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JOHN EBINGER, general groceries and saloon, was born in Germany in 1840, and came to America in 1857 and settled in Cincinnati, Ohio, and learned the butcher business there, and afterwards located in New Orleans where he carried it on till 1862. When the Union forces entered that city he joined them and remained in active service till the end of the war, when he was honorably discharged as a member of the Third Massachusetts Cavalry, Company D.; was in eighteen pitched battles and numerous skirmishes. After the war he engaged at his present business here, which he has very ably continued since. In 1866 he married Miss Minnie Houserman, who was born in Germany in 1839, and came to America with her people who settled near Cincinnati, Ohio, where she was reared and educated. They have a family of two sons and four daughters, Lizzie, Minnie, Clara, Johnnie, Georgie, and Emma.

JULIUS S. EDWARDS, superintendent Kansas Canning Company, was born in Bridgeton, Cumberland County, J. J., June 29, 1849. He received his education in his native county. In 1857 his father established a canning factory in Bridgeton and Julius became connected with this establishment and continued in the different departments until 1871. He then entered Bryant & Strattons Commercial College in Philadelphia, and shortly afterward was engaged in bookkeeping, and was with one house in Philadelphia about seven years. He resigned his position and became connected with a canning factory in Camden, N. J., in charge of the processing and mince meat department. In the spring of 1881, he moved to Kansas to take charge of his present position. Mr. Edwards was married in Philadelphia, Pa., December 25, 1876, to Miss Patterson, of that city. They have one child, Aubrey St. Clair. Mr. E. is a member of the Presbyterian Church and of the National American Association.

THEO. EGERSDORFF, wholesale druggist, located in Leavenworth in April, 1862, and commenced the retail drug business with the aid of an assistant, his sales amounting to about $10,000 that year. He now employs twelve men, three of whom are traveling salesmen, and his sales amount to form $150,000 to $175,000 per annum. Mr. Egersdorff is a native of Hanover, Germany. He came to America in 1860, being at that time an educated druggist and resided in New York City, prior to his removal to Leavenworth. He is a member of the A. F. & A. M.

JOHN R. ELDERFIELD, superintendent for Abernathy Bros & Co., manufacturers of furniture, was born in Evansville, Ind., September 7, 1844. He received his education in that city. He enlisted in 1861 in Company F, Sixtieth Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry. He served in the Department of the Gulf until the close of the war, being mustered out March 5, 1865. He returned to Evansville and commenced his trade as cabinet maker with the Armstrong Furniture Company of that city. He continued in the employ of that firm in the different departments until about 1873. His first superintendency was with Speigle, Roberts & Co., of Vincennes, Ind. He afterwards held the same position at Carthage, Mo. In 1880 he went to West Tennessee to build and establish a furniture factory for a new firm. On completion of this work he returned to Evansville, and in August, 1881, removed to Leavenworth to take his present position. Mr. Elderfield was married in Evansville, Ind., December 10, 1867, to Miss Mary J. Titus, of Huntsville, Ala. They have two children, Mary J. and Edward M.

A. C. EMMONS, superintendent of the Kansas Organ Company, is a native of New Hampshire; he was born in Bristol, August 20, 1840. His parents moved from there to Lowell, Mass. He received his schooling in both towns. He commenced his business life in the employ of A. L. Brooks, lumber dealer, of Lowell. In 1858, he moved to Boston and entered the employ of Hiram Curtis in the same business. In 1868, he went to Port Huron, Mich., where he engaged in the lumber business until 1870, then returned to Massachusetts and settled in Worcester, where he bought an interest in the Loring & Blake Organ Factory; this connection continued until 1876. Mr. Emmons then organized and started the Tabor Organ Company, of which he was President, having general charge of the business. During his connection with these companies he traveled for seven or eight years through the Northwestern States, establishing agencies. In 1882, he sold out his interest and moved to Leavenworth to organize the Kansas Organ Company. Mr. Emmons was married in Dorchester, Mass., December 30, 1866, to Miss McElroy, of Dorchester. Mr. E. is a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity. He is a member of Athelstan Lodge, F. & A. M., Eureka R. A. Chapter, Hiram Council R. & S. M., Worcester County Commandery K. T. and Massachusetts Consistory, S. P. R. S.

PETER EVERHARDY, meat market, was born and reared in Hamilton County, Ohio, in 1866. At the age of nineteen he came to Kansas and engaged in his present business, and has been very successfully connected with it since. In 1873, he married Miss Elizabeth Nigley, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. They have a family of one son and three daughters - Jacob, Mary, Julia and Blanche. Mr. Everhardy was for several years connected with the city market, which he left and engaged in the present business as owner in 1879.

REV. THOMAS H. EWING, came to Kansas in June, 1877, and located in Leavenworth. He is a member of the Masonic society, and Immaculates and Knights of Tabor. Mr. Ewing is a native of Todd County, Ky., and was born April 17, 1856, and remained in that part of the country until he was fifteen years of age, and has since resided in Lexington, Ky., and Brooklyn, N. Y. He was married in Wyandotte, Kas., October 13, 1881, and has one child - Zeorar, born July 21, 1882. The maiden name of his wife was Fanny E. L. Brown; she was born in Mason County, Ky. Mr. Ewing is now pastor of the Second Independent Baptist Church, of Leavenworth, Kas., having a membership of 372. The church is in a very prosperous condition, and has increased under the zealous labors of Mr. Ewing, from a membership of sixty to a membership of 372.

THOMAS FAHEY is a contractor in masonry, came to Kansas in 1859, and located at Leavenworth, and has made his home her since. He is a native of Ireland, and was about eighteen years old when he came to America. He has lived in New York State and Chicago, Ill., and Hartford, Conn., and went to Colorado in 1860. Mr Fahey was married in St. Joseph, mo., in 1861, to miss Julia Shay; she was born in Ireland. Have had eight children, five are now living - Julia, Bernard, Anna, Agnes and William. Mr. Fahey is contracting at present on Government works at Fort Leavenworth. He is a member of the Catholic Knights of America, and also of the Catholic Church.

EDWARD FENLON, Government contractor, came to the State of Kansas in the winter of 1856, and has made his home in Leavenworth County since. He was born in Pennsylvania in 1833, and lived in his native State twenty-four years. He then came to Kansas and engaged in the hardware business; has been sutler at Fort Leavenworth for about four years, and was engaged in the wholesale grocery business with the firm of Carney, Fenlon & Co., for several years, and has engaged in contracting for the Government. He was married in Leavenworth City, in 1861, to Miss Mary Denman, a native of Ohio, and has four children living - Kate, Edwin, Mary and Genevieve. Mr. Fenlon is connected with the Catholic Church, and is one of the oldest citizens of Leavenworth City and County. He has been largely identified with the business interests of the State; is an active business man and a respected citizen.

THOMAS P. FENLON, attorney, located in Leavenworth and engaged in the practice of his profession in 1859, and has continued in practice since that time in the same city. Duing(sic) these years he has served as District Attorney six years, and has been three terms a member of the House of Representatives. Although a strong and active Democrat, he was honored by being made speaker of the house when it was strongly Republican. Mr. Fenlon is a native of Ebensburg, Cambria Co., Pa. in which town he lived until he moved to Kansas. He was admitted to the bar in Pennsylvania.

A. A. FENN, brick manufacturer and contractor, came to Leavenworth in March, 1862, and engaged in contracting, adding brick manufacturing the next year, and has carried on the united business continuously since that time. He has also been engaged in stock, fruit and grain farming, having a fruit farm of sixty acres. He is Secretary of the Kansas Canning Company, and Secretary of Leavenworth Tower Company; is President of the City Council, and was a member of the Legislature of 1865-66. He has also been President of the Kansas Conservatory of Music for several years, and is connected with various political and charitable associations. He has been a member of the Masonic Fraternity for twenty years, and has held nearly every office in the Order; he is a member of the K. of H., serving as Eminent Commander of the Leavenworth Commandery, and was President of the first St. George society ever organized in Kansas. He was born in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England, November, 1834; came to America in 1849 or 1850, and remained in New Orleans about a year, whence he emigrated to St. Louis, and resided in that city until removal to Leavenworth. He was married in St. Louis, December 24, 1861, to Naomi S. Hock, a native of Sussex, England. Their five children are Russell H., Maud Alice, Lillie Edith, Don Clarence and Pearl R.

AUGUST FISCHER is engaged in the dairy business. He came to Kansas on the 18th of February 1875, and settled at Leavenworth, and has been in his present location since. Mr. Fischer is a native of Germany and was born on the 16th day of April, 1843, and lived in his native country about twenty-seven years. He emigrated to America in February, 1870; lived in Chicago about five years and came to Kansas. Mr. Fischer was married in Germany to Miss Angelieka Straube. Mrs Fischer was born in February, 1849, in Germany. They have had six children, four living - Antoinetta, Elenora, Gertrude and Mabel. Mr. Fischer is one of the most prosperous dairyman in the city of Leavenworth.

M. L. FISH, proprietor of the English Kitchen restaurant. Was born and reared in Wisconsin, and came to Kansas in 1879, and has been very successfully connected with his present business here since 1881. In 1873 he married Miss Melvina Bellerd, who was born and reared in Iowa. They have a family of one son and one daughter - Katie and Charlie. Mr. Fish served in the Fifth Minnesota Regiment, Company G, from 1864 till the end of the war, when he was honorably discharged.

PROF. F. A. FITZPATRICK, Superintendent of City Schools of Leavenworth, is a native of Chicago, Ill. He was educated at Princeton College, and at Washington University, St. Louis. Before coming to Leavenworth in July, 1878, to take charge of the schools in that city, he had been principal of schools at Riverside, and Waterloo, Ill., and for eight years had been one of the Supervisors of the St. Louis schools.

BERNARD FLESHER came to Leavenworth in July, 1857, and commenced business in a little 16 by 24 store, carrying a stock of between $4,000 and $5,000, entirely on credit. In those early days he employed one clerk, and his sales ranged from $15,000 to $18,000 per annum, his business being exclusively retail. In 1866 he sold out and went to Europe on account of broken health. After a year he returned and engaged in business which he continued until 1885, when ill health again obliged him to visit Europe, where he remained thirteen months. In 1877 he again commenced business, and in the spring of 1878 admitted Charles Schuneman as a partner, with whom he still remains associated, having also admitted to the partnership, in 1882, R. H. Evans and L. Churchill. The establishment, which now embraces a dress-making and merchant-tailoring department, gives employment to between forty and fifty people, the sales amounting to $100,000 to $125,000 per annum. Mr Flesher is a native of Bohemia, Austria. He came to America in 1848 and located at St. Louis where he remained until he came to Leavenworth.

W. B. FLETCHER, Assistant Secretary of the Missouri Valley Life Insurance Company, came to Kansas in 1858, and first located at Olathe, where he remained until he came to Leavenworth in 1861. From 1864 until 1880 he was employed most of the time as a clerk, either in the city or on a steamboat. In 1880 he commenced general insurance business, and was made Assistant Secretary of the Missouri Valley Life Insurance Company in February, 1881. He is also Secretary of the Prospect Mining Company, a Colorado mining company, and is a member of the A. F. & A. M. Blue Lodge and Chapter and Commandery, and a member of the Metropolitan Guards. He is a native of Highland County, Ohio, where he was born, July 20, 1844. He removed with his parents to Iowa in 1848, and was married in Leavenworth, June 23, 1881, to Mrs. Ella F. Mountain, a native of Ohio.

W. M. FORTESCUE, Mayor of the city of Leavenworth, was born in the city of Philadelphia, April 1, 1835. In the spring of 1850 visited the State of Georgia with an elder brother, who established the institution for the education of the blind, which was located at Macon, in that State. In 1854 removed to Indianapolis, Ind., and resided there until 1860; was engaged at the printing business, having mastered the various branches of that profession; was married at Indianapolis, September 16, 1856, to Miss Susan D. Jenkins, and has two children living - Ida (now Mrs. George F. Sharitt,) born November 11, 1858, and Harry Clay, born April 14, 1865. In July, 1861, enlisted as a private soldier, under the second call of President Lincoln, in the Second West Virginia Cavalry, and was engaged in the principal cavalry raids and battles during the war; was promoted to Second and First Lieutenant and Captain and brevet-Major, and was mustered out January, 1865. During the years 65 to 67 was engaged in the oil business at Burning Springs, West Virginia, and erected the first residence in that vicinity. In 1868 he removed to Leavenworth and engaged in the mercantile business in the city from that time until 1878, having branch houses in Wichita, Kansas, and in Colorado, and being also identified with the manufacturing interest in Kansas City and other places. He was elected Mayor of Leavenworth in the spring of 1879, and re-elected in the spring of 1881.

RICHARD L. FOX, dealer in wool, hides and sheep, came to Kansas in May, 1855 and located in business in Leavenworth. He was engaged in merchandising from 1855 to 1860, and in freighting on the plains from 1860 to 1866. Since that time he has been in his present business. Mr. Frank was born in Poland, in Russia, in 1831, and lived in his native country eighteen years; he then came to the United States in 1849, and first located in St. Louis, Mo., for a short time; from there went to California, and lived there four years; and came to Kansas in 1855, locating where he now lives, in Leavenworth City. He was married in Leavenworth in 1857, to Miss Dora M. Jacobs, a native of Russia. They have had eight children - Jerome B., David, John, Simon, Sallace, Rebecca, Lea and Harry. Mr. Frank is a member of a Jewish Association, and is a member of the Jewish Society. He is one of the oldest settlers in Leavenworth County, and has been largely identified with the business interests of the city and State.

JAMES FRANKS, Deputy United States Marshal, was born in County Cork, Ireland, August 26, 1826, and in 1853 came to America, landing at Quebec. He soon after went to Vermont, which was his home until he came to Kansas. He was engaged in farming in Leavenworth Township for about six weeks subsequent to his arrival, and then became attached to a surveying party in Kickapoo Township, and in Atchison and Leavenworth counties. He was then engaged with others in laying out the first farm on Big Stranger Creek, at the crossing road from Lawrence. In May, 1856, he removed to Leavenworth City, and drove the first hack between that city and the Fort. He then became engaged in draying until September, 1860, driving an ambulance for M. J. Parrott in 1859. In September, 1860, he was appointed Constable and has been in office ever since, having held his present position for the last four years. He was married at Burlington, Vt., March 17, 1857, by Rev. Henry Hopkins, the Bishop of that State, to Maria Clark, a native of Ire- (sic) They have six children - James Clark, born in 1861; Sarah Elizabeth, born in 1859; Martha Jane, 1863; John Alexander, 1865; Mary Ann, 1867, and William Henry, 1870. Mr. Frank is a member of the I. O. O. F., and has passed all chairs in the K. of P.

M. E. FRANKE, dealer in groceries and provisions; business established in 1857, by Brunard & Franke. Present firm, M. E. Franke, succeeded in 1875. He carries a stock of about $5,000, and does a yearly business of $40,000. Charles Franke was born in Buckeburg, Schaumburg Lippe, Germany, March 17, 1837. He was educated in Germany and served his time in the grocery business. In 1855 he emigrated to the United States and settled in Indianapolis, Ind., where he engaged in clerking. In 1864 he went in partnership with his brother in the grocery business. In 1862 his brother and himself raised the first company of volunteers. They were mustered in as Company I, First Regiment Kansas Volunteer Infantry, and served until mustered out at Fort Leavenworth, in 1864. He favorably distinguished himself at the battles of Wilsons Creek, Mo., Tuscumbia, Ala., Tallahatchie, Miss., Bayou Macon and Lake Providence, La. He returned to Leavenworth and again engaged in the grocery business. Mr. C. Franke was married in Leavenworth March 23, 1865, to Miss Martha Tanner. They have four children - Ida, Flora, Mary and Charles. Mr. F. is a member of the Metropolitan Lodge, No. 27, and Far West Encampment No. 1, I. O. O. F., also of Custer Post, No. 6, G. A. R. He has been a member of the Council three terms.

EDWIN N. FREEMAN, locomotive engineer and machinist U. P. R. R. (K. C. Division) a resident of 743 Seneca street; came to Kansas in March, 1879, locating in the city of Leavenworth, where he has resided since. He is a member of Twilight Lodge, No. 114, A., F. & A. M., of Centralia, Mo. He was born in Attleboro, Bristol County, Mass., January 4, 1830, and lived in his native State until his twelfth year, when his parents removed to Adrian, Lenawee County, Mich., where Mr. F. lived until his twenty-fifth year. He commenced railroading in this twentieth year, on the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad as a fireman. He served in this capacity about three years, when he was promoted to engineer on the same road. He ran on this road about two years, and then went to Missouri, where he obtained employment as an engineer on the North Missouri Railroad, where he remained until 1862, when he again entered the service of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern road, where he remained eight years. During this time he was mostly running a passenger engine. At the end of this time he returned to the North Missouri Railroad (now the Wabash, St. Louis and Pacific), and ran on this road until he came to Kansas. He has been married twice. The first marriage occurred in Goshen, Ind., in August, 1863, to Miss Margaret A. Fetters, a native of Indiana. By this marriage he had two sons, whose names are Charles and William. The second marriage took place in March, 1879, in Centralia, Mo., to Miss Laura A. Thornton, a native of Missouri. They have had three children; two are living - George B. and Nellie.

EDWARD FRITSCHE, came to Leavenworth in March 1858, and was engaged in the restaurant business until May 1859. He then went into the mining business, which took him away from Leavenworth until 1862, when he returned and again went into the restaurant and saloon business, in which he continued until 1865. He was then Inspector for the Germania Life Insurance Company of Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and a part of the Territories. October 1, 1872, he purchased an interest in the Continental Hotel, which he still retains. He was born in Aldenburg, Saxony, October 31, 1835, and emigrated in 1853. On arriving in America, he located in Philadelphia, where he remained a year, and then went to Savannah, Ga., and Charleston, S. C., being employed on a steamer. On his return to Philadelphia, he remained in that city one year, and was afterwards in Washington, D. C., nine months, and then in St. Louis until he came to Leavenworth. Since coming here he has been a member of the Common Council two years, and has also been an Alderman of the city of Leavenworth. While occupying the latter office he raised $500, requisite to insure the Union Machine Companys Works, in accordance with the fire ordinance, which resulted in the establishment of works employing one hundred men. He was married at St. Louis, November 13, 1862, to Lina Gerold, a native of Aldenburg, Saxony. They have four children - Edward C., born April 13, 1864, August Ernst, born February 23, 1866, Matilda Amalia, born June 30, 1868, and Ida Julia, born May 28, 1870.

GEORGE FRUEBEL, merchant tailor, was born in Wertemburg, Germany, in 1816, and learned his present trade there. In 1848 came to America and followed his business in Philadelphia, Pa. In 1859 located here and has actively followed his business since. Merried in 1840, Miss Fredericka Rall, who was born in Wertemburg, Germany, in 1807. They have no children.

MAJOR BLENCOWE E. FRYER, Surgeon United States Army, Post Surgeon, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and attending Surgeon at Department Headquarters, in addition to his other duties. He was born in England, but was reared and educated in the United States. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. For nearly two years he was resident physician and surgeon of the Episcopal Hospital, in Philadelphia. May 28, 1861, he was appointed Assistant Surgeon in the army, with rank of First Lieutenant. From 1863 to 1865 he had charge of Brown General Hospital, at Louisville, Ky., that being one of the largest institutions of the kind during the war. Prior to 1863 the doctor did general field and hospital duty as a surgeon. He received brevet commissions, Captain and Major, March 1865, for faithful and meritorious services during the war. After the close of the war, he was six months Acting Medical Director of the Ohio, with headquarters at Detroit Mich. May 28, 1866, he was commissioned Assistant Surgeon, with the rank of Major. In August, 1867, was assigned to the position of Post Surgeon, at Fort Harker, Kansas, remaining there until May, 1872. After one year in New Mexico, he was appointed a member of the Army Medical Examining Board, with headquarters in New York city, where he remained until 1877, when he was assigned to duty at Fort Leavenworth, where he has since remained. The doctor has made a special study of diseases of the eye and ear, having as preceptor Prof. H. Knapp, formerly of Heidelburg, Germany, now of New York, one of the most skillful oculists and aurists in the world. Dr. Fryer fills the chair of Professor of Diseases of the Eye and Ear, in the Kansas City Medical College. He is a member of the American Medical Association, and of the Kansas State Medical Society. Was President of the latter association in 1881.

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