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Methodist Church. - This society in this city was the second church organized, and has enjoyed quite a marked degree of prosperity. It is now cared for by Rev. J. M. Davidson; has 120 members, and a thriving Sabbath-school of seventy-five members. The church building is of stone, erected in 1874, and is valued at $2,000. Beloit is the headquarters of the Beloit District, and the presiding elder, now Rev. J. H. Lockwood, makes this city his home.

The Catholic Church, known as St. John's Congregation of Beloit, was organized by Rev. Henry Temphans in 1876. In 1878 their church, which is the largest in the county, was completed. The congregation numbers 400 members, and is in charge of Rev. Frederick Schalk. The church property is valued at $5,000.

The Presbyterian Church was organized March 17, 1872 by Rev. Charles Higgins, pastor. The first trustees were: D. F. Eakin and J. S. Schwartz. A building committee composed of H. T. Walker, Joel Holt, George McKinney and D. F. Eakin were early appointed to build the church on Main Street. It is one of the most elegant houses of worship in the county, valued at about $5,000. It was dedicated December 1, 1878. The church roll shows a membership of 100, the average attendance at Sabbath-schools numbers 140. Rev. J. A. Pinkerton the present pastor, reports the church to be in a flourishing condition.

Baptist Church. - In the spring of 1871 the Baptists organized a church in Beloit. The charter members were: Ira O. Pierce, C. H. Long, H. A. Sutton, G. W. Simpson, E. N. Thomas. The first pastor was Rev. Geo. Balcom. They have a handsome church on the corner of Campbell Avenue and Second Street, which was built in 1875, at an expense of $4,000. The Rev. H. H. Branch is the present pastor; the membership numbers eighty-five, and the average attendance at Sabbath-school, 125.

Mount Vernon Lodge, No. 145, A. F. & A. M., was organized June 10, 1873, and chartered November 29, of the same year. The membership now reaches 100, and the lodge is in a healthy state, with property valued at $1,200. The offices are: G. S. Field, M. A. Manifold, S. W.; T. J. Morris, J. W.; H. Casey, Treasurer; W. C. Ingram, Secretary; Geo. Frazier, S. D.; David Perdue, J. D.; Wm. Powell, Tiler.

Beloit Chapter, No. 47, was organized on the 25th of April, 1880 - under dispensation - and was chartered February 16, 1881. The lodge at present has fifty-five members, and property valued at $1,500. The officers are: G. W. Port, H. P.; W. C. Hoffmeister, K.; A. H. Ellis, S; Duane Freeman, Treasurer; W. C. Ingram, Secretary; Sam. Thanhouser, C. of H.; W. S. Search, P. S.; C. A. Norton, R. A. C.; C. J. Wynkoop, G. M. Third Veil; S. H. Dodge, G. M. Second Veil; W. A. Usher, G. M. First Veil; Wm. Powell, G.

Beloit Lodge, No. 130, I. O. of O. F., was organized the 31st of December, 1876. The present officers are: J. P. Hoffman, N. G.; Perry Wynkoop, V. G.; T. J. Culver, P. G.; John Mehl, D. D. G. M.; E. M. R. Blanchard, Secretary. The lodge contains something over fifty members, and is in a prosperous condition.

Iron Cross, No. 13, Knights of Pythias, was organized in April, 1879, and now numbers seventy members. The officers are: Daniel Bramwell, P. C.; Chris. Weldon, C. C.; Chas. Bozell, M. in R.; J. H. Calderhead, K. of R. and G.; A. J. Kinsley, V. C.; A. T. Rogers, M. of Ex.; J. Hamilton, M. of F. This lodge is in a very prosperous condition, and owns property to the value of $650.

Library and Historical Association was chartered September 4, 1879, with twenty life members, who subscribed $25 each. Among the donations was a fund of about $50, which was a balance left after The Soldiers' and Sailors' reunion was held at Beloit July 4, 1879. Dexter L. Ruggles was the first librarian, and W. C. Ingram is the present official. The library contains about 800 volumes, valued at $1,000, and is located on corner of main and Mill Streets.


Beloit is at present a busy broom corn and wheat market. Thirty car-loads of broom corn were shipped from this station during the month of October, and about fifteen of wheat and flour. There are three grain warehouses, one of which is an elevator of 10,000 bushels capacity.

In 1873, F. H. Hart came to this city and erected a handsome stone building on Main Street, where he commenced a banking business. This business has increased every year. and he has twice added to the size of his building. Mr. Hart also bought an interest in the town company, and has done much toward improving and building up the town. On east Main Street he has built one of the most elegant private residences in the western part of the State. The Bank of Beloit, A. N. Schuster, president; H. T. Walker, vice-president, and J. W. Walker, cashier, with a capital of $50,000, built an elegant two-story bank building, on corner of Mill and Main Streets, in 1880; they also have branch banks in adjoining counties. M. S. Atwood owns and manages a bank opposite the court house on Court Street, which is in successful operation. Nearly every branch of mercantile business is well represented, many of the houses doing quite a large wholesale trade, and all of them carrying stocks, which indicate an immense business. There are three grain warehouses that are in constant use by the different local buyers; that of Denton & Co. being a steam elevator of 10,000 bushels capacity. Each of the above at present writing, is chiefly engaged in handling corn, although a few car-loads of wheat are bought each day.

Foundry. - Messrs. Derby & Puffenburger built a stone building in 1878 for foundry purposes, and until 1882 were engaged in the manufacture of every variety of castings, many of the handsome iron fronts in the Western towns bearing their mark. In March, 1882, they sold the business to S. H. Smith, who now employs several hands and continues the business.

Marble Works. - The business under the above head, in this city, is conducted by R. F. Wilcox, a practical marble-cutter; he employs several hands in the shop, and men and teams constantly on the road. The value of the manufactured goods which left his factory during the past year reaches well up into the thousands. The business was established in 1878, and has grown steadily.

Flouring-Mill. - The largest and most complete flouring-mill in this part of the state is located at Beloit, and has grown from the little concern begun by Hon. T. F. Hersey in the fall of 1869. It is now owned by Messrs. Vreeland & Sheldon, and is valued at $25,000. The mill proper is a four-storied frame building. The engine house is sixty feet north of the mill, and contains an engine of eighty horse-power, which united with the water power on the south side, operates two roller mills and seven run of stone. The flour manufactured here has a good reputation and finds ready sale all over the State.


M. S. ATWOOD, banker, was born at West Chazy, Clinton Co., N. Y., and in 1854 moved to Ripon, Wis.; thence to Albert Lea, Minn.; thence to St. Ansgar, Iowa, where he engaged in the mercantile business, and held the office of postmaster; again moved to Plattsburgh, N. Y., and then returned to Wisconsin, and located at Fond du Lac, where he was engaged in the mercantile business for many years; but moved to Beloit, Kan., in November, 1878, and May 1, 1879, established himself in the banking business in the city of Beloit, and holds the office of City Treasurer. He was married October 30, 1878, to Miss Josephine Watrous, and is the father of two children - Christine and Louise.

F. W. BARRETT, livery, was born in Westminster, Windham Co., Vt., in 1848; removed to Boston, Mass., in 1866; came to Doniphan Co., Kan., in 1869, and in 1871 to Beloit, Mitchell Co., Kan., where he engaged in the sewing machine business and the loaning of money. He also runs a feed, breeding, and exchange stable. Mr. Barrett owns one of the Richards' Hambletonian horses, as well as a number of other valuable horses, and we think it can be truthfully said that he keeps the best pedigreed horses in Northwest Kansas. He was married in Townsend, Windham Co., Vt., January 25, 1874, to Miss Fannie E. White, and has three children - Lizzie M., born September 3, 1875, Alice I., August 26, 1877, and Charles W., June 29, 1880.

S. G. BARTON, land and loan agent, was born in Apalachin, Tioga Co., N. Y., May 6, 1853, where he resided and followed the business of small fruit culture and teaching school during the winters, until 1877, when he removed to Billings, Christian Co., Mo., where he resided and engaged in loan and land business until the fall of 1878. Poor health compelled a change, and he traveled in Kansas until March of 1879, when he located in Mitchell County, where he has since been engaged in his present business. He attended the free Academy of Oswego, N. Y., for two years (1870 and 1871), studying classics at home for five years (1871 to 1876). he was married May 31, 1880 to Miss Kate E. Bonren; they have one child.

E. M. R. BLANCHARD, farmer, was born in Boston, Mass., May 1, 1845. In the spring of 1862 he enlisted in the Union army in Company B, Thirty-sixth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, and was discharged in June, 1865, when he returned to Boston. In 1866 he came to Riley County, Kansas; in 1870 to Mitchell County, and took a homestead, one and one-half miles south of Beloit, and is now the owner of the same. He held the office of Township Clerk for seven years; also held the office of School Clerk. He is a member of the Odd Fellows' fraternity and has held the office of secretary for the last seven years. He was married in Riley County, May 21, 1867, to Miss Emma Whitney; they have two children living - Lizzie and Nellie; Laura, deceased, was the first child born in Beloit.

JAMES M. BROWN was born March 21, 1818, in Mifflin Co., Pa.; principal business farming; also followed droving and mercantile business until 1877, when he came to Mitchell County, Kan., where he is engaged in farming and the hotel business. He was married January 15, 1841, to Miss Elizabeth McManigle; they have five children - Samuel M. Brown, Francis M., Sarah J., Elizabeth and James W., who was married September 20, 1876, to Elizabeth M. Alexander. He has been a member of the Pennsylvania State Legislature (two terms) four years.

J. L. BUCHANAN, County Treasurer, was born in Washington Co., Pa., May 11, 1834; removed to Adams Co., Ohio, in March, 1846; thence to Mercer Co., Ill., in October, 1855; and again made a move - this time to Boone Co., Iowa in 1866. Held the office of County Supervisor for two years; also the office of deputy treasurer of Boone County. He came to Mitchell County in the fall of 1873 and took a homestead in March, 1874, nine miles southwest of Beloit; was elected County Commissioner in 1875 and held the office two years; was appointed Deputy Treasurer in 1878, and served until October, 1880, when he took charge of the office as Treasurer and was again re-elected, and still holds the office. He was married January 15, 1878, in Boone County, Iowa, to Miss May C. McCall.

S. H. CALLENDER, attorney, was born in Wisconsin, December 10, 1852; attended college at Ann Arbor, Mich., and graduated in the spring of 1877. He had studied law, and was admitted to practice law in the fall of the same year. Went to Woodstock, McHenry Co., Ind., and remained in the law office of T. D. Murphy, until 1878, when he came to Beloit, Mitchell Co., Kan., and began the practice of his profession. He was elected City Attorney of Beloit in the spring of 1880, to fill a vacancy, and re-elected in 1881, to the same position, which he still holds. Is a Mason and has taken the Royal Arch degree, and belongs to the Phi Delta Phi.

HENRY CASEY, general merchandise, born in Albany, N. Y., July 25, 1843; removed to Illinois in March, 1855; enlisted in the United States army in May, 1861, in Company I, Fifteenth Illinois Volunteer Infantry; captured at Acworth, Ga., October 4, 1864, and was a prisoner in Andersonville prison for eight months; discharged July 7, 1865, and returned to Lake Zurich, Ill. Moved to Minnesota, thence to Missouri in 1866, and to Beloit, Kan., April 16, 1872, and engaged in general merchandising. He built the building he is now doing business in, in 1874; room 23x70 feet. Is a member of the Masonic fraternity. He was married July 19, 1866 to Miss Amanda A. Wadlin, and has three children - Pearl, Alice and Lenora. Mr. Casey held the office of Township Treasurer for five years.

F. CHARLESWORTH, born in England, August 28, 1834. Came to America in 1856; settled in Blackstone, Mass., and came to Kansas in March, 1857, where he took an active part in favor of a free State. He enlisted in the Sixth Regiment Illinois Cavalry in August, 1861, and served three years and four months, attaining the rank of captain in November, 1862; moved his family to Mitchell County, Kan., in the fall of 1870. He served one term as City Councilman, and one term as County Commissioner. Was elected to the Legislature in 1880, and again in 1882. His residence is at Beloit, and he is a dealer in agricultural implements.

G. W. CLARK, County Clerk, was born in Brown County, Ill., January 12, 1838. Removed to Greene County, Iowa, in 1856, and returned to Brown County, Ill., in 1859. In 1860, he went to Pike's Peak, and returned to Illinois the same year. He enlisted in the United States army August 17, 1861, in Company C, Twenty-seventh Illinois Infantry. Was wounded at the battle of Stone River December 31, 1862, and had his arm amputated, and was discharged soon after; when he returned to Perry, Pike County, Ill., where he remained until he came to Jewell County, Kan., in 1871. Was elected County Surveyor of said county in 1873. He returned to Illinois in 1874, and came again to Kansas, this time settling in Mitchell County in the year of 1875. Was elected County Clerk in the fall of 1879, and took his office January 12, 1880, the same being his forty-second birthday. He was again elected in 1881, and now holds said office. He was married June 24, 1868 in Perry, Ill., to Miss Martha Chenoweth, and is the father of four children - Fazillo, May, Anna and Fred.

J. F. COOPER, druggist, was born in Illinois, October 23, 1824. He was married February 5, 1846, to Miss Mary J. Kitchell, and raised three children - two boys and one girl. Was elected Sheriff of Pulaski County, Ill., in 1855, and followed the river for many years. Was captain and half owner of the steamer "Alida;" sold her and enlisted in the United States army in 1861, in Company A, Fifty-sixth Illinois Volunteer Infantry; was captain of the company after the battle of Corinth, Mississippi, in 1862; was promoted to major, and a few months later was promoted to lieutenant colonel of his regiment in the fall of 1863, and on account of bad health was discharged from the service. He returned to Metropolis City, Ill., and engaged in the merchandise business. He was appointed postmaster, and held the office from 1868 to 1871. Migrated to Mitchell County, Kan.; settled on a ranch, and dealt in cattle. He established a drug store in Beloit, Kan., in 1874; was elected County Treasurer of Mitchell County in 1876, and re-elected in 1878, and is now attending his drug business.

DR. EDMUND D. CONVERSE, physician, was born in Princeton, Bureau Co., Ill., July 9, 1853; attended Knox College at Galesburg, Ill., also attended Amherst College, Mass. Attended the medical department of the Northwestern College at Chicago, and graduated March 10, 1874. Was appointed house surgeon of the Mercy Hospital at Chicago, and held this position for one year; also held the position of house physician in the United States Marine hospital. Was assistant surgeon of the Northwestern Railroad Company. He went to New York and attended the college of physicians and surgeons, and was graduated in March 1, 1875. Returned to Chicago, and engaged in the practice of his profession with Dr. Henry Gradle; afterwards took a position as assistant superintendent of the Illinois Southern Hospital for the insane, which position the doctor held for two and one half year. He came to Beloit, Mitchell Co., in March, 1880, where he has remained ever since in practice. He is now county physician; also physician and surgeon for the Missouri Pacific Railroad Company. Is a Master and Royal Arch Mason.

G. T. FINNELL, hardware merchant, was born in Virginia, December 29, 1840. Removed to Ohio with his parent in 1844, thence to Illinois in 1854. Enlisted in the United States army, June 20, 1861, in Company E, Eleventh Missouri Volunteer Infantry, and was discharged February 22, 1856. Returned to Clay County, Ill., and had charge of a telegraph office until 1871. He came to Beloit, Mitchell Co., Kan., in the fall of 1876, and erected a building for the hardware business, 25x102 feet, and stocked the same with hardware, and is now engaged in this business. Is a member of the Masonic order. He was married in Illinois, March 17, 1871, to Miss Ella White, and is the father of three children - George, Burr and James.

JAMES F. FLOYD, was born October 15, 1845, in Pope County, Ill. he moved to Arkansas in 1866, then to Pope County, Ill., and in 1871, moved to Beloit, Kan.; moved to Beloit city in 1875 as Register of Deeds - elected for three terms, six years. Was married November 21, 1875, to Miss Louisa Pangborn. They have four children - Laura E., Emma E., Francis Logan, and Elzina M. Enlisted in Company E, One Hundred and Twentieth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, in the spring of 1863 as private; was discharged in October, 1865. His father, Spencer B. Floyd, now deceased, was first clerk of Territorial Supreme Court, appointed in 1856. Mr. Floyd is a member of the orders of Odd Fellows and Knights of Pythias. He was deputy sheriff of Pope County, Ill., for 1860 and 1861. W. S. FLOYD, deputy sheriff of Mitchell County, was born in Polk County, Ill., August 19, 1854. Removed to Mitchell County, Kan., in the spring of 1871, and engaged in farming and stock-raising. He was appointed deputy sheriff of Mitchell County in 1878, and has held this position ever since. Mr. Floyd is a son of Judge Floyd, now deceased, who held the office of Probate Judge of Mitchell County. The Judge also held the office of collector of revenue in Polk County, Ill., and was Sheriff of same county for eight years. D. C., brother of the subject of this sketch, a young man of twenty-two years of age, was elected clerk of the district court of Decatur County, Kan., nominated and elected by a unanimous vote. W. S. is a member of the Knights of Honor. He was married on November 26, 1874, at Beloit, Kan., to Miss Addie Osborn, and is the father of three children - C. E., Jessie, and D. C.

CHARLES N. FOWLER, a member of the law firm of Holt & Fowler, was born in Stephenson County, Ill., November 2, 1852. Attended Beloit College at Beloit, Wis., in 1870 and 1871. In 1872, he went to New Haven, Conn., where he attended Yale College during the years of '72, '73, '74, and '75, graduating from that institution in the spring of 1876. he studied law in Chicago with Williams & Thompson, attending Union Law School, and was admitted to practice in the year 1878; went to Beloit, Mitchell Co., Kan., in January, 1879, and engaged in the practice of his profession, where he has remained ever since. He was married in Beloit, Wis., April 30, 1879, to Miss Hilda S. Heg. They have one child - Charles Webster, born March 25, 1881.

GEORGE T. FRAZIER, stock and grain dealer, was born in Scott County, Iowa, August 28, 1847, and in infancy with his parents, went to Rock Island County, Ill., where he lived and worked on a farm until 1868, when he went to Cloud County, Kan., where he followed farming until 1874, when he came to Mitchell County, Kan., where he has since been engaged in stock and grain. Yearly business transactions amount to about $40,000. Mr. Frazier was married to Miss Nancy Beck, September 19, 1867. They have three children - Edgar, Maud and Joseph. He is an honored member of the A. F. & A. M., Knights of Pythias, and A. O. U. W.

S. H. FULLERTON, lumber merchant, was born in Ireland, April 22, 1853; came to America and first located at Pittsburg, Pa., removed to Nebraska and engaged in the lumber business, where he remained until 1875, when he again moved, this time settling at Clay Center, Kan., where he remained until 1878, and then moved to Concordia, Cloud Co., and from there to Beloit, where he now resides. He has been engaged in the lumber business in the different places above mentioned, and now has an interest in seventeen different lumber yards in the State of Kansas, Mr. Fullerton holding the position of general manager. The name of the firm being, the Chicago Lumbering Company.

WILLIS C. GLIDDEN, M. D., Homeopathic physician and surgeon, was born in Orleans County, N. Y., July 23, 1848. Removed to Illinois, near Chicago, with his father in 1854. Graduated at the Illinois State Normal University, at Normal, taking two diplomas; one in the scientific course, and one in the classic. Taught school three years in Illinois. Studied medicine and graduated at "The Chicago Homeopathic College" in 1879; came to Beloit, Mitchell Co., Kan., and began the practice of his profession. is a member of the Odd Fellows fraternity; married in Beloit, June 1, 1881, to Miss Mabel Seager.

J. S. GOODWIN, attorney, was born in Edinburg, Ind., March 16, 1858. Attended Brookville College, Ind., Champaign, Ill., and at Johnson College, at Quincy, Ill.; also attended the business college at the last named place; graduated at Asbury University in the spring of 1877, and took the first honor in a class of fifty-one. Went to Indianapolis and went into the law office of Morrow & Trusler. Was admitted to practice law in the Supreme Court of Indiana in May, 1878. Came to Beloit, Mitchell Co., Kan., September 27, 1878, and began the practice of law. He was elected Police Judge of the town of Beloit, which position he held for one year. The judge has a law library consisting of over 800 volumes, as large as we have seen in Western Kansas. He is also looking after the comforts of life, as he has a telephone connecting his office with his dwelling, which is situated on a hill about a third of a mile from his office. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias, and a member of the Beta Theta Pi. He was married October 7, 1880, at Danville, Ill., to Miss Mary E. Forbes. He was elected judge pro tem of the District Court of Mitchell County in the fall of 1882. In the same fall he was a prominent candidate for County Attorney before the Republican Convention, but was finally defeated after some twelve ballots had been taken. His successful competitor, not residing at the county seat, after the election appointed Mr. Goodwin Deputy County Attorney, a fitting recognition of Mr. Goodwin's merit. The judge's law practice has steadily increased, and has necessitated the employment of an assistant, in the person of Mr. A. W. Hicks, a young attorney, who was admitted to the bar in May, 1878, at Prairie Du Chien, Wis., and who came to Beloit in September, 1882. This addition to the working force of the office makes a strong legal team, and they have won as well as deserved a large clientage, and a prominent position at the bar of Northwestern Kansas.

ROBERT GRONEWALD, merchant, was born August 20, 1858, in Hanover, Germany. Arrived in the United States in 1869, and located in Adams County, Ill., and in 1878 went to Buda, Ill., employed by the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad; in 1879 moved to Wyoming Territory and was employed by the Union Pacific Railroad until July, 1879, when he went to Peabody, Kan., shipping hay to Denver, Pueblo, Colorado, thence to Denver in 1880, as shipping clerk for the firm of L. U. Albers & Co., also traveling solicitor for the same firm in Kansas and Nebraska, thence to Beloit, Kan., as business manager of the branch house of L. U. Albers & Co., of Denver, Col. He enlisted in the Illinois State National Guards, Company E, Eighth regiment, in 1876 - Col., Wm. Hanna; Capt., W. Hemeck. He is a member of the Beloit Lodge, No. 130, I. O. O. F., Beloit Lodge, No. 39, A. O. U. W. He was married to Mrs. L. Cross, of Denver, September 26, 1882. He now is agent for Wm. Nordloh, commission merchant, Denver.

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