in the Western posts for four years. He has held many important civil offices. In 1856-57 he was a member of the Legislature under the so-called Topeka Constitution. He was a member of the first Legislature under the Wyandotte Constitution, having been elected from Shawnee County. In the spring of 1862 he moved to Pottawatomie County, located in Louisville, and has been in practice since at that place. Has been many times a Justice of the Peace, and in 1868 was elected Register of Deeds for Pottawatomie County. In 1869 he opened a drug store in Louisville, which has continued to the present time, the firm being J. Sabin & Co. He is a Mason.

H. P. SMITH, County Clerk, was born in Leipsic, Germany, May 17, 1881. Was educated in the High School and University of his native city. In 1852 he came to America, landing at Philadelphia, July 4 of that year. The year following he came to Kansas, and worked for a few years in that city and Wyandotte. In November, 1859, he settled in Pottawatomie County, and engaged in farming in Pottawatomie Township, where he still lives. In 1863, was elected to the House of Representatives, and served in the session of 1866. In 1869, was elected Clerk of the County, and has been re-elected every two years since. He was married July 3, 1857, in Louisville, Kan., to Miss Lillie C. Skelton. They have three children - John H., Lillie and Ernest.

PATRICK SULLIVAN, farmer, P. O. Louisville, was born in the County of Kerry, Ireland, February 6, 1836. At the age of fourteen he came with his parents to America. In 1859 he started for the West, traveled through Colorado and the other contiguous Territories, and in June, 1862, returned to Kansas, settling in Pottawatomie County, on the farm he now occupies, where he is engaged in farming and stock-raising. He has been Justice of the Peace for two years, and Township Treasurer for the same term. He is a Mason. Was married April 26, 1864, in Louisville, Kan., to Miss Anna Richter. They have eight children - John, now on the staff of the Kansas City Times; Mary, Edward, Charles, Eugene, Willie, Nellie and Anna.

JOHN UBEL, farmer, P. O. Louisville, was born in Austria, July 26, 1849. He came to America with his parents when one year old. They settled in Manitowoc, Wis., where they lived four years, and from thence came to Pottawatomie County, Kan., settling here May 11, 1855. Mr. Ubel is a fine farmer, has a splendid farm, and raises cattle and hogs, feeding all the corn he can raise. He was married October 5, 1873, in Pottawatomie County, to Miss Matilda Bower. They have four children - Lillie, Lizzie, John and Ida.

CHARLES A. WALLACE, teacher, was born in Iredell County, N. C., November 30, 1846. When seventeen years of age he moved to Clinton, Tenn., where he completed his education in Union Seminary. In 1869 he engaged in trade at Whitesburg, where he continued until 1872. He then was a traveling salesman until 1878, then taught in the public schools for two years. In 1878 he came to Kansas, settling in Louisville. In 1882 he moved to his present residence, on Adams Creek, where he is engaged in teaching and the insurance business. He is a Mason. Was married June 4, 1871, in Green County, Tenn., to Miss Mary E. Rush. They have four children - Walter D., Minneola M., George A., and Rosabel.

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