William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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HERMAN SIMON, general groceries, crockery and glassware, business established in 1880. Mr. Simon is a native of Germany and came to America in 1855 with his people who settled here in 1867. After receiving a thorough public school education he learned the business of upholstering, which he actively followed for several years, after which he carried on the wood and coal business, but soon after engaged at the present business which he has very successfully conducted since.

ARTHUR SIMMONS, cigar manufacturer, came to Leavenworth, April, 1857, and engaged in surveying, in Doniphan, Atchison and Brown counties, for a short time, afterwards working in a printing office. He next was employed in an ice cream saloon, and then in making cigars, until April, 1860, when he began the business of manufacturing them himself, commencing with a capital of $100, and doing all the work himself. His business now amounts to $100,000 to $150,000 per annum, and gives employment to some thirty-five men. His sales are in Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming and North British Possessions. He also supplies private customers in Illinois, New York and Boston, post traders in the Indian Territory, and in other departments. He was born in London, England, September 29, 1837, and emigrated to America in 1851, locating first in New York. He was married in Leavenworth, March 13, 1878, to Ida T. Sloan Kissell. They have one child - Julia.

SAMUEL SINGER, blacksmith, was born in Westmoreland Co., Pa., 1823, and learned his trade there. He located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and carried on his business for about eighteen years, till 1865, when he located here and has actively prosecuted his business here since. In 1854 he married Miss Jennie Warrick, of Pennsylvania. They have a family of three sons and three daughters, Thomas, James, Edwin, Samuella, Maggie B., and Jennie.

TIFFIN SINKS, M. D., is one of the pioneer physicians of Leavenworth, having located in the town November 25, 1856, and has since that time engaged in the practice of medicine and surgery. He is now, and has been since the start, Secretary of the Leavenworth Coal Company, which was organized in 1863, and now gives employment to 300 men. Dr. Sinks was born in Williamsburg, Clermont Co., Ohio, December 5, 1834. His medical education was received at the Medical College of Ohio, at Cincinnati, Ohio.

H. H. SLOUGH, millwright, is a native of Ohio, was born and reared at Newark; at the age of eighteen and in 1857 he learned his trade in Columbus, Ohio, and followed it actively till 1855 when he located in Washington, Iowa, and engaged at mercantile business there for a few years, after which he located in Macon, Mo., and carried on furniture business till the breaking-out of the war, when he returned to Iowa and in 1862 he enlisted in company E. Twenty-eighth Iowa Volunteer Infantry and remained in active service till 1864 when he was honorably discharged on account of disability. After the war he engaged at contracting and building which he actively prosecuted for a few years, when he took up his regular trade and has been principally identified with it since. In 1880 he located here and is engaged at his trade.

GEO A. SPOONER, of the firm of Spooner, Dudley & co., was born February 28, 1851, in the city of Lockport, N. Y. He resided in his native place until 1867, when he went to Toledo, Ohio, and was there employed in book and stationery business, until he came to Leavenworth, in June, 1870. He was then with the firm of W. A. Rose & Co. four years and when they sold out, was employed four years as buyer by their successors, Sidney Smith & Son. Since September, 1881, in association with Alonzo B. Pinkston, he has been engaged in the wholesale and retail book and stationery trade, carrying one of the largest and most elegant stocks in the State.

C. J. SMITH, manufacturer of blank books, and book and job printer, is a native of Goshen, Ind. From the age of one year until he was seven, he resided in Buffalo, N. Y., when he removed to Ohio and afterward to Michigan. For the last twenty years he has been engaged in his present business in Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis and Leavenworth, giving his entire attention to his printing business, which now amounts to from $18,000 to $20,000 per annum.

C. S. SMITH, freight agent of Kansas Division of the Union Pacific R. R., was appointed to present position in July, 1879. Mr. Smith was born in Buffalo, N. Y., September 22d 1845. His parents moved to Kansas in 1860 and settled in Wyandotte County. In 1864 C. S. became connected with the Eastern Division Union Pacific R. R., in the freight office at Wyandotte. In the fall of 1865 engaged in clerking until 1869. In the latter year commenced business for himself and continued in mercantile business until 1872. After this time was engaged in general occupations, farming, etc., until he took present position. Mr. Smith was married in Leavenworth, Kas., September 22,1868, to Miss Sarah J. McCracken, of Leavenworth. They have four children, Louisa, Lucinda, Ida G., Zilliah N.

[Image of M. Smith] MARTIN SMITH, insurance agent, was born in Prussia, January 1, 1832. He migrated to this country in October, 1852; located in New York, where he remained two years; removed to New Orleans and lived in that city a year and a half; migrated to South America, and remained nine months; returned to the States, and finally, after visiting several, settled in Leavenworth June 11, 1857. For about two years after he located he was employed in the blacksmithing, and then for about the same length of time in liquor business. He was elected First Lieutenant of a company in First Kansas Infantry, and was Captain of Company G, First Kansas State Militia. He was one of the organizers, and for eight and a half years he served as Chief of the Fire Department. In 1869-70 he was State Senator, and in 1873-78 he was a member of the Common Council. He is a prominent member of the I. O. O. F., having passed through all the chairs of the Order. He is also a member of the K. of P., and of the Turners Society; has been President of the German Building Association No. 2 eight years, and was President of the Association No. 1 for four years, also President of the Leavenworth Building and Savings Association, since its organization one year ago. He has also been for five years director of the German Bank, and is now President of the Personal Liberty Society of Kansas. He was married in Leavenworth in December, 1860, to Helena Nagle, a native of Germany, but reared from childhood in America. She died in July, 1862. On February 8, 1863, he was married in Leavenworth to Lizzie K. Galloway, of Barron County, Ky. They have five children: Mary L., Eva, Florence, Helen Jessie and Martin John.

HARDY SOLOMAN, a native of Virginia, came to Kansas in September, 1861, as General Manager of A. T. & S. F. R'y Co.

J. W. SPRATLEY, stock dealer, is a native of Surry County, Va. In 1856, and at the age of twenty-two, he located here and engaged in dealing in real estate and money loaning and has been successfully connected with it since; meantime he has taken an active interest in the growth and development of the social and industrial life of this place. In 1861 he engaged in milling and carried it on successfully until 1867 when it was destroyed by fire. During the war he was active in the militia of the State as first lieutenant, and in public life he served his city for two consecutive terms, as alderman, ending in 1878. In 1862 he married Miss Emma Cockrill, a native of Platte County, Mo. They have one son, John W., Jr. Mr. Spratley's interest in real estate amounts to 1,100 acres of land in Platte and Clay Counties, Mo., all under thorough cultivation, and a stock ranch of 900 acres in Jefferson County, Kansas. He handles about 5,000 head of cattle during the year and does an annual business of $250,000.

CHRISTIAN STAIBER, general groceries and saloon, business established 1863. Mr. Staiber is a native of Germany, was born in Wurtemburg, 1832, and learned the trade of stone cutter and mason, his father having carried on that business there. March 4, 1852, he came to America, and settled in Kansas in June 1857, and followed his business as contractor and builder till 1863, when he engaged in the present business, which he has successfully conducted since. In June, 1861, he married Miss Lucy Holbein, who was born in his native country in 1837, and came to America in 1859. They have a family of two daughters, Louisa and Bertha. Mr. Staiber did active service in the militia of the State during the war, and has been an active worker in the development of the social life of his locality since coming here. Has been an active member of the Turner Society since 1858, of the Odd Fellows since 1862, and is an honorable member of the Encampment of the I. O. O. F.

DAVID STAIGER was born in Germany, January 9, 1840. He came to America with his parents in 1848 and lived in Steubenville until he came to Leavenworth in April, 1859. For about three years after locating here he was employed by cigar-makers in the city. September 1, 1862, he entered into partnership with Arthur Simmons and commenced cigar business himself. This partnership was dissolved February 3, 1880, and February 13 he began business alone, employing six men at that time. He now employs twenty-nine men, his whole city trade being entirely in cigars. Mr. Staiger was married in Steubenville, Ohio, October 4, 1866, to Mary A. Standley, a native of that place. Their children are: Sophia, Carrie Estelle, Arthur, David, Owen and Joseph P.

STEVENS & PAGE, proprietors Leavenworth Steam Heating Company, present firm organized in August, 1882. Both partners are practical plumbers and gas fitters, and make a specialty of steam heating. They are also agents in Kansas of the Halliday Wind Mill. N. E. Stevens, of above firm, was born in Oxford County, Maine, December 1, 1847. He was raised on a farm; when seventeen years old commenced clerking lived about one year in Bosto n (sic), and then went to Pennsylvania, where he resided about two years. In 1868 he went to Nebraska, where he was connected with the construction department of the Union Pacific railroad. In 1870 he settled in Leavenworth, where he engaged in traveling for Leavenworth establishments. In 1877 became connected with the Leavenworth Times as correspondent and general agent, and continued in this position until the present firm was organized. Mr. Stevens was married in Leavenworth, January 28, 1873, to Miss Hannah Stewart, of Farmington, Maine. They have three children, Mabel, Edith and Roland. Mr. S. is a member of Leavenworth Lodge No. 2, and Far West Encampment No. 1, I. O. O. F. E. M. Page, of above firm, was born in Watseka, Iroquois Co., Ill., October 15, 1843. He enlisted in 1861, in Company F, Twenty-fifth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and was mustered out in 1864. He was wounded at the battle of Stone Rive, and incapacitated some months, and after being mustered out became connected with the Commissary Department of Tennessee. In 1865 he settled in New Albany, Ind., where he learned his trade; since that time has been located in Louisville, Ky., Dayton, Ohio and other places, engaged as engineer a part of the time, also in superintending large contracts in different places, for Chicago and other parties. In 1873 he moved to Leavenworth, Kansas. Has fitted up the Court House with steam, and also one wing of the State Insane Asylum, at Lincoln, Neb. Has been uninterruptedly in business, since 1865. Mr. Page was married in Leavenworth December 11, 1873, to Miss Jane M. Palmer, a native of Chester, N. Y. They have two children - Lennie and Helen. Mr. P. is a member of Mechancis Lodge, No. 9, I. O. O. F.

A. L. STEVENS, proprietor Polar Ice Company, business established in 1875-76, at Lawrence, Kansas, by Stevens & Green. Mr. Stevens has been alone since 1877. He has ice houses in Lawrence and Leavenworth, Kansas, and at Tecumseh, Ulysses and Seward, Neb. The houses at Lawrence have a capacity of 12,000 tons. Mr. Stevens was born in Dorsetshire, England, July 6, 1842. He came to the United States in 1848, and lived for a time in Worcester, Mass., where he received his education. About 1857 he went West as one of a company of boys, under the charge of the Rev. E. E. Hale, of Boston. He was bound until he came of age to a gentleman in Cass County, Ill., named John Prunty, a noted stock raiser and breeder of thoroughbred cattle, afterward was in partnership with this gentleman in the cattle business until 1869. He then settled in Jackson County, Kan., where he engaged in farming and stock dealing. He still retains 240 acres of the original farm of 640 acres. He settled in Leavenworth in 1878. Mr. Stevens was married in Leavenworth Co., Kansas, in 1873 to Miss Savannah, a daughter of Joel Hiatt, Esq. She died, leaving two children - Alfred P. and Fred G. He was married to his present wife in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, May 28, 1879. She was a Miss Hattie S. Dunlap a daughter of William Dunlap, Esq., a prominent citizen of Leavenworth Co., Kansas. Mr. S. is a member of the Ivanhoe Lodge, No. 4, K. of P. Since October 1, 1882, he has gone into the grain and commission business in connection with the ice business.

CHARLES N. STEVENS, iron merchant, commenced business in Leavenworth in September, 1868, as a member of the firm of C. N. Stevens & Co. In 1874 the firm of Stevens & Garrigues was organized, and was continued as such until Stevens & Garrigues' Iron Company was organized, in February, 1882. The firm employ twelve men and do a business of $150,000, their sales extending to Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Montana. Mr. Stevens is a native of York, Livingston Co., N. Y. He removed to Ohio at the age of eleven and lived in that State until he came to Kansas. And has been connected with carriage hardware ever since he commenced his active life. During the war he was in the United states (sic) service about three years; four months in the Eighty-Fourth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and two years in command of Company G, One Hundred and Twenty-Eighth Ohio Infantry, Acting Adjutant of the regiment for a time, and also Acting Assistant Adjutant General. For a time the regiment was in the Department of the Ohio, not in active service. He was married December 28, 1871, to Phebe P. Gillpatrick, a daughter of Dr. Rufus Gillpatrick, the well-known Free-state man and Abolitionist, who settled near Osawatomie in 1854, and was killed in the Indian Territory during the Rebellion, while ministering as a surgeon to wounded rebel soldiers.

HON J. STILLINGS was born near Havre de Grace, Maryland, July 9, 1823. His parents removed to Clark County, near Springfield, Ohio, when he was but four years of age, and his early education was gained in the public schools and academies of that State. Later he entered the University of Ohio, and subsequently was two years at Augusta College, in August, Ky. In 1846 he was admitted to the bar, and commenced practice at Kenton, Ohio, where he remained until his removal to Kansas, and location in Leavenworth, in May 1863. Since his residence in Leavenworth Mr. Stillings has been continuously engaged in the practice of his profession. He has served one term as City Attorney, and has twice been elected Member of the House of Representatives. He is a staunch Republican. He is Attorney for the Kansas Central Railway, and associated with Judge Safford for the L. T. & P. W. He was married at Kenton, Ohio, December 30, 1851, to Mary J. Smith, of Zanesville, Ohio. They have two children.

PETER STRAUSS, engineer, is a native of Bavaria, and came to America in 1853, at the age of seven years, with his people, who settled in St. Clair Co., Ill. At the age of fifteen he began his trade of millwright and machinist in St. Louis, and completed it there, and followed it successfully in St. Louis and Kansas City, Mo., and in Belleville, Ill. In 1876 he came here and located. In 1869 he married Miss Annie Gill, a native of Missouri. They have one son and three daughters - Belle, Dora, Arthur and Lucy. Mr. Strauss also carries on a farm of 160 acres. He has been an active member of the I. O. O. F. since 1879.

S. M. SWAN, a resident of Leavenworth since October, 1866, is a native of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N. Y. He graduated at Union College, Schenectady, N. Y., and also read law at Schenectady. After locating at Leavenworth he practiced law for a year and a half, commencing in January, 1867, and was afterwards connected with the Missouri Valley Life Insurance Company until 1880, first as agent and as President of the company from 1873. During the same period and since that time he was engaged in money loaning, and was also one of the projectors and owners of the new Opera House and the Telephone Exchange, being Vice-president and Secretary of the companies respectively. He was also one of the originators of the Water Works Company, and has been its Secretary since its organization. He is one of the Trustees of the Ottawa College at Ottawa, Kan., and is serving his fourth year on the School Board of Leavenworth.

A. L. SWIFT, foreman round house C., R. I. & Pac. Railroad; appointed to present position March 1, 1880. Mr. Swift was born in Worcester, Mass., April 7, 1851. His parents went to Ottawa, Ill., about 1861, and about two years later settled in Aurora. A. L. received his schooling in Aurora. In 1867 he took a position in the C. & N. W. Railroad shops, in Chicago, remaining with this company until 1871. He then became connected with the C., R. I. & P. railroad. Was in shops in Chicago until appointed to present position. Mr. Swift was married in Leavenworth, Kan., 1874, to Miss Jennie Johnson, a native of Illinois. They have one son, Walter. Mr. S. is a member of Metropolitan Lodge, No. 27, and Far West Encampment No. 1, I. O. O. F.

ANTON SWOBODA, agent Consolidated Tank Line Company, manufacturer and dealer in refined petroleum, gasoline, naphtha, benzine, all grades of lubricating oil, mica axle grease and turpentine. Yearly sales in Leavenworth will aggregate about 4,000 barrels coal oil and 1,000 barrels other oils. The sales of Leavenworth Branch are the largest of any the company has in the State. Mr. S. was born in Tachan, Bohemia, December 10, 1849. He came to the United States in March, 1867, first locating in St. Louis. Was engaged in clerking in that city and in Chicago, and in Evansville, Ind., until 1879, when he settled in Leavenworth, Kan., where he engaged in selling coal oil until appointed to present position in April, 1881. He was married in Evansville, Ind., September 19, 1871, to Miss Rosa Hartman, of that city. They have five children - Charles, Jacob, Anton, Elizabeth G. and Anna R. Mr. Swoboda is a member of the C. M. B. A., also of the German Roman Catholic Benevolent Society and the Cecilian Singing Society.

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