William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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SCOTTISH RITE (Masonic) - Eleusis Lodge of Perfection, No. 1, received it charter from the southern jurisdiction of the United States, and organized 1871. Officers: P. J. Freling, V. Master; John Westlake, S. W.; E. W. Osgood, J. W.; J. W. Park, secretary. No change in officers since the organization. Meets in Masonic Temple on the third Saturday of each month.

Leavenworth Commandery No. 1, Knights Templar. - Organized March 30, 1864, by permission of General Grand Commandery, with following members: T. A. Hurd, R. R. Rees, L. P. Stiles, Fritz Majors, Christian Beck, Casper Beechier, John Trailman, L. G. Terry, T. W. Bassett, A. C. Hogan. First officers: T. A. Hurd, E. C.; R. R. Rees, Gen.; L. P. Stiles, Capt. Gen. Present officers: John V. Ellard, E. C.; Otto C. Beeler, Gen.; W. B. Fletcher, Capt. Gen. Meetings held in Masonic Temple, on the second and fourth Wednesdays in the month.

Leavenworth Chapter, No. 2, Royal Arch Masons. - Chartered by the General Grand Chapter of the United States, September 26, 1859, with the following officers: R. R. Rees, high priest; Rev. Leander Kerr, king; E. C. McCarty, scribe; Andrew Hogan, Christian Beck, Charles Mundy, J. M. Reed, D. J. Johnson, J. H. McBride, A. Payne, L. R. Smoot, G. W. Perkins, charter members. Present officers; E. W. Osgood, high priest; B. F. Phelps, king; John Watstrom, scribe. Present number of members, seventy-six. Regular meetings in Masonic Temple on the second and fourth Mondays of each month.

Leavenworth Lodge, No. 2, A., F. & A. M. - Organized January 18, 1855, with R. R. Rees, W. M.; A. Payne, S. W.; Auley McAuley, J. W., Charles Mundy, secretary; George B. Panton, treasurer; L. J. Easton, S. D.; J. M. Alexander, J. D.; J. J. Bentz, tyler. Present officers: John E. Walstrom, W. M.; J. M. Prather, S. W.; Squire F. Taylor, J. W.; J. B. Davis, treasurer; E. W. Osgood, secretary. Present number of members, 107.

King Solomon Lodge, No. 10, A., F. & A. M. - Organized October 18, 1858. First officers: Henry C. Justice, W. M.; Moses S. Adams, S. W.; George A. Eddy, J. W.; H. H. Beck, secretary; J. J. Clarkson, treasurer. Present officers: N. H. Brown, W. M.; J. Shiffer, S. W.; T. D. Mace, J. W.; Matthew Shaw, treasurer; J. W. Kirkham, secretary; Joseph Keenan, S. D.; John Willcot, J. D.; Joseph Norris, tyler. Present number of members, sixty-eight.

Hiram Lodge, No. 68, A., F. & A. M. - Organized August, 1867. First officers: George Einstein, W. M.; B. Fiesher, S. W.; J. Simmons, J. W. Present officers: Henry Seller, W. M.; Charles Ettenson, S. W.; Joseph Valentine, J. W.; Phillip Rothschild, treasurer; Henry Shindler, secretary; Jacob Enkel, S. S.; Martin Kelley, J. D.; Fritz Majors, tyler. Present number of members, forty-two. Meetings held the first and third Thursdays, in old Masonic Hall.

Leavenworth Council, No. 1. Royal and Select Masters. - Organized December 16, 1865 (under dispensation), with R. R. Rees as T. I. G. M.; A. H. Cohen, D. I. G. M.; J. D. Marks, P. C. of W.; L. J. Terry, C. of G.; and nine companions present. Charter received May 24, 1866, and the following officers elected: R. R. Rees, T. I. G. M.; J. D. Marks, D. I. G. M.; Dwight Byington, P. C. of W.; A. A. Fenn, C. of C.; L. Houston, Treas.; Fritz Majors, C. of G.; W. H. Bond, steward; Fritz Majors, S.; O. C. Beeler, recorder. Present officers; O. C. Beeler, T. I. G. M.; D. W. Campbell, D. I. G. M.; J. V. Ellard, P. C. of W.; C. Beck, treasurer; F. A. Cimeran, recorder; M. Shaw, C. of G.; J. L. Schiffer, C. of C.; Joseph McDonald, steward; Fritz Majors, sentinel. Present members, thirty-nine. Meets monthly in Masonic Temple.

State Right Masonry - St. Mark's Lodge, U. D. (Colored) - Meets on the first and third Tuesday evenings of each month, at 302 Delaware street (up-stairs). L. Overton, W. M.; Thomas Williams, Jr., S. W.; R. Lemons, J. W.; Joseph Herold, treasurer; D. A. Jones, Jr., secretary.

Mount Olive Lodge, No. 3 (Colored). - Meets at 302 Delaware street (up-stairs), on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. Organized in 1877, with George Gray, worshipful master; George Robinson, secretary. Present officers: Frank Obanion, W. M.; Benjamin Anderson, S. W.; James Pryor, J. W.; H. Montgomery, treasurer; J. H. Walton, secretary. Present number of members thirty-six.

Atlanta Lodge, No. 2056, I. O. O. F. (Colored). - Organized April, 1880. First officers Burvil Atkinson, N. G.; A. B. Turner, vice-grand; W. D. Kelley, P. S.; F. E. Ware, elective secretary; E. F. Ware, Past N. G. Present officers: F. W. Watson, N. G.; John Brewer, vice-grand; W. D. Kelley, permanent secretary; George Davis, elective secretary; Lewis Branch, past noble grand. Present number of members, thirty-one. Meetings on Wednesday evenings, in Wolf's Hall.

Far West Encampment No. 1, I. O. O. F. - Instituted February 14, 1859. Charter members: J. B. Davis, Phillip Koehler, N. W. Cox, C. A. Logan, Thomas Plowman, Charles Munday. Meets every other Wednesday evening in Odd Fellows' Hall, corner of Fourth and Delaware streets. Officers elected for the semi-annual term beginning July 1, 1882: R. M. McGregor, C. P.; N. R. Nye, S. W.; J. M. Stuchburg, J. W.; N. E. Stevens, scribe; W. M. Leeper, treasurer; John H. Fenton, H. P. Present number of members, one hundred and one.

Mechanics Lodge, No. 89, I. O. O. F. - Organized October 8, 1872. Charter members: G. A. Davis, John Shoemaker, J. Burnham, J. R. Duncan, George Byron, J. E. Varney, R. A. Saunders, J. L. Duncan, C. H. White. Meets every Saturday evening in Odd Fellows' Hall, corner of Fourth and Delaware streets. Officers elected for semi-annual term beginning July 1, 1882: J. M. Stuchberg, P. N. G.; John Pfeiffer, N. G.; S. J. Banker, V. G.; Charles L. Olund, Rec. Sec.; Robert McGinity, Per. Sec.; John Shoemaker, Treas. Number of members, one hundred and forty-two.

Allemania Lodge No. 123, I. O. O. F. - Instituted December 27, 1875. Charter members: Chas. Chineke, Christian Hoffman, Peter Bubb, And. Drechsel, August Renz, Henry Schiermayer, Charles Conrad, Jacob Rodenhaus, Joseph Walter, Henry Brueggen, William Graisky, Dom Wissler, Charles Paeper, Tim Hermance, Fred Wochner, H. C. Mohr, N. Hieb, Charles Ackenhausen, Carl Kempire, G. F. Zeitz, Aug. Schanz, Chris. Kentner, August Streibich, C. F. Cremer, W. Stech, Julius Meincke, Joseph Wollman, William Schroeder, Charles Fees, Jac. Elsasser, G. M. Young, Joseph Bergmann, W. G. Hesse, John Grund. Officers of term beginning July 1, 1882: G. F. Zeitz, P. N. G.; August Schanze, N. G.; C. Tholen, V. G.; Fred. Steir, Pre. Sec.; Henry Brueggen, Treas.; George Kauffman, Rec. Sec.; Present number of members, seventy-five. Meets in Odd Fellows' Hall, corner of Fourth and Delaware streets, every Monday evening.

Schiller Encampment No. 2, I. O. O. F. - Instituted October 11, 1867. The following is a list of the charter members: J. C. Hemergrade, Christian Beck, A. C. Fields, J. S. Crow, C. J. Hanks, A. Newman, J. C. L. Vanderpool, E. C. Putnam, J. B. Woodson, E. M. Rankin, J. C. Kelsey, R. Forsythe. Present officers: E. T. Reese, P. N. G.; F. H. Osborn, N. G.; F. E. Carpenter V. G.; L. Mayo Treas.; R. M. McGregor, Per. Sec.; L. E. Burbank, Rec. Sec. Has one hundred and thirty-five members. Meetings held every Friday evening in Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Fourth and Delaware streets.

Germania Lodge, No. 9, I. O. O. F. - Organized July 24, 1859. Charter members: F. W. Wood, C. A. Sninke, Christian Beck, Phillip Kaler, W. Itz. Present officers: Charles Engstrom, past grand; John C. Smith, noble grand; Carl Bauer, vice-grand; L. Sidell, secretary; Ad. Wernher, permanent secretary; George Scheiner, treasurer. Meets every Thursday in Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Fourth and Delaware streets. Present number of members, one hundred and three.

Leavenworth Lodge, No 2, I. O. O. F. - Organized March 9, 1857. The charter members were: Christian Beck, J. H. Blanchard, Ryland Jones, John Shirley, W. A. Thompson, Samuel C. Weller. Officers for term beginning June 1, 1882: W. M. Leeper, P. N. G.; T. E. Mills, N. G.; W. H. Morgan, V. G.; T. C. Davis, Tres.; James Franks, Per. Sec.; M. E. Stevens, Rec. Sec. Meets every Tuesday night in Odd Fellows' Hall, corner of Delaware and Fourth streets. Present number of members, one hundred and eighteen.

Concordia Lodge, No. 8, K. of P. - Organized December 4, 1872. First officers: August Thanheidt, P. C.; August Neubauer, C. C.; John Trump, V. C.; August Geveke, prefate; E. F. Haberlein, K. of R. & S.; J. C. Dickelmann, M. of F.; Chas. Engstrom, M. of E.; George Linek, M. A.; Henry Berine, I. G.; H. J. Canniff, G. C.; J. A. Bliss, G. K. of R. S. Present officers: Chas. E. Hang, P. C.; P. J. Praider, C. C.; Ad. Hummius, V. C.; H. Rammert, prelate; H. Bonness, K. of R. & S.; Louis Casper, M. of Ex.; Louis Zeilke, M. of F.; Jac. Lau, M. of A.; Ed. Plugel, inner guard; Chas. Ober, outer guard. Meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at Pythian Hall, southeast eighty-one.

Ivanhoe Lodge No. 14, K. of P. - Instituted December 1, 1873. First officers: L. M. Goddard, C. C.; T. J. Darling, V. C.; W. F. Porter, prelate; J. L. Vickers, M. of E.; W. E. Robinson, M. of F.; John R. Creighton, K. of R. & S. Present officers: Herman Bruns, C. C.; William Small, V. C.; J. K. Creighton, prelate; G. S. Beven, M. of E.; Henry Bruns, M. of F.; W. A. Bryant, K. of R. & S. Meets on the second and fourth Monday evenings of each month at Pythian Hall, southeast corner of Shawnee and Sixth streets. Present number of members, one hundred and sixteen.

Leavenworth Lodge, No. 22, K. P. - Instituted August 24, 1878. First officers: J. W. Wheeler, P. C.; McCown Hunt, C. C.; L. E. Wicks, V. C.; S. Simmons, P.; R. B. Cieghorn, M. of E.; Joseph McDonald, M. of F.; E. T. Rees, K. of R. & S.; T. W. Thomas, M. at A.; W. P. Doerson, I. G.; W. D. Skinner, O. G. Present officers: William Dill, C. C.; W. D. Skinner, V. C.; R. H. Varney, K. of R. & S.; S. Broadway, Jr., prelate; A. Buga, M. of E. Meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at Pythian Hall, southeast corner of Shawnee and Sixth streets. Present number of members, fifty-three.

W. C. T. U. - This Temperance organization was formed in November, 1879, and is the leader in this work of reform in Leavenworth. It has now a membership of fifty, and has been the means of furnishing strangers and the public generally with a pleasant reading room and a nice library, on Third street. Present officers: Mrs. E. Mayo, president; Mrs. H. C. Fields, vice-president; Mrs J. C. Lysle, treasurer; Mrs. S. M. Hartough, secretary.

Kansas Pharmaceutical Association. - This body was organized in the year 1880, and the first elected officers, who held for two years, were the following: Robert J. Brown, of Leavenworth, president; B. W. Woodward of Lawrence, vice-president; W. C. Johnston, of Manhattan, second vice-president; J. C. Northcraft, Abilene, treasurer; F. E. Holloway, of Topeka, secretary; W. C. Naylor, of Holden, assistant secretary. The present officers, elected for the years of 1882 and 1883, are F. E. Holloway, president; W. C. Johnston, vice-president; W. M. Stanford, treasure; W. E. Barnes, secretary. Present number of members, 320. The next annual meeting will be held in Topeka.

Hibernian Catholic Benevolent Society. - Organized October 13, 1867. First Officers: Rev. Thomas Ambrose Butler, president and spiritual director; Maurice White, vice-president; Henry Carey, secretary; Thomas Quinlan, treasurer. Organized with thirteen members. Present officers: James McAuliffe, president; O. Farrall, secretary; Rev. J. B. McCune, treasurer. Meets at Hibernian Hall, east side of Fifth street, between Kickapoo and Kiowa streets, first Sunday in each month.

Sodal ty(sic) of the Immaculate Conception, of the B. V. M. - Organized September, 1855. Rt. Rev. John B. Miege, first spiritual director; Brother Lawliss, prefect; Thomas Newman, secretary. Organized with nine members. Present officers; James McAuliffe, prefect; Morgan Sinnott, secretary; Rev. J. B. McCune, spiritual director. Meetings every Sunday morning at the cathedral. Present number of members, 120.

The Hebrew Ladies' Benevolent Society was organized in 1865. For eighteen years it has continued in charitable and benevolent work, and is a recognized power for good in the community. The society now numbers forty members, and has the following officers: Mrs. N. Schloss, president; Mrs. P. B. Haas, vice-president; Mrs. S. Seller, secretary; Mrs. P. Rothschild, treasurer.

Catholic Knights of America, St. Patrick's Branch, No. 130. - Organized April 30, 1880. First officers: Rev. James O'Reilly, spiritual director; Phillip Doyle, president; P. H. Mullen, vice-president; John J. Roche, recording secretary; W. J. Thompson, financial secretary; John C. O'Donnell, treasurer; Clinton T. Flinn, sergeant-at-arms; Daniel Donovan, sentinel; William Thompson, C. T. Flinn, M. T. Lonergan, trustees. Present officers: M. Burns, president; P. A. Doran, vice-president; J. J. Roche, recording secretary; Frank J. Thompson, financial secretary; J. C. O'Donald, treasurer; D. Donivan sentinel; Matthew Trum, sergeant-at-arms. Meets on the second and fourth Sundays of each month, at their hall, corner of Fifth and Kiowa streets. Present number of members, eighty-five.

American Legion of Honor. - Organized June, 1881. First officers: J. Carr, commander; O. F. Johnson, vice-commander;__. Pierce, secretary. Present officers: D. A. Hook, president; Edward Murphy, secretary. Meet at Ralston's Hall, corner of Third and Delaware streets, on the second and fourth Fridays of each month. Present number of members, thirty-four.

Leavenworth Branch of the Diocesan Benevolent Life Insurance Company. - The object of this organization, formed in 1874, is to obtain a closer union of Catholics. Unless one is a member of some local Catholic society, he can not become a member of the company. Upon the death of a member, each person belonging to the branch is assessed $1, which is paid to the relatives of the deceased. At present the membership of the branch is 500. Its officers are as follows: Rev. J. O-Reilley, president. Directors, M. A. Wohlfrom, James McAuliffe and Rev. J. J. Downey; Peter C. Becker, secretary.

First Grand Independent Benevolent Society of Kansas, - Organized in Leavenworth, in 1868. George Noland, first president, and Jefferson Craig, treasurer. Meets every Monday, on Cherokee, between Third and Fourth streets. The society is benevolent in character, furnishing watchers for the sick, and burial for deceased members. At the present time there are 300 members.

Youths' Temperance Alliance. - Meets each Sunday at some of the city churches. Prof. S. B. Langworthy, president; Hon. J. I. Larimer, vice-president; W. A. S. Blewett, secretary and treasurer; William Curtis, assistant secretary; Miss Clark, organist.

Knights of Honor. - Leavenworth Lodge, No. 1,285, meets in Ralston Hall, northeast corner of Delaware and Third streets, on the first and third Thursdays in each month. The Lodge was organized December 10, 1879, with the following officers: W. N. Page, P. D.; Samuel Black, dictator; J. W. Wheeler, V. D.; W. H. Hewett, V. D.; George Davis, chaplain; Thomas Gancomia, guide; W. M. Pinkston, reporter; Levi Churchill, financial reporter; W. Davis, treasurer. Present officers: George A. King, P. D.; William Small, dictator; C. S. Pimberton, V. D.; George W. Nellis, A. D.; James Seymour, chaplain; N. J. Brugge, guide; A. L. Warren, reporter; William Gunther, financial reporter; T. J. Weeld, treasurer. Present number of members, 124.

Germania Lodge, No. 5, Ancient Order of United Workmen. - Organized June, 1880. First officers: Henry Ecker, master workman; Adam Heimbuck, recorder; G. Markart, financier; Frederick Steir, receiver Sixteen charter members. Present officers: Frederick Steir, master workman; G. L. Fulner, recorder; Adam Heimbuck, financier; Gustave Markart, treasurer; De. D. W. Thomas, physician. Meetings held in Pythian Hall, southeast corner of Sixth and Shawnee streets, the second and last Tuesdays of each month. Present number of members, forty-one.

Knights of Labor, No. 74, (Colored). - Organized April, 1882. Officers: Thomas Williams, chief mentor; John Frazier, chief scribe. Meets every other Monday and Saturday nights, in Wolf's Hall. Number of members, forty.

Knights of Labor, No. 37, (Colored). - Organized 1879. First and present officers: William Coleman, chief mentor; Albert Hopkins, chief scribe. Meets every Monday night in Wood's Hall, Delaware street, between Second and Third. Number of members, sixty-two.

Leavenworth Lodge, No. 1, Sons of Bethel No. 1 (Colored). - Organized in 1881. Meetings held every Monday evening over Albright's store south side of Miami street, between Fourth and Fifth. Daniel Alexander, president; Moses Foster, vice-president; H. Miller, secretary; John Fields, treasurer. Number of members, eighty. There is a sister society called the Daughters of Bethel, with a membership of thirty. Meetings held a t 420 Shawnee street.

Leavenworth Society, Sons of Truth. - Organized July, 1858. First officers: J. Wollman, president; B. Flesher, vice-president; A. Sand, secretary; B. Frank, treasurer. Present officers: L. Michael, president; Isaac Rickah, vice-president; S. Simonds, secretary; S. Steindler, treasurer. This is a Jewish society organized to care for the sick and bury the dead. Soon after its organization, five acres of ground were purchased for a Jewish cemetery. It is located three miles west of the city in a pleasant locality and is beautifully adorned. The cost of the ground, fencing, etc., was $2,200. The society furnishes watchers for the sick, and allows its members three dollars per week during illness. Persons of the faith, although non-members (if poor), are supplied with watchers during sickness and funeral and burial expenses in case of death. Annual dues of members, four dollars; the society has a large fund in its treasury.

Mutual Life Insurance Union of Kansas. - Organized July, 1875. Rev. James O'Reilly, first president; Peter O'Farrell, first secretary; Right Rev. Bishop Fink, treasurer. Present officers, Rev. James O'Reilly, president; Right Rev. Bishop Fink, O. S. B., treasurer; P. C. Becker, secretary. Present number of members, 326.

Catholic Mutual Benevolent Association, St. George Branch, No. 1. - Organized November 3, 1879. First officers: P. C. Becker, Pres.; George Veix, V. P.; Clay Broomlage second V. P.; Albert Kroil, Treas; G. N. Steinmuller, Rec. Sec.; H. Yaster, Ass't. Rec. Sec.; F. L. Hermine, F. S.; Peter Bowzowzki, marshal; Anton Stein, guard; George Viex(sic), K. Huffman, Otto Yaster, H. D. Yaster, Casper Huffman, trustees; Spiritual Adviser, Father Guether. Present officers: Otto Jasper, Pres; Frank Steinmuller, First V. P.; Anton Swoboda, second G. P.; Peter C. Becker, Rec. Sec.; Joes Schlonga, Ass't. Rec. Sec.; George Biringer, F. S.; Isaac Dizock, marshal; Nick Herrig, guard; Hugo Joster, P. C. Becker, K. Hoffman, A. Swoboda, F. Steinmuller, trustees; George Veix, chancellor. Meets second and fourth Mondays in each month in their hall, corner of Osage and Broadway. Present number of members, thirty-six.

German R. C. Benevolent Society. - Organized in 1881, and holds meetings in the German Catholic school-house, the first Sunday in each month. Officers: R. Huffman, president; Joe Dress, vice-president; Anton Swoboda, secretary; M. Penning, treasurer; J. B. Biringer, Albert Daege, Anton Haag, Sr., trustees.

Catholic Mutual Benevolent Association, John B Mege Branch, No. 2. - Organized in 1880. Meets in Phelan's Hall, Shawnee street, between Fifth and Sixth streets, on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. First and present officers: Rev. Father Downing, spiritual adviser; John Hannon, president; J. R. Madden, first vice-president; J. O'Rork, second vice-president; C. W. Dougherty, recording secretary; P. O. Farrell, assistant recording secretary; J. Lyon, financial secretary; M. Phelan, treasurer; P. J. McDonald, marshal; Thos. Ryan, guard; Patrick Burns, chancellor; Dr. M. S. Thomas, medical examiner.

Kansas Mutual Sick Relief Society. - Chartered December 19, 1868. First President, Fred. Wochner. Meets the first Tuesday of each month at the German school-house, south side of Seneca, between Fifth and Sixth streets. J. H. Rotherberger, president; Fred. Wochner, secretary; H. Jansen, agent.

French Mutual Relief Society. - Organized in 1868. ______ Penare, first president; C. Bouisse, secretary; Tony Giacomini, treasurer. Present officers: Thomas Giacomini, president; Tony Giacomini, treasurer; C. Bouisse, secretary. Regular meetings on the first Sunday after the 15th of each month, at 740 Delaware street. Present number of members, forty.

Young Men's Sodality of the B. V. M. - Organized in 1860, with J. J. Roche as first prefect. Present perfect, William Thompson. Meets in the chapel every Sunday. Has twenty-five members.

Cecilian Singing Society. - Organized in 1872. S. Bauer first and present president; Albert Daege, secretary; John Berringer, treasurer. Meets at the German Catholic School on the fourth Sunday in each month.

Leavenworth Branch of the Irish National Land League. - Meets at M. Phelan's Hall, Shawnee street, near Fifth, on the first and third Thursdays in each month. Organized in October, 1880. E. Carroll the first and present president; P. J. McDonald, first and present president; P. J. McDonald, first and present secretary.

Union of Personal Liberty. - Organized in 1881. First officers: F. Noll, president; Christian Schubert, secretary; J. H. Rothenberger, director. Present officers: Martin Smith, president; C. Schubert, secretary; J. H. Rothenberger, director. Meets monthly in Turner Hall, corner of Shawnee and Broadway. Present number of members, 380.

I. O. B'nai B'rith, Sholem Lodge, No. 78. - Organized July 19, 1866. The first President was George Einstein. Charter members: R. N. Hirshfield, George Einstein, J. Wollman, Julius Levi, J. Jereslow, Simon A. Asch (vice president), H. M. Hermon (secretary). Present officers: L. Michael, president; S. A. Asch, vice president; H. M. Hermon, secretary; Julius Levi, treasurer; R. N. Hirshfield, monitor; S. Seemon, assistant monitor; J. Ringelsky, warden; Adolph Simon, outside guard. Present number of members, forty-eight. Regular meetings the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month in Old Masonic Hall, 425 Delaware street. The present surveillance committee consists of R. N. Hirshfield, L. Michael and A. Simons.

Free Sons of Israel, Kansas Lodge, No. 72 - Meets at old Masonic Hall, on the first and third Sundays of each month. Organized August, 1880, by Rev. Dr. Sonneschein and Prof. Deutsch, of St. Louis. First officers: Charles Salinger, past president: H. Wollman, president; C. Michael, vice president; R. N. Hirshfield, treasurer; Isaac Sellers, secretary. Present officers; H. Wollman, past president; L. Michael, president; R. N. Hirshfield, treasurer; S. Simonds, secretary. Present number of members, thirty-five.

Independent Order of Red Men - Delaware Tribe, No. 3. - Meets first and third Tuesdays of each month in old Masonic Hall, 425 Delaware street (up stairs). The Tribe was instituted April 13, 1877, with the following officers: John Trump, sachem; E. C. Davis, senior sagamore; D. D. Riley, junior sagamore; L. M. Cretus, chief of records; Peter Jamison, keeper of wampums; A. W. Davidson, prophet. There were thirty-five charter members. Present officers: Jas. Seymour, sachem; B. B. Cleghorn, prophet; E. C. Shinn, S. S; F. W. Scard, J. S.; D. D. Riley, C. of R.; Louis Zeicke, keeper of wampums. Number of memories, thirty-five.

Grand Army of the Republic - Custer Post, No. 6. - Organized November 26, 1875. First Post Commander, Hugh H. Fogg; Adjutant, Louis Eccleberry. Present officers: E. W. Osgood, post commander; A. M. Leeper, adjutant. Present number of members, forty. Meet at the office of A. R. McNairy, Delaware street, between Third and Fourth, on the fourth Wednesday of each month. J. C. Walkinshaw, of Leavenworth, is the present department commander of the State, and W. M. Leeper, of Leavenworth, is assistant adjutant general of the department.

Leavenworth Academy of Science and Art. - A society for the advancement of science and art, was organized under the general incorporation act of the State of Kansas, in the year 1874. The first officers were: H. M. Aller, president; W. S. Burke, vice president; R. J. Brown, secretary; Sidney Smith, treasurer. The present officers are: A. M. Aller, president; W. S. Burke, vice president; R. J. Brown, secretary; T. Sinks, treasurer. From October 1 to May 1 the society holds semi-monthly meetings, for the purpose of discussing and listening to lectures on the subjects of science and art. The present number of members is 105. Headquarters of the organization at Dr. T. Sink's office, corner of Shawnee and Third streets.

National American Association. - Organized in Leavenworth, in December, 1881. Object, for mutual life insurance, and for social intercourse. Officers: Lewis Mayo, president; W. H. Skillman, vice president; John Vories, secretary; J. S. Edwards, collector; George C. Vaughn, advocate; R. H. Reeves, chaplain; Wm. Parmelee, treasurer; James A. Lane, sergeant-at-arms; J. H. Crew, door-keeper; Nathan A. Mann, asst. Door-keeper; D. K. Burrell, ex-president. Eleven charter members. There are now fifteen persons attached to the organization.

Leavenworth Maenner Ger-Sangverein. - Organized January 23, 1859, and has held regular meetings ever since. Business meetings on the first Tuesday evening of each month, in Turner Hall, and singing meetings every Friday evening, at the same place. First officers: Fritz Braunhold, president; Ad. Braedner, secretary; S. Burcker, treasurer; John Dotter, musical director. Present officers: Lewis Schrader, president; _________ Scheller, secretary; Joseph Praeder, treasurer; Prof. Scheurman, musical director.

Leavenworth Turnrerein. - Organized August 12, 1857, in Stahl's Garden. First officers: Henry Deckelman, president; Col. Henry C. Hass, first turnwart; Hugo Tabel, secretary. At the breaking out of the rebellion the society turned out nearly a full company for the first company organized for the Union army in the State - the first Kansas Infantry. Present officers: A. Ackenhausen, president, Fred. Wlohnor, recording secretary; ______ Shinkler, corresponding secretary; Louis Bayer, first turnwart; L. Mehl, second turnwart; Otto Graser, treasurer; J. H. Rothenberger, Louis Casper, J. Dotter, trustees. Present number of members, eighty-six.

Leavenworth Building and Savings Institution. - Officers: Martin Smith, president; W. G. Hesse, vice-president; Charles Sprick, secretary; Charles Ackenhausen, treasurer. Meets at German schoolhouse, on Seneca, between Fifth and Sixth streets, on the first Monday of each month.

Metropolitan Guards. - Armory in Laing's building, corner of Fourth and Delaware. Organized in 1878. Meet for drill Tuesday evenings. Business meetings second and fourth Tuesday evenings of each month. First officers: W. H. Mead, captain; William Green, first lieutenant; Ed. Thomas, second lieutenant. Present officers: C. N. Stevens, captain; J. W. Niehaus, first lieutenant; H. W. Hewett, second lieutenant; J. T. Mason, treasurer; J. N. Joeger, financial secretary; F. Manritzens, secretary; Frank T. Lynch, president; R. H. T. Nesbit, vice-president. Present number of members, fifty.

Leavenworth Gun Club. - Organized in 1877. First officers: S. A. Couch, president; C. N. Whitman, vice-president; Charles Currier, secretary; M. H. Insley, treasurer; A. G. Talbot, Adolph Lange, J. A. Schmidt, board of managers. Present officers: A. C. Girard, president; J. Cooter, vice-president; A. Wernher, secretary; H. Lanitz, treasurer. Meet first Tuesday of each month. Shoot second Tuesday of each month at head of Second street, on Government Reserve. Number of members, thirty.

The Barry Cadets. - On Tuesday, May 20, 1879, Rev. T. W. Barry, Rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, took his choir of thirty-two boys on an excursion to Bismark Grove, Lawrence, where they won the silver cup for superiority in singing. A military tournament was in progress. The "Ottawa Zouave," a boy company, was present, and by the beauty of their uniforms and the precision of their movements excited the envy of the other boys. The choir boys then and there conceived the idea of forming themselves into a military organization to be called the "Barry Cadets," in honor of the rector of St. Paul's Church. The initiatory step was taken by Masters Edgar Hopkins, John Franks and James Brace, who soon succeeded in getting sufficient names to start with. W. H. Anderson was chosen captain; Hartwell Lyon, first lieutenant; and James Franks, second lieutenant. The company made rapid progress in the manual of arms, and was soon recognized as one of the institutions of the city. Like all kindred institutions, it has had its ups and downs, its days of cloud as well as sunshine. The faint-hearted withdrew, but the brave remained. In December, 1881, the company found themselves without a captain, and a depleted treasury. Too much credit cannot be given to Lieuts. Franks and Albright for keeping the company together while without a captain. It was a critical time in their history. In January, 1882, Second Lieut. Harry E. Insley, of the Metropolitan Guard, was chosen Captain of the Cadets. Capt. I. brought with him to the command just those qualifications which were needed at the time to save the company, namely, good business ability and thorough military education. The new captain was backed by the support of the parents of the boys. The company numbers forty-eight members, is uniformed, armed and equipped. At a recent dress parade, the presence of thousands, their skill and knowledge of drill elicited enthusiastic applause. They have probably no superiors in the State. Their armory is in Laing's Hall. Meet every Monday evening. Officers; H. E. Insley, captain; James Franks, Jr., first lieutenant; William Albright, second lieutenant. They are now changed to Leavenworth Battalion, Company I, H. E. Insley, major. They are the pride of the city.

Leavenworth Driving Park and Fair Association. - This society was reorganized with its present officers in 1879, and now possesses forty acres of beautiful land west of the court-house. The grounds were purchased of the county for $2,500, but at this time are probably worth five times that sum. At this time the leading members of the association are discouraged on account of the severe loss cause by the terrible storm that swept over Leavenworth County on the 16th of April, 1882. Fencing, stands, booths, stalls, etc., were destroyed on the Fair grounds, and the discouragement caused thereby determined the management to make no effort for a fall meeting in 1882. But with the coming of another year this feeling will give place to a more hopeful condition. Too much money has been expended to allow their valuable grounds to lie idle. The following is a list of the officers: Dr. S. F. Neely, president; M. H. Insley, vice-president; Frank T. Lynch, secretary; Michael Phelan, treasurer.

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