William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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WILLIAM LAND, farmer, P. O. Carbondale; has 120 acres located on the northeast quarter of Section 3, Township 14, Range 16. Eighty acres are under cultivation. He has twenty head of cattle, horses and hogs. He was born in Garrett County, Ky., December 17, 1825, where he resided until 1831 when he removed to Jefferson County, Ind., there remaining until twenty-two years of age, when he again removed to Kentucky, and was married February 21, 1850, and removed to Cass County, Mo., where he resided until he came to Kansas. Mr. Land has four children - Ladora, John M., William G., and James W. He has always been a Republican.

WILLIAM LATHROP, farmer, has eighty acres one and one-half miles east of Carbondale, on Section 20, Township 14, Range 16, all under cultivation. Was born in Devonshire, England, and came to America when eight years of age. His father, William Lathrop, Sr, was born in Devonshire, England, August 7, 1827, where he remained until 1867, engaged as a sawyer (sic). Was married in 1851, to Miss Sarah Cross, and has four children living - Mary A., William, Sarah A. and Elizabeth. Located first in Kankakee County, Ill., where he remained about two years, and came direct to Kansas. Mr. Lathrop died at his home December 21, 1880.

THOMAS LEACHMAN, wagon-maker and repairer, came to the State in May, 1870, locating at Lecompton. Remained there four years. In 1874 went to Southern Colorado, working at La Junta and other points until the fall of 1878, when he came to Carbondale. Was born in Lincolnshire, England, January 6, 1835. Remained there until about seventeen and came to America. Stopped a few months at Middletown, Conn., and went to Chicago, where he learned his trade, and remained nine years. Went to Pike County, Ill. and remained five years. Was married in 1860, at Chicago, to Miss Elizabeth Thornton, of Liverpool, England, and has seven children - Samuel, Stella, Lethia, Eliza, Spurgeon, Grace and Florence. United with the Baptist Church in 1837, and is now deacon. Is a member of A. O. U. W. and Kansas State Temperance Union.

W. B. LONG, farmer, P. O. Carbondale, has 160 acres, all under fence and eighty under cultivation. Located in Montgomery County, Kansas, in 1870. Removed to Butler County soon after, and remained two years; came from there to Carbondale. Returned to Butler County in 1878, and remained until 1881, when he returned to Carbondale and remained until 1883. Was born in Mercer County, Pa., March 27, 1852. When about three years of age removed to Schuyler County, Ill., and remained until coming to Kansas, learning the carpenter's trade. Was married January 19, 1874, at Carbondale Kan., to Miss Lotttie Chamberlain. They have four children - Andrew, Samuel, Maria T. and Zuella Kate.

RUFUS H. McCLAIR, dealer in hardware and implements; located two miles north of Ridgeway in May, 1876. Remained there about five years engaged in farming and stock-raising. Began business in Carbondale, in the spring of 1881. Was born in St. Lawrence County, N. Y., June 25, 1851. Removed to Michigan in the fall of 1867. Was employed by the Northern Transportation Company for over eight years, in the capacity of clerk, bookkeeper and agent. Was married January 1, 1873, at Glenhaven, Mich., to Miss Agnes Helm, a native of Canada, and has three children - Loretta, Charles and Baby. In 1882 he was elected a member of the Board of County commissioners from the Second District. Is a member of K. of H.

CHARLES MANROSE, came to the State in 1870, locating on a farm in Franklin County, fifteen miles southeast of Carbondale, and engaged in farming there until 1880, when he removed to Carbondale and has since been engaged in the livery business. Was born in Huron County, Ohio, July 9, 1845; resided there ten years and moved to Fulton County, Ill., and remained there until eighteen, when he enlisted in the Twelfth Illinois Cavalry. Was in the Department of the Gulf, with Gen. Bank's Red River expedition, and at Mobile, Ala. Was mustered out in May, 1866; then returned to his home and engaged in farming until coming to Kansas. Was married at Bushnell in 1868, to Miss Lucy Martin, of that place and has six children - Laura, Ida, M. P., Mollie, Carrie and N. C. Was elected Constable of Ridgeway Township in the spring of 1882. Is a member of A. O. U. W., Carbondale Lodge.

JOHN T. MAY, grocer and Justice of the Peace, came to the State in November, 1871, and engaged principally in mining. Was born in Cornwall County, England, November 24, 1840. Remained there until twenty-six years of age engaged in mining, and also learned the carpenters' trade. Came to the United States in 1866 and located in Bucks County, Pa., and after a short residence moved to Wisconsin, Grast County. In 1869 removed to Marquette, and from thence to Kansas. Was married July 2, 1881, in Cornwall, England, to Miss Elizabeth Allen, and has had eleven children, only two of whom are living - Bessie and Edgar. Mr. May was elected Justice of the Peace in February, 1882. Began mercantile business in August, 1881. Is a member of Carbondale Lodge, No. 70, A., F. & A. M. Is also connected with the Methodist Episcopal Church.

GEORGE W. METZLER, Manager Carbondale Mills, now operated by the Carbondale Mill Company, A. Carr and Henry Urich, joint owners. The mill was built for a grain elevator by John Y. Urie, in 1879. The following year Mr. Urie put in the present engine and commenced the manufacture of flour. A joint stock company of which J. G. Ellis was business manager, bought the property of Messrs. Urie and Loveland, May 14, 1880, and operated the mill until December 9, 1881, when Mr. Metzler assumed the management. The building is 22x120 feet, the front being three stories. Has four run of burrs and improved machinery throughout. The capacity of the mill is 300 bushels of wheat in twenty-four hours. The power is furnished by a sixty-five horsepower Comer engine. It is the largest flouring-mill in the county and is worth $12,000. Mr. Metzler came to Kansas in 1869, locating three miles east of Carbondale where he still resides on a well improved farm of eighty acres. He was born in Wayne County, Ohio, March 14, 1844; resided in that county until 1862 engaged in farming and carpentering. In 1862 he enlisted in Company A, One Hundred and Twentieth Ohio Infantry. Was captured at Red River and was held a prisoner of war. He was married in 1866, in Wayne County, Ohio, to Miss Caroline Weiker of that county, and has five children, all boys. He is a member of Col. J. Hays Post, G. A. R., No. 94.

S. MINSHALL, dealer in general merchandise, Carbondale, commenced business here in July, 1875, with about $2,000, with a 40 foot room. In 1876 he built a 40 foot addition to his store. In 1879 he sold a half interest to George Shelley, of Kansas City. He built an 80 foot building adjoining the old store and put in a stock of groceries. In 1882 he built a 40 foot stone room with basement, in the rear of his store. His store rooms are now 22x80 feet and 22x120 feet respectively, connected in both front and rear rooms with arches; cashier's office in the center. Mr. Minshall bought out Shelley in August, 1881. He now carries a stock valued at $20,000; and in 1882 his trade reached the handsome sum of $62,000. His first year's trade was about $15,000. There are from five to seven clerks employed in the establishment besides the cashier. Mr. Minshall's residence is one of the neatest in the city, of cottage architecture, 62x42 feet. The subject of this sketch was born in Perry County, Ohio, July 22, 1848. In 1855 he removed to Wisconsin, and remained there until 1870 engaged in clerking. He obtained a position with J. M. Shelley & Co., of Kansas City, wholesale dry goods, and remained with the firm three years, when he assumed charge of the store in Elk Falls for Noyes & Barber, and in 1874 was married to Miss Phoebe Scofield, of Iowa. Mr. Minshall is Vice-President and one of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Carbondale. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. and Past Chancellor of St. Andrews Lodge, No. 40, K. of P., and Grand Lodge Representative of K. of P. He has been a member of the City Council three terms.

ROBERT MITCHELL, billiard hall, located here in September, 1875, and worked at coal mining about five years. Began his present business in 1881. Was born in Sterlingshire, Scotland, August 9, 1854. Commenced mining when about nine years old. Left Scotland in 1872, and moved to Perry County, Ohio. Remained there until coming to Kansas. Was married in 1875 at Carbondale to Miss Charlotte Cusworth, a native of England. They have three children - Jim, May and John. Is a member of I. O. O. F., K. of L. and K. of P.

ALEXANDER MONTGOMERY, stationed at Fort Gibson, as a member of Company F, Seventh United States Infantry, in 1854. Remained in the Territory two years, and ordered to Fort Bridger, Utah, where he remained until 1859. Was in St. Louis on recruiting service the winter of 1859. In the spring of 1860 was assigned to Company H, Second Infantry, at Fort Leavenworth, and ordered to Fort Larned, Kansas. Mr. Montgomery was born in Whitehall, Washington County, N. Y., August 17, 1832. When about eighteen years of age joined his brothers, who were in the Mexican war, at Newport, Kentucky, where he enlisted in the United States regular army. Participated with his command in the late war in the following noted engagements: second battle of Bull's Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Fair Oaks, Malvern Hill, Gettysburg and Chancellorsville. Was promoted to First Lieutenant by the Secretary of War, and joined Gen. Phil. Kearney. Was on Maj. Gen. Curtis' staff, and was in the command which drove Price from Missouri. While in this pursuit was desperately hurt by his horse being shot and falling on him, but remained on the field until Price was driven across the Arkansas River. Returned to Fort Scott, and was ordered to Leavenworth by Gen. Curtis. From there was ordered to relieve Captain Peck as Quartermaster at Fort Omaha. Was immediately re-called to Leavenworth, and ordered to Lawrence, Kansas, and appointed Quartermaster, Commissary, Chief of Artillery and Courier Line. Remained on that duty until the close of the war, and ordered to Leavenworth to be mustered out. Received an order from Gen. Grant to proceed to Camp Verd, Texas, as Second Lieutenant of Fourth United States Cavalry. Declined the appointment on account of his family; called for a pension, and quit the service in 1866, after a term of active enlistment since 1851. Was employed in the grocery trade in Lawrence until coming to Carbondale in 1881. Was married in St. Louis in 1859 to Miss Catherine Crowley, of Pittsburg, Pa. His children are: William B., now agent for Associate Press at Mount Sterling, Ky.; Nelly, Margaret, teacher, and Katherine. Is a member of Col. J. Hayes Post, G. A. R., No. 94, officer of the day. Is also Guide and Trustee of A. O. U. W.

DR. CYRUS C. MOORE, physician and surgeon, was born in or near Morristown, N. J., September 14, 1823. Left there with his parents in early youth, going to Sussex County, near Deckertonn (sic), where he was educated; completing an academic course, and preparing for the study of medicine, which he began when about seventeen years old under a preceptor; afterwards going to the city of Philadelphia, Pa., where he engaged for some time in a first-class retail drug and prescription store, continuing faithfully his medical studies by attending lectures in the University, the Jefferson, and other noted colleges and hospitals of that city, until he there graduated. Acted as Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy, and did a large practice of medicine until 1859, when he removed to Kansas, located at Auburn, Shawnee County, where he continued in doing a very extensive practice of medicine until 1870. He then, being very much interested in the introduction of railroads into Kansas, and somewhat desirous of being released from his arduous professional labors, removed to Carbondale, where he has since resided. He was elected President of the St. Louis, Lawrence & Southwestern Railroad Company, holding that position for several years, taking an active part in having the company build a line of road to Lawrence, Carbondale, and other important points. He was married in Philadelphia, June 29, 1842, to Miss Catherine Bower, a native of that city. They have five children - Emman, now Mrs. J. Earnest, residing in Kansas City, Mo.; Eugene H., married, and residing in Carbondale; Eva, now Mrs. D. J. Evans, residing in Washington, D. C.; Katie B., now Mrs. E. E. Thomas, now residing in Wyandotte, Kansas; and George C. B., who was born in Auburn, Kansas, and now resides with his parents in Carbondale. He is a charter member of Carbondale Lodge, No. 49, A., F. & A. M., and from his youth has been an active member of the Presbyterian and Methodist Episcopal Church.

THOMAS G. MUIR came to this State in 1866, and located on a farm about six miles from Olathe, Johnson County, remained there until February, 1880, and came to Osage County, and farmed for about six months near Michigan Valley; and came to Carbondale, where he engaged in the livery business until the spring of 1883. March 1, 1883, he bought out Messrs. Ranzler & Stephens' billiard hall, and is the present proprietor of the "Blue Wing," the most popular resort in the city. He was born in Ayrshire, Scotland, December 14, 1836. He emigrated to Putnam County, Ind., in 1843; removed to Indianapolis in 1862, and in 1864 enlisted in Company B, Forty-third Indiana Volunteer Infantry. Served eleven months and removed to Parke County, Ind., where he remained until coming to Kansas. He was married December 24, 1857, at Mount Meridian, Ind., to Miss Martha J. Bourne, a native of that county, and has five children - John W., Ellen, James L., Hattie V., and Frank Olathe. He is a member of the A., F. & A. M., K. of P., and the G. A. R.

J. B. MUNGER was born in Northeast Pennsylvania June 14, 1834. His father emigrated to Michigan when it was yet a Territory; there his boyhood was spent in the town of Buchanan, Berrien County. At the early age of twenty-two he was married to Miss A. M. Earl, of Hamilton, Van Buren County, and has four children - Leonard J., Earl E., Wyllis R. and Anna M. Moved to Kansas in 1868, and settled in Lawrence. Being a miller of large experience he became manager of the city mills at that place for four years, moving from there to Atchison County he remained there for five years at his business; he then moved to Carbondale as foreman of the stream mills there, which unfortunately burned, compelling him to seek employment elsewhere. Moved to Burlington, where he has been engaged for four years as foreman of the Excelsior Mills at that place. Mr. Munger is a member of the Masonic Order and a member of the Republican party.

EUGENE NORMANDIN, barber and hair dresser, came here in April, 1881, from Nebraska. He was born in St. Jacque Le Mineur, Canada East, June 2, 1853. When ten years old he went to Hudson, Columbus County, N. Y., and remained five years. He went to Chicago in 1871, and thence Westward. He received his naturalization papers from the District Court of Thayer County, Neb., September 12, 1879. He was married June 1, 1881, at Concordia, Kansas, to Miss Eugenie Ledoux, a native of Belgium. He is a member of the K. of H. Lodge.

NICHOLAS OSBORN, farmer, P. O. Carbondale, resides on Section 3, Township 14, Range 16, and also owns 160 acres on Section 10; has about ninety acres under cultivation; has about twenty head of cattle and other stock; located in Kansas in 1869; was born in Hendrick County, Ind., June 10, 1837; is the son of Harden Osborne and Priscilla Tincher. Enlisted in the army in August, 1862, in Company C, Seventieth Indiana; was with his regiment at Resaca, and in front of Atlanta; was wounded at Peach Tree Creek, from which his left hand was paralyzed; rejoined his command at Goldsboro, and from thence to Raleigh, N. C., and from thence to Washington, D. C., where he was mustered out June 24, 1865. He was married March 17, 1859, at Clayton, Ind., to Miss Elizabeth Kirkham, and has eight children - Clara F., Albert DeLake, Laura, Priscilla, Oscar, Gilbert, Wilber and Baby. Mr. Osborne has been extensively engaged in the manufacture of sorghum, now having one of Cook's Evaporators. He is also engaged in sprouting sweet potato plants by artificial heat.

S. W. PERRYMAN, liveryman, commenced business in 1879, and has run three different stables in Carbondale. He built the present barn in the summer of 1882, size 40x42 feet, with a capacity for eighteen horses; cost about $600. He was born in Shelby County, Ill., September 23, 1841; remained there until about thirteen; settled in Mercer County, Mo., and remained about seven years and removed to Sullivan, Moultrie County, Ill., and resided there about four years, and removed to Coles County, Ill., and remained until coming to Kansas. He was married March 3, 1864 in Coles County, Ill., to Miss Rebecca J. Ellis. They have four children - Finetta A., Joseph W., Howard F. and Nancy R. He is a member of Carbondale Lodge No. 70, A., F. & A. M., and a member of the Baptist Church; also owns a well improved farm of 160 acres in Junction Township, one mile east of Michigan Valley.

WILLIAM H. REED, dealer in furniture, carries a stock of about $2,500, and average annual trade will reach $4,000. He began business in March, 1882. He was born in Marietta, Ohio, September 11, 1850. When about two years of age removed to Leavenworth, Kan.; commenced his trade when about sixteen years of age. He was married in 1873 at Leavenworth, Kan., to Miss Alice J. Moore, a native of Indiana, and they have four children - Mary I., Helen, Lillie and Mattie. Has a brick store two stories and basement 25x60 feet, built in 1881, at a cost of $3,000.

CHARLES R. ROGERS, attorney-at-law, was born at Oxford, Grafton Co., N. H., August 25, 1823. Entered Bradford (Vt.) Academy in 1840, graduating in the classical course and was admitted to the bar in May, 1847. Opened an office at Barstead, Belknap Co., N. H., and practiced there until 1850, when he removed to Paterson, N. J., and remained until 1854. Was married in that city October 1, 1853, to Miss Francis Clark. While there was elected to the office of County Examiner of Public Instruction, and opened a Latin and English school for boys. In the fall of 1854 removed to LaCrosse, Wis., where he practiced law, holding the positions of County Attorney and City Attorney. In 1861 he enlisted in the Second Wisconsin Cavalry; being disabled, was discharged in September, 1862. Resumed practice at Paterson, N. J., and in November, 1864, enlisted in the Twenty-sixth New York Cavalry, and served as Commissary Sergeant until 1865. Resumed practice at Bradford, Vt., where he remained until coming to Kansas in 1869. Mr. Rogers is the father of five children, four sons and one daughter. He is a member of I. O. O. F. at Laconia, N. H.

J. D. SALMONS, Cashier of the Carbondale Bank, was born in Lewis County, N. Y., February 5, 1854. He attended school at Lowville Academy until 1868, when he removed to Sangamon County, Ill., where he entered the high school at Springfield. While in the senior class he left school and clerked in the offices of the county officials as book-keeper until 1873, when he removed to Harvey County, Kan., buying and improving a quarter section of land near Newton. He soon afterward obtained a position as Teller in the Harvey County Savings Bank, where he was employed until June, 1881, when he assumed charge of the Carbondale Bank, with which he has since been identified. He was married in 1877 near Newton, Kan., to Miss Fannie Westhafer, a native of Ohio. He is a member of Friendship Lodge, No. 2,340, K. of H., of Carbondale.

G. B. SCOTT, dealer in harness, saddles, etc.; carries a stock of about $1,200, and trade will average $4,000. Came to Kansas in 1875, locating at Valley Falls, where he worked at his trade about three years, and went to Great Bend, remained about one year, and came to Carbondale and opened his shop in August, 1881. He was born in Buchanan County, Mo., May 20, 1852. Resided there until the breaking out of the war, and removed to Fremont County, Iowa. Remained there about one year, and moved to McDonough County, Ill; remained there about two years, removed to Springfield, and remained four years; then moved to Winona County, Minn., remaining one year, and moved to Hardin County, Ky. After a residence there of about nine months, he came to Kansas overland. Was married in December, 1880, at Carbondale, Kan., to Mrs. M. A. Hartman, a native of New York. Is a member of I. O. O. F. of Valley Falls, and is Vice-Dictator of K. of H. Lodge, No. 2,340. Has a farm of eighty acres adjoining Carbondale on the east, on which coal is found in paying quantities.

JOHN N. SHAEFER, baker and confectioner, located here in July, 1882. He was born in Retterath Coblentz, Prussia, March 27, 1838. Remained there until twenty-six years of age, engaged in farming for himself and his father. He came to America in 1864, and located at Pittsburg, Pa. From there he went to LaSalle County, Ill., and worked on a farm for twenty months, and resided in different places until coming to Kansas, where he farmed five years in Shawnee County; from there he came to Osage County, and located on a farm three-fourths of a mile northwest of Carbondale, where he remained until coming to the city. He was married in 1868, near Topeka, to Miss Catherine Heil. They have three children - Joseph, Fred and Laura. He carries a stock of about $600, and his trade will reach $5,000.

Y. M. SHIRES, farmer, residence on Section 29, Township 14, Range 16, P. O. Carbondale; has ninety acres under cultivation, and has about forty head of cattle. Located here in 1868, and was the first Superintendent of the Carbon Coal and Mining Company, and had charge of all underground work, both at Carbondale and Osage City. The first winter the company employed only 110 men, and coal reached $1 per bushel. Mr. Shires was born in Yorkshire, England, January 21, 1843. Remained there until about twenty-one years of age, engaged in mining, and came to America in 1864, and located in McDonough County, Ill. Remained four years, and was married November 2, 1869, in McDonough County, Ill., to Miss Hannah J. Heppenstall, a native of Yorkshire, England, and they have three children - George M., Frank N. and Mary C.

PROF. A. V. SPARHAWK, Principal of Carbondale schools, was born in Akron, Ohio, March 12, 1840, and is the only son of Noah Sparhawk, who was born in Windsor County, Vt., July 28, 1813. Attended Wellington Academy, and entered Oberlin College in 1858, remaining until 1861. Taught at Paris, Elkhart Co., Ind., two years, and afterward in Buchanan. With the exception of one year, he has had charge of the Carbondale schools since 1870. Was married in 1863, at Buchanan, Mich., to Miss Nellie M. Earl, of Van Buren County. He is Secretary of A., F. & A. M., No. 70, and Reporter of K. of H. Lodge, No. 2,340

W. F. STOLTZMAN, commenced business at Carbondale in April, 1880; carries an average stock of $4,000, and his annual sales will reach $10,000. Mr. Stoltzman is a practical workman, and the only exclusive dealer in boots and shoes in the city. He was born in Uchermark, Prussia, June 21, 1855. When but a year old his parents emigrated to America and located in Manitowoc County, Wis., Mr. Stoltzman serving his time as apprentice at Sheboygan, Wis. From there he moved to Pekin, Ill., following his profession there until August, 1877, when he engaged in the boot and shoe business for himself, and remained for three years. He was married on October 3, 1878, to Mary L. Stoehr. They have had three children - a baby, born and died September 3, 1879; Clary L., born November 11, 1880, died August 13, 1881; William A., born August 14, 1882. Mr. Stoltzman is a Past Grand member of Carbondale Lodge, No. 102, I. O. O. F., and a member of Pekin (Ill.) Encampment, No. 76, I. O. O. F., and is also a member of Pekin Grove, No. 53, U. A. O. D.

A. M. SUTHERLAND, proprietor of Sutherland House, also of Sutherland's Opera House, Carbondale. The hotel was built in July, 1881, and opened in November of the same year; size 24x60 feet; three stories; basement is used for billiard hall and cellar; first floor contains office, wash-room, kitchen, and dining hall; second floor is used for sleeping rooms. The structure is stone and brick, and cost $5,000. Adjoining the hotel is a handsome Hall, fitted up with roomy stage and dressing-rooms; size 24x70 feet; built by Mr. Sutherland in 1862, at a cost of $2,000. Mr. Sutherland also does an ice business, putting up 550 tons in 1883. He came to Kansas December 13, 1868, locating at Ridgeway, where he was assistant postmaster and clerk for John R. Green four and one-half years. In 1873 he returned to New York, and remained until May, 1880, when he came to Kansas with 600 head of merino sheep. In 1873 he rode a horse from Carbondale to Buffalo, N. Y. Mr. Sutherland was born in Penn Yan, N. Y., August 9, 1846. In 1864 he enlisted in Company A, Fifty-ninth New York Regiment, and was appointed Assistant Forage Master at Bermuda Hundred, under Capt. Walbridge, in July, 1864, when he was disabled and sent home. In 1866 he went to Chicago, and remained until coming to Kansas. Was married March 19, 1875, at Penn Yan, N. Y., to Miss Fannie Thayer, a native of that county, and they have two children - Bert and Dora. In 1882 he was a member of the City Council. Is a member of the Board of Directors of Carbondale Bank, and is secretary. Is also a member of Col. J. Hayes Post, G. A. R.

REV. DANIEL TALBOTT, farmer, P. O. Carbondale, owns eighty acres on Section 17, Township 14, Range 16, all under cultivation. Came to Kansas in 1878 and located in Barton County, and afterward resided in Norton and Lincoln counties and engaged in ministerial work. He moved to Osage County in January, 1881. He was born in Ogle County, Ill., February 29, 1848. When a mere child he moved with his parents to Iowa, locating in Iowa County, where he remained until twenty-one years of age, when he removed to Johnson County, Neb., where he resided nearly thirteen years, engaged in farming and mercantile business; he came from there to Kansas. He has been twice married, first in Johnson County, Neb., October 18, 1873, to Miss Ella Moore who died in 1877. He was married to his present wife September 26, 1880. He entered the ministry of the United Brethren Church in 1879.

JOHN WARNER, deceased, was born in Matic, Somersetshire, England, February 6, 1818. Came to America in 1856; remained in New Jersey six months and then removed to Putnam County, Ill., and in 1859 his family came from England. Was married August, 1842, to Mis Elizabeth Isaac, and has had eleven children - Elizabeth and Sarah A., born December 7, 1842, dead; John, born February 1, 1844; Elizabeth, born February 19, 1846, dead; Maria, born April 10, 1847; William, born July 17, 1849; Elizabeth A., born April 19, 1851; Andrew D., born March 31, 1853, died April 6, 1881; Isaac, born November 19, 1854; Job, born June 3, 1856; Albert, born February 4, 1863. John Warner died January 20, 1873, at his home near Carbondale of pneumonia. He held the office of Justice of the Peace for several terms, and was a member of the Kansas State Militia.

EMBRA WASHBURN, farmer, P. O. Carbondale. Was born in Harrison County, W. Va., June 30, 1833. Remained there until twenty-one years of age engaged in farming. Removed to Columbus City, Ind., and engaged in cabinet making until 1868, when he removed to Ridgeway, Osage Co., Kan., where he commenced farming and stock-raising, remaining there two years, where he bought the farm now occupied by W. B. Long and Charles F. Washburn. In 1883 Mr. Washburn removed to North Topeka, where he now resides, engaged at his trade, that of a mill-wright. Was married in 1861 to Mrs. Maria J. Collins, of Huntington, Ind., a widow with two children - William and Lottie. Mr. Washburn has two children - Charles F. and Homer. Is a member of G. A. R., I. O G. T. and the Methodist Episcopal Church.

PHILIP C. WILSON, farmer, P. O. Carbondale. Has 400 acres well improved and stocked. Entered his land in 1859 with soldier's warrant, and has been in the State since, with the exception of seven years in Pennsylvania. Was born in Beaver County, Pa., December 17, 1821. When quite young removed to Allegheny County, Pa., where he resided until coming to Kansas, and engaged in coal mining. Was married November 6, 1849, in Birmingham, Pa., to Miss Martha M. Reynolds, and has five children, all married. John W. Wilson enlisted in the army in 1863, in Company H, Sixteenth Kansas. Was on the border the first year and then on the plains. Was mustered out December 6, 1865.

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