William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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McCamish was laid out in 1857 by Richard D. McCamish, and named after its projector. At the time there was quite a number of settlers in the township, among whom were C. L. Dillie, B. F. Detar, O. Hulett, Judge Martin, James Pyle and R. Perkins. Previously to the laying out of the town a postoffice had been established here and named Hibbard. McCamish was situated on Bull Creek, near the center of the township, and about two miles northeast of Edgerton.

In 1858 a rival town was laid out across the creek from McCamish, and named "Lanesfield," in honor of Gen. James H. Lane.

McCamish grew, though very slowly, then ceased to grow and was at length abandoned as a town. Lanesfield, its rival outstripped it and became a town of some size, having at one time three stores, three churches, and nearly 100 inhabitants, but when the railroad was built from Olathe to Ottawa, the whole town, with its stores and churches, moved to Edgerton, in order to secure the advantages of railroad communications.


HON. REZIN ADDY, physician and surgeon, was born in Guernsey County, Ohio, in 1828. He read medicine with Dr. J. G. T. Holsten, at New Concord, Ohio, and also attended Cincinnati Medical College, from which he graduated in 1849. He then practiced at Lancaster Landing, Ill., for some years, and in Guernsey County, Ohio. The doctor came to Kansas in June, 1858, located at McCamish, Johnson County, where he practiced his profession for some thirteen years, after which he removed to Edgerton, and has continued to practice at this point with good success. He was elected to the State Legislature in 1880 for a term of two years.

DR. C. W. BALCH, Edgerton, was born in Logan County, Ky., April 25, 1811. His grandfather was the Rev. James Balch, who graduated at Princeton College. His father was Maj. Amos P. Balch, who served in the war of 1812. His father immigrated with him in 1814 to Indiana, Parke County. There he went to a district school till he was nineteen, thence to Hanover, and then studied medicine under Dr. Brooks, a graduate of New York, and practiced with him several years in Greenville, Ill. Was called to Memphis, Tenn., early after the Rebellion broke out to attend a hospital of sick soldiers in 1863, and moved to Kansas in the spring of 1864, with an invalid son sent home from the army sick. He, his son died August 28, 1864. He also had a son killed at the siege of Vicksburg, May 22, 1864. In the fall of 1864 he joined the State Militia, and served three months as Company Surgeon, and at the time of the great battle of Westport, or the Price raid, he had sixty-five men, women and children posted at his house for three days. He attended many sick and wounded in Olathe; had a large practice in Olathe for several years. Has a very large family of nine children, five boys and four girls; all married but two boys and one girl, and all settled in Kansas. He is seventy-two in April next, and weighs 237 pounds.

JOHN M. BURNS, farmer, P. O. Edgerton, was born in Kentucky May 6, 1816. Twenty years later he removed to Boone County, Ind., where he was educated as a surveyor, and followed that profession sixteen years, and during thirteen years of that period held the office of surveyor of that county. He then turned his attention to agriculture. In March, 1859, he came to Kansas, located in the Township of McCamish, and has since been largely engaged in farming and raising stock. He owns some 700 acres of land, and is considered one of the largest farmers in this county. Mr. Burns is a member of Edgerton Grange, and at present holds the office of treasurer of that organization, and has for many years been a member of the district school board; is also treasurer of that body. He was married in Boone County, Ind., December 22, 1841, to Spicy A. Wiley, who died in 1851 leaving two children - Joseph A. and Eliza J. He was married again in Kentucky in October, 1854, to Mary Stephenson. They have four children - Henry C., Mary A., Luin Q., and Betty.

CHARLES M. DICKSON, farmer, P. O. Edgerton, was born in Crawford County, Ohio, June 17, 1833, and reared on a farm, in what is known as the Dickson resettlement. He came to Kansas in September, 1860. Was for six months engaged in sheep raising in Linn County, and in April, 1861, removed to Miami County, where he farmed until the fall of 1867, when he went to Ottawa, and for two years was engaged in real estate and mercantile business, returning to his farm in Miami County in 1869. In the spring of 1876 he moved on to his present farm in this township. Mr. Dickson owns 560 acres of improved land, 380 of which are in a high state of cultivation. On his place there is a fine orchard of six acres, and his residence is known for its beauty throughout the surrounding country. He is also engaged in breeding Short-horn cattle. While residing in Miami County he served one term as County Commissioner. He was elected master of Edgerton Grange, No. 435, at its organization in 1873, and is the present master, having held the office since with the exception of one term. Mr. Dickson was married in Crawford County, Ohio, in February, 1853, to Sarah Handley. They have four children.

HON. CLARK L. DILLE, farmer, P. O. Edgerton, was born in the State of Ohio, September 18, 1816, and reared on a farm. In 1853 he went to the Cumberland Mountains in Tennessee, and was engaged for several years in raising sheep and hogs. In 1856 he started for Kansas, but on account of the troubles he wintered in Iowa and came to Kansas in April, 1857, and located in this (Johnson) County. Mrs. Dille being the first white woman to settle in the township. Mr. D. has a nice farm of 120 acres on Section 32, Township 14, Range 22. He is carrying on quite a dairy business, and is also engaged in breeding Durham cattle and Blanco horses. When the county was first organized Mr. Dille was Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners. He was again elected in 1865. In 1864 he was elected to represent his district in the State Legislature. He was married near Cleveland, Ohio, Dec. 3, 1840, to Margaret H. Anderson. They have four children, Alfred B., Levantia, Ida B., and Clark L., Jr.

D. C. DWYER, merchant, Edgerton, was born in Ireland May 15, 1845. Here he learned the blacksmith trade, and in 1862 emigrated to America, and was for five years employed as a blacksmith in the States of Massachusetts and New York. In 1867 he came to Kansas, located in McCamish, Johnson County, and for over two years conducted a blacksmith shop. In August, 1870, he came to Edgerton and opened a shop at this place, and has conducted the same, on and off, ever since. He opened a hardware store at this place two years later, and is now doing a large business in that line. He also has an establishment where he carries a stock of general merchandise. This he opened in 1876. Mr. D. has been very successful and has now three distinct establishments. He is the oldest merchant in the place, and built the first substantial building in the town.

WILLIAM FISHER, JR., farmer and stock raiser, P. O. Edgerton, was born in Boone County, Ky., December 28, 1831. While attending Bartlett's Commercial College at Cincinnati, Ohio, he was employed by the American Fur Company as book-keeper, and immediately removed to Westport, Mo., in 1851, and for three years acted as book-keeper; then until 1857 he was engaged by the company inspecting and buying furs, attending to Indian payments, etc., and when Kansas was thrown open for settlement he took a claim in Johnson County, which was subsequently know as the Fair Grounds, southwest of Olathe. He has been residing on his present farm in McCamish Township since about 1867. He has a nice place consisting of 160 acres, all well improved. Mr. F. was one of the charter members of the Olathe Town Company; the first Probate Judge of the county. During the war he freighted Government stores from Fort Leavenworth to Fort Union, New Mexico. January 1, 1864, he was married, in Johnson County, to Levantia Dille, of McCamish Township. They have one daughter, Miss Corgie.

LARRICK BROS., proprietors Edgerton Mills. This firm is composed of A. S. and J. L. Larrick, both practical men in this business. They built these mills and opened them for business March 4, 1880. The capacity of the mills is thirty barrels of flour per day, and about 10,000 pounds of meal, feed, etc. A. S. Larrick, the senior in this firm, was born in Noble County, Ohio, November 30, 1843, and reared on a farm. He came to Edgerton, Kansas, in October, 1860, and was for some four years employed by his father, Joseph Larrick, in the Bull Creek Mills, then gave his attention to farming until he engaged in this business. He was married in Douglas County, Kansas, May 24, 1866, to Elizabeth McKaughan. They have seven children, Corey E., Ottie L., Earl T., Paul F., John O., Samuel S. and William F. J. L. Larrick, the other member of the firm, was born in Noble County, Ohio, July 9, 1851. He came to Edgerton, Kansas, with his father, in August, 1860, and was for some nine or ten years employed in the Bull Creek Mills. In 1875 he turned his attention to farming, following that in this neighborhood until he engaged in milling with his brother. He is at present holding the office of Treasurer of the school district. Mr. L. was married in Cass County, Mo., in 1869, to Margaret Reese. They have five children, Charles R., James H., Jennie, Dola E. and Minnie M.

DR. OVID LAWS, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. Edgerton, was born in East Tennessee, April 6, 1827. He studied medicine with Dr. R. Bard, of Woodford County, Ill., and attended Franklin College, Tenn., graduating there in the fall of 1851. The doctor then taught school for some time, after which he attended the Eclectic Medical College, and graduated in the spring of 1854. He then practiced for three years in Kentucky. He came to Kansas in November, 1856, and in May, 1857, located in McCamish Township and practiced his profession. In the spring of 1859 he moved to his present farm, on Section 32, Township 14, Range 22. He owns 240 acres, and is principally engaged in fruit growing and raising stock. Has a fine orchard of ten acres; also practices medicine to a limited extent. He was elected Superintendent of Public Instruction of Johnson County in 1862 and '64. The doctor, in company with his brother, N. M. Laws, wrote a history of Kansas in the winter of 1857-58, but owing to some misunderstanding with the publishers, the work was not issued. He is fond of the fine arts, and has painted hundreds of portraits and landscapes in oil, besides innumerable sketches and drawings. Dr. Laws married in Cincinnati, Ohio, in March, 1853, to Susan W. Jones. They have six children - Olive M., Paul J., Cora E., Stella C., Ovid S. Jr., and Junius.

THOMAS C. MARSHALL, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. Gardner, was born in Jefferson County, Ohio, November 15, 1826. In 1832 his parents moved to Fulton County, Ill., where he was reared on a farm. At the age of eighteen he went to Lafayette County, Wis., and from thence to Grant County, Wis., his occupation being that of farmer. In 1850 he crossed to plains to California, remaining there for three years, and returned home, and crossed in 1854; again crossed the plains to the Pacific slope. In 1856 returned to Fulton County. In May, 1858, he came to Johnson County, Kan., and located on northeast quarter of Section 28, Township 14, Range 22, where he resided until the spring of 1880, when he removed on to the section adjoining. Mr. Marshall is one of the largest farmers and stock-raisers. He owns 425 acres of land, 355 of which are under cultivation, and is extensively engaged in breeding high grades of Durham, Short-horns, and Clydesdale horses, and Poland-China hogs. He enlisted in March, 1862, in Company I, Fifth Kansas Cavalry, serving until May, 1863, and discharged on account of disability. He is a member of Belleflower Grange, No. 621. Mr. Marshall was married in Fulton County, Ill., July 15, 1857, to Patience Musgrove. They have three children, Thomas F., James A. and Charles W., who still live with him. He has buried three sons and one daughter. September 17, 1874, he lost his wife, and in 1876 was married to Jane A. Seabourn, of Knox County, Ill.

WILLIAM D. SIPES, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. Edgerton, was born in Harrison County, Ind., January 24, 1818, and reared on a farm. At the age of twenty-five years he removed to Wapello County, Iowa, and followed farming there for some years. He came to Kansas in June, 1857, and located on the northwest quarter of Section 33, Township 14, Range 22, on which he now resides. He has now eighty acres, all well improved, on which there is a good orchard and a splendid residence, which he built in 1881. Mr. Sipes is also engaged to some extent in raising native cattle and horses. He was married in Harrison County, Ind., to Mary Gibbs. They have four living children, Maria, Wilford, Catherine and Lily, and two deceased, Sarah and William.

JAMES A. WALKER, Postmaster, Merriam, was born in Kentucky, Dec. 7, 1831, and reared on a farm; also was for several years employed in a country store; afterwards in New Hope, Lincoln County, Mo. where he was employed in farming and clerking. In 1854 he went St. Louis, Mo., and for six months attended commercial college, after which he was employed as a clerk for a year, in Platte County, Mo., and for three years in Kansas City. He came to Kansas in 1858, located at Shawnee, and at once engaged in mercantile business, carrying it on until October 17, 1862, when he was driven out by Quantrell's men. He then went to Kansas City, and served in the Missouri State Militia. He participated in the "Price Raid Fight" at Westport, Mo., which lasted three days, and served in all two and one-half years, during which time he was also engaged in business at Kansas City. In July, 1868, he returned to Shawnee, and again carried on mercantile business, and in October, 1872, removed his stock, etc., to Merriam. He carries a nice stock of goods and has a large trade, being very popular in this locality. Mr. Walker was appointed Postmaster of this place in July, 1874, and appointed Notary Public April 15, 1881.

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