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W. S. ROACH, carpenter and builder, was born in Lawrence County, Ind., in 1838; learned his trade in Logansport, Cass Co., Ind., which he actively followed until the rebellion, when he enlisted in Company K, One Hundred and Twenty-eighth Indiana Volunteers, and remained in the service until the close of the war, when he was honorably discharged. After the war he located in Leavenworth, Kas., and followed his profession actively until 1875, when he accepted the position of master car builder of the Kansas Central Railway Co., which business he worked at very attentively until 1882, when he resigned on account of failure of health. In 1860 he was married to Miss Elizabeth Downhan, of Indiana. They have a family of four daughters - Julia A. P., Lucy J., Rosette, and Nancy E. Myrtle; they buried their only son, William Henry, in Indiana, in 1862. Mr. Roach has been active member of the I. O. O. F., and Encampment and the Knights of Honor for several years.

JOHN J. ROCHE, clothing, hats, caps, and gents' furnishing goods. Business established 1881. Mr. Roche was born in Ferris, County Wexford, Ireland, in 1848, and came to America with his people in 1851, who, after remaining in Cincinnati, Ohio, till 1858, settled here, where he was reared and educated; his first step in business life was in connection with the Quartermaster's department of the Missouri, as clerk, which, after a year's connection, he left and engaged in operations in mining and contracting in N. M., which he actively carried on for some time. He subsequently returned to Kansas and accepted the superintendency of the coal business of the Fort Scott Mining Co., and after two years' connection with it returned here and has been actively connected with the mercantile business since. In 1878 he married Miss Mary C. Doyle, a native of Illinois. They have two sons - John Edward and James Hugh. Mr. Roche has always taken an active interest in the development of the social life of his locality since settling here. In 1880 he organized Branch, No. 130, Catholic Knights of America, and has been active as its secretary since. He was formerly an active member of the A. O. H., and Leavenworth Circle, No. 1, Fenian Brotherhood till the dissolution of those societies. John Roche, father of the above, died February 24, 1874, aged fifty-six years. He is buried in the family plot, in Mount Calvary Cemetery.

MICHAEL ROGERS, liquor dealer, a native of Leltrim County, Ireland, came to America in 1853, at the age of twenty-one, and settled in Pittsburg, Pa., where he was identified with mercantile business till 1857, when he located here and has been principally connected with his present business here since. In 1860 he married Miss Margaret Finning, a native of St. Louis, who departed this life, July 12, 1880, aged thirty-six years, is buried in Calvary Cemetery, leaving one son and one daughter, James H., conductor on Denver & South Park Ry, and Margaret. Mr. Rogers did active service in the militia of the state during the war. He has been an active member of the Knights of Pythias Society since 1874, in which he has held important official positions.

JOHN ROHR, Clerk of the District court, was born in Buffalo, N. Y., August 8, 1846. Came to Leavenworth, Kas., August 3, 1855, with his parents, Paul and Apolonia Kolb Rohr. His father was one of the first harness makers in Leavenworth, and still continues at that work in this city. His mother died here August 1, 1882. He was for several years employed as a clerk and salesman. He was connected for some time with railroad construction on the M. K. & TT. R. R., and was also at one time a Government contractor. He afterwards served four years as Register of Deeds of Leavenworth, and after retiring from that position, held the office of Under Sheriff for a period of four years. He was elected Clerk of the District Court November 7, 1882.

LORENZ ROHR, editor of Kansas Freie Presse, was born in Venningen, Rheinish, Bavaria, August 15, 1846. He was educated at the universities of Munich and Tuebengen, and emigrated from his native country in 1869. He located in Leavenworth, July 18, 1881. Mr. Rohr, as newspaper correspondent, teacher and writer, resided, in the practice of his various professions, in several States in the Union, New York, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana. He translated into English, for Augustin Daly, several French and German plays, and has also translated several of the standard American poems into German; among which are Longfellow's "Hymn to the Night," and "The Hanging of the Crane," and Lowell's Vision of Sir Launfal." Mr. Rohr was married in St. Louis, October, (sic) 19, 1881, to Miss S. C. Coffee, a native of Mississippi. He is a member of the Singer and Turner Societies, and of the German-American Prohibition League of Kansas.

J. H. ROTHENBERGER, proprietor and owner of the Pioneer Cooper Works. Business established in 1859 upon a very small scale, but Mr. R. has by steady and persistent industry so enlarged upon it as to give employment to seventy-five skilled workmen and does an annual business of $50,000. He, however, still proposes to increase the manufacturing capacity to double its present. In the manufacture he does all kinds of work in the line of general cooperage. Mr. Rothenberger is a native of Germany, and was early identified with the business in consequence of his father's being prominently connected with it there. In 1851, at the age of about eighteen years, he came to America, and after following his trade as journeyman in the Eastern States, he came here and located in 1859 and established the present business, which he has successfully conducted since. In 1872 he made an exhibit of his work at the general State exhibition, for which he received an honorable special diploma. He married, in 1860, Miss Kate Harbodsheimer, a native of Bavaria, by whom he has a family of three sons and four daughters. He is at present the honorable incumbent of the Alderman's chair for the Third Ward, which incumbency he has previously held twice.

PHILIP ROTHSCHILD, a native of Bavaria, came to America in 1853, and located in Platte County, Mo., where he resided until he removed to Leavenworth, May 1, 1855. He then engaged in the clothing business, and in 1862, commenced dealing in hats, caps and furs, which he still continues, having been alone in business during the entire period of his residence in Leavenworth.

H. D. RUSH, proprietor of the Leavenworth Mills, was born in Rush County, Ind., December 23, 1827. He was educated in his native county and engaged in clerking until 1850. Then engaged in the mercantile business for himself. In 1857 he moved to Kansas and settled in Leavenworth. In 1861 he entered the firm of Ingersoll & Rush in the lumber business. This he continued until the fall of 1866. He then formed a partnership under the firm name of Garrett & Rush. In the Spring of 1873 he removed to Chicago, where he was connected with I. W. Harvey & Co. Returned to Leavenworth in 1864 and purchased the Leavenworth Mills. W. C. Sprague, of the above firm, was born in Genesee County, N. Y., August 24, 1849. He moved to Kansas in 1874 and settled in Leavenworth. He engaged in clerking there until admitted to present firm. Mr. S. was married in Leavenworth, January 17, 1877, to Miss Flora, daughter of H. D. Rush, Esq.

MICHAEL RYAN, dairy, was born in County Tipperary, Ireland, in 1826, and came to America in 1848. After spending several years in the East, he located here in 1855, and has been almost continuously identified with his present business since. In 1851, he married Miss Mary O'Brien, in Connecticut. She was born in County Clare. Ireland, in 1829, and came to America in 1848. They have three sons and two daughters - Nellie, Edward, Lizzie, Johnnie and Frank.

G. SAMISCH, meat market, a native of Germany, and was reared to his present profession through his father, who carried on this business extensively there. In 1866, he came to America and settled here the same year, and followed his trade actively till 1870, when he established the present business, which he very ably represents. In 1871, he married Miss Hannah Klein, a native of Germany, who came to America with her people, who settled in St. Louis, where she was reared and educated. They have a family of two sons and three daughters - Eddie, Sally, Essie, Dora and Jennie.

PROF. A. P. SCHEUERMAN, instructor of piano, voice, and harmony - classical music, a speciality, was born in Baden, Germany, in 1844, and came to America with his people in 1848, who settled in Dayton, Ohio. Prof. Scheuerman received his rudimentary education in music, and his literary education at the Northwestern Christian University, of Indianapolis, Ind., with which he remained in active study four years, after which he went to Europe. After traveling upon the continent for a time, he entered the conservatory of Music at Leipsic, with which he remained actively in the study of music for three years, and completed a regular course there in 1864. He then spent some time in travel on the continent, returning to America the same year, and accepted a position as professor of music in the McLean institute, of Indianapolis, Ind.; after which he removed her (sic) in 1870, and has been connected with his profession here since. In the meantime officiating as conductor of several musical organizations, prominent among which are the Mendelssohn Musical Society and Maennerchor of Leavenworth, the Arion Society of Kansas City. Is present musical director of the Maennerchor Society of this city, and is the incumbent of the chair of professor of music of the young ladies institute of Kansas City. In 1879, Prof Scheuerman was selected as musical director of the Pioneer Singerfaest, given by the cities of Omaha, Atchison, St. Joseph, Leavenworth and Kansas City. He has proved himself very popular as a concert pianist for which he has received the highest encomiums of the press of the cities of the Missouri Valley. He is also an able composer of music, and enjoys the highest reputation in his profession in his locality, of which he has the patronage of the best people of the Missouri Valley.

GUSTAV SCHMECKER, dealer in groceries, provisions, wines and liquors, garden seeds, notions, and glass ware (sic). Mr. S. came to Kansas, January 1, 1868, and located in Leavenworth and has lived here since. He is a native of Prussia and was born January 9, 1850, and lived in his native country seventeen years, then emigrated to America. He was married in Leavenworth, January 10, 1875; the maiden name of his wife was Marianne Schwelling, who was born in Prussia. They have five children, two of whom are living - Caroline and Robert. Mr. Schmeckel is one of the most enterprising young men of Leavenworth. He has a fine store in a good location and is doing a good business with a bright future before him. He is a member of the Knights of Phthias.

WILLIAM SCHROEDER, contractor and builder, was born in Germany in 1825, and learned his trade there at the age of eighteen years. In 1854, he came to America and settled here, and has been very successfully connected with his business here since. In 1851, he married Miss Fredericka Willborg, who passed away from this life June 3, 1882, and is buried in the Greenwood Cemetery, leaving a family of two sons and three daughters - Bertha, Augusta, Anna, William, Jr., and Fritz. Since coming here, Mr. Schroeder has been very active as a builder, averaging about twenty buildings a year.

P. H. SCHROTH, general groceries, crockery and glassware, business established in 1867. Mr. S. was born in Hesse Darmstadt, in 1833, and came to America in 1855; and after traveling through the country until 1865, he came here and settled and established his present business, which he has very successfully conducted since, making it about 500 per cent larger than at the time of its establishment. In 1867, he married Miss Dora Heindel, who was born in Wurtemburg, Germany, in 1844, and came to America in 1854, with her people, who settled here in 1864. They have a family of two sons and five daughters - Emma K., Dora F., Henry C., Ida M., George W., Jennie R. and Bertha C. Mr. Schroth was in active service in Company A, Forty-third Illinois Volunteer Infantry, from 1861 until 1864, when he was honorably discharged.

CHRIST. SCHUBERT was born in Cassel, Germany, May 27, 1846. He came to America in November, 1865, and lived at Cincinnati, his first location until he removed to Leavenworth, in 1867. After locating in Leavenworth he was for eight months clerk at the Continental Hotel, and was afterward connected with carriage and buggy business until 1869. He was then bookkeeper of the brewery and malt house of Charles Huntz seventeen months, going to Omaha at the termination of his engagement, where he remained until 1871. He then returned to Leavenworth and worked for Charles Huntz until 1872, then worked in a carriage shop until 1877, and subsequently took charge of the Turner Hall, which he still controls. July 11, 1881, he with Carl Geyer, purchased the Kansas Freie Presse, of which they are still proprietors. Mr. Schubert is a member of the following societies: Turners, Singers, K. of P., Mutual Secret Relief, and German and English School Association. He was married in Omaha, August 23, 1870, to Barbara Hahn, a native of Rochester, N. Y., by whom he has one child - Adolphina.

F. W. SCHULZ, boots and shoes and grocer, was born in Germany in 1831, and learned his trade there at the age of twenty years. In 1851 he came to America and settled in Kansas in 1858, and has been very successfully connected with his business here since. In 1859 he was married to Miss Louise Lange, who was born and reared in Germany, and came to America in 1850, at the age of sixteen years. Mr. and Mrs. Schulz have a family of two sons - William and Edward.

FRANK SCOTT came to Leavenworth in the spring of 1864, and has been engaged in mercantile business in the city since that time. He is now the oldest dry goods merchant in the city who has been continuously in business. His business in both wholesale and retail and gives employment to ten clerks. Mr. Scott was born in Scotland, August 22, 1833. He came to America in 1853, and located at Milwaukee, where he remained until he came to Kansas. He was married in Milwaukee, in October, 1859, to Helen C. Halvorson, a native of New England. They have two children living - Frank A. and Walter R. Mr. Scott is a member of A. F. & A. M. and K. of H.

JOHN SCOTT, Sr., manufacturer of ingrain, cottage and rag carpets, was born in Aberdeen Scotland, in 1836, and was reared to his present profession in that country. In 1870 he came to America, and was actively connected with his profession in the Eastern States until 1873, when he accepted a position here, and followed his business as journeyman until 1876, when he established his present business, which he has actively carried on since. Mr. Scott began his business upon a merely nominal capital, but has, by dint of steady and persistent industry, so increased it as a make it turn out about 7,000 yards of carpet per annum. In 1860 he married Miss Jeannette Gorri, a native of Perthshire, Scotland. They have one son, John, Jr. He is an active member of the I. O. O. F. society.

LUCIEN SCOTT, president of the First National Bank, of Leavenworth, commenced banking business in that city in the spring of 1857, soon after his arrival in the Territory. Until 1865-66, the firm was "Scott, Kerr & Co.," and from that time until 1874. "Scott & Co., (sic) when the business was merged in the present banking house - the first National Bank, established in the State, and at the time, the only incorporated bank in Leavenworth. Since the organization of the institution, Mr. Scott has been continuously connected with it, being the first cashier and the present President. He is a native of Rockford, Pike Co., Ill. He was born June 20, 1835, and resided in his native town until he went to Cincinnati, about four years prior to his removal to Kansas, in 1857 since which time he has been engaged in banking, and also in coal business and farming.

JOHN SECKLER, came to Kansas in March, 1857, and engaged in farming in Center Township, Atchison County, until 1860. In 1863 he commenced manufacturing clothing in Leavenworth, employing one man, and doing $10,000 business the first year. He has continued the business to the present time, and it now amounts to about $45,000 of ready made clothing, and about $25,000 manufactured per annum, and gives employment to twenty-five hands this year (1882) in the various departments. Mr. Seckler is a native of Prussia, where he was born November 27, 1929. He emigrated to America in 1849, living at St. Louis the year of his arrival, and subsequently at Beardstown and other points in Illinois, prior to coming to Kansas. He was married at Mendon, Adams County, Ill., in 1859, to Catherine A. Haymaker, a native of Cass County, Ill., their children being five sons - Oscar, associated with his father in business, John also with his father, William L., Harry and Ralph. Until recently Mr. Seckler was one of the directors of the German Bank.

WILLIAM SEXTON, general blacksmith and carriage manufacturer, was born and reared in Monroe County, Mich., and learned his trade at the age of seventeen years. After following his trade in his native State till 1854, he located at Toledo, Ohio, and carried on his business actively till 1870, when he came here and engaged at farming, which he subsequently abandoned and took up his present business, which he has actively conducted since. In 1855 he married Miss Elizabeth Phelps, who was born in Pennsylvania, and reared in Michigan. They have a family of three sons and two daughters - Emeline, James, Charles, Lovett and Rush. Mr. Sexton did active service in defense of his country, in Company A, One Hundred and Thirtieth Volunteers, of Ohio. He has been an active worker in the social life of his locality since coming here.

J. D. SHAFER, attorney, was born at Sunnyside Farm, Monroe County, Pa. He acquired his early education in Pennsylvania, was a student in Dickinson College, at Carlisle, and went to Kansas, arriving at Leavenworth April 2, 1867. He located at Leavenworth, and was engaged in teaching school and reading law until he was admitted to the Kansas bar, in June, 1868, since which time he has been in active practice as an attorney at law.

JOHN SHIPHERD is engaged in the transfer business, and came to Kansas in September, 1873, and located in the city of Leavenworth, where he now resides. Has been in the employ of the Kansas Pacific Railroad Co. for seven years as bill clerk. Was assistant bookkeeper for Bittman, Taylor & Co. for thirteen months. Is a member of the Masonic society, and is a native of Clinton County, Ohio. He lived there about four years, and removed with his parents to Fairfield, Iowa, where he lived one year, and then located in Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa. Was educated at Simpson College, and lived in Indianola for seventeen years. Mr. Shipherd was married in Leavenworth, Kansas, in October, 1878, to Miss Cassie F. Dumont.

HON. DANIEL SHIRE, deceased, was born in Brura, County Limerick, Ireland, October 14, 1827, and was reared to the mercantile business, his father being identified with it there. At the age of eighteen years he came to America, and settled in New York City, where he was identified with the mercantile business as principal for several years. After retiring from it he engaged in railway contracting in Pennsylvania, which he actively operated till 1859, when he located in Kansas, and at first engaged in farming, but soon after took up contracting, and operated in it for several years, latterly in connection with railway enterprises in Missouri and Kentucky. In 1872 he joined, at its establishment, the well-known banking firm of Insley, Shire & Co., with which he was in active connection till his death which occurred June 20, 1882. He is buried in Mount Muncie Cemetery, leaving a family of one son and three daughters. He was married in 1862 to Miss Ann M. Jeffrey, who was born and reared in Ashland County, Ohio, and was settled here with her people in 1859. Mr. Shire always took an active part in the furtherance of all measures tending toward the growth and development of the social and industrial life of this city since locating here. He served this district in the State Legislature of 1870, and was active in many minor municipal offices.

J. A. SHOEMAKER, superintendent of the machinery and moulding department of the Great Western Manufacturing Company, was born in Fulton County, Pa., October 29, 1834. At the age of seventeen he engaged in his profession of moulder and machinist, with which he was identified in his native State till 1868, when he located here, and subsequently accepted his present position, which he has reputably held since. In 1854 he married Miss Keziah Snyder, of his native State. They have a family of five sons and one daughter - Frank, Harry, Edgar, Lula, George and Charlie. Mr. Shoemaker engaged as journeyman workman for the first few years of his professional life, after which he joined as partner in the firm of Crawford & Co., of Martinsburg, Blair Co., Pa., with which he has actively associated till his removal here. He has been an active member of the I. O. O. F. society and of the endowment branch of it for several years. Is also member of the K. of P. society and the Order of Red Men. He was manager for some time of the Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron Works of Leavenworth.

JACOB SHWAGLER has been for twenty years engaged in farming and hotel keeping, about three miles southwest of Leavenworth, and also has a vineyard and makes wine. He came to Kansas in 1848, for a short time, and returned again in 1857 and located on his present place and has lived there since. He has spent some time in the Rocky Mountains, but his family has remained in Leavenworth County. Mr. Schwagler is a native of Wurtemburg, Germany, and came to America in 1846 at eighteen years of age. He was born in 1828. Was a pilot on the Mississippi River from 1847 to 1852 and went to Panama and returned to Missouri and followed piloting. He then went to Europe for a short time and returned, stopping in Pittsburg, and then came to Kansas. He was married in Brownville, Minn., to Miss Hannah Cox, who was born in Virginia; they have had thirteen children, four are living: Jacob, Scott, Mollie E., and Jennie. Mr. Shwagler was road supervisor for fifteen years, and school treasurer for fourteen years, and has two years more to serve in the latter office.

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