William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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January 1, 1882, 372 newspapers and periodicals were published in Kansas - 28 dailies, 318 weeklies, 20 monthlies, 4 semi-monthlies and 2 quarterlies. The list, with place of publication, names of proprietors, and character, is as follows:

Allen County. - Humboldt, Union, Republican, W. T. McElroy, publisher; Inter-State, Democratic, B. F. Burd, publisher; Independent Press, neutral, Henry D. Smith, editor, Walter E. Smith, publisher, Humboldt. Iola Register, Republican, Scott Bros. & Rohrer, publishers, Charles F. Scott, A. C. Scott and E. E. Rohrer, Iola.

Anderson County. - Garnett Plaindealer, Republican, Sol Kauffman and Howard M. Brooke, proprietors; Garnett Weekly Journal, Greenback, Dr. George W. Cooper, editor and proprietor, Garnett. Greeley News, Independent, S. W. & J. H. Gilkey, publishers and proprietors, Greeley. Colony Free Press, Independent, J. J. Burke, editor and proprietor, Colony.

Atchison County. - Atchison Champion (daily and weekly), Republican, John A. Martin, editor and proprietor, Noble L. Prentis, associate editor; Atchison Patriot (daily and weekly) Democratic, H. Clay Park and Thomas Stivers, editors and proprietors; Atchison Globe (daily and weekly), Independent, Howe & Co., publishers (Edgar W. Howe and James Howe); Sunday Call, neutral, Herman J. Rodman, editor and proprietor; Kansas Staata-Anzeiger (German), Republican, John Hoenscheidt, editor, Atchison.

Barber County. - Medicine Lodge Cresset, Republican, T. A. M'Neal and L. M. Axline, editors, publishers and proprietors; Barber County Index, Democratic, by the Index Printing Co., E. W. Payne, proprietor, Medicine Lodge.

Barton County. - Great Bend Register, Republican, A. J. Hoisington, editor and proprietor; Inland Tribune, Republican, C. P. Townsley, editor and proprietor, Great Bend. Ellinwood Express, Republican, Thomas L. Powers, editor and manager, Ellinwood.

Bourbon County. - Fort Scott Monitor (daily and weekly), Republican, John H. Rice & Sons, publishers (John H., William M., R. P. and H. V. Rice); Evening Herald (daily), and Herald and Record (weekly), Democratic, S. A. Day, editor and proprietor; Kansas Medical Index (monthly), medical, F. F. Dickman and W. C. Boteler, editors, Fort Scott.

Brown County. - Hiawatha World, Republican, D. Webster Wilder, editor, John B. Campbell, manager, the World Printing Co., publishers; Weekly Kansas Herald, Republican, S. L. Roberts, editor, T. L. Brundage, business manager; Weekly Messenger, Republican, Wharton Bros., publishers, (S. R. and J. M. Wharton), Hiawatha.

Butler County. - Walnut Valley Times, Republican, Alvah Shelden, editor and proprietor; Eldorado Press, Republican, J. N. Satterthwaite, editor and publisher; Butler County Democrat, Democratic, T. P. Gwinn and M. Fulton, editors, El Dorado. Southern Kansas Gazette, Republican, C. H. Kurtz, editor and publisher; Augusta Republican, Republican, U. A. Albin, editor and proprietor, Augusta. Douglas Index, Republican, J. B. Ives, editor and proprietor, Douglas. Leon Indicator, Republican, C. R. Noe, editor, publisher and proprietor, Leon.

Chase County. - Chase County Leader, Republican, William A. Morgan, publisher; Chase County Courant, Democratic, W. E. Timmons, editor and publisher, Cottonwood Falls. Strong City Independent, Greenback, R. M. Watson, editor and proprietor, Strong City.

Chautauqua County. - Chautauqua Journal, Republican, Robert H. Turner, publisher, R. S. Turner, editor; Sedan Times, Republican, R. G. Ward, editor, Sedan. Chautauqua Springs Spy, Independent, L. G. B. McPheron, editor, publisher and proprietor, Chautauqua Springs.

Cherokee County. - Columbus Courier (daily and weekly), Republican, S. O. McDowell, editor and proprietor; Times, Greenback, S. S. Butler, editor, Times company, publishers; Border Star, Democratic, Harry C. Jones, publisher and proprietor; Kansas Bee-keeper (semi-monthly), H. Scovell, editor; Weekly News, Greenback, J. F. McDowell, editor and proprietor, Columbus. Baxter Springs News, neutral, M. H. Gardner, editor and publisher, Baxter Springs. Short Creek Republican, Republican, L. C. Weldy, editor and proprietor, Galena. Western Friend (monthly), religious, Cyrus W. Harvey, editor, Chilon H. Carter, publisher, Quakervale. Lea's Columbus Advocate, Republican, A. T. Lea, editor; Refugees' Star of Hope (monthly), educational, S. W. Winn, editor, L. M. Pickering, assistant editor, Columbus.

Clay County - Dispatch, Republican, Wirt W. Walton and D. A. Valentine; Times, Independent, the Times Printing Co., publishers, A. L. Runyan, Secretary and J. P. Campbell, printer and local editor; Cresset, Greenback, J. A. Jordan & Co., editors and proprietors; Kansas Baptist (monthly), religious, Rev. L. H. Holt, editor and proprietor, Clay Center.

Cloud County. - Concordia Empire, Republican, Charles J. English, editor, publisher and proprietor; Concordia Weekly Republican, Republican, L. G. Hull & Co., editors and proprietors; Kansas Blade, Liberal, J. M. Hagaman and J. E. Hagaman, editors and proprietors; Cloud county Critic, Independent (prohibition), Thomas Owen and F. Prince, editors, publishers and proprietors; Concordia. Clyde Herald, Republican, J. S. Paradis, editor and publisher, Clyde. Cloud County Kansan, Republican, Asa P. Wilbur, editor and business manager, Jamestown.

Coffey County. - Burlington Patriot (daily and weekly), Republican, A. D. Brown, editor; Burlington Independent, Democratic, John E. Watrous, publisher; Burlington Republican, Republican, W. S. Hebron, editor, Burlington. LeRoy Reporter, Independent, Frank Fockele, publisher; District Emporia Herald (quarterly), religious, Rev. H. J. Walker, editor and publisher, LeRoy.

Cowley County. - Winfield Courier, Republican, D. A. Millington, editor, Ed. P. Greer, local editor; Cowley County Telegram, Democratic, C. C. Black and George C. Rembaugh, editors and publishers, Winfield. Arkansas City Traveler, Republican, H. P. Standley, editor, H. P. Standley and C. L. Swartz, publishers; Arkansas Valley Democrat, Democratic, C. M. McIntire, publisher, T. McIntire, editor, Arkansas City; Burden Enterprise, Republican, E. A. Henthorne and A. J. Henthorne, editors, publishers and proprietors, Burden. Cambridge News, Independent, Sherman & Hicks, editors and proprietors, Cambridge.

Crawford County. - Kansas Workman (monthly), organ of A. O. U. W., A. P. Riddle, editor; Girard Press, Republican, E. A. Wasser and A. P. Riddle, editors and proprietors; Girard Herald, Democratic, D. L. Grace, editor and proprietor, Girard. Cherokee Sentinel, Republican, Charles M. Lucas, editor and publisher, Cherokee. Smelter, Republican, Fay G. Flint and Dudley C. Flint, publishers and proprietors, Pittsburg; Walnut Journal, Independent, E. O. Green and W. M Holeman, publishers, Walnut. Arcadia Reporter, neutral, O. Dieffenbach, editor, publisher and proprietor, Arcadia. McCune Times, Republican, W. W. Liggett, editor and publisher, McCune. Hepler Leader, Independent, W. D. Wright, editor and publisher, Hepler. Walnut Herald, John Scurry, editor and proprietor, Walnut.

Davis County. - Junction City Union, Republican, George W. Martin, editor and proprietor; Junction City Tribune, Greenback, John Davis & Sons, editors and proprietors; Davis County Republican, Republican, J. H. Franklin, editor and proprietor, Junction City.

Decatur County, - Oberlin Herald, Republican, W. D. Street, proprietor, Oberlin.

Dickinson County. - Abilene Gazette, Republican, V. P. Wilson & Sons, editors, publishers and proprietors (V. P., John W. And T. B. Wilson); Dickinson County Chronicle, Republican, J. W. Hart, publisher, Abilene. Solomon Sentinel, Independent, J. Claude Hill, editor and publisher, Solomon City. Enterprise Register, Republican, J. H. Brady, editor, Enterprise Publishing Co., proprietors, Enterprise.

Doniphan County. - Weekly Kansas Chief, Republican, Sol. Miller, editor, publisher and proprietor, Troy. White Cloud Review, Republican, J. M. Beidelman, publisher, White Cloud. The Severance Enterprise, H. H. Brookes, editors and proprietor, Severance.

Douglas County. - Lawrence Daily Journal, and the Western Home Journal (weekly), Republican, William M. Thacher and Frank L. Webster, publishers; Tribune, Republican, G. F. Kimball, publisher; The Spirit of Kansas, agricultural, Hoffman Bros. (S. C. Hoffman and L. A. Hoffman); Kansas Gazette, Democratic, Osbun Shannon, editor and publisher; Useful Worker (monthly), Hugh Cameron, editor, Grange Grove Co., publishers; University Courier (semi-monthly), collegiate, Edmond Butler and B. K. Bruce, business mangers; Kansas Review (monthly), by the Review Company of Kansas University, F. D. Hutchings and E. F. Caldwell, managers; Die Germania (German), Gottlieb Ochrle, publisher, Lawrence.

Edwards County. - Kinsley Republican-Graphic, Republican, C. C. Sellers, editor, L. A. Lauber, local editor, C. C. Moore, business manager, Kinsley.

Elk County. - Howard Courant, Republican, Adrian Reynolds, editor, Reynolds & Thompsons, publishers and proprietors; Howard Journal, Democratic, J. R. Hall, editor and publisher, Howard. Cana Valley Herald, Republican, A. M. Crotsley, publisher, Grenola. Longton Times, Independent, Flory Bros., publishers (Frederick Flory and George M. Flory), Longton. Moline Mercury, Independent, J. B. Cooper, publisher, Moline.

Ellis County. - Star-Sentinel, Republican, J. H. Downing, editor, publisher and proprietor; German-American Advocate, Independent, Charles Miller, publisher, Hays City. Ellis Headlight, Republican, W. F. Jaques, editor, Thomas S. Hain, business manager, Ellis.

Ellsworth County. - Ellsworth Reporter, Republican, W. A. Gebhardt & George Huycke, publishers; Rural West, agricultural, W. E. Fosnot, proprietor, Ellsworth. The Wilson Echo, Independent, S. A. Coover, editor and proprietor, Wilson. Cain City News, Independent, Dr. B. Grant Jefferis, editor, Henry Trump, publisher and proprietor, Cain City.

Ford County. - Dodge City Times, Republican, Nicholas B. Klaine, editor and publisher; Ford County Globe, Republican, D. M. Frost, editor and proprietor, Dodge City.

Franklin County. - Ottawa Republican (daily and weekly), Republican, Amasa T. Sharpe, editor and proprietor; Ottawa Journal and Triumph, Greenback, E. H. Snow, editor and publisher; Queen City Herald, Democratic, Kessler & McAllister, editors and proprietors; Ottawa Leader, Republican, J. W. Ozias, Ottawa. Weekly Gazette, neutral, Frank Bennett, editor and publisher, Williamsburg. Lane Advance, Republican, Horace J. Newberry, editor, publisher and proprietor, Lane. Wellsville Transcript, neutral, L. A. Sheward, proprietor, Wellsville.

Graham County. - Times, Greenback, Benjamin B. F. Graves, editor and publisher; Millbrook Herald, Republican, John H. Currie, editor, and N. C. Terrell, proprietor, Millbrook.

Greenwood County. - Eureka Herald, Republican, H. C. Rizer, editor, publisher and proprietor; Greenwood County Republican, Republican, Republican Publishing Co., publishers, W. E. Doud, editor; Greenwood County Democrat, Democratic, G. C. Rogers, editor, Eureka. Madison News, Republican, W. O. Lunsford, editor and proprietor, Madison. Severy Pioneer, Republican, Millard F. Gibson, editor and publisher, Severy, Fall river Times, Independent, J. A. Somerby, editor and publisher, Fall River.

Harper County. - Anthony Journal, Republican, Fletcher Meridith, proprietor; Anthony Republican, Republican, A. S. Lindsay, Anthony, Harper County Times, Republican, Graham Bros., proprietors (W. O. & J. O. Graham); Harper Sentinel, Republican, O. O. Leabhart, editor and proprietor, Harper. Danville Argus, Democratic, J. R. Horn, proprietor, Danville.

Harvey County. - Newton Republican, Republican, Allen B. Lemmon, editor and proprietor; Newton Kansan, Republican, H. C. Ashbaugh, editor and proprietor, Newton. Burrton Monitor, Republican, Miles Taylor, editor and publisher, Burton. Sedgwick Jayhawker, Independent, Mark F. Hobson, editor and publisher, Sedgwick City. Halstead Independent, Republican, M. V. Sweesy, editor and publisher, Halstead.

Hodgeman County. - Jetmore Reveille, Republican, W. S. Kenyon, editor and proprietor, Jetmore.

Jackson County. - Holton Recorder, Republican, M. M. Beck, editor; Holton Signal, Democratic, W. W. Sargent, editor and proprietor; Normal Advocate (quarterly), in the interest of Campbell University, J. H. Lambert, editor, Holton.

Jefferson County. - Oskaloosa Independent, Republican, F. H. Roberts, editor; Oskaloosa Weekly Sickle, Democratic, B. R. Wilson, editor and proprietor, Oskaloosa. Valley Falls New Era, Republican, G. D. Ingersoll, editor and proprietor; Valley Falls Register. Democratic, T. W. Gardiner; Kansas Liberal (semi-monthly), liberal. M. Harmon and E. C. Walker, editors and publishers, Valley Falls. Winchester Argus, Republican, Lon W. Robinson, editor and publisher, Winchester.

Jewell County. - Jewell County Monitor, Republican, Vaughn Bros., editors (R. F. Vaughn and C. S. Vaughn); Jewell County Review, Greenback, M. Winsor, editor and publisher; Kansas Jewellite, Republican, E. P. Worcester, proprietor, Mankato. Jewell County Republican, Republican, J. D. Woodward and Benjamin Musser, editors and proprietors, Jewell City. Burr Oak Reveille, Greenback, William E. Bush and O. C. Emery, editors; Burr Oak Herald, Republican, J. K. McLain, editor and proprietor, Burr Oak.

Johnson County. - Olathe Mirror-Gazette, Republican, J. S. Soule, editor, publisher and proprietor; Kansas Patron and Farmer, agricultural, D. L. Hoffman, editor and manager, Johnson County Publishing Association, publishers; Johnson County Democrat, Democratic, W. C. Paul, publisher, Olathe.

Kearney County. - Lakin Herald, Republican, Joseph Dillon, publisher, Lakin.

Kingman County. - Kingman County Citizen, Republican, George E. Filley and Frank A. Capps, editors and publishers; Kingman County Republican. Republican, E. H. Farnsworth, editor and proprietor, Kingman.

Labette County. - Oswego Independent (daily and weekly), Republican, J. S. Waters and J. E. Bryan, editors. Mrs. Mary McGill, proprietress; Oswego Republican (daily and weekly), Republican, I. W. Patrick, editor and proprietor; Labette County Democrat, Democratic, George F. King, publisher, Oswego. Parsons Eclipse (daily and weekly), independent, J. B. Lamb & Son, editors and proprietors; The Parsons Sun, Republican, H. H. Lusk, Parsons. Chetopa Advance, Republican, J. M. Cavaness, editor, Chetopa. Mound Valley Herald, independent, C. Len Albin, editor, Mound Valley.

Leavenworth County. - Leavenworth Times (daily and weekly), Republican, Col. D. R. Anthony, editor and proprietor; Leavenworth Press (daily and weekly), Republican, M. W. Reynolds, editor, H. M. Aller, proprietor; Leavenworth Evening Standard (daily), and the Democratic Standard (weekly), Democratic, Henry C. Burnett, editor, Charles Tillotson, business manager, Burnett and Tillotson, publishers and proprietors; Kansas Freie Presse (daily and weekly, German), Republican, Chris. Schubert, editor and proprietor; Workingman's Friend, National Labor Party, James W. Remington, publisher; Home Record (monthly), published by board of managers of the "Home for the Friendless," Mrs. C. H. Cushing, editor; Orphan's Friend (monthly), J. B. McCleery, editor, Mrs. DeForest Fairchild, associate editor, Mrs. Thomas Carney, business manager; G. A. R. (monthly), by the G. A. R. Publishing Company, J. C. Walkinshaw, editor; Monthly Visitor, religious, by the Catholic Mutual Benevolent Publishing Company, E. M. Johnson, general manager, Leavenworth and Olathe; Tonganoxie Mirror, Republican, George R. Broadbere, editor, H. W. Rice, publisher and proprietor, Tonganoxie.

Lincoln County. - Saline Valley Register, independent, George W. Anderson, editor and publisher; Beacon of Lincoln County, Republican, W. S. And Anna C. Wait, editors and publishers, Lincoln Center.

Linn County. - LaCygne Weekly Journal, Republican, J. P. Kenea & Ed. C. Lane, publishers, LaCygne. Pleasanton Observer, Republican, D. S. & H. L. Capell, editors and proprietors; Pleasanton Herald, Greenback, W. S. Platt, editor, Pleasanton. Linn County Clarion, Republican, R. B. Bryan, editor and proprietor, Mound City. Blue Mound Independent, independent, A. C. Harding, editor, publisher and proprietor, Blue Mound.

Lyon County. - Emporia News (daily and weekly), Republican, published by the News Company (Jacob Stotler, Alexander Butts and Frank P. MacLennan); Emporia Republican (daily and weekly), Republican, C. V. Eskridge, editor and proprietor; Emporia Democrat, Democratic, J. M. McCown, editor and proprietor; Normal Cabinet (monthly), by pupils of State Normal School, George B. Gallagher, editor-in-chief, Emporia. Hartford Call, Republican, W. J. Means, publisher, Hartford.

McPherson County. - McPherson Republican, Republican, S. G. Mead, editor, Mead & Conklin, proprietors and publishers; McPherson Freeman, Republican, H. B. Kelley, editor and proprietor; McPherson Independent, independent, G. W. McClintick, editor and proprietor, McPherson. Lindsborg Localist, Republican, John McPhail, editor, Dursley Sargent, publisher; Smoky Valley News, Republican, A. Ringwald, editor and proprietor; Kansas-Posten (Swedish), Republican, J. A. Udden, editor, Lindsborg.

Marion County. - Marion Record, Republican, E. W. Hoch, editor, W. F. Hoch, business manager; Marion Graphic, Independent Liberal Republican, W. J. Groat, editor, J. T. Groat, proprietor, Marion. Peabody Gazette, Republican, W. H. Morgan, editor and proprietor, Peabody. Florence Herald, Republican, A. M. White, editor and proprietor, Florence.

Marshall County. - Marshall County News, Republican, George T. Smith, editor and publisher; Marshall County Democrat, Democratic, William Becker, editor; Marysville Post (German), William Becker, editor and publisher; Marysville Pickings (monthly), George H. Powers, publisher, Marysville. Waterville Telegraph, Republican, Henry C. Wilson, editor, publisher and proprietor, Waterville. Blue Rapids Times, Republican, E. M. Brice, editor and publisher, Blue Rapids. Frankfort Bee, Republican, Lute P. Bowen, publisher, Frankfort.

Miami County. - Miami Republican, Republican, Leslie J. Perry, editor, William D. Greason, business manager; Western Spirit, Democratic, B. J. Sheridan, editor, J. T. Highley, business manager; Paola Times, independent, W. B. Brayman, editor and proprietor, Paola. Louisburg Herald, Greenback, E. F. Heisler, editor and proprietor, Louisburg.

Mitchell County. - Beloit Gazette, Republican, S. H. Dodge, editor, Brewster Cameron, publisher; Beloit Courier, Republican, W. H. Caldwell, editor and proprietor; Western Nationalist, Greenback, A. C. Pagett, editor, publisher and proprietor, Beloit. Cawker City Free Press, Democratic, Stephen DeYoung, editor and proprietor; Cawker City Journal, Republican, J. W. McBride, editor and proprietor; Camp Fire (monthly), in the interest of the G. A. R., L. L. Aldrich, publisher, Cawker City.

Montgomery County. - Independence Kansan, Democratic, A. A. Stewart, editor and proprietor; South Kansas Tribune, Republican, W. T. And C. Yoe, publishers and proprietors; Daily Reporter, neutral, R. C. Harper, proprietor; The Star, Democratic, H. W. Young, publisher, Independence; Coffeyville Journal, Republican, W. A. Peffer & Sons, publishers, Coffeyville. Cherryvale Globe News, Republican, S. P. Moore, publisher and proprietor; Cherry Valley Torch, Republican, C. T. Ewing, publisher, Cherryvale. Elk City Globe, independent, W. C. Gettys, editor and publisher, Elk City.

Morris County. - Council Grove Republican, O. S. Munsell, editor, E. A. Munsell, associate editor; Kansas Cosmos, Democratic, E. J. Dill, editor and publsiher, Council Grove.

Morris County Enterprise, Republican, V. C. Welch, editor and proprietor, Parkerville.

Nemaha County. - Seneca Weekly Courier, Republican, West E. Wilkinson, publisher and proprietor; Seneca Weekly Tribune, Republican, A. J. Felt, proprietor, Seneca. Nemaha County Republican, Republican, J. F. Clough, editor and publisher, Sabetha. Wetmore Spectator, Republican, J. F. Clough and T. J. Wolfley, publishers, T. J. Wolfley, editor, Wetmore.

Neosho County. - Neosho County Journal, Republican, J. H. Scott, editor and publisher; Neosho County Republican, Republican, D. C. Ambrose and T. F. Ross, editors; Neosho County Democrat, Democratic, A. Conn and E. J. Kenney, editors and proprietors, Osage Mission. Neosho County Record, Republican, Benjamin J. Smith, proprietor, Erie. Head-Light, Republican, C. T. Ewing, publisher, Thayer. Chanute times, Republican, A. L. Rivers, editor and publsiher; Chanute Chronicle, Republican, J. R. Detwiler, editor and proprietor, Chanute.

Ness County. - Ness City Times, Republican, J. F. Wood, editor and proprietor, Ness City. Advance, independent, Joseph Langellier, editor and publisher, Sidney. Lenora Leader, Republican, J. H. Wright, editor and proprietor, Lenora. Norton Courier, Republican, J. H. Simmons and J. A. Littel editors and proprietors, Norton.

Osage County. - Osage County Chronicle, Republican, John E. Rastall, editor and proprietor; Burlingame Herald, independent, Newton M'Donald, editor, publisher and proprietor, Burlingame. Osage City Free Press, Republican, J. V. Admire, editor and publisher; Osage City Republican, Republican, D. J. Roberts, editor and proprietor, Osage City, Lyndon Journal, Republican, Journal Publishing Co., proprietors, Lyndon. Carbondale Independent, independent, E. G. Bush, editor, E. G. & F. E. Bush, proprietors, Carbondale. Kansas Workman, neutral, Cyrus Corning, editor and publisher, Scranton. Osage County Democrat, Democratic, J. Mayberry, editor, Mayberry & Co., proprietors, Burlingame.

Osborne County. - Osborne County Farmer, Republican, F. H. Barnhart, editor, Osborne City. Downs Times, Republican, George E. Dougherty, editor, publisher and proprietor; Downs. Portis Patriot, Republican, Martin H. Hoyt, publisher and proprietor, Portis. Western Empire, independent, F. J. Hulaniski, publisher, Bull's City.

Ottawa County. - Sentinel, Republican, Charles Hoyt, editor and proprietor; Ottawa County Index, National Labor, C. M. Cunn, editor and publisher, Minneapolis. Delphos Carrier, Republican, W. B. & C. M. Davis, editors, W. B. Davis & Son, publishers and proprietors, Delphos.

Pawnee County. - Larned Chronoscope, Republican, R. H. Ballinger, publisher; Larned Optic, Republican, Optic Steam Printing Company, publishers, T. E. Leftwich, proprietor, Larned.

Phillips County. - Kirwin Chief, Republican, T. J. And H. G. Pickett, editors and publishers; Independent, Greenback, William A. Garretson and C. J. Lamb, publishers, Kirwin. Logan Enterprise, Republican, W. W. Gray, editor and publisher, Logan; Phillipsburg Herald, Republican, William Bissell, editor, Herald Publishing Association, publishers, Phillipsburg.

Pottawatomie County. - Louisville Republican, Republican, John M. Cotton and E. D. Anderson, publishers, John M. Cotton, editor and manager, Louisville. Kansas Reporter, Republican, C. P. Jeffries, editor and publisher; Kansas Agriculturist, agricultural, Clardy & Co., (J. E. Clardy and J. A. Clardy), proprietors, Wamego. Onaga Journal, Republican, S. A. Stauffer, editor and publisher, Onaga. St. Marys Express, Democratic, John O'Flanagan, editor and publisher, St. Marys. Westmoreland Weekly Period, Republican, J. Whims and W. S. Anderson, editors and publishers, Westmoreland.

Pratt County. - Pratt County Press, Republican, A. S. Thompson, editor and proprietor; Pratt County Times, Republican, by the Pratt County Times Company, C. T. Warren, publisher, Iuka.

Rawlins County. - Republican Citizen, Republican, J. D. Greason, editor and publisher, Atwood.

Reno County. - Hutchinson News, Republican, Ralph M. Easley, editor and publisher; Interior, Republican, J. W. Kanaga and J. H. Lawson, editors and proprietors; Hutchinson Herald, Republican, Higley & Decker (A. J. Higley and T. A. Decker), editors, publishers and proprietors; Sunday Democrat. Democratic, Linus Ely, editor and publisher, Hutchinson, Argosy, Republican, L. C. Brown, proprietor, Nickerson.

Republic County. - Belleville Telescope, Republican, J. C. Humphrey, editor and publisher, Belleville. Scandia Journal, Republican, A. B. Wilder, editor and publisher, Scandia.

Rice County. - Sterling Gazette, Republican, E. B. Cowgill, editor and proprietor; Sterling Bulletin, Republican, Charles D. Ulmer, publisher and proprietor, Sterling. Lyons Republican, Republican, Clark Conkling, publisher; Central Kansas Democrat. Democratic, stock company publishers, Wood & Fuller, editors, Lyons.

Riley County. - Nationalist, Republican, Albert Griffin, editor and proprietor; Manhattan Republic, Republican, G. A. Atwood, editor; Industrialist, educational and agricultural, edited by the Faculty of the State Agricultural College, E. M. Shelton, managing editor; Independent, Greenback, A. Southwick & Co., publishers; Kansas Telephone, religious, (monthly), Rev. R. D. Parker, editor and publisher, Manhattan. Randolph Echo, Republican, P. B. Lewis, editor and proprietor, Randolph.

Rooks County. - News, Republican, T. C. McBreen, publisher; Rooks County Record, Republican, Chambers & Newell, editors, publishers and proprietors (W. L. Chambers and J. W. Newell), Stockton.

Rush County. - La Crosse Chieftain, Republican, H. S. Fish, editor, publisher and proprietor, La Crosse.

Russell County. - Russell Kansas Record, Rupublican (sic), W. L. Evans, editor and proprietor; Russell Hawkeye, Greenback, A. B. Cornell, editor, Hawkeye Printing Company, publishers, Russell.

Saline County. - Salina Herald, Republican, Tom G. Nicklin, publisher; Saline County Journal, Republican, M. D. Sampson, publisher; Salina Independent, Independent, W. H. Johnson, publisher, Salina. Brookville Transcript, Republican, Fred. J. Ulsh, editor and publisher, Brookville.

Sedgwick County. - Wichita Daily Times, Independent, I. N. Stoutemyer, editor and proprietor; Wichita City Eagle, Republican, M. M. Murdock, editor, M. M. and R. P. Murdock, publishers and proprietors; Wichita Weekly Beacon, Democratic, Frank B. Smith and W. S. White, publishers and proprietors; Oklahoma War Chief, neutral, A. W. Harris, editor, Harris, Watson & Co., publishers; Wichita Weekly Leader, Republican, Field & McDonnell, editors, Wichita.

Sequoyah County. - Irrigator, Republican, William E. Carr and Oliver H. Knight, editors and proprietors, Garden City.

Shawnee County. - Commonwealth (daily and weekly), Republican, F. P. Baker and T. B. Murdock, editors, N. R. Baker, Secretary and Treasurer; Topeka Capital (daily and weekly), Republican, Henry King, editor, J. K. Hudson, business manager; Kansas State Journal (daily and weekly), Democratic, Reed and Allen (George W. Reed and Walter N. Allen), editors and publishers; Kansas Farmer, agricultural, by Kansas Farmer Co., H. C. DeMotte, President, R. R. Brown, Treasurer and business manager, H. A. Heath, general business agent, W. A. Peffer, editor. Kansas Methodist, religious, by the Methodist Publishing Co., Rev. John D. Knox, Rev. O. J. Cowles, D. D.; Kansas Telegraph (German), Democrat, H. Von Langen, editor and publisher; National Workman, Greenback, W. H. T. Wakefield, editor, by the National Workman Publishing Co.; Saturday Night, Democratic, F. W. Kroenke, editor; Kansas Churchman (monthly), religious, Thomas H. Vail, publisher; Educationist (monthly), educational, George W. Hoss, editor and publisher. Faithful Witness (monthly), religious, J. M. Shepherd, editor and proprietor, A. H. Mulkey, Medicine Lodge, and Benjamin H. Smith, Fort Scott, associate editors, Topeka. North Topeka Times, Republican, Whiting and Whiting, proprietors, A. B. Whiting and H. L. Whiting, editors and publishers; North Topeka Mail, Republican, C. G. Coutant and F. H. Collier, editors, F. H. Collier and W. E. Coutant, publishers; Good Tidings, religious, C. A. Sexton, editor and publisher, North Topeka.

Smith County. - Smith County Kansas Pioneer, Democratic, R. D. Bowen, editor and publisher; Smith County Weekly Record, Republican, F. F. Coolidge and G. L. Burr, editors, Smith Center. Gaylord Herald, Republican, Webb McNall, editor and proprietor, Gaylord.

Stafford County. - Stafford Herald, Republican, R. M. Blair, editor and publisher, Stafford. St. John Advance, Republican, F. B. Gillmore, editor, W. R. Hoole, proprietor, St. John. Stafford County Bee, neutral, W. K. P. Dow, editor and publisher, Milwaukee.

Sumner County. - Sumner County Press, Republican, A. A. Richards, editor; Wellingtonian, Republican, W. M. Allison, editor and proprietor; Sumner County Democrat, Democratic, Tom Richardson, editor and proprietor, Wellington. Caldwell Post, Republican, Tell W. Walton, editor and proprietor; Caldwell Commercial, Republican, W. B. Hutchison, publisher, Caldwell. Belle Plaine News, Independent, J. J. Burns, editor and publisher; Kansas Odd Fellow (semi-monthly), J. J. Burns, editor and publisher, Belle Plaine. Genda Springs Herald, Republican, Joe F. White, editor and proprietor, Genda Springs.

Trego County. - Wa-Keeney Weekly World, Republican, W. S. Tilton, editor and publisher, Wa-Keeney. Globe, neutral, Joseph Langellier, editor and proprietor, Cyrus.

Wabaunsee County. - Wabaunsee County News, Republican, Sellers Bros., editors and proprietors (A. Sellers and G. Sellers), Alma. Home Weekly, Republican, W. W. Cone, editor and proprietor, Eskridge.

Washington County. - Washington Republican, Republican, Republican Printing Co., publishers; Washington County Register, Republican, W. A. Clark and H. E. Emmons, publishers and proprietors; Missionary Worker (monthly), religious, Matthew Mays Eshelman, editor, L. A. Eshelman, proprietor, Washington. Hanover Democrat, Democratic, J. M. Hood, editor, Hanover. Clifton Review, Republican, N. F. Hewitt, editor, Clifton. Greenleaf Independent, Republican, J. W. Bliss, editor and publisher, Greenleaf.

Wilson County. - Wilson County Citizen, Republican, John S. Gilmore, editor and proprietor; Fredonia Democrat, Democratic, Powell & Hudson, proprietors (N. Powell and T. J. Hudson), T. J. Hudson, political editor, Fredonia. Neodesha Free Press, Republican, George A. McCarter, editor and proprietor, Neodesha.

Woodson County. - Woodson County Post, Republican, W. L. Chellis, editor and proprietor, Neosho Falls. Yates Center News, Republican, George E. Faler, editor, publisher and proprietor; Yates Center Argus, Independent, N. B. Buck, editor and proprietor, Yates Center. Toronto Topic, Republican, W. H. Jones, editor and publisher, Toronto.

Wyandotte County. - Wyandotte Gazette, Republican, Armstrong & Moyer, publishers, R. B. Armstrong and A. N. Moyer; Wyandotte Herald, Democratic, V. J. Lane, publisher, Wyandotte. Equitable Aid Union Advocate (monthly), Dr. W. D. Gentry, editor and proprietor, Wyandotte, Kan., and Columbus, Penn. Iron City Press, neutral, F. T. Wyatt, editor, J. B. Mullay & Co., publishers and proprietors, Rosedale.

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