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Hillsdale is situated on the Kansas City, Fort Scott & Gulf R. R., six miles north of Paola. The town site was surveyed and platted by Mrs. Emily Musser, February 13, 1869, under the name of Columbia. On the 13th of October, 1868, F. E. Rowland had surveyed and platted the town of Ten Mile, adjacent to Columbia on the north., Late in 1869, after the completion of the railroad to this point, the name Columbia was changed to Hillsdale, and at the present time, the old town sites of both Columbia and Ten Mile, are included within that of Hillsdale. Hillsdale is situated on Section 15, Township 16 south, Range 23 west being the township of Marysville.

The first business in the town, a general store, was opened in the fall of 1869, by Thomas Hollenback, in the building now occupied by Dr. P. J. Morison. A similar store was opened by A. C. Smith a little later in the same season. Mr. Smith was appointed the first Postmaster, the office being then called Columbia, and was kept at his store. The name changed to Hillsdale in 1870. Mr. P. C. Eaton, the present Postmaster, bought out A. C. Smith in 1871, and was appointed Postmaster and had had the office continuously to this time (1883) In 1875 Dr. P. J. Morison bought out Mr. Hollenback and has since carried on a general store at this same point. Dr. Morison was the first practicing physician in Hillsdale. At present the town has a population of three hundred. There are three general stores, one hardware and drug store, one harness shop, one shoe shop, one blacksmith and wagon shop, two hotels, one grain elevator, two churches and a good school building.

The school was established in 1871. The first teacher was a Mr. Buck. The Presbyterian Society built the first church in the place, the Christian Society the second. The latter is a new frame building, 32 x 44 feet in size, with fourteen feet posts, completed in the summer of 1883. The Methodists have an organization, but no church-building. Hillsdale is a thrifty business place, and is rapidly coming into prominence as a produce and stock marker. Its dealers are liberal, fair-minded men and hence deservedly popular with their customers.

On July 11, 1869, occurred the great flood in Ten Mile and Bull Creeks. The night previous a waterspout reached earth in Wea Township, and the rain poured down in torrents in the valleys of the above mentioned creeks and their tributaries. The current in Ten Mile was inundated and the railroad bridge swept away. In the valley of Bull Creek, fences, crops and improvements were washed away, as were both county bridges at Paola. The loss by the flood was about $12,000.

Marysville Township was first settled by white men in the spring of 1855.Five men came here at the same time., John and James Beets, Thomas Warren, J. G. McDaniel and John Hicks. John Hicks settled on Section 32, Township 15, Range 23, the other four on Sections 4, 5, 7, and 8, Township 16, Range 23. John Hicks sold his claim to Joseph Beets, who arrived April 9, 1856. John H. Dorsey, a squatter in 1855, was located on the present site of Hillsdale. H. L. Lyon came in February, 1856, and located on Section 9, where he was Postmaster and Justice of the Peace. Mrs. Lyons died in May, 1856, her death being the first known to have occurred among the white people of this township. The first marriage was that of Mr. Graham to Miss Minerva Warren in the latter part of 1856.


The map of Marysville Township shows a village platt bearing the name "Old Marysville", located in the southwest quarter of Section 9, Township 16, Range 23. The platt and the name are nearly all that is left of what a quarter century ago was a promising young town. in 1857, James Beets and H. L. Lyon surveyed and platted town site at this point and called it Marysville. The town soon had two general stores, a hotel, postoffice, blacksmith and wagon shops, school, etc., and gave promise of a brilliant future. As the country became settled and railroads built, Marysville was not so fortunate as to be in the course of any railroad. New business centers were established as railroad stations, and Marysville became a deserted village.


JOHN BEETS, farmer, Section 4, Township 16, Range 23, P. O. Hillsdale. Mr. Beets is one of the few surviving pioneers of Miami County of 1854, he having made his claim on the then Indian land in the fall of that year. He moved his family the following April, 1855, to their new home. He purchased his land at the land sales in the spring of 1857, and continues to reside here to this date. Mr. Beets was born in east Tennessee, August 29, 1826. When sixteen years of age he went to Missouri and from there to Mexico in 1848. returning to Missouri he went to Mexico again in 1849, and across the plains to California in 1850. He spent two years in the gold diggings and in 1852 returned to Missouri. In the fall of 1854 he came to Miami County, Kan and made a claim on Section 4, Township 16, Range 23, his present home. returning to Missouri, he was married October 4, 1854, and in April, 1855 returned to Kansas with his wife and took possession of his claim. They have eleven children, three sons and eight daughters. Dora A. is the wife of Jerry Mobley, of Marysville Township; Flora J. is the wife of William Hittle, of Sugar Creek Township, Kan; William K is married and lives in Sugar Creek; Thomas J is married and living in Osage County, Kan; Mollie is the wife of John B. Rees, of Johnson County, Kan; John A., Mattie, Belle, Bettie, Bessis. Mr. Beets has a well improved farm of 260 acres.

JOSEPH BEETS, farmer, Section 32, Township 15, Range 23, P. O. Hillsdale, was one of the early pioneers of Miami County, he having made his home here since April, 1856. He was born in northeastern Tennessee, Hawkins County, May 16, 1818; was brought up a farmer and moved to Van Buren County, Mo, in 1843. He bought a claim of a squatter named John Hicks on Section 32, Township 16, Range 23, of 160 acres. He now has well cultivated farm of 398 acres. During the late war he did service in the State Militia; was under Gen Blount in Missouri. He was married in Cass County, Mo., March 31, 1848, to Mrs. Louisa D. Patten, widow of Andrew J. Patten, and a daughter of William Lyon. Mrs. Beets was born in Patrick County, Va. They have eight children, five of whom are living; Eliza J., wife of Aaron Harbison, of Stanton, Kan.; Peter L, Mary, died in childhood, Henry P, Nancy A., died at the age of six years; John C. died in infancy, Fanny, twin sister of John L, Ida, wife of William Richardson, teacher at Hillsdale. Mrs. Beets had two children by her former marriage. James J died in manhood, leaving a wife and two children; William A, was a soldier in the late war and served four years as a member of Company I, Fourteenth Kansas cavalry.

JAMES T. BRATTON, farmer, Section 25, Township 15, Range 23, P. O. Spring Hill Johnson Co, Kan was one of the pioneers of Miami County in 1857. He was born in Montgomery County, Va., November 12, 1830; went to Missouri with his parents in 1833 and from there to Iowa in 1848. In July, 1857, he came to Miami County, Kan and located a homestead on his present farm, the northeast quarter of section 25, Township 15, Range 23 and has made his home from that time to the present. He was married in Mount Vernon, Iowa, April 11, 1861, to Miss Martha, daughter of John Buckman, of LeClair, Iowa. Mrs. Bratton was born at Alton, Ill. They have eight children, six girls and two boys: Eva F. is the wife of Franklin Hogue, of Marysville; Luemma, Franklin, Harriet, May, Bessie, William and Mattie E. Mrs. Bratton died January 18, 1881. Mr. Bratton served in the Kansas Miltia during the late war and bore his share of the hardships and trials incident to pioneer life in Kansas. He now has a valuable farm of 160 acres, situated within two miles of Spring Hill.

PRESTON CHRISTMAN, farmer, Section 23, Township 15, Range 23, P. O. Spring Hill, Johnson County, was born in Jackson County, Mo., February 16, 1839; was brought up in Missouri till twenty years of age. He then came to Kansas; settled in Johnson County. In 1869 he removed to Marysville Township, Miami County where he has a fine farm of 243 acres, He was married in Kansas, February 20, 1864, to Miss Mary J., daughter of John B. Jones. Mrs. Christman was born in Arkansas. They have three children-Peter, Amanda, and Minnie M.

B. M. DAYTON, farmer, Section 23, Township 15, Range 23, P. O. Spring Hill, was born in Middleton, Rutland Co, VT., September 16, 1822. Moved to Jefferson County, N. Y. in 1843, and spent two years there in clerking in dry goods store and then moved to DeKalb County, Ill, where he spent twelve years in mercantile business. In 1859 he immigrated to Colorado with his family. Remained seven years in the Territory and then came to Kansas and purchased his present farm, and has made it his home since. Mr. Dayton was married at Sycamore, Ill., October 14, 1848, to Miss Clarinda, daughter of Mr. G. B. Smith. They had three children-Emiline F., wife of John Dienst, of Middle Creek Township, Kan.; Mary H. and Edgar L. Mrs. Dayton died October 12, 1871. Mr. Dayton was married again August 30, 1874, to Mrs. Margaret Lewis, widow of Thomas Lewis and daughter of Thomas Jenkinson of Ohio, formerly of England. Mrs. Dayton was born in England. She had four sons by her former marriage; the eldest, Edward W. Lewis now has a farm of 160 acres in OSAWATOMIE Township, Kan. where he now resides; Walter H., station agent at Scottsville, Mitchell Co, Kan.; Irving R., station agent at Spring Hill, Johnson Co., Kan., and Thomas J., at home on the farm with his mother who immigrated to Kansas from Cleveland, Ohio with her four sons in 1872, where she has since resided. Mr. Dayton has served four years as Justice of the Peace of this township. He has a well improved farm of 120 acres.

LEANDER M. DAVIS, farmer, Section 8, Township 16, Range 23, P. O. Hillsdale. Mr. Davis was born in Logan County, Ill. in 1858. He was brought up a farmer and came to Ottawa, Kan., in 1869, where he engaged in farming. He sold out in the winter of 1880-81 and purchased his present farm of ninety acres on Section 8., Marysville. He was married in Kansas, in February, 1881, to Alida, daughter of John Young. They have one child, a daughter, named Ada.

ROBERT DUNN, farmer, Section 20, Township 15, Range 23, P. O. Spring Hill, Johnson County, is one of the pioneers of 1857; of Miami County. He is a native of Ireland, and was born January 2, 1828. When twenty-one years of age (1849) he immigrated to America and made his home in Mifflin County, Pa, where he resided till January, 1857. He then removed to Kansas., Traveling by team, he made a circuit and reached the State through Iowa and Nebraska. He made a claim in the township of Stanton, Miami County, and purchased his land at the land sales of 1857. Lived in Stanton one year and then removed to Spring Hill, Johnson County. In 1861, he returned to Pennsylvania and enlisted in 1863, in the Third Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery; was transferred to regular United States Battery and served a year and eight months as an unassigned recruit. After the close of the war he returned to Kansas(the fall of 1865) and purchased his present farm of 320 acres. He was married in Pennsylvania, January 1, 1863, to Miss Gertrude, daughter of Peter Sharp. Mrs. Dunn was born in Pennsylvania. They have eight children, four sons and four daughters-Elizabeth, David, Jennie, Gertrude, Thomas, Noah, Fannie and Robert. Mr. Dunn has served one term as Trustee of Marysville Township and held other minor offices. During the early years of his residence he earnestly endeavored to encourage immigration into the State, and without indulging in empty compliments it may be said that it is by the influence of whole-souled, intelligent, enterprising men like Mr. Dunn, that the settlement of a new country by a good class of citizens is secured.

P. C. EATON, merchant and Postmaster, dealer in general merchandise, established at this point in 1871. He was born in Massachusetts, March 22, 1837. When three years of age he removed with his parents to Rensselaer County, NY where he resided until 1853. He then removed to Illinois and engaged in farming. He enlisted July 27, 1861 as a private of Company D, Ninth Regiment Missouri Volunteers and was transferred with his company to the Fifty-ninth Illinois Infantry. He was promoted to First Sergeant and served four years and six months and was discharged in January, 1866.He came to Kansas in the spring of 1868 and located at Tontzville, Marysville Township. In 1871 he bought out A. C. Smith, a general merchant of Hillsdale and was appointed Postmaster in June, 1871. He was married in Kansas, to Mrs. Louisa Thorp. Mrs. Eaton was born in Ohio. Her widowed mother and family were among the pioneers of Kansas of 1855. Mr. and Mrs. Eaton have one child living-Lottie. Mr. Eaton has a farm of 80 acres, situated in Marysville Township; also 11 acres adjoining town of which 5 acres are kept for a park.

JACOB KEISER, farmer and proprietor of Hillsdale Elevator, P. O. and residence Hillsdale. He has 160 acres of land situated on Section 14, Marysville Township 16, Range 23 and 240 acres in Section 20, Wea, Township 16, Range 24, making about 400 acres in all. Mr. Keiser was born in Augusta County, Va., January 11, 1818. About 1867 he removed to Missouri and in 1869 came to Kansas and located in the township of Wea, Section 20, Township 16, Range 24, where he engaged in farming until the fall of 1880, when he moved to Hillsdale, still retaining his farm. He is now the proprietor of the only elevator at Hillsdale station, on the Kansas, City, Fort Scott & Gulf R. R. and also owns other real estate in the village.

WILLIAM S. KEISER, farmer, school teacher, and Township Trustee, Hillsdale station P. O. Hillsdale, was born in Virginia, October 12, 1861. Is a son of Jacob Keiser and came to Kansas with his parents in 1869. Was educated at Paola and at Lawrence, Kan and engaged in farming and teaching school. He was elected Township Trustee of Marysville in February, 1883, when not quite twenty-two years of age.

R. W. LESLIE, farmer, Section 30, Township 15, Range 23, P. O. Spring Hill, was born in Iredell County, N. C., August 22, 1835. Was brought up in that locality. At the time of the breaking out of the late war he was holding the position of Postmaster at Enola, and during the first years of the troubles was exempted from military service, but was obliged to serve the last two years in the Confederate Army. He emigrated to Kansas in February, 1869; purchased his present farm of 175 acres, March 1, of that year. He was married in North Carolina, May 6, 1851 to Miss N. H. Harkey, daughter of D. Harkey. They have four children, two sons and two daughters- Ella J., wife of William Dunn, of Marysville; Lee and Lucy D., twins and Robert.

H. L. LYON, deceased, was one of Miami County's earliest pioneers, and most respected citizens. He was born in Patrick County, V., March 24, 1826, moved to Van Buren County (now Cass Co, Mo.) in 1831, with his parents who were among the pioneers of that region. He was married in Missouri, September 2, 1845, to Miss Mary A. Tuggle. They had three children, two of whom are living, Albert, the eldest died in childhood; Paulina, the wife of J. B. Rowland, of Richland; James M., resides in Miami County., Mr. Lyon emigrated to Kansas in February, 1856, and located on Section 9, Township 16, Range 23; where then, in company with Mr. James Beets, surveyed and platted the township of Marysville, which was named Marysville after Mr. Lyon's wife (Mary) This lady only lived a few months after her removal to Kansas; her death occurred May 3, 1856. Hers was the first known death of a white person in this township. Mr. Lyons engaged in mercantile business with Mr. Jonathan Miller, at Marysville in the fall of 1857. This connection continued til 1863, when Mr. Miller sold out to Mr. Lyon and joined the army. Mr. Lyon was appointed the first Postmaster at Marysville and was appointed Justice of the Peace and held that position many years. He entered the army at an early stage of the war; was commissioned First Lieutenant and served during the war. Mr. Lyon had devoted some attention to the study of medicine and for many years was physician to people of his neighborhood. In 1866 he sold out his stock of goods to Mr. T. H. Hollenback who moved the stock to Hillsdale. Mr. Lyon was married December 17, 1856, to Miss Margaret A. Williams. They had three children, all of whom died in childhood. Mrs. Lyons died May 23, 1865. Mr. Lyon was married again April 8, 1866 to Miss Sarah A. Wagoner, daughter of Jacob Wagoner., Mrs. Lyon was born in Virginia; she lost her father in Ohio, in 1848 and emigrated to Kansas, with her mother in 1855. They have one child, a daughter, Laura M. Mr. Lyon was an active member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. This church was the first organized in Miami County, and was a flourishing and prosperous church prior to the war. Mr. Lyon served many years as church steward; he was also a prominent Mason of many years standing. His death occurred January 3, 1883, leaving wife and daughter and a large circle of friend to mourn his loss. Mr. Lyon was widely and favorable known throughout the State, and universally honored and respected. Immediately after his marriage to Miss Wagoner, he moved his fine farm of 259 acres on Section 5, Marysville, where his widow and daughter still reside.

JAMES V. LYON, farmer, Section 26, Township 15, Range 23, P. O. Spring Hill, was born in Mason County, Ky., May 27, 1821. When twenty-one years of age he moved to LaFayette County, Mo., where he resided til the spring of 1858; when he removed to his present farm in Kansas, which he had purchased the year before. Mr. Lyon came to Kansas, first in 1855, but owing to the turbulent condition of things here at that time he did not deem it advisable to bring his family here at that time, and so waited til the spring of 1858. He has a well improved farm of 160 acres, which he purchased of the Government. The land being a part of the Shawnee Reservation. Mr. Lyon has served ten years as Justice of the Peace, and served as a member of the town board, under the town system. During the late war he served in the State Militia and held a Second Lieutenant's commission. He was married in Missouri, November 4, 1847, to Miss Frances A. Payne, daughter of Thomas Payne. Mrs. Lyon was born in Woodford County, Ky. They have ten children, six sons and four daughters. Mary, is the wife of Chandler Fletcher, of Elk County, Kan.; Lycurgus, Charles T., John T., Eli B., George B., William P., Nettie, Altie and Ollie.

JESSIE G. MCDANIEL, farmer, Section 26, Township 15, Range 23, P. O. Hillsdale. Mr. McDaniel came to this township in 1854, with the first party of white settlers and was the fourth man to move his family into the township, in the spring of 1855. He made his claim of 160 acres on Section 4, Township 16, Range 23, in October, 1854. Mr. McDaniel was born in North Carolina, November 7, 1823. He moved with his parents to East Tennessee when eleven years of age and from there to Van Buren County, Mo., in 1844 and to Kansas in the spring of 1855. He was married in Tennessee, January 19, 1842, to Miss Annie Beets, daughter of Joseph Beets. Mrs. McDaniels was born in Tennessee. They have five children, three daughters and two sons, all residents of Miami County.

D. M. MALONE, M. D., physician and surgeon. Was born in Gibson County, Tenn., November 5, 1834. He commenced the study of medicine in 1853. Took a regular course at McDowell's Medical College, of St. Louis, Mo. and graduated in 1856. He began the practice of his profession at Chesapeake, Lawrence Co, Mo. and continued in practice there six years. He then removed to Delta, McLean Co Ill, two years later removed to Farmers City, Ill. In 1878 he came to Kansas and located at Hillsdale, where he has been in practice to this date. He was married in Missouri in 1856 to Miss Mary, daughter of Mathew Knowles. Mrs. Malone was born in Warren County, Ky. They have six children, Samuel, a practicing physician of Paola, Elizabeth, Nannie, William and Jesse. Doctor Malone has served one term as Trustee of Marysville Township and held other minor offices.

G. J. MASTERS, farmer, Section 23, Township 16, Range 23, P. O. Hillsdale. Mr. Masters is the son of John and Elizabeth Masters and was born in Jessamine County, KY., Aug. 17, 1848. He went to Illinois with his parents and from there to Kansas in 1867. He was brought up a farmer, and was married in September, 1873, to Amanda E. Peery, daughter of Henry Peery. Mrs. Masters was born in Indiana. They have two children, Claude and Earl. Mr. Masters has served one tern as Township Clerk of Marysville. He has long been a member of the Christian Church of Hillsdale, of which he is a most zealous supporter.

JAMES MASTERS, farmer, Section 23, P. O. Hillsdale, son of Elizabeth and John Masters, was born in Jefferson County, Ky., November 30, 1844. Came to Kansas in 1867, and engaged in farming., He was married in Kansas October 20, 1869, to Miss Susan Shultz, daughter of Absolom Shultz. Mrs. Masters was born in Iowa. She died in May, 1873, leaving a daughter Minnie. Mr. Masters was married again, October 20, 1875, to Miss Mary, daughter of John Rutledge. They have one daughter, Susan. Mr. Masters has a fine farm of 160 acres, on Section 23, Township 16, Range 23, where he intends to reside. He is at present conducting the farm at the old homestead, on Section 27.

JOHN MASTERS, deceased, was born in Richmond, Ky., in 1812. He was a wagonmaker by trade and followed that business in Kentucky until 1853, when he moved to Blooming Grove, Ill, and soon after to Bloomington in the same county. He continued working at his trade and farming til 1867, when he came to Kansas and settled on Section 27, Township 16, Range 23, Marysville, Miami County. He came to Kansas in hopes to secure cheap lands for his sons. He purchased 320 acres of prairie and thirty acres of timber, erected good buildings and improved his farm till it was one of the best in this region. Mr. Masters was widely and favorably known as an upright honorable man, commanded the respect and esteem of his neighbors and fellow citizens. He was a member of the Christian Church the greater part of his life and was energetic and liberal in its support. His death occurred at his home. He was married in Kentucky in 1841, to Elizabeth, daughter of John Hendrick. Mrs. Masters was born in Glasgow, Cumberland Gap, Va. They have six sons and two daughters living- William H. of Miami County; Joseph T., of Newton, Kan., James S., G. J., Mary, now Mrs. Lyons, Woodson N., and Hendrick. The five younger are all married and residing in Marysville. Lizzie, the youngest, died, aged three years. All the children but two are members of the Christian Church of Hillsdale. Mrs. Masters survives her husband and lives at the old homestead.

JASPER MORRIS, farmer, Section 5, Township 16, Range 23, P. O. Hillsdale. Was born in Platte County, Mo., July 4, 1846. he came to Kansas with relatives in the spring of 1858, made his home on what was known as the Neutral Lands, now Crawford County; moved to Miami County in 1865, and settled on his present farm in the spring of 1871. He was married July 25, 1868, to Miss Annie, daughter of James H. Williams, of Marysville. Mrs. Morris was born in Illinois. They have five children, Mary E., Charlotte, Luella, Edna M., and Franklin. Mr. Morris has a well improved farm of 127 1/2 acres.

DR. P. J. MORRISON, merchant and physician, dealer in general merchandise and grain. Dr. Morrison was born in Western Canada, June 22, 1844. He began the study of medicine in 1866, at Victoria College, Toronto. After attending one term in that institution he went to Ann Arbor, Mich., and completed his studies in the State University where he attended two years and graduated in 1869. He then came direct to Miami County, Kan., and established himself in practice at Columbia, now Hillsdale, where he has continued to this date, 1883. In 1875, he purchased the general store of Mr. Thomas Hollenback at this point, which he still carries on, having an average stock of $4,500 value, and making annual sales of from $18,000 to $20,000. His shipments of grain amount to from 100 to 120 car loads per season. His shipments of flaxseed amount to $20,000 a season. He also does an extensive business in live stock. He was married at Gardner, Kan., in the spring of 1870 to Mrs. Sarah E. Hollenback, daughter of Thomas Hollenback. Mrs. Morrison was born in California. They have four children, three sons and one daughter- James P., Alexander D., Sarah E. and John.

JAMES OFFICER, deceased, was born in Overton County, Tenn., December 20, 1817; was married March 5, 1840, to Cyntha, daughter of Wesley Henderson. Mrs. Officer was born in Overton County, Tenn. Mr. Officer moved to Macoupin County, Ill., in 1830 and from there to Kansas in 1864. Mr. and Mrs. Officer had a family of fourteen children, all of whom grew to maturity and all but one are alive at this writing. The oldest, William P. is married and lives in Marysville Township; Sarah E., wife of James Jennings, of Butler County; Thos. W., is married and lives in Marysville; James F., is married, lives in Marysville; Margaret, wife of S. H. Sanders, of Hillsdale; Mary F., wife of L. L. Whelan, Kansas City; Robert M., died, aged twenty-seven years; Horatio H. is married, lives in Marysville; Julius L. is married, lives in Marysville; Laura S., wife of Jacob Landis, of Osage County; Preston E. and Blanche A., of Hillsdale. Mr. Officer located on Section 22, Marysville, Miami Co., Kas., where he had 200 acres of land. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church; and Republican in politics. He was engaged in farming until the time of his death, which occurred May 18, 1878. He was highly esteemed by his neighbors, as an upright man and a good citizen. His wife survives him and lives at Hillsdale, Kas.

JULIUS L. OFFICER, Farmer, Section 22, Township 16, Range 22, P. O. Hillsdale. Mr. Officer was born in Macoupin County, Ill., May 6, 1854. He came to Kansas with his parents in 1864 and made his home in Marysville Township, Miami County, on the farm he now occupies. He was married March 3, 1880 to Miss Josie, daughter of John Young. Mrs. Officer was born in Kansas.

WILLIAM P. OFFICER, farmer, Section 22, Township 16, Range 23, P. O. Hillsdale, was born in Morgan County, Ill., August 7, 1841; was brought up a farmer and enlisted May 11, 1861, as a private in Company D, Fourteenth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and was discharged August 15, 1861 for physical disability. Re-enlisted February 11, 1864, in Company B, Tenth Illinois Infantry and served til the close of the war. He came to Kansas in July, 1865, and engaged in farming, in Marysville Township, Miami County. He was married in this county July 7, 1867, to Miss Rebecca M. Whelan, daughter of P. M. Whelan. Mrs. Officer was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. They have had five children, of whom four are living- Ollie L, Ulysses S., Nellie A., Thomas L. (died in childhood) and Estella L. Mr. Officer has a well improved farm.

SARDINE S. OLNEY, farmer, Section 24, Township 15, Range 23, P. O. Spring Hill, was born in Washington County, Ohio, September 17, 1827. Was brought up a farmer and continued to reside in Ohio until March, 1878, when he removed to Kansas and located on his present farm. He was married in Ohio, December 31, 1855, to Miss Martha, daughter of Eli Bingham. Mrs. Olney was born in Guernsey County, Ohio. They have seven children, four sons and three daughters-George S., married and living in Marysville; Dudley W., married and living in Johnson County, Kas.; Frank H., Martha, Sardine S., Mary and Jennie. Mr. Olney has a well improved farm of two hundred acres, 160 of which lies on the west line of Wea Township and adjoining the forty acres on which he lives.

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