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J. M. HAMILTON, general merchandise, was born in Peoria County, Ill., April 14, 1850. Removed to Iowa in June, 1871, and engaged in the grain and general merchandise business, and in September, 1878 moved to Beloit, Mitchell County, Kan., and engaged in general merchandising as manager of the extensive house of W. W. Wheeler, in a double room, first room 22x100 feet, other room 20x50 feet, with an arch door between. The two rooms contain 350 feet of shelving; amount of stock usually carried is $25,000. Mr. Wheeler, the owner of the Beloit business, has opened up a new enterprise. Mr. Wheeler conceived the idea of building a refrigerator and shipping to different points in Western Kansas. During the summer they pack all the butter and keep the same in good condition until winter. Mr. Hamilton is a member of the Knights of Pythias; is a married man, and the father of two children - Stella and Edward.

F. H. HART, banker, was born in McHenry County, Ill., November 30, 1846. Removed to Iowa in 1853, and again moved, this time to Beloit, Mitchell County, Kan., in 1873, and purchased one-half interest in the town site of Beloit, when the town had but 300 inhabitants. Mr. Hart at the same time established a bank in Beloit. It being the first bank started in Northwestern Kansas. Now Mitchell County has five banks, and Mr. Hart does twenty times the business he did when he had a monopoly of the business nine years ago. Is now doing business in a two story stone building, 20x40 feet, and well finished and furnished. He belongs to the I. O. O. F., and was married in Council Bluffs, Iowa, February 15, 1876, to Miss Ellen E. Way.

FRANK HOBART, farmer, was born February 26, 1845, in Oswego County, N. Y., and in 1849 moved to McDonough County, Ill. Followed farming until he went to Montana, where he remained for one and a half years, then to Iowa until 1872, then came to Mitchell County, Kan., and has continued farming and stock-raising to the present time. He was married September 17, 1878, to Miss Lizzie E. Harvey. They have two children - Sylvester and Lyle. He enlisted in the United States service, in Company D, Sixty-fourth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, in February 1864, as private. Discharged August, 1865, as private. Was Sheriff of Mitchell County, Kan., two terms - four years. Justice of the Peace of Glen Elder Township for 1876 and '77. Is a member of the Masonic order.

JUDGE JOEL HOLT, Judge of the District Court, was born in Troy, N. H., October 27, 1843. Enlisted in the United States army in Company G, First New Hampshire Volunteer Cavalry. Studied law in Cincinnati, Ohio, and graduated at the Cincinnati Law School. Came to Kansas in June, 1867, and settled at Wathena, Doniphan County, and engaged in the practice of his profession. In 1869, with Frank Drenning published the Wathena Reporter. In 1870, was elected County Attorney of Doniphan County. Moved to Troy, the county seat of the same county, in March 1871. Came to Beloit, Mitchell County, in 1873, and was elected Judge of the District Court the same year, and held said position until 1882, when he refused to allow his name to be used. On the 28th of June, 1882, the State Republican Convention was held at Topeka, and nominated four congressmen at large, there being twenty-three candidates. In the last ballot the Judge received 154 votes of the convention, and the man that was nominated, 179. The Judge is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and was married in St. Louis in 1870, to Miss Kate A. Blanchard, and is the father of five children - Joel S., Kate M., Milton, Alice W., and Anna H.

W. H. HOUGHTON, agent for the Singer Sewing-Machine Company, was born in New York, December 16, 1843; removed to Ohio with his parents. In 1861 he moved to Iowa where he enlisted in the United States army, in Company K, Twenty-seventh Iowa Volunteer Infantry. His enlistment dated October 13, 1862. He was discharged June 15, 1865. He returned from the army to Minnesota; thence to Brown County, Kan., in 1867, and to Mitchell County in 1871, and took a homestead, twenty-four miles southwest of Beloit, and now, with his homestead and other lands that he has since purchased, owns 1,067 acres. When Mr. Houghton came to Mitchell County buffalo were plenty, and he states that he helped to kill a number of them. His farm is situated on Salt Creek, the creek having been settled by William Haywood. In June, 1877, the subject of our sketch commenced working for the Singer Sewing-Machine Company, as their manager of a branch office at Beloit. He is a Master and Royal Arch Mason. He was married at Albert Lea, Minn., July 27, 1966, to Miss Florence E. Farr, and is the father of two children - Hattie and Henry.

J. B. HYDE, farmer, was born at West Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., Mass., August 7, 1845; removed to Northern New York in 1850; from there to Ontario, Canada, in 1854; thence to Michigan, in 1866; moved to Pennsylvania in 1867; returned to Michigan in 1868, where he remained until 1869, and moved to Dickinson County, Kan., settling in Mitchell in November of the same year. Mr. Hyde was the first permanent settler on the south side of the Solomon, in Beloit Township, if not in the county, and claims to have laid the second pine floor in the county. He is the owner of 320 acres of land; and has been the means of settling about 100 persons on the lands of Mitchell County; has held the office of Township Trustee for four terms; was appointed County Commissioner of Mitchell County in July, 1880, and elected one of the County Board November 7, 1882. He was married at Mitchell, Ontario, Perth county, Canada, to Miss Elizabeth Cotter; they have three children - James E., John G., and Charles P.

H. JERMARK, livery, was born in Northeast Germany, October 17, 1846. He enlisted in the United States army, August 16, 1862, in Company B, Twenty-eighth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. He was discharged September 22, 1865; returned to Wisconsin after the close of the war. In 1868 he went to Montana Territory, where he remained until 1871, when he returned to Wisconsin. He came to Mitchell County October 23, 1871, and took a homestead, five miles northeast of Beloit. In 1872 Mr. Jermark saw six buffalo going through the town of Beloit. He was appointed Deputy Sheriff in 1878, and held this office until 1882. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias, and was married March 1, 1876, in Beloit, to Miss S. Reeder; he is the father of two children - Ernest and Lawrence.

CHARLES JONES, produce dealer, was born March 20, 1839, in Bristol, England; emigrated to Towanda, Pa., in 1849, and in 1857 went to Southern California, and followed trading for twelve years; then went to Mitchell County, Kan., where he has followed general mercantile business to the present time. He was married in 1875 to Miss Katie James; they have one child - Maude.

JOHN KEYS, implement dealer, was born June 24, 1839, in Dundas County, Canada. He went to Huron County, Canada, in 1846, and engaged in general mercantile business until June, 1876, when he removed to Beloit, Mitchell County, Kan., and engaged as traveling salesman for an agricultural works until 1880. He established a depot of farm implements at Minneapolis, Kan. He was married September 9, 1857, to Miss Margaret J. Elliott; they have eight children - George, James, Mary, Percy, Flossy and Evans (twins), John and Maggie. He was mayor of Bayfield, Ontario, for a term of two years, and county clerk of Huron County, Ontario, for a term of two years.

MARTIN KLOOS, merchant, was born in Germany, November 29, 1841; came to America in 1866, and located in Chicago, Ill., where he clerked in a store. In 1868, he removed to Omaha, Neb., and in 1871 again moved - this time to Blair, Neb.; in 1878 he went to Hastings, same State; thence to Beloit, Mitchell County, Kan., and engaged in general merchandising. Is a member of the Knights of Pythias and A. O. U. W. He was married May 19, 1870, in Omaha, Neb., to Caroline Wisner, and has three children - Clara, born October 7, 1864; Minnie, born January 4, 1872; Arthur, born August 2, 1875.

W. H. LANGFORD, Sheriff of Mitchell County, was born in McDonald County, Ill., July 15, 1839. Removed to Jefferson County, Iowa in 1856, where he remained until 1862.Thence he moved further west, crossing the plains and remaining west of Nebraska until 1868, and then returned to Jefferson County, Iowa, and remained until 1870, when he moved to Keokuk County, and in 1872, again moved, this time to Nebraska City, Neb. Thence to Missouri in 1873. The last move he made was to Beloit, Mitchell County. Has held the office of Constable, City Marshal, Deputy Sheriff, and in 1881, was elected Sheriff of Mitchell County, which position he now holds. Belongs to the Knights of Pythias. Is a married man and the father of two children - Emma, born September 24, 1862, and Maggie, born October 15, 1869.

C. H. LONG, farmer, was born in Cedar County, Iowa, August 19, 1843. Removed to Mitchell County, Kan., in 1870 and took a homestead four miles north of Beloit and is now the owner of the same. Was appointed postmaster at Beloit, February 17, 1873, and held the office until the fall of 1876. Has also held the office of Justice of the Peace of Beloit Township, and was Deputy Sheriff of Mitchell County under Edward Abbott. Was married February 27, 1873, in Mitchell County, to Miss M. D. Brown. They have four children - F. R., born February 3, 1874; Florence, born February 22, 1875; C. H., March 3, 1877;and Edna, November 2, 1881.

FRANK McGRATH, hotel and livery, was born in Western Virginia, January 3, 1846. Removed to Lisbon, Ill., in February, 1854. Enlisted in the United States army January 1, 1863, in Company C, Fourth Illinois Volunteer Cavalry. Discharged January, 1865, and returned to Kendall County, Ill. Came to Mitchell County in 1868. And located at Beloit in the spring of 1870 and engaged in the stock business and is now dealing in stock. In the spring of 1872 on the Republican and Solomon valley it is estimated that 175,000 cattle perished in that winter, Mr. McGrath and his brother losing 782 valued at $14,000. The subject of this sketch built the Avenue Hotel of Beloit, and also with three others owns the Opey House of said place. He is also engaged in the livery business. Is a member of the Masonic order, and was married in Kendall County, Ill., on January 12, 1868, and has two children, Henry and Lee.

JOSHUA S. McGRATH, farmer, was born November 21, 1825 in West Virginia. He moved to Kendall, Ill., where he farmed for twenty-five years; then came to Mitchell County, Kan., and engaged in farming to the present time. For the past three years has been raising broom corn; on an average for three years the broom corn produce has been one ton to four acres. Was married in April, 1846, to Miss Elizabeth J. Bowen. They have six children - Frank, John, Garrett A., H. C., Parish, Melissa. He was Supervisor for Town of Lisbon, Kendall County, Ill., for seven years, member of the State Legislature of Illinois for 1874-75, Trustee of Beloit Township one year, elected to fill vacancy in Board of Commissioners for a two-years' term.

JOHN MAHAFFA, farmer, was born June 17, 1841, in Franklin County, Ind. Moved to Mitchell County, Kan., in July, 1881. He has four children, Anna, Robert, Edward and Carrie. His wife's maiden name was Mary S. Furguson. He enlisted in the United States service in the spring of 1862, as Second Lieutenant, Ninth Indiana Legion Volunteer Infantry; was discharged in October, 1862. He was Township Assessor of Bartholomew County, Ind. Is engaged now in farming and livery business. Makes a specialty of raising corn; had over 100 acres this year; will yield between thirty and forty bushels to the acre. He is a member of Masonic order.

JOHN MEHL, Probate Judge, was born in Dearborn County, Ind., July 14, 1848. Removed to Nebraska in the spring of 1870, where he remained until the spring of 1874, when he came to Mitchell Co., Kan., and took a homestead. He held the office of Township Trustee of Blue Hill Township for two years. He was elected Probate Judge in 1878; re-elected in 1880, and again in 1882 re-elected to the same office. Was married in Nebraska, January 18, 1872, to Miss Ida M. Peavey, to whom have been born three children - Harry C., George E. and John H.

M. M. NOAH, grocer, was born January 10, 1841, in Daviess County, Mo. In 1859 moved to Mills County, Iowa; thence, in 1865, located at Glenwood, Iowa, engaged as plasterer and farmer until 1870, when he came to Mitchell County, Kan., where he is now engaged in the grocery and produce business. Was married August 10, 1864, to Miss Martha Nelson. They have two children - Minerva, Logan M. He enlisted in the United States service as private in Company A, Fourth Iowa Volunteer Infantry, July 15, 1861. Was discharged at Woodville, Ala., in 1864, to re-enlist as veteran. Was discharged June 10, 1865.

T. ROY RANDALL, for five years engaged in the bakery and grocery business at Beloit, was born in Kentucky. Married September 4, 1879, to Miss Belle White at Beloit. They have one child - Roy. He is engaged at this place in baking and grocery business. Has been experimenting with yeast for more than twenty years. No baker need lose his place as baker; write to Randal Baking Company, Beloit, Kan.

A. REEDER, hotel keeper, was born November 10, 1823, in Perry County, Pa. Lived there until 1858, when he moved to Fulton County, Ill. Engaged as a blacksmith in wagon and plow shop for sixteen years. Then moved to McLean County, Ill. Farmed for three years, and then moved to Mitchell County, Kan., in 1872. Engaged the first year as blacksmith, the balance of the time as proprietor of the Reeder House, one of the oldest hotels in the Solomon Valley and complete in all its requirements. He was married November 15, 1844, to Miss Susan A. Highland. They have seven children - William, Theresa, Laura, Sophia, Mattie, Calvin and Lilly.

B. H. RICHARDSON, lumber merchant, was born in Columbiana County, Ohio, April 5, 1850. Removed to Williams County, Ohio, with his parents in 1852. Thence to Galesburg, Ill., in 1870, where he purchased the Western Business College in the same year. This school he ran until 1873, when he sold out and became bookkeeper for the road master of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company, and taught school until 1877, when he went into the photograph business. Remained in this business until 1878. He then came to Beloit, Kan., and became bookkeeper for the Kansas Lumber Company, which position he held until February, 1882, when he purchased the business of the company at Beloit, Mitchell County, and carries a stock of $10,000 and does an annual banking business of from $20,000 to $30,000. He is a member of the A. O. U. W. and K. of H. He was married in Galesburg, Ill., April 20, 1872, to Miss Jennie Houston, and is the father of two children - Carrie B. and Edwin.

A. T. RODGERS, dealer in grain and live-stock, was born in Jefferson County, Iowa, January 6, 1848, and engaged in the milling business at Merrimac, Jefferson County, Iowa; came to Beloit, Mitchell County, Kan., in 1877, and went into the grain and live-stock business, and is now engaged in the same business. He has been a member of the school board of Beloit. Is a member of the Knights of Pythias; was married in Henry County, Iowa, October 19, 1871, to Miss Elizabeth Noel, and has one child - Gertrude, born October 9, 1875.

M. M. ROWLEY, attorney, was born in Chicago, Ill., on March 27, 1852. Studied law with Winston & Willard, and attended law school at Union College of Law at Chicago, and graduated in the spring of 1878. Came to Beloit, Mitchell County, Kan., and engaged in the practice of law, where he has remained ever since. He was elected Justice of the Peace in the spring of 1881, and now holds said office. Married in Beloit on December 24, 1879, to Miss Ida M. Work; they have one child - Lloyd.

W. S. SEARCH, Clerk of the district court, was born in Union County, Pa., May 27, 1845, and removed with his father when quite young to Center County, Pa., where he remained until he enlisted in the United States army in 1861, in Company G, Fifty-first Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. On the 22nd of October, 1862, he was transferred to Company K, Second United States Cavalry, regular army, of which regiment he was sergeant-major. He was discharged February 15, 1867, when he went to Jasper County, Iowa, and remained until 1869; he removed to Will County, Ill., where he remained until February, 1872, when he came to Mitchell county, Kan., and took a homestead. He was elected Clerk of the district court in the fall of 1876, and has held the office ever since. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and has taken the Royal Arch degree. He was married December 7, 1868, in Center County, Pa., to Miss Eliza A. Rinkard. They have one child - Emma May, born August 30, 1876.

BENNETT SHAW, news and stationery, was born in Crawford County, Pa., January 4, 1850, where he resided attending the public school until he was fourteen years of age, when he apprenticed to learn tinning, and went to a shop at Meadville, Pa., where he finished his trade in 1867, and from there went to Missouri, where he worked at his trade at various points in the State until 1874, when he moved to Beloit, Kan., where he worked at his trade until 1877, when in company with his brother established a book and news stand, afterwards taking in the firm of Mr. Edward Guibor, and establishing the Beloit Book & News Company; later Mr. Guibor became the proprietor of the Beloit Book & News Company. and again in 1882, Shaw brothers again opened a stock of books and stationery. This has been a very discouraging country for Bennett; he came to Kansas a slim, delicate youth, and is now known as the "Happy, jolly Ben," only weighs 280 pounds, president of the "Fat Men's Association." Was married to Miss Imogene Dunn, of Stewartsville, Mo., January 1, 1871; have two children - Edmond and Pearl. He is a time honored member of the Masonic and Knights of Pythias orders, and "toots" in the Beloit band.

DANIEL D. SLOCUM, manufacturer, was born February 1, 1846, in Tompkins County., N. Y. He carried on wagon-making until 1872; moved to Ottowa County, Kan., and in 1880 came to Mitchell County, where he is now engaged in the manufacture of brooms, cornscrapers and presses, and a general blacksmithing and wagon-shop. Married February 11, 1868, and has five children - Daniel F., Wealthy L., Cora, Carrie, and Bessie. He enlisted in Company F, Fourteenth United States Infantry, February 22, 1862; was discharged February 23, 1865; member of the Odd Fellows, Encampment, and Knights of Pythias. Was Coroner of Ottowa County, Kan., for four years.

HENRY D. SMITH, wagon-maker; was born August 6, 1846, in Warren County, Ind., and in 1856 moved to Warren County, Iowa. In 1878, he came to Beloit, Mitchell Co., Kan., and is now engaged in wagon-making and general repair shop. Was married October 12, 1868, to Miss Sarah M. Cartwright. They have two children - Cora J., and William C.

C. P. STEVENS, attorney, was born in Maine, August 1, 1843. Enlisted in the United States army in Company E, Fifth Maine Volunteer Infantry, mustered in June 26, 1861. Re-enlisted and promoted to lieutenant of Company I, First Maine Veteran Volunteers, November 17, 1864; wounded and discharged February 17, 1865. Returned to Lewiston, Maine. In 1866 he moved to Adair County, Iowa, where he remained until 1871, when he came to Mitchell County, Kan., and took a homestead and located seven miles southwest of Beloit. Studied law and was admitted to practice in the fall of 1879 at Beloit, Mitchell Co. He was married in Maine, March, 1865, to Miss Celeste Small, and is the father of two children - Walter, born August 25, 1866, and Sarah, born January 23, 1870.

W. A. USHER, general store and lumber, stockdealer, was born July 29, 1852, in Erie County, Pa.; in 1868, moved to Waterville, Kan.; thence to Clay Center. Engaged in cigar manufacturing for two years; went to Bedford, Iowa, engaged in cigar making, grocery and bakery until he removed to Beloit, Kan., in 1877, and for the past two years has been engaged in shipping, selling and growing stock, cattle and sheep. Last year handled 2,000 sheep and 100 cattle. Deals in blooded merino sheep and graded cattle. Was married in 1875 to Miss Rosamond Pratt. They have two children - John and Clyde. Is a member of the Masonic order, Odd Fellows, and Knights of Pythias.

J. W. WALKER, banker, was born June 4, 1856. Removed to Plattsburg, Mo., in 1872, came to Beloit in 1874, and engaged in the mercantile business with his father under the firm name of H. T. Walker & Son. Organized the Bank of Beloit in 1877, with A. N. Schuster of St. Joe, Mo., president, H. T. Walker, vice president, J. W. Walker, cashier, capital stock, $26,000. The firm has three other banks in Kansas; one at Minneapolis, capital, $27,000; Lincoln City, $13,000; Osborn, $13,000. In Beloit they own a stone bank building two stories high, and is 51x62 1/2 feet that includes one stone building built with said bank building. Mr. Walker belongs to the Masonic fraternity, and is a Royal Arch Mason. Was married September 12, 1876 in Plattsburg, Mo., to Miss Mollie Vance, and is the father of four children - Huna E., May B., Henry W., and S. H.

W. R. WEST, grain dealer, was born in Westmoreland County, Pa., February 4, 1849. Removed to Fort Wayne, Ind., in 1852; thence to Lawrence, Kan., in 1870, and to Beloit in 1871, and engaged in the grain business. He has an elevator in Beloit, is also buying grain at Jamestown, Cloud Co., and Slackville, same county. Is now in the wholesale fruit business. He has held the office of City Council of Beloit. Is a member of the Knights of Pythias and Knights of Honor. He was married in Mitchell County, Kan., March 26, 1874, to Miss Esther M. French, and is the father of three children - Charles R., born February 12, 1875, Joseph, and the other child not named.

M. J. WILCOX, superintendent of public instruction, was born in Walworth County, Wis., September 23, 1848; attended the seminary at Geneva, and finished his school education at the Normal School, at Whitewater, Wis. He came to Mitchell County in July, 1870. Was a member of the Board of Examiners in Mitchell County from the year of 1874 to 1880; and was principal of the Cawker City public school two years, in 1876 and 1879. He was elected to the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction in the year 1880, and re- elected in 1882, and now holds said office. He was married in Walworth County, Wis., April 2, 1872, to Miss Hattie J. Foote, and has two children - Lettie, born August 21, 1875, and Floy, born August 11, 1877.

L. D. WILLIAMS, merchant, was born in Brookfield, Madison County, N. Y., February 19, 1839. Removed to Illinois, and engaged in farming; came to Beloit, Mitchell County, Kan., in the fall of 1870, and erected the first business building in Beloit. Mr. Williams has done much toward the upbuilding of Beloit, as he has built some ten buildings. The stone store building he is now doing business in is 25x80 feet, costing $5,000, two stories high and well filled with a general stock of merchandise. Mr. Williams enlisted in the United States army in August, 1861, in Company F, Thirty-seventh Illinois Volunteer Infantry; and was discharged on account of disability. He was married in Libertyville, Lake Co., Ill., January 7, 1864, to Miss Mary O'Neil.

N. H. WHITE, farmer, was born in Putney, Windham Co., Vt., February 12, 1830. Removed to New York in 1858, thence to Massachusetts in 1862, and to Mitchell County, Kan., in May, 1881; and is the owner of 200 acres of land. Mr. White has erected a barn on his place, one mile from Beloit, which is said to be one of the best in the State; it cost $5,000, and including the basement it is three stories high, 38x60 feet. He brought from Boston, Mass., the stallion, Broken Leg, he being the only son of Rysdyk's Hambletonian, in Mitchell County; also brought a herd of Short-horn cattle, the same being registered stock. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, Royal Arcanum, Home Circle, and Legion of Honor. He was married in Millbury, Mass., to Miss Ann E. Livermore, November 19, 1867. They have one child - Bessie, born February 7, 1870.

WILLIAM F. WRAY, grocer, was born March 28, 1851, in Shelby County, Ind. In 1854 he went to Iowa, and in 1877, came to Mitchell County, Kan., where he engaged in bakery and restaurant, and carries on his place of business in a favorable manner compared with like institutions in large cities. He was married October 10, 1875, to Miss Lucinda Mader. He is a member of Odd Fellows, and the United Workmen. They have one child - Walter W., he was born November 17, 1879.

C. J. WYNCOOP, merchant, was born November 23, 1843, in Putnam County, Ohio and moved to Greene County, Iowa, in 1854; studied medicine from 1860 to 1864, and graduated at the Iowa State Medical College in 1865; practiced medicine in Sac County, Iowa, for two years, then located in Atlantic, Iowa, and engaged in drug business until 1872, then located in Mitchell County, Kan., doing a business of from $40,000 to $50,000 a year. He is also engaged in sheep-raising, having 1,500 sheep at this time. He was married November 2, 1866, to Miss Nancy C. Stanford. They have four children - Foy, Opal, Harry and Ethel.

W. T. YATES, County Recorder, was born in Kentucky, February 20, 1831; removed to Illinois in the fall of 1834, and settled near Quincy, Adams County; moved to Hancock County, and from there enlisted in the United States army, in Company I, Sixteenth Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He returned to Hancock County, where he remained until 1865, when he moved to McDonough County, and remained until 1877, when he came to Mitchell County, Kan., and took a homestead. Mr. Yates has held the office of Township Trustee, and was elected to the office of County Recorder in 1881, which position he now holds. Is a member of the Masonic fraternity. He was married in Quincy, Ill., April 5, 1853, to Miss Mary Kendall, and is the father of six children - Frank, Bell, George, Arthur, Charles and Eva.

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