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Although not the largest town in the Solomon Valley, Asherville is one of the oldest, Hon. John Reese, one of the first settlers, having had a grocery store at this point since early in 1867. It is now quite a flourishing station on the Kansas Pacific Railroad, from Solomon City to Beloit. So long ago as in 1871, the Baptists organized a church at this place. A. O. Foote, Daniel Culp, and E. C. Baker were the first trustees. O. N. Fletcher was the first pastor. The church now contains sixty members and has an average of eighty Sabbath-school scholars. They have a good substantial house of worship, erected at an expense of $1,200. Rev. H. H. Branch is the present pastor.


M. C. BAIRD, farmer, P. O. Asherville, was born in Fayette County, Pa., January 10, 1857; came to Mitchell County, Kan., in 1872, and he with his brother J. E., purchased 640 acres of land in Cloud County, and 400 acres in Mitchell County. They are the owners of 2,300 sheep. M. C. was married in Asherville, Mitchell County, Kan., January 10, 1878 to Miss Tillie Pearson, and has one child - T. M., born January 15, 1881.

OTTO BORGEN, merchant, P. O. Asherville, was born in Denmark, October 18, 1837; came to America in 1867, and located two miles from Asherville, Mitchell Co., Kan., April 17, 1869. Engaged in business in the town of Asherville in March, 1881, and put in a general stock of goods. Was appointed Postmaster August 10, 1881. He was married October 13, 1872, in Asherville, Mitchell Co., Kan., to Miss Sarah Rees, and he has four children - Clara E., Walter, Carl, and Marietta. Mr. Borgen owns 183 acres of land situated one mile from Asherville.

CHARLES L. BROWN, farmer, P. O. Asherville, was born in Merrimack County, N. H., December 9, 1839; came to Mitchell County, Kan., in 1868, and took a homestead, and pre-empted 160 acres, but now owns in all 480 acres; keeps from 1,200 to 1,300 sheep, and from 175 to 200 head of cattle, and deals in Short-horns; his sheep are mostly of the Merino stock. Has held the office of County Commissioner of Mitchell County. He was married at Hopkinton, N. H., February 20, 1862, to Miss Emma C. Sargent, and has four children - Frank C., Robert B., Claire S., and P. H. Mr. Brown was one of the earliest settlers of Mitchell County, having settled there when the buffalo and wild Indians roamed up and down the Solomon River.

SAMUEL CARTER, P. O. Asherville, was born in Middlesex County, Conn., May 19, 1820, and removed to Ohio in 1840, thence to Wisconsin in 1855, to Illinois in the spring of 1866, again moved this time to Richardson County, Neb. in the fall of 1866. Was elected to the Nebraska Legislature in 1869. In the spring of 1871, he came to Mitchell County, Kan., and settled eight miles southeast of Beloit, and engaged in merchandising and farming. He is the owner of 340 acres of land adjoining the town of Asherville. Has held the office of Justice of the Peace, assessor, assistant postmaster and school superintendent. Mr. Carter is a materialist, and has written a lecture on "Mind and Matter" that has attracted considerable attention. The said lecture has been copied in the Boston Instigator and several papers in the State of Kansas. He was married in Clinton, Conn., November 1, 1840, to Miss Nancy L. Wright, and is the father of two children - Archie, born May 26, 1861, and Leon, born August 1, 1865.

M. S. CHAPEL, farmer, P. O. Asherville, was born in Ashtabula County, Ohio, September 4, 1848; removed to Nebraska in 1869, thence to Mitchell County, Kan., in the spring of 1870, and is now the owner of 160 acres of land. He is a dealer in fine stock, and is keeping short-horn cattle and Berkshire hogs. Has held the offices of Township Trustee and Township Clerk. He was married in Mitchell County, Kan., August 4, 1872, to Esther E. Darrow, and has three children - Cora M., born December 25, 1874, Stiles E., born June 5, 1876, and Arthur H., born October 7, 1877.

F. M. CULP, JR ., P. O. Asherville, born in Adams County, Ill., February 16, 1859; came to Mitchell County, Kan., July 26, 1871, and is the owner of 160 acres of land, and feeds a number of head of cattle each year. He has held the office of school clerk of Asherville Township. Is an energetic young farmer, and will have as many hogs and cattle as his neighbors if you will but give him time and the required years for business.

A. O. FOOTE, farmer, P. O. Asherville, was born in Kirkland, Oneida County, N. Y., February 7, 1840; thence to Walworth County, Wis., in 1846; removed to Mitchell County, Kan., in 1870, and located on a homestead; handles Merino and other grades of sheep. Enlisted in the United States army, August 16, 1862, in Company I, Twenty-eighth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry; discharged in September, 1865, when he returned to Spring Prairie, Wis. Mr. Foote has held the office of trustee, treasurer, and township clerk. Is one of the constituent members of the Baptist Church of Asherville. The church was organized with nine members in 1871, and it now has a membership of sixty, and they have built a church valued at $1,000. The Sunday school was organized about the same time with Mr. Foote as superintendent, which position he has held ever since. He was married in Spring Prairie, January 2, 1871, to Miss Sarah M. Gleason, and is the father of four children - Leon R., Roy F., Bessie A., and Ephraim J.

MAJOR JOHN REES, station agent, P. O. Asherville, was born in Liverpool, England, December 20, 1839; came to America in 1841, and located in Wilkes Barre, Luzerne Co., Pa.; removed to St. Louis, Mo., in December, 1852. He enlisted in the United States army as a private August 28, 1861, in Company G, Twenty-sixth Missouri, and discharged August 20, 1865. Mr. Rees was gradually promoted from the office of fourth sergeant from rank to rank until he finally held the position of major when discharged. Returned to Jefferson City, Missouri, after the close of the war; again moved, and this time to Asherville, Mitchell County, April 26, 1866, where he became the owner of a third interest in the town. He was elected to the State Legislature in 1872, and has held the office of Justice of the Peace for ten years past, and Postmaster for seven years, and also held the office of school district clerk for one term. He was captain of a company of Kansas militia since he came to Kansas. Mr. Rees claims to have sold the first dry goods and groceries in Mitchell County. He was married September 11, 1865, in Georgia, to Miss Nancy C. Goodwin, and is the father of eight children. The oldest being named after Generals Sherman and Grant.

SOLON STEERE, farmer, P. O. Asherville, was born in Connecticut, May 18, 1845. Removed to Rhode Island, thence to Illinois, thence to Iowa. Enlisted in the United States army in Company A, Sixty-seventh Illinois Volunteer Infantry, April, 1862, and was discharged in August, 1862. Enlisted again in Company A, Fifth Iowa Cavalry, and was discharged in August, 1865. Returned from the army to Illinois. Came to Mitchell County, Kan., and located seven miles southeast of Beloit, and is now the owner of 480 acres of land, and keeps 1,700 sheep. Has been master of the grange. Held the office of Justice of the Peace and treasurer of the school district. He was married in Northern Illinois, February 11, 1867, to Miss Elvira Woodworth, and is the father of six children - Mary, Caroline, Louis, Delia, Mabel and Myron.

B. W. TANQUARY, farmer, P. O. Asherville, was born in Ohio, March 1822. Removed to Chicago, Ill., and engaged in the milling business and was burned out in the Chicago fire of 1871, losing $65,000. Came to Mitchell County, Kan., where he erected a mill 32x70 feet, three stories high, a distance of five miles southeast of Beloit, on the Solomon River at a point where they have fourteen feet head. Is the owner of a 160-acre farm. He was married in Ohio, and has two children - W. B., who is now in Chicago in the wholesale wood and willow business; and O. P., who is engaged in the milling business with his father.

CLARK and ISAAC WILKINSON, farmers, P. O. Asherville. Clark was born in Ohio, November 27, 1842. Enlisted in the Unites States army, August, 1862, in Company E, Ninety-eighth Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Was discharged in January, 1863. Returned to Belmont County, Ohio. Came to Mitchell County, Kan., in May, 1881, and the two brothers purchased 640 acres of land. They keep from 90 to 100 head of cattle and 700 head of sheep. Clark was editor of the Belmont Chronicle, and published the Mount Vernon Republican for three years. He is a member of the Knights of Honor. Was married in Belmont County, Ohio, February 13, 1872, to Miss Nellie Lewis, and has one child - Daisy, born June 26, 1873. Isaac Wilkinson was born in Belmont County, Ohio, February 16, 1845. Came to Howard County, Kan., in 1871. Is a member of the Odd Fellows Lodge. He was married November 20, 1872, in Shawnee County, Kan., to Miss Olive M. Howard, and has three children - Agnes M., Maud M. and Walter D.


Simpson is the name of a small town on the eastern border of the county. It has a railroad station and also a water-power grist-mill. The town was formerly called Brittsville, but the name was changed during the present year (1882). The town supports a few stores and contains about twenty-five or thirty buildings.


J. J. BRITT, attorney, P. O. Simpsonville, was born in Maryland, May 22, 1838. Removed to Indiana in 1857, thence to Minnesota, thence to Northern Missouri, thence to Montana Territory, and to Mitchell County, Kan., in 1868. Attended law school at Chicago, Ill., and graduated in 1871. Laid out the town of Britain in Mitchell County. Was elected Probate Judge in Mitchell County in 1873, and held the office for two years. Married at Asherville, Mitchell County, Kan., on the 22d day of January, 1872, to Miss Isadora Rice, and has three children - Julia, Hulas and Alta.

ISAAC N. DALRYMPLE, farmer, P. O. Dalrymple, was born in Clark County, Ohio, March 22, 1836. Removed to Indiana in 1842. Enlisted in the United States army, August 12, 1862, in Company B, One Hundred and Twelfth Volunteer Infantry. Was taken prisoner September 18, 1863. Was held as prisoner in Belle Island, Libby, Andersonville and Milan. Exchanged November 21, 1864; discharged May 31, 1865. Returned to Stark County, Ill., where he remained teaching until June, 1866, when he came to Cloud County, Kan., and settled in the southwest corner in Solomon Township. Afterwards moved into Logan Township, Mitchell County, and is the owner of 600 acres of land. Was elected to the State Legislature in the fall of 1868. Was Captain in the Second Battalion of the Kansas Volunteer Militia in the spring of 1869, and served five months and twenty days. He was married September 13, 1870, in Dickenson(sic) County, Kan., to Miss A. Kilgore, and is the father of six children - Walter, May, Burton, Wood, Arthur and Lucy. Mr. Dalrymple states that on the 13th and 14th days of August, 1867, the Indians murdered twenty-one settlers, and on October 13, 1868, killed nine more, and in 1869, killed seven, all in the Solomon Valley.

W. G. FRIDAY, druggist, P. O. Simpsonville, was born in Illinois, August 8, 1860. Removed to Butler County, Neb., in 1870. Came to Mitchell County, Kan., in December, 1880. In 1881, he settled in the young town of Simpson, where he engaged in the drug business and was appointed Postmaster in April, 1881.

ENOS HALBERT, P. O. Coursen's Grove, was born September 19, 1824, in Orange County, Ind. He followed farming until 1874. Moved to Mitchell County, Kan., farming to date. Particular attention being paid to thorough-bred horses. He had 170 acres of broom-corn this year; yield, one ton to five acres. Married, January 15, 1848, to Miss Susan Shirely. They have six children - Mary, Harriet, Emma, Maggie, Seth and Lucy A. He enlisted in the United States service, August 1, 1861, as private in Company I, Thirty-third Indiana. Promoted to Second Lieutenant, 1864; to Captain, 1864. Discharged August 1, 1865, at the close of the war. He is a member of I. O. O. F. and Masonic fraternity.

A. N. NOELL, station agent, P. O. Simpsonville, was born in Virginia May 18, 1846. Removed to Caldwell County, Mo., in 1855. Enlisted in the United States army, June 1, 1864, in Company D, Seventh Kansas Cavalry, Discharged September 20, 1865. Returned to Leavenworth, Kan., where he was discharged; then went to Caldwell County, Mo. Went to Keokuk, Iowa, and attended commercial college and learned telegraphing. Came to Mitchell County, Kan., in 1875, and was appointed ticket agent and telegraph operator at Simpson, and the station of Brittsville, on the Union Pacific Railroad, June, 1881. Is a married man and the father of one child - James K., born November 10, 1870.

ALFRED SIMPSON, grain dealer, Simpsonville, was born in South Carolina, July 26, 1833. Removed to Tennessee in 1838, thence to Missouri in 1858. Again moved, this time to Doniphan County, Kan., in 1870; came to within one mile of the present town of Simpson, and erected a mill 28x36 feet, two and a half stories high. In the spring of 1881, Mr. Simpson caused the town of Simpson to be laid out, and the citizens have since named the town after its founder. The population of the town is about 100. The subject of our sketch has done much toward the upbuilding of the place, as he now owns a grain-house, dry goods store and hardware. Other business interests are there also, as the town is supplied with another general stock of goods, drug store, harness shop, etc. He was married in Jackson County, Mo., on October 22, 1865, to Miss Rebecca L. Rhoads, and has six children - Josephine, Thomas J., Margaret E., Benjamin, Mabel A. and Catherine.

O. D. THOMPSON, merchant, Simpsonville, was born in Wisconsin, March 1, 1854. Removed to Idaho territory in 1874, thence back to Wisconsin in 1879. Attended the Whitewater Normal School in Wisconsin; also attended the commercial school in Denver, Col. Came to Mitchell County, Kan., in the fall of 1879, and in 1881 engaged in business in the town of Simpson, under the firm name of Foot & Thompson. The firm handle a general stock. He was married November 28, 1878, at Spring Prairie, Wis., to Miss Carrie Funk, and has two children - Kate, born December 4, 1879; David, born October 17, 1881.


Pittsburg is located in the southwest part of the county, on a portion of Sections 19 and 20, Township 8 south of Range 10 west. The original town company was organized in November, 1872. Fred Sackoff was president, W. A. Pitt was treasurer, and J. F. Steinberg, secretary. It was not until May 5, 1877, however, that the plat was recorded. The town is substantially built, many of the business buildings being of stone. There are thirty or forty houses on the town site and a wealthy German settlement around it. A German subscription school with thirty-five scholars and a regular district school of about thirty scholars are maintained in the town. The regular school board in the district is composed of M. D. Fabrique, director; Matt. Arnoldy, clerk; A. Seright, treasurer. The Catholics have a church organization of 325 members, and a church building worth $1,200. Rev. Clemens Newman is the pastor.


E. J. FRENCH, farmer, P. O. Solomon Rapids, was born in Point Armond, Canada, February 6, 1824; came to the United States in 1847 and settled in the State of Wisconsin; moved to Keweenaw Point, Mich., and built a mill for a Philadelphia Manufacturing Company. Moved to Kansas in 1870, and settled on a homestead in Mitchell County, and is now the owner of 320 acres of land. Is now building a mill at Jewell City, Jewell Co., Kan., 24x40 feet, with an engine room 16x28 feet, two and one-half stories high. Held the office of overseer of the poor of Mitchell County, from March, 1880, to April, 1882. He is a married man and the father of five children.

REV. J. P. FINNEY, P. O. Beloit, was born in Jefferson County, Ohio, February 27, 1837; removed with his parents to Mansfield, Ohio, in 1846. Attended and graduated at Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pa., in 1861; also graduated at the United Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Allegheny, Pa., in 1864. After laboring some time as a home missionary, he was sent by the United Presbyterian General Assembly to Manhattan, Kan., in 1867. In 1871, he was settled as pastor of the Unity Church, Adams County, Ohio. Again he returned to Kansas, and in 1879, he was settled in his present charge, Hopewell Church in Center Township, ten miles southwest of Beloit. Since coming to Mitchell County, he has secured 240 acres of land. His home is decorated with young groves of forest trees, fine orchard, and one of the best houses in the county, 32x44 feet, neatly painted, built in 1879. He was married on March 22, 1864, to Miss Elizabeth Short, a graduate of Vermilion Institute, born May 8, 1841, two miles from Ashland, Ohio. They have five children - Minnehaha O., William S. Herbert, Roscoe R., S. J. Pearl, Dwight Mac.

KAULL & NASH, millers, Glen Elder. F. M. Kaull, was born in Ohio, March 29, 1849; removed to Nebraska in 1863, to Illinois, in 1864; thence to Missouri, in 1865; thence to Doniphan County, Kan., and remained until 1877; thence to Cloud County, where he remained until 1879, when he came to Mitchell County, in December, 1879, and purchased a mill at Glen Elder. The mill is 40x60 feet, three stories high, and they manufacture the fine patent flour. He was married May 16, 1871, in Doniphan County, to Miss Mary O. Gordan. They have three children - W. J., Lee and Anna.

DENNIS LEWELLEN, farmer, P. O. Solomon Rapids, was born in Ohio, November 22, 1835, and with his parents went to Indiana, and as a farmer lived there until the spring of 1864; moved to Iowa and in 1870 came to Mitchell County, Kan. Since living here he has given considerable attention to the culture of sorghum; has this year thirty-five acres which will produce about seventy-five gallons to the acre. He now uses all of the improvements in the manufacture of molasses, and the result is a very fine article of syrup. Was married to Miss Sallie Porevo. They have eight children - Elizabeth, May E., Nelson, Harvey, Anna, John, Frank and Edward J.

THEODORE McGRATH, P. O. Beloit, was born January 19, 1850, at Moundsville, W. Va., from there to Kendall County, Ill., and in 1871 came to Mitchell County, Kan., where he has followed farming, sheep and broom-corn raising; keeps about 450 sheep for wool; fleeces average eight pounds, raised 180 acres broom-corn this year, about six acres to the ton. Married December 25, 1877, to Miss Lizzie A. Douglass. They have three children - Ray, Edna and Guy. T. P. NASH, miller, Glen Elder, is a member of the milling firm of Kaull & Nash; was born in Dodge County, Miss., March 25, 1849. Removed to Middlebury, Vt.; came to Cloud County, Kan.; thence to Mitchell County, and with his partner purchased the said mill, December 1, 1881. Married in Concordia, in March, 1874, to Miss C. P. Crans, and have three children - Lillie, May and Maggie.

W. R. SIMPSON, farmer, P. O. Beloit, was born in Illinois, February 16, 1846. He removed to Ottawa County, Kan., in 1865; came to Mitchell County, in April, 1871, and took a homestead of 160 acres of land and has since erected a fine large stone house, 24x27 feet, one and a half stories high. Mr. Simpson was in the State Militia in 1868, when it became necessary to fight the Indians. He has seen buffalo roaming over the town site of Beloit. He has held the office of school director and township treasurer. He was married in Ottawa County April 2, 1871, to Miss Sarah Carson. They have four children - Gracy, born September 8, 1872, Alice, born May 21, 1874; Edna, born May 28, 1878 and Edith, born December 19, 1880.



W. W. ABERCROMBIE, farmer and postmaster, Saltville, was born in Georgia in 1846; came to Mitchell County, Kan., in 1869; took a homestead thirteen miles south of Beloit; is now the owner of 1,240 acres, with 400 under cultivation. Has forty head of cattle and one hundred hogs, and six head of horses. When Mr. Abercrombie came to Mitchell County, he had about $300, and a wife and six children. In 1870 the first election in Mitchell County, Mr. Abercrombie and eight others were all the votes in his township, six miles wide and twenty-four long, and he brought the poll-books to Beloit the county-seat, and when he came to the Solomon River, he was compelled to leave his horse on the south side and swim across. He also left his shooting iron on the other side, a thing the early settlers hated very much to do. When the subject of this sketch moved to Mitchell County, his nearest neighbor lived thirteen miles away. Mr. Abercrombie now holds the office of postmaster of Saltville, and has held the office of township clerk. Is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and is also a Royal Arch Mason. He was married at Cooper Gap, on top of Blue Ridge, in Lumpkin County, Ga., to Miss Elizabeth Brookshire, and is the father of ten children. His little daughter Arvey was the first white child born in Mitchell County south of the river.

BENJAMIN F. McMILLAN, P. O. Saltville, was born December 29, 1844, at Lancaster, Pa.; moved to Polo, Ogle Co., Ill., in 1847, and located in Mitchell County, Kan., in 1874, where he is engaged in farming; has 130 acres of broom corn this year, yield about one ton to five acres, about two to one better than last year. Graduated at Northwestern College of Chicago, Ill. Preached for the past seven years. Married April 3, 1877, to Miss Julia Pratt. They have one child - Robert W. Enlisted in Company E, Ninety-second Illinois Mounted Infantry Volunteers, as private, August 6, 1862; discharged August 10, 1865, at the close of the war.

JACOB A. MARKLEY, P. O. Fourth Creek, was born April 30, 1824, in Richland County, Ohio; went from there to Fulton County, Ill., in 1834; engaged on farm and coal bank until 1850; thence to California for two years freighting; returned to Illinois in 1852, and in 1860 went to Butler County, Iowa, farming and milling until 1869; came to Mitchell County, Kan., where he has followed farming for the past six years. He is engaged in raising broom corn, and has about 450 acres this year, averaging about one ton to five acres. Married March 17, 1845, to Miss Almenia Stoubaugh. They have seven children - Margaret, Elizabeth, Joseph, Almedia, Ruth, John and Lydia. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity.

G. W. MURREY, farmer, was born March 15, 1836, in Guilford County, N. C., and in 1854 went to West Virginia. In October, 1865, moved to Nodaway County, Mo.; then in the fall of 1865 went to West Virginia, and in 1868 removed to Wisconsin, where he lived until 1880, then came to Mitchell County, Kan.; followed carpentering and mill-wright until he came to Kansas; since here has been farming. He was married January 5, 1882, to Miss Anna Burkeypile. Enlisted in the United States army, in Company C, Tenth West Virginia Volunteer Infantry, October 11, 1861, as private; discharged at Washington, D. C., February 10, 1865, by reason of gun-shot wounds received near Sheppardstown, Va., on July 3, 1864. Is a member of the order of Odd Fellows.


WILLIAM HEDDEN, farmer, P. O. Beloit was born April 17, 1837, in Fayette County, Pa. In 1851 he moved to Dewitt, Clinton Co., Iowa, and engaged in the grocery and butcher business and farming until 1860, when he removed to Oskaloosa, Iowa, and during the year 1869 came to Mitchell County, Kan. He raised forty acres of corn this year, forty bushels to the acre. Was married October 15, 1859, to Miss Julia H. Dun. They have two children - Gertie, and William G. He handled sheep and cattle to the amount of $500 a year; was Road Overseer, one year, and Trustee of Logan Township one year. Is a member of the order of Odd Fellows.

MRS. LUCY T. McKUNE, Laban, was born March 6, 1829, in Lanesboro, Susquehanna Co., Pa. Was married August 31, 1845, as Miss Lucy T. Hatch, to Silas C. McKune; went to Lee County, Ill., September, 1845; thence to Mitchell County. Kan., in 1878. Six children were the fruit of this marriage, three of whom are dead, namely: Frances I., Roenza B., and Gertrude E. The three living are: Charlotte, Eulissa and Celia. Mrs. McKune has a farm carried on under her own supervision; also is postmistress at Laban, Bloomfield Township, and carries in connection a small stock of merchandise.

DAVID W. MOSS, Laban, was born May 17, 1842, in Chester County, Pa.; in 1845, located in Allegheny County, and farmed until 1874; removed to Adair County, Iowa; he was engaged in the drug business until 1879; came to Mitchell County, Kan., and engaged in farming and hog raising, specialty, Poland China. He was married October 31, 1868, to Miss Anna Hopper. They have two children - Robert H. and Alice E. Married again August 28, 1873, to Miss Maria L. Getgen. They have four children - Martha B., Pearl, Mabel M., Kitty. Enlisted in Company D, One Hundred and Forty-ninth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, August 22, 1862, as private; discharged June 24, 1865, at the close of the war. Justice of the Peace for two years in Iowa, and Trustee of Bloomfield Township, Kan., for one year.


J. W. BARTLESON, farmer, P. O. Beloit, was born in Illinois, Pulaski County, August 16,1846. He enlisted in the United States army October 9, 1863, in Company I, Eighty-first Illinois Volunteer Infantry; was discharged July 14,1865, when he returned to Illinois. He came to Mitchell County, Kan., in 1872, and took a homestead, and is now the owner of 240 acres of first-class land. Mr. Bartleson keeps a fine stock of hogs, and has the Poland China stock; he always keeps from fifty to one hundred head, and twenty to forty head of cattle. He has held the office of Township Trustee and School Treasurer. He was married in Illinois, February 8, 1872, to Miss Mary L. Anderson. They have five children - Clarence P., born March 16, 1875, Morris W., October 10, 1876, Silas L., February 10, 1878, Elsie L., May 26, 1879, and N. Kate, April 26, 1881.


C. C. PRATT, secretary of the Vigilant Insurance Company of Nimrod, Lincoln County, Section 20, P. O. Nimrod. The above company was organized in August, 1882, with the following officers: J. A. Woody, president; C. E. Coursen, vice-president; J. A. Ballard, treasurer; C. C. Pratt, secretary; Directors, Enos Halbert and M. R. Hart; C. H. Umberzadt, general agent. The headquarters of the company are now at the company's building in Nimrod, Lincoln Co., Kan. The company insure stock from loss by theft, death or accident, and they have now in progress a schedule that will give three classes for stock, and two for farm and mercantile property, with a life insurance similar to the Royal of Liverpool, England. Mr. Pratt was born in Johnson, Vt., September 22, 1835, where he lived until 1847, when he went to Boston, Mass., where he studied music, and was connected with musical institutions until 1861, when he went to Springfield, Ill., where he was engaged in musical business, and in 1862, established musical concerts in connection with sanitary commission which he conducted until June, 1862, when he enlisted as Captain of Company A, One Hundred and Seventeenth Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He was discharged in 1863; resigned because of disability. Then organized a sanitary concert troupe which he conducted until the close of the war, when he operated in music, conducting musical conventions and institutes, until 1868, when he came to Kansas; representing King, of Cleveland, Ohio, building the celebrated King bridges until 1870, with real estate and insurance business connected, and in 1870, started a trip over the South conducting musical institutes, at which he continued until 1876, when he was employed as general agent for the Burlington Insurance Company of Iowa, at which he worked until the establishment of his present company. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. and V. A. S. Fraternity. He was married to Miss C. M. Nilson in 1877. They have three children - Clark A., Mary C., and Elmer C. During the year 1882, he was secretary of the Broom Corn Alliance of Mitchell County, Kan., he having some 200 acres of corn.


HIRAM HADLOCK, farmer, P. O. Glen Elder, was born November 9, 1829, in Ashtabula County, Ohio, and in 1837 went to Crawford County, Pa., and in 1849, located in Mercer County, Ill., where he engaged as mill engineer until 1853; went to Iowa engaged in the same business, and from there he removed to Richardson County, Iowa, and farmed until 1872, when he migrated to the far West in Mitchell County, Kan. He was married March 23, 1858 to Miss Hester A. Wiggins. They have two children - Ella and Grant.

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