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JACOB BOLT, farmer, Section 4, Township 18, Range 11, P. O. Americus, was born in Westmoreland County, Pa,. March 30, 1822. He resided in his native county until 1844, then removed to Adams County, Ill., and engaged in farming and carpentering. He remained in Illinois until the fall of 1877, when he came to Kansas, locating on Allen Creek, in Fremont Township, where he bought an improved farm of 304 acres, which he has since improved and operated. The following winter he bought another improved farm of eighty acres, situated on Allen Creek, which he now rents. His principal crop is corn. He raises some cattle and hogs. Mr. Bolt is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He has been a member of the School Board of Fremont Township, three years. He married Miss Elizabeth McNutt, of Adams County, Ill., May 3, 1849, by which marriage he has had eleven children, of whom, Mary B., William B., Emma B., (married to Dr. A. J. Sax, of Americus), James D., Lizzie F., Rosa Lee., John W., George L. and Charles I., are living.

CHARLES D. BURDICK, farmer, Section 14, Township 18, Range 11, P. O. Emporia, was born July 19, 1831, in St. Lawrence County, N. Y., while he was yet an infant his parents moved to Otsego County, where his youth was passed upon a farm. He received an academic education. In the fall of 1849 he removed, with his parents to Rock County, Wis., and there remained until 1857, when he came to Kansas locating in Lyon County, in May, and pre-empted 160 acres of land situated on Dow Creek, in Fremont Township, which he at once began to improve. The following year he sold eighty acres of his claim and has since been engaged in the cultivation of the remainder, except about five years during the war, when he was away. He was in the Government service about six months stationed in Tennessee, and was connected with the construction corps of the army. He has made valuable improvements on his farm, including dwelling, barn and other farm buildings, and a large and very fine orchard, containing about 300 apple, 500 peach, and 200 cherry trees; besides other fruits and berries. The land is all under cultivation except about ten acres of timber. His principal crop is corn. Mr. Burdick is a member of the Seventh Day Baptist church. He held the office of Postmaster of the Fremont postoffice two and a half years before it was discontinued. He has been a member of the School Board and has held other local offices. He married Mrs. Malinda Childers, of Fulton County, Ill., March 22, 1866. She has two children by her former marriage - John M. and James E. Childers. Mr. Burdick is now writing a history of the Burdick family.

WILLIAM HOLLINGSWORTH, farmer, Section 35, Township 18, Range 11, P. O. Emporia, was born January 13, 1817, in Union County, Ind., where he was brought up on a farm, receiving a common school education. In the spring of 1841 he removed to Wayne County, where he remained., engaged in foundry and machine business until he came to Kansas. In the fall of 1860 he located in Lyon County, renting a farm on Allen Creek, in Fremont Township, which he operated three years. In 1863 he bought 120 acres of partly improved land, situated at the junction of Taylor and Allen creeks, upon which he removed and began to improve. He has ever since continued to operate this farm. In 1870, he built a commodious dwelling, and also has upon the place a barn, corn cribs and other farm buildings, and an orchard of about 200 apple, 400 peach and 80 pear trees, besides two acres of smaller fruits. He raises some cattle and hogs; his principal crop is corn. He is a member of the Neosho Grange No. 523, P. of H. He has held the office of Treasurer of Fremont Township two years and been a member of the School Board five years. He married Miss Martha A. Cooney, of Union County, Ind., September 26, 1838, by which marriage he has had ten children, of whom Ellen F., Benjamin Franklin, Salathiel, Mary, Elizabeth, Thos. Harmon and Charles P. are now living. Mr. and Mrs. H. are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

WILLIAM E. McCREARY, farmer, Section 27, Township 18, Range 11, P. O. Emporia, was born at Chillicothe. Ohio, March 19, 1844. When about seven years old he removed with his parents to Lancaster County, Pa.; five years later returned Ohio. August, 1862, he enlisted as a private in Company I, eighty-first Regiment Ohio Volunteers, Army of the Tennessee, and was at Corinth, Resaca, Dallas and Kenesaw Mountain, the siege of Atlanta and other engagements. He had chronic diarrhea at Atlanta and was sent to the hospital, in which he remained four months. Receiving a sick furlough, he returned home, rejoined his regiment in North Carolina, was present at the grand review of Sherman's army, was mustered out of service July 13, 1865, at Louisville, Ky. He then went to Lancaster County Pa., and engaged in civil engineering and farming until he came into Kansas. He located on Allen Creek in Fremont Township, Lyon County, in the spring of 1871, upon a farm. He improved this and operated it until 1877, when he sold it and bought a farm situated on Dow Creek, four miles north of Emporia. He has since made improvements upon this farm. He is a member of Emporia Lodge No. 2., A. O. U. W., and of Emporia Post of the G. A. R. Married Miss Lizzie Kiefer, of Lancaster County, Pa., September 13, 1870; has one child, Mary Louisa, born February 29, 1876.

HON. P. B. MAXSON, farmer, P. O. Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas, came to Fremont Township May 8, 1858. In 1859 he pre-empted the claim on which he resides, southeast quarter of Section 3, Township 18 south, Range 11 east. Mr. Maxson is a native of Hopkinton, Washington County, R. I., where he was born July 20, 1826. He was raised on a farm, under the old regulations of the New England farmer, which means toil six days in the week, from dawn of day 'till dusky eve, out of door work during fair weather, and repairs during the rainy days; no lost time. He received his academic education at De Ruyter Institute, Madison County, N. Y. He then engaged in teaching the village school at Rockville and Centreville, R. I., for three years, then kept the Rockville Mf'g Co's books. Was Postmaster, and clerk of the Baptist Church at Rockville. His health becoming impaired, he changed his situation to that of bookkeeper for Geo. Greenman & Co., ship builders, and the Greenmanville Manufacturing Co., at Mystic, Conn. In March, 1856, he set out for Kansas. Spent most of the summer in traveling. He visited Wisconsin, where he remained for a year then went to Kansas by team and settled as above stated. He served in the Assembly in 1861, and in the Senate in 1862-63. Was re-elected to the Senate in the fall of 1866. In September, 1865, he organized the Union Pacific Railway Southern Branch Company. He was elected secretary and director of this company, and served till the road and franchises were turned over to the Land Grant and Trust Co., of New York. Mr. Maxson was instrumental in securing the franchises to this road. In October, 1866, he visited the Cherokee Nation, and in company with Mr. N. S. Goss, secured from their Legislature (Council) a treaty granting to the company the right of way through their lands in the Indian Nation, also other valuable franchises which the company realized. The treaty also pledged $500,000 cash subscription to the capital stock of the company, which, however, has not been made. The road was afterwards known as the M., K. & T., now a part of the Missouri Pacific system. Mr. Maxson resigned his position as secretary and director in January, 1871, and was appointed Register of the U. S. Land Office at Humboldt, Kansas, which position he filled till the appointing power was changed. He has been, and is now, identified with the farmers' organization known as the Grange, and has been Secretary of the State Grange for six years. Mr. Maxson has been prominent in working up the franchises of the Kansas City and Emporia Railroad, and has settled the right of way. Has also been employed to look after the interest of the St. Louis & Emporia Railroad. His is a member in good standing of the A., F. & A. M., No. 12; K. of P., No. 11, of Kansas, and of the K. of H., No. 781. Of the two last he was a charter member. In November, 1851, Mr. Maxon was married at De Ruyter, Madison Co., N. Y. , to Mary S. Wilcox, daughter of Willard D. Wilcox. Ms. Maxson was a native of Scott, Cortland County, N. Y. They have four children - Mary P., now Mrs. Charles C. Vickers, of Morris County, Kan.; Clara G., now Mrs. Wm. T. Ewing, of Emporia, Kan.; Jennie A., now attending the State Normal School, and Willard P., an only son.

JOHN M. KNOX, farmer, Section 19, Township 18, Range 12, P. O. Emporia, was born in Morgan County, Ohio, March 5, 1843. When he was about ten years old his parents removed to Illinois, where he remained upon a farm until August, 1862, when he enlisted as a private in Company A, One Hundred and Twenty-fourth Regiment, Illinois Volunteers. Was assigned to General Logan's First Brigade, Third Division of the Seventeenth Army Corps, and participated in the battles of Fort Gibson, Raymond, Jackson, Champion Hills, the siege of Vicksburg, the Monroe and Brownsville Campaigns, and the Meridian expedition. Was transferred to the Third Division, Seventeenth Army Corps, and under Gen. Canby participated in the campaign against Yazoo City, the battle of Benton and the campaign against Mobile, Montgomery and Spanish Fort. The regiment marched by land and water over 4,100 miles, and was engaged in 14 skirmishes, 10 battles and 2 sieges. Mr. Knox was discharged in September, 1865, and soon after located in Bureau County, Ill., and engaged in farming, in which he continued until he came to Kansas. In the fall of 1878 he purchased a farm of 146 acres, situated in Fremont Township, on the old Burlingame road, about five miles northeast of Emporia, and in January, 1879, located upon it. His farm is well improved, about eighty acres being under cultivation. He has a very fine orchard, containing about 1,000 peach, 500 apple and 200 trees of other fruits. Mr. Knox is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He married Miss Mary M. Wood, of Bureau County, Ill., February 20, 1867, by which marriage he has had three children, of whom Carleton E. and Willie E. are living.

ROBERT ROBERTS, farmer and stock raiser, Section 26, Township 18, Range 11, P. O. Emporia, was born in Greene County, Va., February 28, 1826. While he was yet an infant, his parents removed to Rockingham County, in the same State, where he was raised. In 1845, he removed to Cass County, Ill., where he remained, engaged in farming, until the fall of 1855, when he removed to Kansas. He located first in Douglas County, but in March, 1857, removed to Lyon, then Breckinridge County, and pre-empted 160 acres of land, situated in Fremont Township, at the Junction of Down and Allen creeks, two and a half miles north of Emporia. This he at once began to improve and has since owned. He has since purchased additional land, and now has in the home farm 560 acres, well improved. He has upon the place a fine commodious dwelling, good barn and other farm buildings. In partnership with Daniel King, he also owns a cattle range of 2,500 acres, in Lyon and Wabaunsee counties. They are extensively engaged in raising, feeding, and handling cattle and hogs. During the war of the Rebellion. Mr. Roberts was employed by the Government, freighting between Lyon County and Fort Gibson, Indian Ter. He is a member of Central Lodge, No. 781 K. of H. He married Miss Catharine Ater, of Morgan County, Ill., February 2, 1851, by whom he has one child, Nancy A., married to P. G. Serviss, and residing near the home farm.

RICHARD J. RUDISILL, farmer, Section 24, Township 18, Range 11, P. O. Emporia, was born January 1, 1837, in Morgan County, Ill., where he was raised upon a farm. He was educated in the common schools of his county, and at Berean College, Jacksonville, Ill. He was engaged in farming until April, 1861, when he enlisted as a private in Company E, Tenth Regiment Illinois Volunteers, or three months, during which time he was stationed at Cairo. In August, 1861, he again enlisted in Company G, Thirty- fourth Regiment Illinois Volunteers. Was soon detailed as Acting Commissary Sergeant of the regiment, in which capacity he served most of the time until he was taken sick and sent to the hospital at Nashville, Tenn., from which he was discharged for disability. He returned to Morgan County, and in the fall of 1863, removed to Sangamon County, where he engaged in farming until 1870, when he engaged in mercantile business at Pleasant Plains, Ill. He continued in this business about two years then sold out, and for the benefit of his wife's health, came to Kansas, located in Lyon County in the fall of 1872, upon a farm situated on Taylor Creek, in Fremont Township, about five miles northeast of Emporia. He has erected a fine farm dwelling, barn and other buildings, planted an orchard of 650 apple and over 400 peach trees, besides smaller fruits, ornamental trees, and made other valuable improvements, having one of the most attractive homes in the township. He has since bought 240 acres adjoining the first purchase, and seventy-five acres situated on Dow Creek; one acre of the later purchase he has since donated for the erection upon it of the Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church, which was completed in 1882. He has about 140 acres under cultivation, six acres of timber land, and uses the remainder for hay and grazing purposes. His principal crop is corn, most of which he feeds to his own cattle and hogs. Mr. Rudisill is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and superintendent of the Central Union Sabbath School, held at the Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., also a member of the Neosho Grange, P. of H. He has been Clerk of Fremont Township two years, and in February, 1883, was elected for another term. He has been a member of the School Board, and Clerk of the same several years. He married Miss Mary J. Hayes, of Sangamon County, Ill., November 13, 1862, by which marriage he has had five children, of whom Mary E., Annie C., Flora A. and Charles A. are now living.

CARL SCHEEL, farmer, Section 31, Township 17, Range 11, P. O. Emporia, was born in Germany, December 19, 1833. He came to the United States in 1857, and after a residence of about a year in Will County, Ill., came to Kansas. He located in Lyon County in the spring of 1858, and pre-empted 160 acres of land situated on Dow Creek, in Fremont Township which he improved and farmed until the fall of 1882, when he sold it and bought 160 acres of unimproved land adjoining. He has since purchased 320 acres adjoining, 160 acres about a mile northwest, and eighty acres three-quarters of a mile west of the home farm, so that he now operates 720 acres, of which about 280 acres are under cultivation. He raises many cattle and hogs, feeding all his crops, which are principally corn, to his own stock. He has made valuable improvements upon the home farm, including a commodious dwelling, barn, extensive cattle sheds, corn cribs, etc; has an orchard of about 700 apple, 400 peach and 100 pear trees, besides smaller fruits. He has about 225 head of cattle and fifty hogs. Mr. S. was enrolled in the State Militia during the War of the Rebellion, and was called into service at the time of the Price raid and during an Indian alarm. He has been a member of the Township School Board about ten years. He married Miss Parmelia Hill, of Fremont Township, June 2, 1862, by whom he has three children - William A., Charles and Lizzie. Mr. and Mrs. S. are members of the Church of United Brethren.

WILLIAM STANLEY, farmer, Section 27, Township 18, Range 11, P. O. Emporia, was born in Cass County, Ind., November 6, 1834. He was left an orphan before reaching his tenth year, and has since been dependent upon his own resources. He worked upon a farm in his native county until about nineteen years old, then removed to Iowa, where he remained about two years, then, after a year spent in Harrison County, Mo., he came to Kansas, in the spring of 1856. Pre-empted 160 acres situated on Dow Creek, in Fremont Township, about three miles north of Emporia. He at once began improving this farm, and resided upon it until 1862, when he entered the service of the United States, as a civilian employee in the Quartermaster Department, and for about three years was engaged in freighting from Leavenworth and Kansas City to frontier posts. After the close of the war he returned home, and has since operated his farm. He has an orchard of about 350 apple and 200 peach trees, besides smaller fruits. He raises cattle and hogs. Principal crop is corn, most of which he feeds to his stock. During the two years in which he lived upon his farm before marriage, his place was, during his necessary absence, frequently by Indians, who stole from him several head of stock, besides provisions, etc. Mr. Stanley is a member of Central Lodge, No. 781, K. of H., of Emporia. He has been a member of the District School Board, and Clerk and Treasurer of the same several years. He married Miss Matilda S. Filener, of Lyon County, December, 1858, by whom he has had six children - Mary E., William A., Maggie D., Katie V., Matilda and Frankie, all living.


DANIEL BITLER, farmer and stock dealer, Section 3, Township 21, P. O. Bitlertown was born in Schuylkill County, Pa,. September 24, 1820, where he remained on a farm until about twelve years of age, when he removed with his parents to Franklin County, Ohio, and, after a residence there of about two years, removed to Allen County. His father, Daniel Bitler, was one of the founders of the town of St. Johns, in Allen County, in 1835. The subject of this sketch continued to reside here with his father, assisting him in the operation of his general store, until he was twenty years of age. In 1840, he began business for himself, conducting a general mercantile business, and at times, also engaged in farming and stock dealing. In 1834, he was elected to the office of County Treasurer of Auglaize County. He was also Postmaster at St. Johns, Ohio, in 1839, again in 1844 and 1856 and was Justice of the Peace three terms, nine years at St. Johns, Ohio, and removed to the county seat, Wapakoneta, where he resided for two years; returning then to St. Johns, he resumed his business operations. Three years later he sold out his business at St. Johns and engaged in general merchandising at Wapakoneta, dealing largely also in stock and grain, where he remained until he came to Kansas, in 1866. In April, of that year, he located in Lyon County, on Eagle Creek, in Center Township, where he purchased a farm of 174 acres, which he has improved by the erection of a commodious dwelling, barns, granaries and corn-cribs capable of holding about 15,000 bushels. He has since purchased about 300 acres on the Verdigris River, in Greenwood County, which he has given to his sons; about 340 acres near Eureka, Greenwood County, and 480 acres in Center Township, about four miles southwest of his original farm, and a farm of forty acres about one mile east of his home place, also 320 acres adjoining his home place, make it now 494 acres. His principal crop is corn; he raises many cattle and hogs, and deals largely in stock, buying and shipping cattle and hogs. He was elected a director of the Emporia National Bank in 1873, and re-elected annually ever since. He has held the office of Township Trustee ten or eleven years since he came to the State, and served as a Justice of the Peace one term here. He married Miss Sarah J. Van Tress, of Allen County, Ohio, May 10, 1840, by whom he had nine children, of whom Sylvester V., William S., Susanna, Hannah, and Martha are living. She died September 18, 1856, and he married June 14, 1857, Miss Elizabeth Waggoner, of Auglaize County, Ohio, by whom he has had seven children, of whom Charles L., Clara J., Cora B., Daniel F., Maggie M. and Rhoda Kate are living.

JOHN H. FERREN, farmer, Section 30, Township 21, Range 11, P. O. Madison, Greenwood County, is a native of Cumberland, Guernsey Co., Ohio, and in 1859 came to Kansas with his parents, who located in Franklin County. August 22, 1862, he enlisted in Company C, Eleventh Kansas Cavalry, and served with his regiment in Arkansas and Missouri, being in the engagements at old Fort Wayne, Cane Hill, and Prairie Grove, and was subsequently one of the United States mail escort across the plains. He was mustered out at Fort Riley, in September, 1865. In 1868 he married Miss Mary R. Rumford, of Lyon County. They have five children, the eldest being twelve years of age. Mr. Ferren's farm contains 180 acres, fifty of which are under cultivation, his corn averaging forty-five bushels per acre. He has an orchard of several hundred trees, good bar, etc., and has recently erected a fine two-story residence. At present has upwards of 100 head of cattle, 30 hogs, and 6 horses. He is at present Road Overseer, and in 1879 was Township Trustee. For the past three years he has been W. M. of Lyon Grange, No. 1,146, P. of H., and is a member of Emporia Post, No. 52, G. A. R.

W. S. PROVO, farmer, Section 13, P. O. Madison, Greenwood County, is a native of Fountain County, Ind., and was born in 1847, and removed with his parents to Missouri in 1854, where they remained until 1861, when he came to Kansas and located upon a farm near Fort Scott. March 13, 1863, he enlisted in Company A, Eleventh Kansas Cavalry. He participated in the engagements at Lexington and Westport, Mo., and also the Little Blue and Big Blue fights, a the Little Blue being wounded in the face. He was also engaged with the Cheyennes at the North Platte Bridge, D. T., when so many of the Eleventh were surprised and killed; and upon another occasion he, with seven of his company, were in a running fight with the Indians to the number of twenty, on the Medicine Bow River, where the Sergeant of the party was killed. After leaving the army he settled upon a farm in Douglas County, and in 1871 removed to Madison Township, Greenwood County, where he remained until 1881, when he sold his farm and removed to his present location on Section 13, just across the county line. In 1872 Mr. Provo married Miss Addie Reed. They have five children, viz., Elsie, Susan Olive, Harry Munro, Daniel W., and George C. Mr. P.'s farm consists of 160 acres, seventy acres of which he has under cultivation, and his first year's corn crop averaged thirty-five bushels to the acre. He has fifty head of cattle and several horses, hogs, etc. His residence and farm buildings are insured. He is a charter member of Madison Lodge, No. 171, I. O. O. F.

FREEMAN G. SOULE, farmer, Section 24, Township 21, P. O. Bitlertown, was born in Jo Daviess County, Ill., April 24, 1839. He was raised on a farm, and continued to reside there until his removal to Kansas, in the spring of 1858. He located in Center Township, Lyon County, pre-empting a claim of 160 acres on Eagle Creek, which he improved, and where he resided until August, 1862, when he enlisted as a private in Company C, Eleventh Kansas Regiment, participating in all the engagements in which his company took part. He was promoted to Corporal, and mustered out at Fort Riley, in August, 1865, returning to his farm, which he soon after sold. He bought another farm of eighty acres on Eagle Creek, in 1856, to which he has since added land adjoining to the amount of 340 acres. He has made valuable improvements upon this farm, including dwelling, barn, corn-cribs, etc. He married Miss Susannah Bitler, of Center Township, November 21, 1867, by whom he has had eight children, of whom Harry L., Clifford L., Else P., Lucius G., Ralph L., Freeman W., and Cora E. are living. He has been a member of the School Board many years, and has held other township offices.

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