William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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W. M. GENT, farmer, Section 7, Township 32, Range 18, P.O. Cherryvale came to the county in 1869, and took a claim of 160 acres, and improved the same. He was born in Johnson County, Ky., in 1845, where he grew to manhood. After coming to Kansas he remained till November, 1872, when he went to Texas and remained some thirteen months, then returned to Kansas, and the following April went to Colorado, and remained till the fall of 1881, then again returned to Kansas and devoted his time to farming. He married, October 28, 1882, Miss Elizabeth Hopkins, a native of Cass County, Ill. She was born in 1851.

M. R. GRANT, manager of the grain business of G. B. Shaw & Co., purchases grain at twenty-five different points. Mr. Grant is a native of Frankfort, Herkimer Co., N. Y., born November 25, 1851; removed from his native State to Michigan, in 1867; remained in the latter State until 1871. During the winter of 1871-72 he was in the Indian Territory most of the time. In the summer of 1872 he located on a claim with his brother, in the northern part of Cherry Township, Montgomery County, and in the fall of 1872 he began teaching in Rutland Township, continuing there until the following spring, afterward teaching in Cherokee Township one summer, and during the ensuing fall and winter at Louisburg. He then discontinued teaching, and for six months was at Independence in the grocery business with the firm of Rogers & Grant. In the fall of 1874 he took charge of Capt. D. McTaggart's mercantile and grain business at Liberty, continuing with him until 1877, then with his successors, Wells Bros., until 1878. He then entered the employ of S. A. Brown & Co., at Independence, G. B. Shaw retiring from that firm in April, 1881. Mr. Grant went with the new firm of G. B. Shaw & Co., and took the management of their lumber yards and grain business, continuing in charge thereof until January 1, 1883, when he relinquished management of the lumber interest owing to the large increase of business which precluded him from doing justice to more than the extensive grain interests of the firm. He has handled at this point alone, since July 15, 1882, 322 car loads of grain, 300 cars of corn, balance wheat, flax seed, etc. Mr. Grant is a member of the A., F. & A. M. Blue Lodge, Chapter and Commandery. He is one of the Alderman of the city. He was first married to Martha Thornton, at Liberty, Kan., February 17, 1877. She died October 30,1880, leaving two children - Mabel Lois and Horace Melville. Mr. Grant was married in Chicago, January 21, 1882, to his present wife, Frances M., daughter of J. L. Pitts, of Chicago. They have one child, Alfreda Adaline.

J. A. HANDLEY, with C. C. Kincaid, is a native of Hopedale, Harrison Co., Ohio, born June 11, 1845. In January, 1861, he enlisted in Company G, Seventy-fourth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, serving three years, and participating in all the battles of his command during that period. After leaving the army, he located in Warren County, Iowa, remaining there till March, 1869, when he came to Fort Scott, Kan., where he resided till October of the same year, coming then to Montgomery County, and locating in what is now West Cherry Township. Lived there until October, 1876, when he came to Cherryvale, being employed in the store of C. C. Kincaid nearly a year. He then rented the Buckeye hotel and made additions thereto. The house has since been known as the Leland Hotel. He continued in the hotel business three years, and afterwards for a year. He was interested most of the time, in real estate speculations, and since then has been employed as salesman in the large mercantile establishment of C. C. Kincaid. He is a member of the Christian Church and I. O. O. F. He was one of the first Aldermen of this city. Mr. Handley was married in West Cherry Township to Alice C. Redding, a native of Washington, D. C., but principally reared at St. Louis, Mo. They have lost two children, having died in infancy.

A. HEDEEN, division roadmaster of the K. C., L. & S. K., Ry., Cherryvale was born and reared near Orebro, Sweden, and came to America in 1869, at the age of seventeen, and located at Lawrence, Kan., and engaged in the employ of the present railway, where he has been very reputably connected since. He married, in 1875, Miss Adela Matilda Ecklund, who was born and reared in his native country. They have one son and two daughters - Erick Ollour, Alga Elvira and Anna Sophia. He and his wife hold to the religion of the Lutheran church. He is an active member of the I. O. O. F. and A., F. & A. M. societies. Mr. Hedeen began with this railway as a common workman, and has, by dint of steady and persistent industry and honest work succeeded to his present position.

GUY S. HOPKINS, M. D., physician, surgeon and druggist, was born at Wellsburg, Chemung Co., N. Y., March 21, 1837. He read medicine two years with his father, Warren K. Hopkins, at Fox Lake, Wis., and afterwards with William C. Harrison, in Berrien County, Mich. He first attended lectures at Rush Medical College, of Chicago. In 1863 he graduated from Victoria Medical College, at Toronto, Canada, and in 1866 he graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, at Keokuk, Iowa. For a period of two and one-half years, during the War of the Rebellion, he was in the Government service as Contract Surgeon, being stationed at Washington, D. C., and Alexandria, Va. Prior to entering the army, he had been engaged in practice with his precepter, Dr. Harrison, in Berrien County, Mich., and had also practiced at Croton, Mich. After leaving the service, he was for a year at Galena, Ill., then located at at[sic] Goldfield, Wright Co., Iowa, remaining there till 1873. He is a member of A., F. & A. M., having been made a Mason in the lodge at Alexandria, Va., where Gen. Washington once presided. The docter was married at Galena Ill., June 28, 1866, to Jennie Bramen, a native of Chicago, but reared in Galena. They have one child - Gracie born at Gardner, Johnson Co., Kan., September 14, 1879.

C. HUTCHINSON, homeopathic physician and surgeon, was born in Virginia, July 24, 1834. He was reared in Illinois, from the age of four years, being educated in the common schools and at Brimfield Academy. He graduated from the Hahnemann Medical College of Chicago, Ill. Began the practice of his profession near Thomasboro, Champaign Co., Ill., remaining there until he removed to Kansas in April, 1883, locating in Cherryvalle. He was married in Rosefield Township, Peoria Co., Ill., November 3, 1858, to Miss Charlotte Witherell, a native of Amity township, Erie Co., Pa. They have nine children - John Milton, Oliver Bryon, Charlotte Ella, Alton Asaph, Luara Jane, Cyrus Elmer, Emma Maria, Myra Eunice, Lula Rosa and Mabel Clara, deceased at the age of three months.

J. D. HINKLE, associate editor and proprietor of the Globe-News, was born in Edwards County, Ill., in 1852, and was reared on a farm. The early years of his life were spent in attending school and subsequently, in teaching. He removed to Kansas, and after teaching a short time, entered upon the study of law, at Independence, and began practicing at Cherryvale, in 1875. Since his admission to the bar he has held the office of County Attorney for four years. In May, 1881, he became a partner in the Globe Publishing Company, and in February, 1882, became sole proprietor of the business, and after consolidating the paper with the News, is now, in company with S. P. Moore, editor and proprietor of the new paper called the Globe-News.

W. K. KENNEDY, grocer, was born in Blenheim Township, Oxford Co., Ontario, March 28, 1844, removing from there to Humboldt, Allen Co., Kan., in December, 1869. He has been engaged in mercantile pursuits for over twenty years. In April, 1883, he came to Cherryvale, and has one of the most complete grocery establishments in this part of the State. Carries a very large stock of well selected fancy and staple groceries. He is a member of the A., F. & A. M. He was married in his native town, January 10, 1867, to Isabella Allen, who was born in the same township. They have three children - Kelsey, Annella and Carrie Belle.

J. K. P. KESSLER, M. D., was born in Miama County, Ind., July 25, 1844. Was raised on a farm, living there until he was eighteen years of age, then for six successive winters he was engaged in teaching school, and for a while he carried on the photograph business. He was educated at the public schools and at Battle Ground Institute in Indiana. He read medicine and surgery with W. C. Ransom. He began practice in his native county in 1877, and was there and in Blackford County, Ind., until May, 1881, after graduating at Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery, when he came to Cherryvale, continuing in practice here since that time. The Doctor was married at Trenton, Blackford Co., Ind., August 4, 1870, to Rosanna G. Ransom, a native of that place. They have one child - Charles Earl.

HON. C. C. KINCAID, merchant and Mayor, was born at Warren, Trumbull Co., Ohio, February 28, 1847, living there until the spring of 1868, when he came to Kansas, locating at Mound City, Linn County, where he was employed as a clerk until the spring of 1872, (with the exception of the year 1870, which he spent in Ohio), then at Independence until he came to Cherryvale, and engaged in mercantile business in 1874, during which year his sales amounted to about $8,000. In 1882 the sales amounted to over $40,000. He does some jobbing in groceries, dry goods, etc., and gives employment to seven men. Mr. Kincaid was the first mayor of the city of Cherryvale and has held the office continuously, excepting one year, being the present Mayor of the city. In 1882, he was City Treasurer, having declined the office of Mayor. He has been Treasurer of the School Board for four years, and is a member of the I. O. O. F., N. G. of Cherryvale. Lodge No. 142. Mr. K. was married at Independence, Kan., June 2, 1877, to Lulu Marshall, who was reared in Leavenworth County, Kan. They have three children - Robert, Maud and Blanche. Mr. Kincaid enlisted in November, 1863, in Company D, Second Ohio Cavalry, and participated in all engagements of his command from that time until he was mustered out in September, 1865, being in the battles of Winchester, Cedar Creek, Stanton, West Va., Charleston, Va., and was at the surrender of General Lee.

C. A. MITCHELL, cashier of the Exchange Bank, was born at Shippensburg, Cumberland County, Pa, April 11, 1846; lived at Astoria, Fulton County, Ill., from 1850 to 1867. Was a soldier in the late war, doing service in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama, in the One Hundred and Fifty-first Illinois Infantry. In July of the latter year he located in Linn County, Kan., remaining there two months, then removed to Barnesville, Bourbon Co., Kan., where he taught school until 1874; afterwards for two years he was engaged in the telegraph business on the K. C., Ft. S. & G. R. R., spending the summer of 1876 at Kansas City, and for three years in the same business at Thayer, Kan., then for seven months at Chanute. September 25, 1880, he came to Cherryvale and took charge of the bank, which he has since managed. He is also a partner with Dr. Guy S. Hopkins, in the drug business, being half owner of the store. He was Mayor of Thayer one year and is serving his second year as Alderman of Cherryvale. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. He was married at Barnesville, Kan., in February, 1870, to Nannie Post, a native of Perry County, Ohio. They have three children - Whittier C., Frederick S. and Elizabeth May. They have a beautiful cottage home in Cherryvale, besides other real estate in Cherryvale and a farm in the west part of Montgomery County.

S. P. MOORE, senior member of the firm of Hinkie & Moore, editors and proprietors of the Globe-News, was born in Monroe County, Ill., January 8, 1819, and was reared on a farm, receiving his education at McKendrie College, in that state. He studied law and began practice in 1853, at Greenville, Ill., and was elected Judge of the County Court for Bond County. In 1871 he removed to Kansas, locating at Peru, Chautauqua County, and began praticing law, and established a paper called the Chautauqua News, which, after running five years at a place, he brought to Cherryvale, and in company with his son, C. E. Moore, started the Cherryvale News, which was soon afterward consolidated with the Globe, becoming the Globe News. He is now Police Judge of the city of Cherryvale, to which he was elected in the spring of 1882.

S. M. PEARSON, merchant. Was born at Catawba, Clarke Co., September 16, 1847, living there til 1869, when he located at Gillespie, Macoupin Co., Ill., where he resided until 1871, when he came to Kansas, first locating in Canada Township. Labette County, remaining there three years, then at Litchfield, Ill., till the fall of 1876, when he located in Cherokee Township, Montgomery Co. Engaged in farming one year, then removed to Douglas, Kas., where he carried on mercantile business for some time, then located at Cherryvale, where he has continued to deal in general merchandise. During the last year of the war he served about five months in Company F, Eight Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and of the I. O. O. F. He was married at Gillespie, Ill., December 8, 1870, to Ella A. Cameron, a native of Madison County, Ill. They have two children, Pearly Martin and Andrew C.

T. H. PRICE, Proprietor Leland Hotel, was born in Carrolton, Carroll Co., Ohio. April 29, 1837. Enlisted as a private in company A, Eightieth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, in October, 1861. He participated in all the battles of his command, and was promoted to the office of the First Lieutenant of his company, and served until November, 1864. In 1866 he then removed to southern Colorado, where he lived until 1880, when he went to Fall River, Greenwood County, Kas., and engaged in merchandising, farming, etc. Came to Cherryvale in January, 1882. He purchased the Leland Hotel property in October, 1881. Was agent for the St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad five months. He was married at Colorado Springs, Col., April 8, 1875, to Miss Mary A. Vanendert, a native of Illinois, then a resident of Colorado.

FRANK W. PUTNAM is a native of Gambler, Ohio, born June 3d, 1853. Engaged in business at Gambler for several years prior to his removal to Cherryvale, Kan., May 1, 1883. Since coming here he has been engaged in the drug trade, in partnership with Dr. C. E. Sapp. He is a member of the A., F. & A. M., and K. of P. Mr. Putnam's father, Borman W. Putnam, is the oldest settler of Gambler, Ohio, having located there fifty-two years ago.

RUFUS F. RICHART, druggist, was born in Watson Township, near Allegan, Allegan Co., Mich., September 26, 1850, living in the Township of Otsego until the spring of 1872, when he came to Kansas, first locating at Bunker Hill, Russell County. Invested in real estate; then resided at Salina for a period of two years, afterward returning to Michigan, residing there and in Wisconsin most of the time until October, 1876. Returned to Salina, Kan.; lived there until May, 1878, when he came to Cherryvale. In the following month he engaged in the drug business, which he has since continued. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. Mr. R. was married in Otsego, Allegan Co., Mich., October 25, 1882, to Mary Stuck, a native of Pittsfield, Washtenaw Co., Mich.

S. H. ROOT was born at Benson, Rutland Co., Vt., December 25, 1818. In 1844 he engaged in the mercantile business at Castleton, Vt., and after 1856 he was a resident of Boston Mass., remaining there until February 1871, when he came to Kansas and located at Independence, where he remained until November, 1881, when he came to Cherryvale. He was married at Boston, Mass., June 30, 1844, to Anna B. Crehoe, a native of New Hampshire. They have four children - Oliver Bowen, now engaged in the boot and shoe manufacturing business at South Framingham, Mass; Sarah Burbank, William Crehoe, and Samuel Henry. Mr. Root is a member of the Congregational Church, and of the A., F. & A. M. He enlisted as a private in Company D, Twenty-fourth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, in August, 1862, and remained in the service until January 20, 1866. He participated in all the battles of his command, and for a long time was Orderly Sergeant of his company, being breveted Second Lieutenant for gallant and meritorious conduct.

CLINTON E. SAPP, M. D., physician and surgeon and druggist, was born at Londonville, Ashland Co., Ohio, February 4, 1852. Received his literary education at Kenyon College, at Gambier, Ohio, and graduated from the Ohio Medical College, at Cincinnati, in the spring of 1875. He was associated with his father in practice until the death of the latter, in February, 1881; afterwards, alone until he came to Cherryvale, May 1, 1883. While in Ohio he was a member of the A., F. & A. M. Blue Lodge, Chapter and Commandery, and of the K. of P. Is a member of the firm of Putnam & Sapp, leading druggists of Cherryvale. The Doctor's mother, Sarah Baker Sapp, resides at Gambier, Ohio. She is a native of Knox County, Ohio. His father was also a native of Knox County, Ohio, and was quite an extensive traveler, having made a trip around the world in 1852.

A. D. SMITH, owner of Pioneer stock and grain farm, P. O. Cherryvale, was born and reared in Michigan. At the age of twenty-one, and in 1869, he came to Kansas and located here, and engaged at farming and stock-rearing, and has been very successfully connected with it since. In 1880 he established the City meat market in Cherryvale, and carried it on actively till the present year, when he retired from it and engaged at dealing in cattle and hogs, which he had previously carried on quite extensively. He married in 1878, Miss Margaret Sparks, of Illinois. They have two sons, Asa De Witt and Calvin Ray. He is a member of the Christian Church, as also of the I. O. O. F. Society. Pioneer farm contains 160 acres of choice land; is located four miles north of Cherryvale. One hundred acres of it is devoted to grain tillage, and the balance to pasturage meadow. It is well watered and fenced; has good buildings and an orchard of 500 trees of a nicely assorted variety of fruits.

C. C. THOMPSON, attorney, real estate, loan and insurance agent, was born near Anderson, in Madison County, Ind., January 19, 1855, living there ten years. Then his parents resided with their family in Peoria County, Ill., four years. Afterwards, in Putnam County, Ill., four years removing, from there to LaSalle County., continuing his literary studies there, and also reading law in the office of Thompson & Thompson, at Ottawa, being admitted to the bar in that city. He began practice at Cherryvale, having located here in July, 1880. He was one of the charter members of Cherryvale Lodge, No. 91, A. O. U. W., and was representative to the Grand Lodge in 1883. He has held the highest offices in his lodge, and is now recorder and lodge deputy of the same. Mr. Thompson was married at Virdes, Ill., July 21, 1881, to Sarah R. Hill, a native of Indiana. They have one child, Elizabeth N.

L. T. WARREN, M. D., was born in Blount County, Tenn., January 22, 1850. He was educated at Cumberland University at Lebanon, Tenn., and graduated from the medical department of Vanderbilt University, at Nashville, Tenn. He began practice at Conway, Mo., in April, 1873, remaining there until 1880, when he came to Cherryvale, being one of the leading members of the medical profession Southern Kansas. The doctor is a member of A., F. & A. M. Blue Lodge, Chapter and Commandery. He was a member of the South Western Medical Society of Missouri, while residing in that State.

M. J. WILLIAMS, physician and surgeon, Cherryvale, was born in Parke County, Ind., August 25, 1854. He received a good common school education in the public schools of his native place, and engaged in a thorough literary course at Bloomingdale Academy where he spent four years in study. At the age of twenty-three he engaged at the study of his profession at Stilesville, under the preceptorship of Dr. J. N. Green, and after a thorough course of three years' study, graduated from the Medical College of Indiana, at Indianapolis, March 3, 1881. He then located at Kempton, Ind., and carried on this practice successfully till March of the present year when he located here. He is and active member of the I. O. O. F. society.

A. L. WILSON, attorney, is a native of Kansas, born near Garnett, Anderson Co., Nov. 12, 1860. Read law at Garnett and Cherryvale, locating at the latter place in August, 1881; was admitted to the bar September 9th, 1882. His parents, John and Pruda A. Wilson, were among the early settlers of the Territory of Kansas, having located near Prairie City in 1854, residing there two years, then removing to Anderson County, near Garnett, where they now reside.

M. F. WOOD, merchant and City Clerk, was born in Aviston, Clinton Co., Ill., Nov. 12, 1850, lived in his native county until the spring of 1873, when he came to Kansas, and engaged in farming for two years in Mound Valley Township, Labette County; taught school for one winter, and for a period of three years he was in the drug trade, since that time dealing in general merchandise and buying live stock. Mr. Wood was educated at McKendrie College, at Lebanon, Ill., and at the Illinois State Normal School, and taught school two terms prior to his removal to this State. He has served as a member of the Board of Education of this city, and while a member of Mound Valley Township, was a member of the School Board there. He has been City Clerk of the city of Cherryvale since its organization. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, being superintendent of the Sabbath school of that church. He is also a member of the A., F. & A. M. Mr. W. was married at Cherryvale, March 1, 1874, to Ida E. Paxson, a native of Du Page Township, Will County, Ill. They have two children - Bertha Eudora and Clarence William. Mrs. Wood is a daughter of Seth Paxson, of this city, he being owner of a part of the Cherryvale town site. Mr. Wood's father, W. D. Wood is also a resident of this place, having purchased property here in 1873, locating here April 23, 1881. He born near Dandridge, Jefferson Co, Tenn., October 3, 1823, lived near Terre Haute, Ind., eleven years; then in Bradley County, Tenn , two years, removing from there to Clinton County, Ill., making his home in that county until he came to Kansas. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He was married in Clinton County, Ill., in October, 1848, to Naomia C. Lear, a native of Bucks County, Pa. They have ten children - Millard F., of Cherryvale; John Henry, of Clinton County, Ill.; Juetta, now Mrs. Henry L. Tripod, of Clinton County, Ill.; Mary Frances, now Mrs. James Phillips, also of Clinton County; William D., Sarah Addie, Minnie B., Louisa, Clarence, Edward and Luella, residing at Cherryvale.

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