William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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JEFFERSON McQUILKIN, farmer and stock-raiser, Section 33, P. O. Meriden, is a native of Ohio, and was born in Carroll County, October 8, 1833. Was there educated and reared, his early days being spent in tilling the soil of the buckeye State. In 1863, enlisted in the Sixty-third Ohio Volunteer Infantry, serving 100 days. Mr. McQ. came to Kansas the spring of 1878, buying up considerable land in Jefferson County, which has since been his home. He ranks among the progressive farmers of the county. He was married in Ohio, to Miss Emma Keith of that State. By this union they have four children - Grant, Ira, Lillian and Gilbert. Mr. McQ. is a member of the A. O. of U. W.

ELI W. METZGER, real estate dealer and agent, Meriden, is well and favorably known throughout eastern Kansas. He was born in Pickaway County, Ohio, June 28, 1844. The spring of 1858 his father, Jacob METZGER, with his family, including Eli, emigrated to Kansas, locating on a farm near Easton, Leavenworth County. The spring of 1860 removed to Jefferson County, settling close to Osawkie, where the senior Metzger was identified in agricultural pursuits for a number of years. At present, 1883, he resides in Oregon. The subject of this sketch. in September, 1862, tendered his services to the Union cause, enlisting in Company E., Eleventh Kansas., serving through until the close, and participating in all the general engagements the "Old Eleventh" too part in. After the war he returned to Kansas, and the greater portion of the time since has been in active business. In 1873, embarked in trade in Osawkie, carrying on merchandizing at that place until 1879, when he removed to Meriden, opening a store which he operated up to the spring of 1882, when he turned his entire attention to the real estate business, a branch he had conducted for several years in connection with merchandizing. Mr. Metzger has secured a copyright on abstract blank, which for simplicity, brevity and neatness, is unexcelled. Being thoroughly conversant with eastern Kansas, he has and is doing a large business in real estate. Mr. M. is in every sense a live man, familiar with the events of the day, and keeps pace with the progressive age. he is a member of the A. O. U. W.

STEPHEN OGAN, merchant, Meriden, is deserving of special mention among the '55-ers in Kansas. He is a native of Ohio; was born in Clinton County, January 20,1818. At an early age he removed with his parents to Wayne County, Ind., where he was educated and reared. In 1854 emigrated to Iowa, and from that State came to Kansas the spring of 1855, locating in Shawnee County, a short distance from where Meriden now stands. Mr. Organ, in his early experience in Kansas, had all the difficulties to contend with that are incidental to the pioneer. He was a strong Free-state man, advocated his views boldly, and contributed amply towards making Kansas a fee State. During the war he enlisted in Company H, Eleventh Kansas, serving two years, being on duty in the Southwest. In educational affairs, and in all matters, he has taken an active part in giving his ample support. A few years ago he turned his attention to merchandizing in Meriden, in which he has been very successful. Mr. Ogan has been three time married, his two former wives being deceased. His first wife was Miss Hannah Elliott, of Indiana. By this union had nine children - Phoebe Ann, Jacob, Jane, Samuel, Harriet and Sarah. Lost three - Morgan, Arabella and John. His second wife was Miss Britts, of Pennsylvania. By this marriage had two children - William; one dead, James. His present wife was formerly Mrs. Ann Stanley, nee Cauffman. Mr. O. is a member of the United Brethren Church.

ALBERT OWEN, farmer and stock-raiser, Section 9, P. O. Meriden, is a native of Indiana, and was born in Jackson County, Nov 19, 1841, and was there reared and educated. In September, 1881, he enlisted in Company B, Fiftieth Indiana Volunteer Infantry, participating in the engagement at Parker Cross Roads, Salina, and other events of the war. After serving three years Mr. Owen veteranized, serving until the close, and was mustered out as Captain of Company A, Fifty-second Indiana Volunteer Infantry. After the war he went to Madison County, Iowa, residing until 1868, when he came to Kansas, locating in Rock Creek Township, purchasing a tract of land on which the present town of Meriden is now situated. When the A. T. & S. F. R. R. came through in company with others, laid out the town. Mr. Owen has been identified largely with the agricultural interests of the township, as well as the progress of Meriden. He was married in Indiana to Miss Nancy C. Scott. They have six children - William H., Mary F., Eunice B., Benjamin F., Naomi C. and Albert A.

W. E. RICE, farmer and stock-raiser, Section 12, P. O. Meriden. Among the pioneers of Jackson County, Kan., was Mr. D. S. Rice, who located there the autumn of 1854. He was a native of Kentucky, and came to Kansas from Missouri. He was numbered among the progressive agriculturists up to the time of his death, in 1878. W E. Rice, his son, was born in Trimble County, Ky., September 11, 1848. CAme to Kansas when six years of age, which has since been his home. Mr. Rice is one of the most extensive stockman of the township. He was married in Kansas to Miss M. A. Sherman. They have two children - Elmer V. and Jessie Ethel.

JAMES SAUNDERS, farmer, Section 24, P. O. Meriden, was born in Sussex, England, March 15, 1817. When nineteen years of age came to America, taking up his abode in Carroll County, Inc., where he resided for a number of years, and was married to Miss Jane Stanley. By this union they have one son, W. L. In the spring of 1865 Mr. S. came to Kansas, locating in Jefferson County, where he has since followed agricultural pursuits. He is one of the substantial and progressive citizens of Rock Creek Township.

SMITH BROTHERS. "The Druggists," Meriden. The first exclusive drug store in Meriden was established in the spring of 1878, by Smith & Gilluly. Robert Smith, the senior member, still continues in that line. He was born in Newcastle, Henry Co., Inc., April 23, 1852. Was educated and reared, receiving the benefits of the Newcastle high school, previous to which he attended the Spiceland Academy. Came to Kansas in 1878. Geo. H. Smith, the junior of the firm, was born in the town of Newcastle, Henry Co., Ind., August 23, 1858. Was educated and reared in the Hoosier State, and resided there until 1877, when he came to Kansas and engaged as a drug clerk at Clay Center; after this for a few years he pursued the same vocation in Oskaloosa. In July, 1881, he joined his brother in business at Meriden.

C. C. SWICKARD, merchant, Meriden, is a native of Ohio; was born in Franklin County, July 15, 1851. Was educated and reared to manhood in his native county. At an early age engaged in clerking in stores, and afterward as traveling salesman, first with Miller, Greene & Joyce, and later with Carpenter Bros.; both houses well known in the Buckeye State in the mercantile circles. Eventually M. S. became connected with the Revolving Scraper Co., and traveled for that company in Illinois, Iowa and Kansas. In 1880 he located in Kansas, making Meriden his headquarters, and has since been identified with the mercantile interests of the town. He was married October 1, 1878, to Miss Ida A. Wagner, a native of Franklin County, Ohio. By this union they have one daughter, Nellie. Mr. S. is a member of the I. O. O. F. Encampment, and the K. of P. His father, Levi Swickard, now deceased, was a farmer in Franklin County. His mother, Lida A. Cashner Swickard, still lives in Ohio.

W. R. TAGGART, farmer and stock-raiser, Section 33, P. O. Meriden, is a native of Ohio, and was born in Wayne County, August 14, 1838; was educated and reared in his native county. In 1862 enlisted in Company A., One Hundred and Twentieth Ohio Volunteer Infantry; was at Vicksburg and a number of other general engagements; was on the Red River expedition, where he was taken prisoner and held for thirteen months at Tyler, Texas, being relieved from there at the close of the war. Mr. Taggart resided in the Buckeye State, following agricultural pursuits until the spring of 1882, when he became a resident of Kansas, locating on his present farm. He was married in Ohio to Miss Rachel Van Nostern. They have seven children - James A., Elmer E., Jennie M., John, Wallace, Joseph and Susan A. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. and Royal Arcanum.

G. W. TAYLOR, farmer and stock-raiser, Section 4, P. O. Meriden, is a native of Ohio, and was born in Huron County, September 17, 1842. At an early age removed with parents to Ashland County, where he was educated and reared. In November, 1861, enlisted in the Forty-second Ohio Volunteer Infantry (Col. J. A. Garfield's regiment); he participated in seventeen general engagements and a number of skirmishes, serving through to the close, when he was honorable discharged. Returned to Ohio, continuing to farm there until 1878, when he came to Kansas, locating where he now resides. Mr. T. is a sterling and progressive citizen. He was married in Ohio, to Miss Nancy Sloan, of Ashland County. They have two children - James and Lizzie. Mr. T. is a Mason and a member of the A. O. U. W.

W. J. TAYLOR, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 7, P. O. Meriden. One of the early settlers of Jefferson County was Mr. Joshua Taylor, who settled here with his family in the spring of 1857. He built a cabin on the present town site of Meriden, and up to the time of his death, which occurred in February, 1861, was identified with the growth of the county. He was a man of strong Free-state proclivities, advocating his views fearlessly. He was associated with John Brown and Gen. Lane, and contributed an ample share toward the suppression of slavery. None of the early settlers are spoken more highly of than Joshua Taylor. His son, W. J., is a native of Indiana, and was born in Vermillion County, July 28, 1846; was principally reared and educated in Jefferson County, Kansas. In 1863 he enlisted in Company F, Eleventh Kansas. He participated at the battle of Lexington, and several engagements with the regiment until mustered out, serving until 1865, the last year, being on the frontier. He was married in Kansas to Miss Alice Seal, of Jackson County. They have three children - Harry, Alti, and Nora. He is a member of the A. O. U. W., and G. A. R.

DAVID TRIPP, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 8, P. O. Meriden, is one of Kansas' worthy pioneers, and a gentleman well known to all the old settlers of Jefferson and Jackson counties. He was born in Somerset County, Maine, May 25, 1827. Was there reared; spending his earlier days tilling the soil of the "rock-bound" State, and receiving the limited benefits of the common schools. When about twenty years of age came to Illinois, where he followed farming for seven years; and after a temporary sojourn in Wisconsin, came to Kansas, taking up his abode in Jackson County, October 9, 1855. Had been in the State, however, in 1854, reconnoitering. Mr. Tripp located on Muddy Creek, where he built a cabin, and commenced to develop a claim, being one of the first in that part, Jackson was then Delaware County. It was in his cabin the first church services were held in the locality, being of the Methodist denomination. Mr. Tripp assisted in organizing the first Sabbath-school, and was closely associated with the early educational interests in that part. He has always followed farming and in Kansas has done his part towards opening up the State and giving it the reputation it has attained in the agricultural world. He was married in Maine to Miss Susan Hutchins. They have had seven children: Ellen, Flavius D., Melvina, Jessie, and Fred. Lost two - Wallace and Alpine.

L. H. TRIPP, merchant, Meriden, may be numbered among those who took an active part in the pioneer development of Kansas. He is a native of Maine, and was born in Somerset County, April 12, 1834. When 14 years of age he emigrated with parents to LaSalle County, Illinois, where he spent several years on a farm. In the autumn of 1854 he came to Kansas in company with his brother, David, who located on Muddy Creek in what is now Jackson County. Mr. Tripp entered the government employ, and was with an engineer corps of the survey of township 16. In 1857 he located and opened a farm in Jackson County, seven miles from the present site of Meriden, where he resided until July 16, 1861, when he enlisted in Company A, Fifth Kansas Regiment. He was on duty in Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, and other parts of the southwest, participating in over 100 engagements and skirmishes. Was at Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Cotton Plant, etc., serving three years and three months, when he was honorably discharged. Returned to his farm, following agricultural pursuits up to 1878, when he embarked in merchandizing. Mr. Tripp is one of the most enterprising citizens of Rock Creek Township. He was married in Jackson County, Kansas, to Miss Maria Cope. They have six children: Laura A., Ardena, Mary M., Edward L., Seth, and John.

H. G. TURNER, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 5, P. O. Meriden. One of the best known and most respected citizens of Jefferson County is H. G. Turner, Esq. He is a native of Canada, and was born 9 July 1808. His father and mother were American residents of Canada at that time. When H. G. was quite young they moved to the State of New York where he was educated and reared., residing there until 1855, when he emigrated to Wisconsin, locating in Fond du Lac County, engaging in agricultural pursuits, and resided until the spring of 1857 when he came to Kansas, locating at Rock Creek. There he built a cabin, and commenced the arduous duty of opening a farm connected with the county's progress. During the war belonged to the State militia, and was out on the Price raid 18 days. Officially he has held the office of Justice of the Peace and treasurer of the township for a number of years, and identified with the school interests, always to be found at the helm, and ready to do his part in all the commendable undertakings that would in any way be beneficial to the community. He has been twice married, first in New York to Miss Armina Boyd, now deceased. By this union had two children - Lucille, wife of D. H. Fraser, Esq., and James S. The latter's death occurred September 1, 1882. His second wife's maiden name was Polly Hutchins. By this marriage they had six children, four of whom are living - Thomas A., Armina B., Henry, and William H. Lost two - Asa and Calvin. The latter died in the army. Five of Mr. Turner's sons tendered their services to the cause, and assisted in preserving the union.

E. A. WAGNER, agent for the A. T. S. F. R. R., Meriden. Came to Meriden in December, 1879. he is a native of Pennsylvania, and was born February 16, 1858. Was educated, reared, and became proficient in railroad business in his native State. He is one of Santa Fe's most popular agents. December 1, 1882, he was married to Miss Millie Taylor, of Kansas.

L. S. WARNER farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 6, P. O. Meriden. Is a native of Ohio; was born in Wayne County October 23, 1853; was there educated and reared. His father, Joshua Warner, came to Kansas in 1879, purchasing 320 acres of land where L. S. now resides. The senior Warner was identified among the progressive citizens of the township up to the time of his death, which occurred December 6, 1882. L. S. located in Kansas the spring of 1879. His was married in Ohio to Miss Sarah Shutt. They have five children: George E., Lorin, Lekos, Ossian, and Roscoe.

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