William G. Cutler's

History of the State of Kansas

was first published in 1883 by A. T. Andreas, Chicago, IL.

Message from the volunteers

While transcribing the History of the State of Kansas, edited by William G. Cutler, we attempted to retain all the original text, including spelling and grammar errors. Our motivation was similar to that of the pioneers of the Old West, that is, we see ourselves as neighbors helping neighbors. A great many of us have ancestors who lived in Kansas, and had help from other family historians/genealogists in our search for family history, so we saw this project as a way to repay the assistance we have received. However, as they say in the legal field, the book "speaks for itself," and does not necessarily reflect the opinions and values held by us, or the University of Kansas. The history is in effect a time capsule that was written by the white settlers of Kansas, and therefore reflects the opinions and beliefs held by the authors of the various chapters in that time and place.

[Cutler's History of the State of Kansas]