William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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L. H. JOHNSON, of the firm of Warner & Johnson, established in Chanute, in 1874, in general merchandise. Mr. Johnson is a native of Indiana; born in 1835. He moved to Illinois in 1851, and came to Kansas in 1874, the same year commencing business with Mr. Warner, who had come to the State in 1866. Mr. Johnson was elected County Commissioner, in 1880, of Neosho County, and in 1881, became a charter member of the A. O. U. W. He is also a charter member of the K. of H.

T. C. JONES, lawyer and Deputy United States Revenue Collector. Mr. Jones, June 11, 1870, filed the plat for the city of New Chicago, the population in two months after consisting of 500, and the land in the plat of 160 acres, which had been purchased by George R. Malcolm, of the United States Government, and conveyed by him to T. C. Jones, who conveys by blocks and lots to parties buying. In August, 1870, the town was incorporated, and there was a Board of Trustees of five members. Mr. Jones was President of the board. January 1, 1874, the towns of New Chicago and Tioga were consolidated, and became Chanute, a city of the third class. The ease with which the title of property is conveyed, and soundness of deed, has made real estate valuable, and the liberal donation of lots to individuals, and for public purposes has tended to build the city up rapidly. Mr. Jones in coming here opened a law office, and from 1871 to 1878, had Mr. Carpenter for a partner, and in 1878, was appointed Deputy United States Revenue Collector.

D. R. KRAMER & SON, drugs. Dr. Kramer established his drug business in New Chicago in 1870, the first and only drug store here then. He is a native of Schoharie, N. Y., born in 1812. Beginning the study of medicine under a brother-in-law, who was a graduate in the old School of Medicine, so, Doctor D. T. Kramer attended lectures in the Philadelphia Medical College, graduating and practiced eight years in Newark, when they quietly set to investigating the New School of Homoepathy (sic), and February 27, 1850, he graduated from the Cleveland Medical College. He then moved to Sandusky City, where there were but three families at that time, practicing until April, 1870, when he came to Kansas, locating in Lawrence and practicing with Drs. Stanbury & Blair. His son brought their stock of drugs down from there and opened their business on North Fourth street in what was then called New Chicago, occupying a room 18x30, with a stock of $2,000. They now occupy part of what is known as Kramer's Block and are doing a good business. In 1849, Doctor Kramer married Miss Pettibone. They have three sons and one daughter. He is a member of I. O. O. F.

J. H. LIGHT, M. D., native of Cincinnati, Ohio, born in 1844. Here he was raised and educated, commencing the study of medicine with Dr. Holland, of Jeffersonville, Ind. In 1868, he graduated from the New York College of Physicians and Surgeons. Opened his practice in Jeffersonville, and came to Kansas in 1869, located at Erie, Neosho County, where he practiced till 1882; he had traveled on account of his health in the meantime and was employed by the Sante Fe R. R. Co. as physician, located in Mexico. He afterwards came to Chanute and established his practice and opened a drug store. Doctor Light is a member of the K. of H., Masonic and I. O. O. F. lodges.

LINDSAY & MANN, general groceries. This firm was established in 1880, having been G. N. Lindsay from December, 1877, to this year, when Mr. I. C. Mann bought an interest in the business and became a partner. They are doing an excellent business and their sales for 1882 were about $40,000. Besides the regular trade they shipped five car-loads of castor beans, and have just started a lumber yard. The firm is known as the Chanute Lumber Company, of which Hon. M. T. Jones is also a partner. Mr. Lindsay came to the State in 1870, locating at Lawrence at first, then coming here. Mr. Mann came to Kansas in 1875 stopping at Fort Scott until 1876. When he came here he was engaged in teaching school for a while.

MRS. S. A. LYEN & CO., furniture, established in 1870 by Mr. James T. Lyen, who died October 19, 1875. Since then his widow, Mrs. S. A. Lyen, carried it on until 1879, when she took a partner, Mr. William Koch, and in 1880, took into the firm his brother, Mr. Gustavus Koch. This is not only the oldest house in the line, but is noted for the excellence of its work. Mrs. Lyen and her late husband were both natives of Kentucky, where they were married in 1859. Her name formerly was Miss Allen. They located in Jefferson County, Kansas, in 1861, living on the farm which is still kept for the children, of whom she has five - three girls and two boys. The business of the firm in 1882 was about $10,000 in sales.

McCLELLAND BROTHERS, real estate and loan agents, and law office. The firm consists of George W. and David E. McClelland. George W., born in 1855, and David E., in 1857, both natives of Washington County, Ill. They established their present business December 1, 1881, commencing on nothing, in the land and loan business. They are now handling a large amount of land in Neosho, Allen, Woodson and Wilson counties. When they started, money was as high as ten and twelve per cent., and land as low as six and seven dollars an acre. In the short space of twelve months they report land at ten to fifteen dollars an acre, and money as low as seven per cent. They are handling hundreds of acres of the best land of Kansas every year, and have an excellent display of grains, fruits and vegetables from Neosho County. George W. McClelland was admitted to the Kansas bar November 19, 1882.

T. A. NOEL, agent for the M. P. R. R., native of Missouri, born in 1858. He commenced railroading in 1872 on the M., K. & T. His first station was Madison, then going to Moberly, from there to Hannibal, Mo., where he worked for the Wabash road, and in 1882, November 1st, took this station at Chanute, which was established in 1870, and managed by S. W. Foster, the first agent here for the M. P. R. R.

PAYNE & CAVE, grocers. This establishment was started November 12, 1881, by Dickinson & Ide. In 1882, March 9th, the present firm took charge, increasing the stock to $3,500, and estimate the sales in a year to be $2,500. Mr. Payne is a native of Wabash County, Ind., born 1850. In 1867 moved to Iowa, where he remained till he came to Kansas in 1871, October 8th, locating in Neosho County, four miles west of Osage Mission, where he engaged in farming until opening the grocery. Mr. Cave is a native of Illinois, born in 1852; was raised and educated on a farm. After coming to Kansas, with his parents, in 1870, September 27th, he attended school under the tutorship of John Brunt. In 1882 he entered the grocery business.

A. L. RIVERS, editor and proprietor of the Chanute Times, was born February 9, 1840, at Southboro, Mass. At the age of eight years, he began working in a printing office, in Chelsea, Mass., where he remained two years, and then began work in a printing office at Dunkirk, Mass. He came to Iowa in 1854, with the family and followed merchandising in Johnson County. In 1859 he removed to Jefferson County, Kan., and took employment in a printing office. He enlisted in the Eleventh Kansas Volunteer Infantry, in September, 1862, and served three years, being mustered out at Fort Leavenworth in September, 1865. At the time of his discharge he held the office of First Sergeant of his company. Following his release from the service he was engaged in various pursuits, until in the summer of 1872, he came to New Chicago, afterward Chanute, and on the 19th of October, 1872, took charge of the Times, of which he has since been the editor and proprietor. He was elected to the office of Township Clerk in February, 1880, serving one year; was elected a member of the City Council. He was married in March, 1866, to Miss M. C. Myers, a native of Indiana. The marriage took place at Oskaloosa, Kan. They have a family of two children - a boy and girl, aged sixteen and ten, respectively.

E. ROBERTSON, surveyor, native of Washington County, N. Y., born in 1807. His early youth was spent on the farm and at the age of twenty-five he learned the art of surveying, at which he was employed until 1876, when he went to California. Returning to his home in the East he came to Kansas in 1878, engaging in surveying and loaning money. In 1880 he was Acting County Surveyor of Neosho County under C. G. Waite. He now has his office with Dr. Brown.

W. W. ROYSTER, dealer in grain, broom corn, seeds, etc., native of Kentucky, born in 1834, was raised and educated there, coming to Kansas in 1872, he located on a farm. In 1873 he went into the grain business, building an elevator and warehouse with a capacity of 25,000. This was burned May 10, 1875. The same year he built another elevator and warehouse with a capacity of 60,000 bushels. This year he reports a shipment of 150 cars of corn, 110 cars of flax, and twenty-five cars of castor beans. Mr. Royster's farms, of which one is bottom land, the other prairie, have a corn crop that yields an average of sixty-five bushels to an acre. He is a charter member of the Masonic lodge, No. 385, of Cairo, Ky., charter member of the A. O. U. W., No. 29, of Chanute, also of the Knights of Honor and a member of the I. O. O. F.

S. H. SCOTT, general loan and real estate factor, native of Carroll County, Ky., born in 1822. Having learned millwrighting in Kentucky he moved to Illinois in 1854, working in McLean and Marion Counties until 1870, when he came to Kansas, locating in Iola, Allen County, and there worked at building, coming to Chanute in 1872 as local agent for lands of the L. L. & G. R. R., handling and describing every one-quarter section of their land in Neosho County. In 1874 he became an independent loan and land agent. In 1880 he was appointed Notary Public and has also been a Justice of the Peace since that time. In 1882 he went into the real estate business with the McClelland Brothers.

GEORGE T. SHERMAN, proprietor of the Lindell Hotel, a native of Fairfield County, Conn., lived in Delaware County, Ohio, many years. Moved to Kansas in 1869. Settled in Elk City, Montgomery County, in 1870. Removed to Chanute in November, 1881.

C. H. SIMMONS, general grocery and hardware, is a native of Jersey County, Ill., and was born in 1848. He was raised on the farm and learned the carpenter trade before he came West. He landed in Kansas in 1869, taking a claim eight miles south of Chanute; he perfected it and then moved into the town in the fall of 1870, following his trade. He built the first house in what then was called Tioga, afterwards working on the public school building. He then went to Parsons, Labette County, and on to his former home in Illinois. Returning he opened a hardware store in 1879. The firm name was C. H. Simmons until January, 1883, it became Simmons & Walworth, when they moved into their present stand, enlarging their business, making it hardware and groceries, and are doing about $8,000 a year.

G. J. TALMAGE, station agent and operator for the K. C., L. & S. K. R. R. Co., native of Jacksonville, Ill., born in 1844; commenced as a messenger boy in Springfield, Ill., in the employ of the then Illinois & Mississippi Telegraph Company, and remembers distinctly the message sent from the National Convention at Chicago, to Abraham Lincoln of his nomination as presidential candidate of the United States, which he delivered into Mr. Lincoln's own hands, according to instructions. Mr. Talmage began as operator on what was known as the Great Western Railroad, now called the Wabash & Western. He then entered the Army Telegraph Corps, working with the Army of the Cumberland. In 1865 he returned to Illinois, and was located at Montrose, Iowa. In 1870 he went to Southwest Missouri in the employ of the S. P. R. R., now the St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad, as agent. Remaining five years and four months, afterwards as messenger for the Adams Express Company. Leaving them for a trip to the mountains on account of bad health, on his return employed with the K. C., F. S. & G. R. R., at Joplin, Mo., then taking the Lawrence, Kan., station, going from there to Hunnewell, and on October 12, 1881, was appointed to this station.

JOHN WELLS, dry goods, etc.; native of England, born in 1830, and came to America in 1861, locating in Butler County, Ill., giving his attention to farming till 1870, when on account of his eyes he returned to his native country. Coming to America in 1871 he located at Ottawa, Franklin County, Kan. On coming to Chanute, he established his business in 1874. He then occupied a building owned by H. A. Jackson, with a small stock of about $400. He then, in 1876, moved to the Chronicle Building, where he took in about $50 a day. In 1877, July 14, he moved to the Blue Front, where his business increased, and in 1880 he moved to his present place, and in 1882 had sales amounting to $20,000.

G. P. WILDER, drugs; native of Massachusetts, born in 1844. When ten years of age his father moved the family to Kansas and located in Lawrence. In 1860 G. P. went into the dry goods business with John Read, remaining with him until August, 1863, when he was burned out by Quantrell. In 1864 he went into the army as Sutler's clerk; was with Steele's Division, but returned home in September of that year, going into the dry goods business, changing however in 1867 to the drug line, clerking with B. W. Woodward (sic), of Lawrence. In 1871 he came to Chanute starting a branch house for B. W. Woodard in that part of the town then known as Tioga. In 1878 he bought the business and has prospered, building up a good trade. In 1873 there were three drug firms in the place, Kramer & Son; Williams & Allen, and B. W. Woodard.

J. WINFIELD, grain and agricultural implement dealer, native of Wayne County, Ohio, born in 184. He went in 1860 to Indiana. While here was in the carpenter trade, and when the war broke out he enlisted in the Indiana Volunteer Infantry Service, and in 1868 he came to Kansas, locating in Erie, Neosho County, coming to Chanute and going into the grain business in 1877, and in 1880 built his warehouse, a building 35x90 feet. His shipments for 1882 were the largest of any year that he has been in the business. He shipped 340 tons of broom-corn, 43 cars of flax, 41 cars of castor beans, and 3,000 bushels of German millet.

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