William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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JOHN Q. ADAMS, farmer, Section 20, P. O. North Lawrence, was born in Holiday's Cove, Brooke County, W. Va., July 27, 1841. Came to the State in 1857; settled in Franklin County, where he resided until 1876, when he purchased a farm of eighty acres in Grant, Douglas County, where he now resides. Enlisted in 1861 for one year, in Company F, Second Missouri Battalion; re-enlisted June 1, 1862, for three years in Company B, Twelfth Regiment Kansas volunteers; participated in the battles of Poison Springs and Jenkins' Ferry, Ark.; was wounded in the hand with a ball from the enemy's gun, and at the close of the war received an honorable discharge. Mr. Adams was married in Lawrence, November 26, 1867, to Miss Annie Miller, daughter of Robert Miller, Esq., and to them have been born four children - Susan M., Robert J., Orlif and Frank.

ERNEST W. ALEXANDER, farmer, Section 28, P. O. Lawrence, was born in Bloomingburg, Fayette County, Ohio, August 26, 1855, where he resided the most of his life. Mr. Alexander was married in Washington Court House, Ohio, October 19, 1880, to Miss Josephine Dews, daughter of James Dews, Esq. They have one daughter, Blanche. Mr. A. came to the State in January, 1882, and purchased 2?0 acres of land near Bismarck Grove, on which he erected a fine house and barn, and now resides. Under his enterprising management, the farm will become one of the finest in the township.

HUGH A. ALLEN, farmer, Section 18, P. O. North Lawrence, came to the State in 1872; settled in Grant Township, Douglas County; owns forty acres of choice land, which he farms. He was born in Franklin county, Va., December 4, 1831. Mr. Allen learned the tanner's trade in Salem, Roanoke County, Va., and continued to work at it until driven out by the war in 1863, when he went to Cincinnati, Ohio, working at his trade until 1869, when he removed to Reedsville, Ky., and took charge of a tannery for Reed & Co. for three years. He came to Kansas in April, 1872, and became a farmer, except while in the army; enlisted August 1, 1864, in Capt. Ready's Construction Corps, and fought in the battle of Nashville; was taken prisoner twice, but escaped first by disarming the guard, and in the second instance he was confined in a low pen of rails for four weeks, but made his escape while the attention of the guards was called to a battle near by. Mr. A. was married in Snowville, Va., March 3, 1859, to Miss Eliza Driscoll, who died November 10, 1867, and on October 22, 1868, he was married to Mrs. Mary McDermott, widow of John McDermott. Three children have been born to him by first wife - Harvey P., Mary E. and Daniel C.; also one by last wife - Hugh A., died May 12, 1872; and Mary E. and James P., step-children.

I. N. BARLEY, farmer, Section 7, P. O. Lawrence, born in Champaign County, Ohio, June 25, 1840; came to this State in 1865 and settled in Grant Township, and in 1870 moved on his present farm of forty acres; besides his own land, he cultivates about eighty acres of leased land. Enlisted in Company F, One Hundred and Thirty-fourth Regiment Ohio State Militia in the spring of 1864, and served until November, when his regiment was mustered out. November 9, 1870, he was married to Miss Mary L. Gaskill, daughter of Charles Gaskill.

CYRUS BALDWIN, farmer, Section 21, P. O. North Lawrence, born in Fairmount, Grant County, Ind., December 25, 1842. Came to the State in 1868, and settled in Leavenworth County, where he resided until 1877, when he moved to Lawrence and lived until 1881, when he moved on his farm of sixty-one acres in Grant Township. Mr. B. was married in Fairmount, Ind., October 31, 1863, to Miss Sarah Wilson, daughter of Nathan Wilson. Mr. B. is a member of the Society of Friends.

SAMUEL BURGAN, farmer, Section 13, P. O. North Lawrence, born near Millersburg, Ohio, September 25, 1841, where he resided until 1862; he went to Denver, Colo., but came to the State in 1866, and settled in Grant Township, where he owns sixty-six acres of well-improved land. He was married in Weeping Water, Neb., in May, 1863, to Miss Ellen Foltz, by whom he has eight children, viz., Riza J., John, Ester D., Charles, Ida B., Eddie W., Franklin and Samuel.

G. W. CADY, farmer, Section 13, P. O. Lawrence, was born in Palmyra, N. Y., September 16, 1837. In 1843, he moved with his parents to Rochester, N. Y., where he remained until 1859, and then went to Jefferson City, Cole Co., Mo., and remained six years, and in 1866 came to Kansas and settled in Lawrence, and the following year purchased 134 acres of choice land in Grant Township, where he has since resided. Mr. Cady enlisted in the spring of 1861 for three months in the Second Reserves Regiment Missouri State Volunteers, and at the end of his service he became Adjutant with the rank of Captain in the Forty-second Regiment Missouri State Militia. Mr. Cady was married in Grant, March 14, 1881, to Miss Ada Zimmerman, daughter of Albert Zimmermann, of Grant Township, Douglas County. Mr. Cady has always interested himself in the politics of his State, and has held several offices, one of which was County Commissioner of Douglas County. In politics, he is a Republican.

GEORGE W. CAMPBELL, farmer, Section 28, P. O. North Lawrence, came to this State in 1871 and settled in Grant, Douglas County, on eighty acres of land, which he cultivates, and on which he now resides. He was born in Warren County, Ind., May 21, 1837. Removed to Illinois in 1857, where he remained fourteen years and then came to Kansas. In 1861, when the war threatened the life of the nation, Mr. C. enlisted in Company G, Twelfth Regiment Illinois Volunteers, and served until the close of the war. Participated in the battle of Lookout Mountain and in Sherman's march to the sea, being slightly wounded three times, in the hand, shoulder and leg, and was honorably discharged at Washington. Mr. C. was married in Illinois, June 9, 1861, to Miss Maria Freeman, daughter of Samuel B. Freeman. They have seven children - Charles W., Lydia C., Lelia A., Gracie M., Samuel F., Mary A. and John. Mr. C. is a member of the Grand Army of the Republic.

JAMES H. DICK, M. D., farmer, Section 6, P. O. Lawrence, came to this State and settled in Grant Township, where he owns and cultivates 183 acres of choice land; employs four hands and has his farm well improved and stocked. He was born in Indiana County, Penn., June 19, 1829. Attended Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia in 1857, and at once entered upon the successful practice of medicine in Pittsburgh, Penn., and vicinity, and there continued for twenty-one years, enjoying great distinction in his profession. During the late rebellion, he was associated with Dr. Bliss as Surgeon in the army. Mr. Dick was married in Pennsylvania, October 20, 1858 to Miss Elizabeth M. Lowman, by whom he has three sons - William S., Harry and George L.

CHARLES GASKILL, farmer, Section 7, came to the State in 1867, and settled on his farm in Douglas County. He was born in Cumberland County, N. J., July 8, 1822. Enlisted in 1862 in the twenty-fifty (sic) Regiment New York State Volunteers, and served until the close of the war. At the battle of Fredericksburg, he was wounded by a minie-ball in the face, the ball passing through the face from left to right side. Mr. G. has been twice married and has five children - Mary R., Rachel, Rhoda, Harriet and Lillie D. He is a member of the M. E. Church. Mr. G. owns seventy acres of rich bottom land near the Kansas River.

WILLIAM J. GILMORE, farmer, Section 16, P. O. North Lawrence, was born in Cambridge, Washington County, N. Y., January 10, 1838. Mr. Gilmore came to the State in 1860 and settled in Grant Township, where he now resides. He owns 193 acres of land, upon which he has erected a fine brick residence and other buildings to correspond. Besides the farm where he resides, he owns 160 acres of land in Coffey County, near Burlington, and one-half of 320 acres in Leavenworth County; the other half is owned by his brother. Mr. Gilmore was married a (sic) Lawrence, October 14, 1869, to Miss Laura I. Meek, daughter of Capt. O. M. Meek, but the sad messenger of death visited his home March 27, 1879, and took the wife, leaving him with three sons to mourn her loss - Martin, William F. and Jerome O. Mr. Gilmore is a member of the United Presbyterian Church.

CHRISTIAN HARMAN, farmer, Section 7, P. O. North Lawrence, born in Brunswick, Germany, November 17, 1828. Came to the United States in 1844 and settled in Jackson County, Ill., where he resided until 1854, when he came to this State and settled in Douglas County, moving on to a farm of 235 acres, in Grant Township, where he now resides. Mr. Harman was married in Emporia, Kan., September 17, 1857, to Miss Algelena Whitlock, daughter of William Whitlock, Esq. They have had two sons, one of whom is living - Henry E. Mr. Harman enlisted October 7, 1816, in Company G, Eighth Regiment Kansas Volunteer Infantry, and was honorably discharged June 26, 1862, for disability. He is a member of the United Baptist Church.

SIDNEY S. HERD, farmer, Section 21, P. O. North Lawrence, was born in Pittsburgh, Penn., April 13, 1838; came to the State March, 1855, and settled in Douglas County, and in 1865 settled in Grant, where he owns 115 acres of land, upon which he resides. Mr. Herd was here during the troublesome times when Jim Lane and John Brown figured so conspicuously in the history of the State. He enlisted in 1861 in the First Kansas Battery and served until the close of the war. Was in the battles of Prairie Grove, Nashville, Cane Hill and Newtonia. He was wounded by a bushwhacker, whom his comrades pursued and shot, having followed him all night. Mr. H. held the rank of Commissary Sergeant. He was married in Weston, Mo., January 16, 1868, to Miss Liberty, daughter of Jeremiah Miller, Esq.

DAVID H. LEWIS, farmer, Section 13, P. O. Lawrence, was born in Columbiana County, Ohio, May 29, 1840. His parents moved to Parke County, Ind., when he was about two years old, and there he lived until 1863. During his youth he attended, for several terms, the Western Manual Labor School, in Bloomingdale, Ind., and afterward taught school for seven years. In 1864, he went to Tipton, Moniteau County, Mo., and was in that town when it was sacked by Todd's band of bushwhackers, on the 3d day of September of the same year. He lost all his property in that raid, except $600, which he had in his pocket, and was shot at five times, one ball going through his coat. In 1865, he came to Kansas and settled in Grant Township, where he now resides. His farm of forty acres is very productive, and yields a handsome profit. Mr. Lewis was married, August 16, 1863, to Miss Jane Payne, daughter of James and Sarah Payne, of Parke County, Ind. Mr. Lewis has had four children, three of whom are living - Olie M., Albert A. and Freddie V. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis are members of the Christian Church.

E. S. MERCER, farmer, Section 16, P. O. North Lawrence, was born in Putnam County, Ind., May 3, 1837; moved with his parents to Iowa in 1849, where he resided until 1859, when he came to the State and settled in Butler County, but in 1870 he came to Grant Township, and settled on a farm of 248 acres of land, where he still resides. Mr. Mercer enlisted in 1862, in Company F, Fortieth Regiment Iowa Volunteers, and served until the close of the war, in the capacity of Commissary Sergeant, on detached duty. Mr. Mercer was married in Eddyville, Iowa, February 10, 1859, to Miss Cordelia Roberts, daughter of John Roberts. They have three daughters and one son - Elisina, Salina, Hattie A. and John H.

JOHN J. RINEHART, farmer, Section 12, P. O. Lawrence, was born in Ohio May 7, 1843; came to Kansas in 1874, and settled in Lawrence; moved on his farm, four miles north of Lawrence, in 1879. Mr. Rineheart (sic) owns eighty acres of rich land. He enlisted in 1861, in Company K, One Hundred and Fourth Regiment Ohio Volunteers. After ten months' service, he was wounded, and honorably discharged because of disability. Mr. Rineheart was married, in 1878, to Miss Harriet Gaskill, a daughter of Charles Gaskill.

WILLIAM STINER, farmer, Section 16, P. O. North Lawrence, was born in Morrow County, Ohio, January 27, 1832, and there resided until April, 1855, when he removed to Kansas and settled in Lawrence, and in 1867 he purchased 150 acres in Grant Township, Douglas County, and made it his residence. Mr. Stiner enlisted March 23, 1863, in Company M, Eleventh Regiment Kansas Volunteer Cavalry, and served until the close of the war, in 1865. Besides many skirmishes, he was engaged in the battles of Lexington, and Little and Big Blue, Mo.; and Pleasanton and Mound City, Kan. In his youth, Mr. Stiner attended the Academy at Cardington, Ohio, and subsequently taught school for about one year in Ohio and Iowa. Mr. Stiner was married in North Lawrence May 9, 1863, to Miss Lizzie A. Garrett, daughter of Col. Elisha Garrett, of Garrettsville, Ohio. They have three children - Ella M., Edwin A. and William R. Mr. Stiner is a writer and correspondent, and a leading man in his community. Yet, in the midst of this work, he attends faithfully in his farm duties.

W. P. WILSON, farmer, Section 11, P. O. North Lawrence, came to the State in 1855, and settled in Leavenworth County, where he remained until 1866, when he purchased ninety-eight acres of land in Grant township, on the banks of the Kansas River, and has since resided there. Mr. Wilson was born in Marion County, Ind., September 14, 1845. He was married in Lawrence, October 12, 1872, to Miss Amelia Alexander, daughter of M. W. Alexander, Esq. Three sons have been born to him - Frank, Herbert and George. Mr. Wilson is a member of the Society of Friends, and is a prosperous and thrifty farmer.


JOHN E. DEMING, M. D., P. O. Lapeer, farmer, Section 35, born in Orion, Oakland Co., Mich., December 13, 1830, son of Elbridge Y. Deming and Sally B. Phillips. He was educated at the Michigan State University at Ann Arbor, and at Rush Medical College, Chicago, from which he graduated in class 1858, and at once entered upon a successful practice. He came to the State in 1869, and located in Marion Township, where he has been eminently successful as a practitioner and farmer. During the late war, he was drafted but furnished a substitute. He has been twice married, first in Lapeer (sic) County, Mich., August 10, 1856, to Miss Charlotte E. Thomas, who died May 1, 1875. Again in Marion Township, Kan., June 18, 1877, to Miss Mattie M. Searing. By the first marriage he had eight children - Thomas G., Willard F., John Frank, John E., Steven V., Charles O. Mattie E. and Caroline A., and three children by his second wife - Grace C., Oliver A. and Morrill M. Mr. D. is a member of Acacia Lodge, No. 9, A., F. & A. M., Lawrence, Kan.

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