William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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C. P. BARBER, dealer in hardware, stoves and tinware. Opened, trade in the fall of 1879, with a stock of $5,000. Now carries a stock of about the same. The business was first, opened under the firm name of Barber & Guldemann. Mr. Barber became proprietor in the fall of 1881. His store is 22 feet wide by 100 feet deep. He came to Kirwin, Kansas, in 1878. He was born in England, Oct. 5, 1847. Came to America in 1848, locating in Dane County, Wis., and lived there until he came to Kansas. Married in 1875, to Miss Nellie F. Jones, of Monroe, Green County, Wis. She was raised in Washington, D. C. They have two children, Nettie W. and Charles E. Mr. Barber is a member of Blue Lodge, A., F. & A. M., I. O. O. F., and K. of P. Is the present Township Trustee and a member of the City Council.

WM. T. BELFORD, dealer in general merchandise, opened trade in the fall of 1872., with a stock of $1,000. Now carries an average stock of $5,000. He erected a cut stone building in 1879, 44 by 99 feet deep, two stories and a basement, at a cost of $6,500. He keeps a first-class hotel in the back part of the building, under the name of the Belford House. Its capacity is 32 rooms. Can keep 50 guests. He deals largely in real estate. He first came to Pawnee County, Neb., in 1869, and embarked in merchantile trade until he came to Kansas. He was born in Canada, July 22, 1834, and lived in his native county ((sic) nineteen years, thence went to Michigan and became a foreman on the Grand Trunk railroad nine months. He then went to Lebanon, St. Clair County, Ill., and engaged in the insurance business until he came west. He was married April 21, 1863, to Miss Martha S. Hooton, of Greensburg, Decatur County, Ind. They have five children living, John A., Hiram T., William M., Samuel D., and Jennie M., and one deceased, Olive E. Mr. Belford and family are members of the M. E. Church. He is member of the Masonic order and Knights of Pythias. He was elected first Register of Deeds of Phillips County, and served as postmaster of Kirwin eight years, School Clerk and Treasurer six years, and a member of the City Council one year.

LEVI K. BILLINGSLEY came to Axtell, Marshall County, Kan., in 1875, and taught school in that county five years. He then became Principal of Belleville Republic County school until the fall of 1882, when he removed to Kirwin and took charge as principal of schools there. He has been engaged for some time in normal teaching and is a conductor of teachers normal institutes. He was born in Harrison County, Ohio, Sept. 15, 1856. His parents moved with their family to Jefferson County, Iowa, in 1866, where he was raised. He was educated at Howes' High School at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, and Mt. Union College, Ohio. Has made teaching his profession from eighteen years of age. Was married in June, 1882, to Miss Flora A. Elliott, of Morning Sun, Louisa County, Iowa, then of Kirwin, Kan. They are members of the M. E. Church of Kirwin, Kansas.

JOHN BISSELL, Register, U. S. land office, first came to Phillips County in February, 1872, locating on a farm near Phillipsburgh (sic), where he yet resides. He has followed farming and stock raising since. He is well known in Phillips County as one of its substantial men. He took register's position in the U. S. Land Office April 9, 1883. He was born in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, Dec. 16, 1829. Moved with his parents to Valparaiso, Ind., where he was raised on a farm, making Indiana his home. Went to California in 1852 and engaged in mining and various pursuits until 1854. Was married in 1856, to Miss Rebecca Cornell, of Boone Grove, Ind. They have five children, Edgar, married and farming near Phillipsburgh (sic); Maria, married to W. R. Cannon, a merchant at Norton, Kansas; Emma, Phelba, and Mary. Mr. Bissell is a member of the Masonic order, I. O. O. F. and K. of P. He represented Phillips County in Kansas Legislature sessions of 1874, 1876, 1879, and 1883.

H. J. CAMERON, proprietor of the Kirwin Bank with C. W. Hull and M. H. Johnson. This bank was organized and opened for business in March, 1879. They do a regular banking business. Deposits equal $25,000 and employ a paid up capital of $25,000 and do business under the firm name of Cameron, Hull & Co. Eastern Correspondents are: National Park Bank, New York City, Merchants National, Kansas City, Mo. They erected the bank building in 1880, the size of which is 22 by 56 feet, two stories high, with a basement, constructed of brick, at a cost of $10,000, including fixtures. Mr. Cameron came to Beloit, Kansas, in May, 1873, and embarked in merchandising until March, 1879, when he came to Kirwin and organized the above bank. He is largely interested in the manufacture of lumber at Cameron, Arkansas, under the firm name of Cameron, Best & Co. He was born in St. Lawrence County, New York, Oct. 17, 1838. Lived in his native State until seventeen years old and came to the great West. Was married in 1875, to Miss Katie E. Laupp, a native of Ohio. They have two children, Jessie and Crissie. Mr. Cameron is a member of Chapter Lodge, A., F. & A. M. Has ably filled various city offices.

JAMES R. CHAMBERLAIN, of the firm of Skinner & Chamberlain, operators of Kirwin's flour mills, came to the above village in 1877 and engaged in milling. Was born in Oswego County, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1857, and was raised a tanner in his native State. He began milling in the fall of 1877. Was married in 1880, to Miss Anna M. Stockman, a native of New Orleans, La. Born Dec. 17, 1860. They have two children, Cora J., born June 20, 1881, and Corydon S., born Sept. 18, 1882. Mr. Chamberlain is a member of Blue Lodge, A., F.& A. M. and K. of P. He is also a member of Kirwin City Council. These mills were erected in the fall of 1879. The main building is 30x50 feet, three stories and a basement; capacity 300 bushels in twenty - four hours.

W. C. DON CARLOS first came on a visit to Kansas in the spring of 1856, returned in the following spring and settled at Kickapoo, Leavenworth County, and engaged as a clerk in the U. S. Land Office, and remained in that capacity until 1858. He then located at Albany, Gentry County, Mo., where he taught school and studied law, until the war broke out. Moved to Fredonia, Wilson County, Kan., in 1869. and engaged in the practice of law. Removed to Wellington, Kan., in 1872, and practiced his profession until 1874, when he located in Kirwin, where he has since practiced law and land practice before the U. S. Land Office. He was born in Vermillion County, Ind., Feb. 10, 1834. and was raised in that county. He was admitted to the bar in April, 1861. Was educated at an academy in Georgetown, Vermillion County Ill., under Prof. J. P. Johnson, a banker, now of Highland, Kan. Mr. Don Carlos was married in 1853, to Miss Mary Alspaugh, of Putnam County, Ind. They have one son, Charles E., who was associated with his father in the practice of law, from January, 1874, to Feb. 1,1883, at which time he accepted of a clerkship in the government Land Office at Washington, D. C. Mr. Don Carlos is a member of Blue Lodge, A. F. & A. M. of Kirwin, Kan.

DAVID DODGE, attorney - at. - law, and attends to all land law cases before the U. S. Land Office at Kirwin entrusted to him. He came to Kansas in February, 1854 locating at Leavenworth, and took up the first claim of land where the above city is now located. He was elected Recorder of the First Settlers' Land District of that place, and entered the practice of law there until the first U. S. Land Office in Kansas was opened at Doniphan, Doniphan County, in 1856, at which time he removed to the latter place and was a practicing attorney before the office, and attended to the first land case. He removed with the Land Office to Kickapoo, Kan., and followed the same practice some time, thence to Golden City, Colorado, where he practiced as before for some time. thence to Augusta, Butler County, Kan., afterwards to Wichita and Cawker City in 1873, following the Land Office in all the latter places. Removed to Kirwin in 1874. When at Doniphan, Kan., Senator Jim Lane was a law partner of his. Mr. Dodge was born in Dutchess County, N. Y. Went to California in 1849, and followed trading and mining three years, then returned to St. Joseph, Mo., where he entered the law office of Vorhees & Vorhees, as a law student. Was admitted to the bar in February, 1874. He was married in 1858, to Miss Matilda C. Beagle, of Platt County, Mo. They have eight children, Alice, Sophia, Mattie L., George, Mary A., Charles, David, Jr., and Minnie. Mr. Dodge is a member of Blue Lodge, A., F. & A. M. He was a member of the old Topeka Free State Constitutional Convention held at Topeka, Kan., in an early day.

DR. GEO. H. ENSIGN, physician and surgeon and dealer in drugs, medicines, paints, oils and druggists' sundries, began business Jan. 1, 1882, under the firm name of Ensign Bros., with a stock of $900. He came to Kirwin July 14, 1881, and opened a medical office. Was born in Portage County, Ohio, November 6, 1851. The family lived there until 1863, when they moved to Defiance County, Ohio, where he remained until he was twenty-five years old. He was educated in the medical department of the Wooster University of Ohio, graduating in the class of 1879. Began the practice of medicine in Hardin County, Ohio, following his profession there and in Allen County of the same State until he emigrated to Kansas. Was married in 1876, to Miss Lucy C. Littell, of Delaware County, Ohio. They have two children, Charles F. and Grace L. The Doctor is a member of K. of H. G. D. Ensign, a brother, is studying medicine under the Doctor.

WM. A. GARRETSON, of the firm of Garretson & Lamb, publishers of the Independent at Kirwin, came to Smith County in July, 1871. In August following he was associated with J. W. Raynolds, of Republic, and R. A. Wilson, of Jewell County, in locating and founding the town of Smith Center. During the next seven years he was engaged in agricultural pursuits and live stock business; was somewhat conspicuous as a political agitator, and an active supporter of the Peter Cooper ticket in 1876. In the fall of 1879, he edited a campaign paper called The Toiler, devoted to what was then known as the Greenback ticket. Then, in company with C. H. Topliff, began the publication of The Independent, at Hanlan, Smith County, in December, 1879, and moved to Kirwin a year later, continuing the publication of the same paper. In 1882, he was nominated for State Auditor, on the Anti-Monopoly ticket, and received a large vote in his part of the State, carrying some counties over both of the other candidates. He was born in Franklin County, Ark, July 24, 1851, living there nineteen years. In the spring of 1871, he graduated from the Galesburg, Ill., Business college. Was married Jan. 11, 1874, to Miss Ellen Lamb, of Tama County, Iowa. They have one son, David A.

ROBERT R. HAYS, Receiver of the U. S. Land Office, Kirwin, Kan. He came to Osborne City, Kan., May, 1872 and embarked in the hardware trade, continuing until 1878. He was elected County Treasurer of Osborn County in the fall of 1873, re-elected in 1875. In 1879, he made a tour to California. Feb 23, 1880, was appointed postmaster at Osborne City, and served until May, 1882, when he was appointed to his present position. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pa., August 29, 1845. Went with his parents to Iowa in 1853, where he lived until 1855; went to Nebraska City, Neb., where he lived until 1872, when he came to Kansas. He is a member of Blue Lodge and a member of the Congregational Church. He is now a resident of Kirwin.

W. D. JENKINS, physician and surgeon, came to Kansas in 1867, locating at Orthena, Doniphan County, where he engaged in the practice of medicine until he came to Kirwin in 1873. He established the Kirwin Chief in 1873, and was editor and proprietor three years. In the fall of 1872, he established the Smith County Pioneer at Cedarville, and continued the publication of the same until the spring of 1873. He has practiced medicine since that time. Was examining surgeon for pensions eight years. In the spring of 1881 went to Colorado and followed his profession one and a half years. He was born in Knox County, Ohio, April 8, 1836. His parents, with their family, moved to Logan County, Ill., in 1849, where he was raised. Graduated at Eclectic Medical Institute, of Cincinnati, Ohio, class of 1860, and began practice. In 1862, he was appointed by Gov. Yates as surgeon of the Forty-seventh Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and served three years. Mustered out in the spring of 1865. He then continued practice at Atlanta, Ill., until he came to Kansas. Married in l856 to Miss Margaret T. Cook, of Atlanta, Ill. They have five children, Charles F., Flora E., Hattie M. David C., and Maggie I. He is a member of Kirwin Post, No. 143, G. A. R.

CHARLES S. KNIGHT, physician and surgeon, and dealer in drugs, medicines, paints, oils, tobacco and cigars, came to Beloit, Kan., in 1878, and practiced his profession. Came to Kirwin in October, 1878, and continued practice. He carries a stock of $2,000 in drugs. Was born in Marlborough, Mass., June 16, 1856, and was raised in his native State. He graduated from the medical department of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in the class or 1878. Was married in 1879, to Miss Nina E. Briggs, of Buchanan Mich. The Doctor is a member of the Knights of Pythias.

C. J. LAMB, editor and proprietor of the Kirwin Independent; firm name of Garretson & Lamb. The above newspaper was first issued Dec. 1, 1879. Mr. Lamb became interested in January, 1883. The above firm are also engaged in land office practice, and deal in real estate. Mr. Lamb settled in Republic County, Kan., in the spring of 1870, and embarked in agricultural pursuits a year. Thence, in 1871, went to Osborne County, locating near Cawker City, and took a claim, following farming a year, after which he came to Kirwin. Has since been engaged in teaching more or less, clerking, etc. Is well known as an anti-monopolist. Has served as Justice of the Peace three years. He was born in Lapeer County, Mich., Jan. 26, 1849, and raised in his native State. He graduated at the Concordia State Normal School, class of 1875. Was married in 1867, to Miss Caroline Van Antwerp, of Lapeer County, Mich. They have two children, Mildred and Ernest. Mr. Lamb is a member of the A. O. U. W. and Knights of Labor.

W. T. S. MAY, attorney-at-law, does a general law and collection business. Came to Concordia, Kan., in September, 1870, and opened a law office. Remained some time and removed to Cawker City and practiced law until 1876, when he came to Kirwin Kan., and has since practiced law. He was born in Queen Anne County, Maryland, Nov. 22, I843, and was raised in his native State, and educated at Washington College, Kent County, Maryland. In 1861 he removed to Huntsville, Ohio, and enlisted the same year in Company G, First Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Participated in the battles or Shiloh, Perryville, Corinth, Iuka, and Stone River, being wounded in the latter battle Dec. 31, 1862 from the effects of which he was honorably discharged. After army life he began reading law. Was admitted to the bar at Xenia, Ohio, in August, 1870. He has been an active politician. He took charge of Kirwin postoffice April 4, 1883. Was married in 1865, to Miss Elizabeth Owens, of Huntsville, Ohio. They have one daughter, Minnie G. Mr. May is a member of Beloit Commandery, Masonic Lodge, G. A. R. and K. of P.

HON. HORACE MOULTON, druggist, carries a general stock or $5,000: also has a similar store at Kansas City, Mo. He came to Kirwin, Kan., in the fall of 1874, and embarked in drug, loan and discount business. He was born in Waukesha County, Wis., Aug. 17, 1849, and lived there until 1874, being raised in the drug business. He has served as Mayor of Kirwin three terms, been a member or the School Board five years, and a member of the County Board since November, 1881. Was married in 1870, to Miss Lydia A. McCowen, of Waukesha, Wis. They have one son, Harry S. Mr. Moulton is a member of the Masonic order, I. O. O. F., K. of P., and A. O. U. W. He erected his drug store at Kirwin, Kan., in 1880; size is 50x70 feet deep, built of cut stone, two stories, and cost $10,000.

WM. E. ROWE, dealer in general merchandise, opened trade Jan 1, 1878, with a stock of $6,000; now carries a stock of $l0,000, employs two clerks, and keeps Bee Hive store. His store room is 25x75 feet deep; occupies first floor and basement. He came to Kirwin, Kan., in 1875, and embarked in the sale of agricultural implements until he opened business as above. He was born in Jamaica, West Indies, Jan. 17, 1837, and lived there until 1870. He began life as a clerk in a general store, from that into speculating in produce in 1860 to 1865. He was a heavy loser on account of the Spanish rebellion. Was married in 1877, to Miss Jennie S. Jones, a native of the same place. They have two children, Ella Louise and Ida Ellen. He is a member of Blue Lodge A., F. & A. M. In the West Indies he was a member or the Volunteer corps, and two years was Acting Quartermaster of volunteers.

A. J. STILES, manufacturer of and dealer in a full line of household furniture and undertaker's goods, began in March, 1879, with a stock of $1,000; now carries an average stock of $2,000. He occupies rooms 24x60 feet. He came to Council Grove in 1879, and embarked in contracting and building a year, thence followed the same business three months in Concordia, finally located in Kirwin. He was born in Elgin, Ill., Nov. 9, 1849, and lived there until he came to Kansas. Was married in June, 1880, to Miss Nettie A. Briggs of Buchanan, Mich. Mr. Stiles is a member of Blue Lodge, A., F. & A. M., I. O. O. F., A. O. U. W., and M. E. Church.

ROBERT H. TRUSDLE, physician and surgeon, came to Kirwin, Kan., March 27, 1879, and opened a medical office. He was born in Norfolk County, Canada. Aug. 20, 1844, being raised and educated in his native country, and graduating at Victoria College, Toronto, Canada, in the class of 1863. Began practicing his profession in Canada the same year. He went as staff-surgeon to Gen. Thomas at Nashville, Tenn., during the war. Mustered out in the spring of 1865, and participated in the battle of the latter city in the fall of 1864. He soon afterward went to Atchison, Kan., and practiced medicine six years, when he returned to Morrison, Whiteside County, Ill., and practiced until 1879, when he came to Kirwin, Kansas. Was married in January, 1868, to Miss Hattie Bryning, of Mt. Pleasant, Brant County, Canada. They have one daughter, Neva Lee. The Doctor is a member of I. O. O. F., K. of P., and A. O. U. W. Has served as City Alderman and examining surgeon for several life insurance companies.

E. W. WARNER erected the Warner House in the summer of 1879, of cut magnesia lime stone, at a cost of $9,000, size of which is 40x60 feet deep, 35 feet high, divided into two stories and basement; capacity, 40 guests; employs six persons and keeps a first class hotel. Mr. Warner came to Kirwin in the spring of 1874, and engaged in the lumber business, afterward merchandising, until he began the hotel business. He was chairman of the Republican County Committee, member of the School Board, and City Alderman. He was born in Marine City, St. Claire County, Mich., Sept. 6, 1841. His parents, with their family, moved to Stephenson County, Ill., in 1845, where he was raised a farmer. Enlisted in July, 1862, in Co. I, Seventy-fourth Illinois Volunteer Infantry; participated in all the battles of his command; promoted to Orderly Sergeant and Second Lieutenant; wounded in the battle of Kennesaw Mt., June 21, 1864; discharged Aug. 5,1864. After army life he lived in Saginaw, Mich., two years, thence went to Alma, Buffalo County, Wis., were (sic) he was interested in the Beef Slough Boom Copmany (sic), seven years. Was married July 20, 1864, to Miss Sarah A. Cottle, of Kalamazoo, Mich. She was born Oct. 18, 1844. They had three children, Vinnie Maude (William E., deceased). and Pearlie May. Mr. Warner is a member of Blue Lodge, A., F. & A. M., K. of P., I. O. O. F., and Kirwin Post, No. 122, G. A. R., and Commander of the Post. Is Past Chancellor, K. of P., and Past Grand, I. O. O. F.

AARON WEAVER, dealer in general merchandise, opened trade in Kirwin, September, 1872, his being the first general store opened to the trade, and carried a stock of $2,000, under the firm name of N. Weaver & Co., two years, then changed to Weaver & Warner, until 1877, since then the firm has been A. Weaver & Co. They erected their store in September, 1872, at a cost or (sic) $1,300, and now carry an average stock of $8,000. He was born in Berrien County, Mich., Jan. 21, 1836, and lived in that State until he came to Kansas. He was married Oct. 4,1863 to Miss Olive E. Beckwith of Berrien County, Mich. They have two children, Lillie May and Frank J. He is a member of the Masonic order.

GEORGE W. WOOD, dealer in a general line of household furniture, carpets, undertaking goods, opened business Jan. 20, 1883, with a stock of $1,000. Mr. Wood came to Troy, Doniphan County, Kan., in June, 1856, and lived until 1874. Enlisted in October, 1864, in Co. C, Ninth Kansas Volunteer Infantry and was mustered out in March, 1865. He soon afterward went to Waterville, Marshall County, Kan., and was pastor of the M. E. Church there three years, thence pastor of Concordia, Kansas Church three years, after which he came to Kirwin. He was educated at the Highland University in Doniphan County, Kan. Ordained to the holy ministry in 1872. Was born at St. Joseph, Mo., Aug. 3, 1848. Married in 1871, to Anna Konns, of Circleville, Ohio. They have three children, Daisy E., George W., and Jessie L. He is a member of the Masonic order, K. of P., K. of H., I. O. O. F., and M. E. Church. He represented Doniphan County, Kan., in the legislative session of 1869, and was Justice of the Peace in that county some time.

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