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Waconda was the name of a town which sprang up on the farm of J. W. Terry, about two miles south of Cawker city, near the confluence of the north and east forks of the Solomon River. At one time in 1871, it had six or eight general stores; a large stone hotel, kept by W. C. Whitney; steam saw-mill; blacksmith shop and brewery. Now nothing remains but a dwelling or two. The hotel is a large farmhouse, the brewery an unoccupied building, while nearly all the stores are torn down, burned down, or moved to help build up its rival, Cawker City. A large two-story stone schoolhouse, which was built in the spring of 1873, is the most conspicuous landmark left - like a headstone erected to the memory of a departed life.


SAMUEL DEPOY, farmer, P. O. Cawker City, was born September 1, 1831, in Fayette County, Ohio. In 1845 he moved to Whitley County, Ind., and until May 29, 1865, was a farmer and practical miller. He then moved to Franklin County, Kan., and in August, 1871, arrived in Mitchell County, Kan. Was married September 17, 1852, to Miss Zada Fellers. They had four children - Flora A., Henriette J., Elizabeth A., Isaac N. Was married again January 9, 1864, to Miss Rachel Edgar. They have five children - Nellie J., Joseph H., David W., James N., Samuel C. Was clerk of the Board of Trustees of Whitley County, Ind., five years, Trustee of Carr Creek Township, Mitchell County, two years, and County Commissioner, Mitchell County, for past five years, and re-elected.

DR. D. C. EVERSON was born in Orange County, N. Y., in 1847. At an early age his parents moved to Illinois. The doctor was educated at Bloomington University and Medical College of Chicago. In May 1870, Dr. Everson came to Mitchell County and settled near Glen Elder, where he engaged in farming and the practice of medicine. In the fall of 1873, he was chosen to represent Mitchell County in the State Legislature, which he did with credit to the county and honor to himself. In 1876 he removed to Cawker City, where he has since resided. He has been engaged in business with the firm of Lundy & Everson, druggists. Was married in 1867.

FRANK J. KELLEY, lawyer, was born May 5, 1849, in Pottsville, Pa. In the spring of 1855, his parents moved to Galena, Ill. He graduated from the State Normal Institute, Plattville, Wis., in 1869. In the year 1872 he moved to where the city of Cawker now stands, and where he built the first public house in the city. For the past five years he has been practicing law. He was married August 15, 1869, to Miss Cecilia Gallahan, who died in 1873. They had one child - Loretta. He was married to Miss Flora Balcom, March 24, 1881. Was elected Mayor of Cawker City for 1881 and 1882. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., Knights of Pythias, and A. O. U. W.

JOHN W. McBRIDE, editor and proprietor, was born July 11, 1844, in Summit County, Ohio. He removed with his parents to Will County, Ill., in 1853, and in the year 1858 returned to Ohio to attend the Summit County University from which place he graduated in 1862. In the year 1865, he removed to Ottumna County, Iowa, where he engaged in the implement business until July of 1878, when he emigrated to Kirwin, Kan., and published the Kirwin Chief until July, 1879. He then went to Gaylord, Kan., where he published the Gaylord Herald until May 3, 1880, when he came to Cawker City, Kan., and established the Cawker City Journal, of which he is "editor and proprietor." Was married January 1, 1862, to Miss Sarah E. Tooker. They have three children - Mattie J., May and Florence.

A. PARKER was born in Warren County, N. Y., October 10, 1829. Removed to Indiana; thence to Cincinnati, Ohio; thence to California in 1849, back to Cincinnati in 1852; thence to Missouri, thence to Illinois, and back to Missouri. This time settling at St. Joe. Came to Mitchell County in 1870, and engaged in the mercantile business. Started the first business of any importance in the now thriving town of Cawker City, and he owned an interest in the town-site. Mr. Parker established the first bank in Cawker, in the year 1878, under the name of A. Parker & Co. He now owns the Farmers' and Merchants' Bank, with a stock of $50, 000, with A. Parker, president, and Mr. W. A. Remfry, cashier. He enlisted during the late war in the Missouri State Militia. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity. he was married in Cincinnati, September 1, 1847 and has two boys and three girls - George R., Flora, Effie and Ettie. The last two named are twins.

RICHARD M. PERRINE, insurance agent, was born in Ripley County, Ind., in 1841. Received a common school education and was reared a farmer, in which business he was engaged when the war of the rebellion called him to the front. He enlisted in Company D, Sixteenth Indiana Volunteers, and served one year. On being discharged he recruited a company for an Iowa regiment, and was commissioned first lieutenant. He made the State of Iowa his home, and farming and insurance his business until 1879, when he removed to Kansas and engaged in insurance as a specialty. Mr. Perrine was married at Scott's Grove, Iowa, in 1868, to Miss M. Johnson. R. M. is a son of Charles and Lucinda A. Perrine.

STEVEN A. ROGERS, farmer, P. O. Cawker City, was born June 15, 1847, in Johnson County, Vt. In 1852, his parents moved to Iowa, and in 1859, went to Illinois, where he lived, farming, until 1870, when he came to Mitchell County, Kan., where he is today on a fine farm of 640 acres, 400 acres under cultivation, with good buildings and well stocked. This year raised 120 acres of corn, averaging forty bushels to the acre. Was married to Miss Ludia McCune. They have five children - Edward, Joseph, Flora, Ralph and Charlie.

CLARK A. SMITH, lawyer, was born in Rock County, Wis., July 29, 1846. Was raised on a farm and worked his own way through college by interspersing farming and school-teaching. Graduated at the State University of Wisconsin classical course in 1870, and from the law department in 1871. In August, 1871, he located at Cawker City, Kan., where he still resides. He was married to Miss Sarah Bower, of Strasburg, Pa., February 6, 1873, and they have two children - Matthew Allen and Omer De Witt. In November, 1880, he was elected Judge of the Fifteenth Judicial District, but by the decision of the Supreme Court of the State, the term of his predecessor did not expire until January, 1882, and the election was held void. In November, 1881, he was again elected to the same office, running as an Independent candidate against C. Angevine, Republican nominee, and L. C. Uhl, Democrat. The canvass will be remembered as being the most spirited and exciting that has occurred in Northwestern Kansas. His term will expire January, 1886.

GEORGE TAMM, farmer, P. O. Cawker City, was born in Seligen Stadt, Germany, September 15, 1848. He received a common public school education, and was indentured to a machinist, whose trade he learned. Came to St. Louis in 1867, where he worked at his trade until February, 1871, when he came to Kansas, locating on Section 23, Township 6, Range 10, near Cawker City, where he commenced the life of a farmer, which he still continues. Was married in St. Louis to Eliza Berberich, in 1871.


Glen Elder is the name of a flourishing town in Section 28, Township 6, Range 9. It was originally platted as West Hampton by Messrs. Neve and Spencer, who in 1871 commenced building the large flouring-mill now in operation in that place. The name of West Hampton was soon lost, as the Glen Elder post-office was moved down from half a mile north, and Glen Elder was more widely known. There are now nearly a dozen good stores in the town, a grain warehouse at the depot, and considerable business of every kind; the mill referred to in another place being one of the leading enterprises.

The Mitchell County Key, a greenback paper, was established here January 5th, 1880, and was published a short time by George E. Dougherty, who afterward moved the paper to Bull City, in Osborne County. The Methodist Episcopal Church of this place is one of the strongest in the county, numbering 141 members. They have as yet no permanent church building, but have a handsome parsonage built last year at an expense of $575. The Rev. D. Pruitt is the present pastor.


J. F. BECKER, was born in Middleburgh, N. Y., March 25, 1841. In 1849 moved to Indiana. Enlisted in the Union army, July 4, 1861, in Company C, Thirty-fourth Indiana Volunteer Infantry. Discharged September 25, 1865, and returned to Henry County, Iowa. In 1868 moved to Omaha, Neb., and to Mitchell County, Kan., in 1876, and took out a homestead ten miles west of Beloit. Came to Glen Elder and engaged in general merchandise, under the firm name of Becker Bros. Was appointed postmaster at Glen Elder, August 31, 1877. Mr. Becker enlisted in the army as a private, but was promoted to second lieutenant, but was the acting captain of the company the last year of service.

DR. W. C. BEEDLE was born in Wayne County, Ohio, October 14, 1827. Removed to Indiana, thence to Wisconsin, thence to Iowa in 1854. Left Iowa in the spring of 1860, and moved to Colorado. Returned to Iowa in 1866, and came to Mitchell County, Kan., in 1871, and located on a homestead eight miles west of Beloit. Has been practicing medicine for the past thirty years. The doctor has been located at Glen Elder but little over a year, and enjoys a good practice. He is a married man, and the father of eleven children.

J. T. BUENING was born in Prussia, February 5, 1853. Landed at Boston, Mass., April 13, 1875. First located in Clearfield County, Pa. Went to Allegheny County, Pa., in the fall of the same year, thence to West Virginia; returned to Allegheny County the same year, thence to Clarion County, Pa., thence to Lake County, Ind., came to Mitchell County, Kan., and settled at Glen Elder, and engaged in the grocery, boot and shoe business, and is now enjoying a good trade. He was married in Lake County, Ind., August 27, 1878, to Miss M. L. Barman.

J. M. SUTTON was born in New Jersey, September 20, 1851. Removed to Bureau County, Ill., in 1855, thence to Wisconsin in 1868; came to Mitchell County, Kan., in the fall of 1870, and entered a homestead twelve miles west of Beloit, and is now the owner of the same. Mr. Sutton is carrying a general stock of goods in the town of Glen Elder, and is doing a good business. He made his own start in the world, and has no one to thank for his success but his own energy and enterprise. Married in Mitchell County, April 20, 1879, and has one child - Henry, born January 6, 1881.

A. A. THOMPSON was born in Wayne County, Ohio, September 27, 1839. With his parents moved to Wisconsin in 1846. He enlisted in the Union army in April, 1861, in Company F, Third Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. Was discharged in July 1864, and returned to Grant County, Wis. Moved to Charles City, Iowa, the following year, thence to Lawrence County, Mo. Came to Mitchell County, Kan., in November, 1875, and took a homestead in Lulu Township. Opened a stock of general merchandise in Glen Elder in 1877. Mr. Thompson is a self-made man, having started in the world without capital, and is now the owner of a large stock of goods in a room 30x60 feet, the same being built by him in 1878. His finances are such that he discounts all of his bills. He was married in Charles City, Iowa, January 28, 1866, to Miss Elizabeth Blunt. They have seven children - Carrie, Mannie M., Sylvia A., Maud E., John J., Harvey J. and Daisy.


Solomon Rapids was once quite a town, when it would compete for the county-seat. It now has one store and a railroad depot. One of the first settlers of the township was R. C. Clark, an attorney of some prominence, and on the formation of the Fifteenth Judicial District, a candidate for Judge. In the winter of 1871, he made himself obnoxious to Mr. Mann and his employees, who were keeping a herd of cattle on the Solomon River. Under direction of Mr. Mann, the "Greasers" lassoed Mr. Clark, and took him across the prairie at race-horse speed, much to the discomfort and bodily injury of said Clark, and against the peace and dignity of both Clark and the State of Kansas. A trial by Justice resulted in the acquittal of Mann and his Mexicans.


W. C. COCHRAN, farmer, Section 34, Township 6, Range 8, P. O. Solomon Rapids, was born in Illinois, December 13, 1838; moved to Keokuk County, Iowa in 1840; enlisted as private in Company D, Thirteenth Iowa Volunteer Infantry in September, 1861; discharged in November, 1862, and went to California in 1863, and returned to Iowa in 1867, where he resided until 1870, when he came to Mitchell County, Kan., and homesteaded his present farm six miles northwest of Beloit. He has taken more than ordinary care of his trees, and now has a fine fruit orchard, and a walnut grove of six acres that cannot be excelled in the State; has a fine stone dwelling; the main part is 18x30 feet with a wing 18x18 feet. He is a member of long standing of the Masonic fraternity and of the G. A. R. He has been elected to the office of Justice of the Peace and Trustee of Solomon Rapids Township. He was married in Jasper County, Iowa to Mary A. McConnell, February 11, 1868, and they have four children - Ida M., John T., Ora D., and Etta L.

F. L. DOUGLASS, farmer, P. O. Solomon Rapids, was born in Livingston County, N. Y., July 10, 1852. Came to Blue Rapids, Marshall County, Kan., in 1870, and to Mitchell County in 1872. He is the owner of 160 acres of land, and superintends the farming of the same. In addition to his mercantile business, he now carries a good stock of goods at Solomon Rapids; it is a country store, but does a good business. Mr. Douglass has taken great pride in collecting a great many specimens of different kinds from all parts of the world. He was married in New York, November 31(sic), 1881, to Miss Addie C. Douglass.

O. B. DOUGLASS, farmer, P. O. Solomon Rapids, was born in Avon, N. Y., June 26, 1847; removed to Blue Rapids, Marshall County, Kan., in 1870. Came to Mitchell County, Kan., in the fall of 1872. Is now the owner of 400 acres of land, six miles northwest of Beloit and raised 500 acres of broom corn, and 200 acres of corn in 1882. He is erecting a drying house, 26x150 feet, two stories high, and built of stone. Mr. Douglass is also erecting a mill on the Solomon River near his place, size 40x60 feet, four stories high. He keeps 300 hogs, 600 sheep and twenty-five head of cattle. It is to this gentleman's credit that he made his own start in the world. He was married in Mitchell County, April 10, 1876, to Miss Jenny McGrath and has two children.

GEORGE H. McKINNIE, farmer, P. O. Beloit, was born in Logan County, Ill., August 6, 1842, where he followed farming until 1873, when he came to Mitchell County, Kan., and since he has been here, aside from his farming, has given considerable attention to horses and hogs. He has now a fine farm of 400 acres - good house and barn - and well-stocked, nearly 150 hogs and fifteen horses. He was married to Miss Henrietta H. McCormick, June 11, 1870. They have two children - Ralph G., and Charles M. He enlisted as private in Company F, Seventy-third Illinois Volunteer Infantry, August 6, 1862; was discharged February 1, 1865, for wounds received at Resaca, Ga., May 17, 1864.

DON A. PEASLEE, farmer, P. O. Solomon Rapids, was born in Concord, N. H., March 22, 1848; moved to St. Croix Falls, Minn., in 1854, and from there to Iowa, with his parents in 1858, and came to Mitchell County, Kan., in May, 1870. He took a homestead ten miles west of Beloit. Was appointed clerk of Mitchell County, Kan., in 1870. He was elected County Attorney in the fall of the same year, and held the office until 1872. Attended the college at Pella, Iowa, also at the State University. He was married in Iowa in the fall of 1869, to Miss Elizabeth Smith; they have two children - May R. and Bertha.

JOHN S. RODGERS, farmer, P. O. Beloit, was born in Piqua, Miama(sic) County, Ohio, April 14, 1827, and in 1851 removed to Jefferson County, Iowa, where he farmed and taught school until 1865, when he went in the milling business. he invested $30,000 in a grist and saw-mill, doing a fine trade until September 14, 1865, when the mill and contents were destroyed by fire. He farmed then until 1877, then came to Mitchell County, Kan., and has engaged in farming since. He was married June 30, 1852, to Miss Caroline M. Foreman. They have three children - Thomas C., William B., and John. Was County Commissioner in Jefferson County, Iowa, three years, and Mayor of the City of Beloit, two years.

J. S. SMITH, farmer, was born in Adams County, Ohio, August 15, 1844; removed to Concord in Lewis County, Ky., thence to Carl County, Mo., in the spring of 1859; enlisted in Company A, of King's Regiment State Militia. He moved to Ray County in 1865, and came to the Solomon Valley, Mitchell County, Kan., in the fall of 1865; returned to Missouri and came back in 1866, and located on his present homestead April 20, 1866; broke prairie on May 1 of the same year. When Mr. Smith settled at this point the wild Indian and buffalo roamed up and down the Solomon Valley. He has killed 100 buffaloes. He enlisted in the State Militia. In the spring of 1870, he built a stockade to protect himself and family from the wild Indians. His father, Alexander, and his brother, Alexander were killed by the Indians the same day Mrs. Morgan was captured. The subject of our sketch is a member of the Baptist Church of Beloit, and helped found the same. Is a married man, and has one child - Coy B., ten years old. He is the owner of 320 acres of land.

J. B. WICKLIN, farmer, P. O., Glen Elder, was born in Uniontown, Fayette County, Pa., May 12, 1833; removed to Jackson County, Ohio, in 1834, and to Clark County, Ill., in 1839, and to Robinson, Crawford County, in 1856. Was married December 16, 1857, to Mary Wood. He enlisted in the Union army, June 6, 1864, as captain of Company H, One Hundred and Thirty-fifth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and returned to Crawford County at the close of the war. In 1865, he came to Marshall County, Kan., and settled near where Frankfort is now situated. He moved to Pottawatomie County in 1867, and to Mitchell County in 1873, and bought land and took a homestead ten miles west of Beloit. He held the offices of postmaster, Justice of the Peace, and Town Clerk, in Pottawatomie County. They have six children - J. K., Clara A., W. E., J. O., M. A., and May.

JOHN W. WOOD, farmer, P. O. Solomon Rapids, was born in England, June 26, 1842; came to America in 1861, and located in North Central N. Y.; left there in 1870, and located on a homestead in Mitchell County, Kan., and is now the owner of 378 acres of land; keeps from 25 to 50 head of cattle, and 25 to 100 head of hogs. Mr. Wood claims to have marketed at Junction City, 110 miles distant, the first barley raised and marketed in Mitchell County. He was married in Canada in the spring of 1866, to Miss Alla Dorland.

C. C. WOOSTER, farmer, P. O. Solomon Rapids, was born in Jefferson County, Ohio, June 10, 1841. Enlisted for three months in the United Staes Volunteer Infantry, in Company K, Second Ohio; removed to Iowa in 1865, and then to Mitchell County, Kan., and took a homestead and is now the owner of the same; raised a crop of twenty-five acres of broom corn in 1882. Mr. Wooster settled on his homestead at a time when the buffaloes were plenty in this part of the country. The Indians stole a horse from Mr. Wooster three days after his settling on his homestead, but the horse was recaptured. Is a member of the Odd Fellows lodge. He was married in Ohio, in the spring of 1861, to Miss Nannie Cullum. They have six children - Rosanna J., Jeremiah, Lizzie, Oslor, and Josephine. Has held the office of Township Trustee for four years.


The building of the Central Branch Railroad through the county caused several little towns to spring up, among which is Scottsville, which according to the plat in the office of the Register of Deeds occupies a part of Section 11, Township 6 south, Range 6 west. It was platted on the 16th day of October, 1878. Considerable business is carried on here, as this railroad station is in the center of a large corn-raising territory, and many car-loads are being shipped therefrom each week. The Methodist Episcopal Church has an organization here, presided over by Rev. H. E. Pickle. The membership numbers eighty-three, and nearly one hundred Sabbath-school scholars attend regularly each Sunday. A project is on foot to build a church next season.


C. W. CULP, farmer, P. O. Scottsville, was born in Decatur County, Ind., April 27, 1843. Removed to Adams County, Ill., in 1844. Enlisted in the United States army October 21, 1861, in Company D, Fiftieth Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Was mustered out July 15, 1865. Returned to Quincy, Ill., and moved to Mitchell County, Kan., in March, 1870, and took a homestead and is now the owner of 320 acres of land which joins the town of Scottsville. He laid out the town of Scottsville in September, 1878, and is the owner of a third interest in this town. He held the office of County Commissioner from 1871 until 1875 and held the position of chairman of the said board for three years. Mr. Culp helped to organize Mitchell County and was the first Justice of the Peace elected in this county. He named the townships of Lulu, Bloomfield and Logan. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity. He was married October 1, 1865, in Adams County, Ill., to Miss Elizabeth A. Wagner. They have five children - Minnie, born September 12, 1866, Sherman, December 29, 1867, Archie W., August 21, 1871, Orville W., January 20, 1878, and Bertie, January 13, 1880.

F. M. CULP, Scottsville, was born in Indiana, July 22, 1838, and removed to Illinois in 1844. He enlisted in the United States army, in Company D, Fiftieth Illinois Volunteer Infantry in August, 1861, and was discharged in October, 1864. He returned from the army to Illinois and in October, 1871, came to Mitchell County, Kan., and took up a homestead eight miles northeast of Beloit. He engaged in the merchandise business in Scottsville in 1877. He has held the office of Trustee and Justice of the Peace. He was married August 8, 1858 in Adams County, Ill., to Miss Rebecca Lane. They have one child - Luella, born July 22, 1861.

B. R. GLIDDEN, Scottsville, was born in New York State, June 24, 1850. He removed to De Kalb, Ill., with his parents and from there to Mitchell County, Kan., in 1877, and engaged in general merchandise, under the firm name of Glidden & Keeler. The firm built a room 22x70 feet and filled the same with a general stock of goods and are doing an immense business, having sold over $30,000 last year. Mr. Glidden was married in Scottsville, December 15, 1880, to Miss Emma Green.

R. P. KENDALL, farmer, P. O. Canyon City, Oregon, was born in Hamilton County, Ohio, May 12, 1829. Studied medicine and graduated at the Miami Medical College, Cincinnati, in March, 1856. Taught school for a number of years. He commenced the practice of medicine at Liberty, Adams County, Ill. He enlisted in the United States army, June 22, 1861, in Company L, Second Illinois Cavalry, as a private and was raised to the position of Major Surgeon of the Seventh United States Colored Heavy Artillery, and was discharged November 12, 1865. He came to Mitchell County, Kan., in 1871 and pre-empted 160 acres of land and homesteaded 160 acres, and is now the owner of the same and is doing an extensive farming business. He is a member of the Order of Odd Fellows. He was married March 16, 1858, at Liberty, Ill., to Mrs. A. M. Collins. They have four children. Ordained July 9, 1876, in Grace Cathedral, Topeka, by Bishop Vail.

D. W. McCUTCHAN, farmer, P. O. Scottsville, was born in Floyd County, Ind., February 11, 1846. Removed to Wayne County, Iowa. In 1865 to Decatur County; thence to Mitchell County, Kan., in 1872 and took a homestead April 12, 1872, and is now the owner of 240 acres of land. He has held the office of Township Trustee and took the census of Lulu and Asherville Townships in 1880. Mr. McCutcheon (sic) is a leading member of the Christian Church. He was married March 10, 187?, in Decatur County, Iowa, to Miss Fannie R. Bassett. They have four children - Cora, born February 24, 1874, Edgar H., born July 30, 1876, Frank L., July 29, 1879, and Annie E., March 13, 1882.

REV. B. B. NEWELL, P. O. Scottsville, was born in Vermont, September 8, 1825; removed to New York in 1837, thence to Cleveland, Ohio, thence to Michigan, and again moved, this time to Mitchell Kan., in 1878 and engaged in the loan and insurance business; and was appointed notary public, and elected Justice of the Peace; having loaned over $50,000 in the past three years. The Rev. Mr. Newell was educated at Cleveland, Ohio, and became a preacher of the Methodist Episcopal Church when twenty-seven years old, and has continued in the ministry ever since. He was married January 1, 1845, in Cleveland, Ohio, to Miss Jane Robinson, and has six children.


DAVID IRISH, farmer, P. O. Beloit, was born in Wyoming, N. Y., April 10, 1831, and with his parents went to Wisconsin in 1842, where he was for himself a successful farmer until 187?, when he came to Mitchell County, and since coming here has been engaged in farming. For the past seven years he has given special attention to broom corn, at which he has been very successful; had 110 acres this year; yield, about one ton to four acres. Was married to Miss Sarah James, February 25, 1857. They have five children - Joseph E., Earl M., Carrol, Perry, Nora.

G. E. JAMES, farmer, P. O. Beloit, was born in Rhode Island June 28, 1818. Removed to Wisconsin, thence to Mitchell County, Kan., in 1873, and located near Beloit, and is the owner of a section of land. Mr. James is the pioneer broom corn man of Mitchell County, and in 1882 raised 200 acres. He built a broom corn press called the Down press, that has proved to be a success, the first used in the county. Now the broom corn business in Mitchell County has grown to be one of the most successful crops in the county. Mr. James has the sale of the Star windmill that has grown so popular. He is a member of the Baptist Church, of Beloit, and helped to organize the same. He has been on the school board for seven years. He was married in Wisconsin in 1858, to Miss Ellen Delaney, and they have eight children.

W. A. STEVENS, stock dealer, P. O. Beloit, was born September 13, 1836, in Buncombe County, N. C. He removed to Peoria County, Ill., and engaged in farming and stock dealing until 1867. Then went to Wapello County, Iowa, engaged in the same business until February, 1878, removed to Mitchell County, Kan., and engaged in the buying, selling, and growing of stock. He handles about 200 head of cattle and 600 head of sheep each year; raises from 150 to 200 acres of corn each year to feed stock. He was married in 1859 to Miss Belinda E. Smith. They have five children - Major A., Carrie, William, Morris and Milton. He was Township Clerk of Illinois for three years, and Collector for the same, three years. Is a member of the Masonic order.

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