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Emporia Lodge, No. 12, A., F. & A. M. - An informal meeting of those interested in Masonry was held January 15, 1858, and L. H. D. Bailey was elected W. M.: H. W. Fick, S. W., and C. F. Maurer, J. F. The first regular meeting held July 24, 1858. A charter was granted December 21, 1864, with the following charter members: B. J. Purcell, C. V. Eskridge, H. W. Fick, E. Boron, and T. E. Hicks. Its present officers are J. C. Jones, W. M., W. W. Scott, S. W.; W. F. Ewing, J. W.; F. W. Hirth, Sec. Regular meetings are held on first Friday evenings of each month in the Masonic Temple. Present number of members, 154.

Emporia Chapter, No. 12, R. A. M., was organized under dispensation, June 4, 1869. A charter was granted October 19, 1869, with P. B. Plumb, H. P.; T. G. Wibley, king; B. Y. Hunt, scribe. Present officers are J. Jay Buck, H. P.; D. A. Stahl. king; John C. Jones scribe; F. W. Hirth. Sec. Regular communications are held on the second Friday evening of each month at Masonic Temple. Present number of members, sixty-two.

Emporia Council. No. 7, R. S. & S. E. M., was organized May 5, 1880, with twelve members. Its first officers were J. C. Bennett, T. I'll. M.; J. Jay Buck, D. M., W. W. Hibben Treas.; J. J. Pettingell, Rec. Present officers are R. E. Torrington. T. I'll. M.; D. A. Stahl, D. M.; J. H. Willhite. Treas.; J. J. Pettingell, Sec. Regular meetings held on fourth Friday evenings of March, June, September and December. Present membership, fifteen.

Emporia Commandery, No. 8. K. T., was organized under a charter dated May 6, 1875. Its first officers were Sir L. D. Jacobs, Em. Com.; Sir H. C. Cross, Gen.; Sir A. Gilbert, Capt. Gen.; Sir D. A. Stahl, P.; Sir W. W. Hibben, S. W.; Sir T. C. Watson, J. W.; Sir L. L. Halleck, Treas.; Sir T. C. Davidson. Rec. Present officers are Sir J. M. Steele. Em. Com. Sir D. A. Stahl. Gen.; Sir W. W. Hibben. Capt. Gen.; J. F. Culver. P.; Sir L. T. Halleck, S. W.; Sir C. W. Cleaver. J. W.; Sir S. R. Hall, Treas.; Sir Edward Borton, Rec. Regular conclaves are held on third Friday evenings of each month at Masonic Temple. Present membership, fifty-eight.

Union Lodge, No. 15, I. 0. 0. P., was organized under a charter dated June 20, 1865, with the following charter members: Joseph Hall, W. F. Hanford, J. W. Weaver. Th. Hall, and Ross Thomas. Present officers: L. Dewees, N. G.; W. H. Solsby, V. G., Robert Jeff, Treas.; F. W. Hirth, Sec. Regular meetings held at Odd Fellows' Hall- Thursday evenings. Present number of members, 122.

Emporia Encampment, No. 17, I. 0. 0. F., was instituted under dispensation May 8, 1871. A charter was granted October 12, 1871, with the following charter members - H. H. Smith, Jos. Ruf, A. Graham, T. P. Hall, J. Bay, F. W. Hirth, A. S. Townsly. First officers - J. Bay, C. P.; J. Ruf, H. P.; T. P. Hall, S. W.; H. H. Smith, J. W.; F. W. Hirth, scribe. Its present officers are - F. Stuckey, C. P.; A. Fuller, H. P.; R. W. Jeremy, S. W.; R. Jeff. J. W.; W. W. Hirth, scribe. Regular meetings are held on second and fourth Thursday evenings of each month at I. O. O. F. Hall. Present number of members, twenty-one.

Central Lodge, No. 781, K. of H., was organized under a charter October 13. 1877, with eighteen members. Its first officers were - J. W. Trueworthy, P. D.; T. L. Halleck, D.; J. D. Davidson, V. D.; B. F. Kenyon. Rep.; W. S. Jay, Fin. Rep.; J. R. Graham, Treas.; Jos. Clark, Chap. Present officers - J. W. Trueworthy, D.; J. R. Graham, P. D.; H. E. Fox, Rep., A. McKinney. Treas.; Jos. Culver, Chap. Regular meetings are held at Weavers, Hall on first and third Wednesday evenings. Present membership, ninety-six.

Walkrup Lodge, No. 2010, K. of H., was instituted January 28, 1880, with forty-three members. Its first officers were - R. B. Welch, P. D.; R. E. Torrington. D.; J. H. Clotfelter, V. D.; C. O. Ryder, Asst. D.: S. F. Murphy, Fin. R.; C. V. Eskridge, Treas.; Rev. Th. Burrows, Chap. Present officers - S. B. Riggs. P. D.; F. McCain, D.; O. D. Rasmussen, V. D.; R. E. Torrington, Asst. D.; J. W. Truitt, R.; S. B. Riggs, Fin. R. Regular meetings are held on second and fourth Wednesday evenings at Weavers' Hall. Present number of members, sixty-one.

Martha Washington Lodge. No. 400, K. & L. of H. was organized February 22, 1881, with sixty-six members. First officers - J. M. Steele. P.; Mrs. H. M. Steele, V. P.; H. E. Fox, Sec'y.; O. D. Rasmussen. Fin. Sec'y; Mrs. D. W. Eastman. Treas.; Rev. R. Cordley Chap. Present officers - V. T. Davis, P.; Mrs. V. Hurst, V. P.; O. D. Rasmussen, Fin. Sec'y.; H. E. Fox Sec'y.; W. H. Bisler, Treas.; Mrs. L. Freeman. Chap. Regular meetings on first and third Tuesday evenings at Weavers' Hall.; Present number of members, sixty-five.

Damascus Lodge, No. 11. K. of P., was instituted under a charter dated March 6, 1874, with twenty charter members. Its first officers were - F. W. Watson, P. C., P. F. Jones. C. C.; M. L. Tunkhouse, V. C.; W. C. Stewart, P.; R. E. Morris, K. of R. & S.; f. D. Fox. M. F.; H. Dunlap, M. E.; J. W. Morris, M. A. Present officers - J. S. Conwell, P. C.; A. S. Smith, C. C.; C. P. Theis. V. C.; W. F. Ewing, P.; J. W. Feigham, M. F.; T. S. Jones- M. E.; - D. Hall, K. of R. & S.; W. C. Fithian, W. A.; N. B. Ireland, I. G.; A. Pickens. 0. G. Regular meetings are held every Wednesday evening at hall over postoffice building. Present membership, fifty.

Emporia Lodge, No. 2. A. 0. U. W., was organized under a charter granted September 10, 1877, with forty-seven members. First officers were - C. B. Bachelor, P. M. W.; J. C. Jones, M. W.; G. P. Jones, Fin.; E. Beck. F.; H. Dunlap - Rec.; D. S. Gilmore, Rec'd. Its present officers are - P. J. Carmichael, P. M. W.; T. E. McMillan. M. W.; C. C. Martin, F.; W. H. Summers, O.; S. H. Rich, Rec.; E. Beck. Fin.; T. F. Davenport, Rec'd.; Jas. E. Klock, G. Meets every Monday evening in Weaver's Hall. Present number of members, 180.

Emporia Post, No. 55, G. A. R., was organized under a charter dated May 6, 1882, with thirty, members. Its officers are: J. W. Feighan. Com., J. Jay Buck. Sen. vice-Com., W. F. Chalfante, Jr. vice-Com.; J. A. Young. Adj't.; W. H. Gilchrist, Q. M.; W. W. McCanliss. Surg.; W. D. Furgenson, 0. of G.; A. Buckner, Chap. Meets every Saturday evening at Weaver's Hall. Present membership, ninety.

In 1877, what is known as the Knights Templar Band, was organized with ten pieces. under the leadership of J. G. Egan, and T. C. Davidson, business manager. The organization purchased Instruments and uniforms, at a cost of $800. Their first contest was in August, 1877. at the Triennial Conclave of the Knights Templar, at Cleveland, Ohio. In September, 1877, they took the first prize at the Kansas City Exposition. In June, 1879, they accompanied the Kansas Editorial Excursion to Mackinaw. In August, 1880, they accompanied the Knights Templar to the Triennial Conclave, at Chicago. In the fall of 1881, the band was re-organized, under the same leadership, with sixteen members, and purchased new uniforms at a cost of $500. In September, 1882, they took the first prize at the Kansas State Fair, held at Topeka, in which the best bands in the State participated. It is today, the acknowledged leader of band organizations in the State, and is the pride of Emporia. Its present officers are, J. G. Egan, leader, and T. C. Davidson, business manager.

Emporia Rifles Co. E., 2nd Reg. Kan. Vol.,was organized under the laws of the State, providing for the organization of State militia in September, 1879, with forty-five men, under the command of E. P. Bruner, Capt.: L. S. Page, First Lieut.; C. A. Wolf, second Lieut. In the fall of 1881, in connection with the company, was organized the Emporia Rifles' Band, with thirteen pieces, under the leadership of C. D. Zellers. The Company is at present (1882) under the command of C. A. Wolf, Capt; G. W. Riggs. First Lieut.; W. P. Wilcox, Second Lieut. Armory is located between Second and Third avenues, in Commercial street.


The history of the banking business in Emporia dates back to 1867, when a private banking institution was established by J. R. Swallow, L. T. Heritage, and W. T. Soden, under the firm name of J. R. Swallow & Co. The firm occupied rooms in the old News building. In 1869, under the same management, the Emporia Bank was established.

The Emporia National Bank, was established June 4, 1872, wit h a capital stock of $50,000, under the official management of P. B. Plumb, president; W. T. Soden, vice-president, and L. T. Heritage, cashier, which position he has retained up to the present time. In January, 1879, the capital stock was increased to $75.000; in September, 1873, to $85.000, and in April, 1880, to $100,000. In 1873, Maj. C. Hood became a director, and in 1876 was elected vice-president, which position he has since held. This institution was not only the first National Bank established in Emporia, but in this part of the State. October 3, 1872, their deposits amounted to $75,923.28; October 3, 1882, $518,527.71. Their first year's exchange business amounted to $800,000; In 1882, over $4,000,000. In l882, their annual statement was as follows: Resources - Loans and discounts, $449,073.12; overdrafts, $8,306.25; United States bonds, $50,000; other bonds, $10,937; expenses and taxes, $4,159.56; due from the United States Treasurer, $2,259; due from banks, $137,401.95; cash, $88,555.58 - total, $750,773.55. Liabilities. - Capital stock, $100,000; surplus $50,00O; undivided profits, $37,245.81; circulation, $45,000; Deposits, $518,527; total, $750.733.55. Present Board of Directors: P. B. Plumb, C. Hood, L. T. Heritage, W. T. Soden, D. Bitler, A. Roberts, L. Lutz and A. G. Edniston. Officers: P. B. Plumb, Pres.; C. Hood, Vice-Pres.; L. T. Heritage, cashier; J. M. Steele, Ass't. cashier.

In the summer of 1869 S. B. Riggs, H. Dunlap and L. C. Robinson established what is now known as the Emporia Savings Bank. Under the firm name of Riggs, Dunlap & Co., the institution transacted a general banking business until the fall of 1883, when Mr. Riggs retired from the firm, L. C. Robinson having withdrawn his interest prior to 1873. The surviving members of the firm carried on the business until 1875, when the Emporia Savings Bank was organized with an authorized capital of $100,000. The board of directors are: J. Jay Buck, H. Dunlap, E. P. Bruner, J. J. Wright and J. W. Trueworthy. Officers: J. Jay Buck, Pres.; H. Dunlap, cashier and Sec'y.

In November, 1870, the Neosho Valley Bank was established, with a capital of $50,000. H. C. Cross was elected president and R. B. Hurst, cashier. The institution continued business under this name until January 1, 1872, when the First National Bank was organized, with a capital of $50.000. Its first officers were, H. C. Cross, Pres.; William Martindale, Vice-Pres.; R. B. Hurst, cashier. The capital was soon increased to $75.000, and about a year later was increased to $100,000. R. B. Hurst retained his position as cashier until his death, June, 1878. The vacancy was filled by Charles S. Cross, as acting cashier, until the date of his appointment, November 1,1881. Mr. Martindale, who was one of the original stockholders in the Neosho Valley Bank, has retained his position as vice-president of the institution up to the present time. Their statement as made October 3,1882, is as follows: Resources - Loans and discounts, $383,204 30; United States bonds, $25,000; Kansas school bonds, $18,602.45; furniture and fixtures, $3,000; Sight Exchange, $102,718.32; cash, $123,611.31; government bonds, $25,000; total, $681,136.41. Liabilities - Capital stock paid in, $100,000; surplus fund, $50,000; undivided profit, $7,729.70; circulation, $22,300; deposits, $500,966.71; total, $681,136.41. Present board of directors: H. C. Cross, William Martindale, C. S. Cross, E. R. Holderman, James B. Hinkle, Luther Severy.

An honorable mention may be made of the banks of Emporia to the effect that through all the vicissitudes and commercial panics occurring during the past fifteen years, they have always paid 100 cents on every dollar on demand.

Emporia Loan and Trust Company was incorporated in March, 1881, with a capital stock of $120,000. Board of directors and officers are: H. C. Cross, Pres.; L. C. Severy, vice Pres.; O. D. Swan, Sec'y and Att'y, and William Martindale.

Their method of business, briefly stated, is this: 1. Personal examination and appraisement of land offered as security for loans, by an officer of the Company or a special agent appointed for that purpose; also, suitable investigation of character and pecuniary responsibility of all applicants for loans. 2. Careful examination of title to land offered, and preparation of a full and complete abstract of title, to be approved before completing loan by the counsel of the Company. 3. Loans made only on security of first mortgage of land free from all incumbrances or prior liens. 4. Principal and interest payable at the First National Bank, New York, unless otherwise directed. 5. Annual ascertainment of payment or non-payment of taxes by borrower and timely notice to lender of non-payment thereof, without charge to lender. 6. In the event of mortgaged land coming into possession of lender, and his not wishing to hold same as an investment, the Company will take charge of the property for owner's account and pay taxes, let and collect rent, and sell same, without compensation to Company for its services, unless it can realize such compensation out of net proceeds of sale of said property.

Central Loan and Land Company: - Was incorporated in 1879, with P. B. Plumb, President; C. Hood, vice-president; S. B. Warren, Treasurer; Th. S. Krutz, Secretary; L. T. Heritage being an incorporator. Organizing with capital stock of $50,000, their principal business is first mortgages and real estate loans. Since their organization, the company has loaned over $1,500,000, their business extending over twenty counties of the State.

Lyon County Mutual Loan Association: - Was organized in June, 1878, with a capital stock of $150,000, which was subsequently increased to $185,000. Its first Board of Directors were E. P. Brunner, I. D. Fox, H. Dunlap, J. A. Young, J. M. Griffith, A. G. Lakin, F. Haussler, T. Stone and A. S. Smith. The company does a general loaning business. Present officers are: J. M. Griffith, president; H. Dunlap, treasurer; and D. W. Eastman, secretary.

Union Building and Loan Association: - Was incorporated March 26, 1880, with an authorized capital of $1,000,000. Subscribed capital, April, 1880, $160,000; July, $215,000; present (1882), $385,000. Board of Directors - 1880 to 1883 - D. W. Eastman. H. Dunlap, W. F. Chalfant, J. M. Griffith, E. P. Brunner, T. L. Ryan, J. K. Tyler, E. F. Sprague. As the name of the company signifies, their business is conducted . Present officers, J. M. Griffith, president; E. P. Brunner, vice-president; J. S. Watson, treasurer and H. Dunlap, secretary.


Emporia is celebrated all over the West for the excellence of its hotel facilities. Of the first hotel or tavern, a reference is made elsewhere in these pages. Of the ten or twelve hotels located in the city, there are three that deserve special mention. The Park Place Hotel, located on the corner of Third avenue and Merchants street, opposite the Santa Fe Depot, was erected in the fall and winter of 1877-78, and opened March 28, 1878. The building, as first erected was a three-story brick. 36x60 feet, since which time additions have been made. During the five years of its existence, it has been under the control of L. A. Luther.

The New Fifth Avenue Hotel is located on the corner of Fifth avenue and Merchants street, and was completed and opened in 1882. The building is a large handsome, two-story brick., with basement 50x90 feet, and was erected at a cost of $18,000. The house, under the management of William Powell, is meeting with favor from the traveling public.

The Emporia Hotel Company was incorporated May 12, 1880, with a capital stock of $20,000, which was subsequently increased to $30,000. The officers of the association were: H. C. Whitley, president; L. Severy, vice-president; R. D. Thomas, Treas.; A. M. Summers, Sec. A hotel known as the Hotel Coolidge, was erected on the corner of Sixth avenue and Merchants street, and opened to the traveling public May 1, 1881. The building, which is a large, substantial, three-story brick, 90 x110 feet, was erected at a cost of $30,000. On Its completion it was leased to E. K. Criley & Co., for a term of five years. Under its present management, it has the reputation of being one of the best appointed and well-regulated hotels in the State.

In 1880, a three-story brick building, 50x80 feet, was erected at a cost of $30,000, on the corner of Fifth avenue and Commercial street, by Maj. F. P. Bancroft. The third floor of the building was fitted up for theatrical use and was known as Bancroft's Hall. The auditorium had a seating capacity of 600. In 1879, the building passed into the hand's W. S. Jay. since which time it has been known as Jay's Opera House.
Whitley's Opera House was built by a stock company organized in April, 1881, with H. C. Whitley, Pres.; Charles S. Cross, Treas.; Van R. Holmes, Sec. and L. Severy, H. C. Cross, and William Martindale, as Directors. The building, which is a large three-story brick structure, 65x90 feet, was erected at a cost of $35,000, and was opened January 28,1882. Among its advantages may be mentioned: A stage, 36x60 feet, full sets of fire-proof scenery, well ventilated, heated by hot air, commodious dressing rooms, lighted with gas, protected from fire by the Holley System of Water Works, supplied with Andrews' Grand Opera chairs and a seating capacity of 200.


The first flour manufactured in this part of the State was made by W. T. Soden, in August, 1858. His mill was in what was then known as Cottonwood Township, now known as Pike Township. Prior to that time he operated a saw-mill at the same place, starting it in March, 1857. In the spring of 1860, he sold his mill, came to Emporia and erected one-half mile south of the city, on the Cottonwood, the Emporia Water Mills. The first building he erected was two and one-half stories, and 31x48 feet. It had one run of buhrs, and a capacity of less than 200 bushels per day. Since that time he has erected new buildings and enlarged his establishment generally. His mills now have six run of buhrs, with a capacity of 1,200 bushels per day.

On the opposite band from this mill is a three-story frame structure, 50x70 feet, erected in 1877. In 1874, Mr. Soden commenced the manufacture of furniture in the old mill building, and carried it on until the new building was completed. The present stone dam was built in 1879, and furnishes from 300 to 400 horse-power, ru running seven wheels in the grist mills and two in the furniture factory. Over $16,000 worth of furniture is manufactured annually.

The only foundry in the county, located at Emporia, on the M., K. & T. R. R. track was, in 1874, purchased by J. C. Jones. Mr. Jones operated it until 1876, when it was destroyed by fire. The foundry was immediately rebuilt on the corner of Market and Third avenue, and under its present management is doing a good business.

Emporia Carriage Factory -This industry was first established by Messrs. Ryan & Lyon, in 1872, they occupying a building on Sixth and Merchants streets. In 1874, Lyon retired, after which the firm name was known as Ryan & Conner. In 1878, Conner sold his interest, leaving T. L. Ryan sole proprietor. In the fall of 1881, he purchased the building in which his establishment is now located. The factory employs from ten to fifteen skilled mechanics and manufactures from forty to fifty vehicles annually.

Emporia Electric and Gaslight Company -Was incorporated February 26,1881, with a capital of $50,000, by W. S. Jay, J. M. Griffith, E. P. Brunner, L. L. Halleck and E. W. Cunningham. Gasworks were immediately erected. Four and one-half miles of main; two benches of three, and one of four retorts, are in use.

City Mills.-In the summer of 1882, a four-story brick mill, 30x46 feet was erected by T. Armor. The is mill operated by steam power, has five run of buhrs, with a capacity of six hundred bushels every twenty-four hours.

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