William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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A. B. WARREN, wholesale paper and staple stationery. Sole agent for the Lawrence Paper Mills and agent for J. K. Wright's printing inks. The business was established in 1874 by Mr. Warren. He carries a stock of about $10,000, and the yearly sales will aggregate $50,000. Keeps one traveling agent. A. B. Warren was born in Tyringham, Berkshire County, Mass., May 25, 1848. His parents moved to Loraine County, Ohio, about 1849. His father had long been identified with that region; resided there most of the time since 1835. In his profession of civil engineer he surveyed most of the Western Reserve. The subject of this sketch was educated at Oberlin College, leaving that institution in 1862 to enlist in the One Hundred and Fiftieth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He was attached to Company K, and served with the regiment until 1864. July 18 of the latter year he was wounded on the Longstreet and Early raid into Maryland, and returned home. Shortly afterward, he engaged in teaching in Michigan. In 1866, became connected with the United States Land Office at Lansing. Shortly after this, he was called home by the illness of his father, and remained there managing the farm until 1868, when he moved to Kansas and became connected with the construction department of the Kansas Pacific Railroad. Two years later, he took a position in the same department of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad. In 1872, he opened a sutler store at Fort Bascom, New Mexico. In the latter part of 1873, returned to Lawrence, and shortly afterward organized his present business. Mr. Warren was married in Lawrence in October, 1877, to Miss Nellie E. Slossen, of Lawrence. They have two children - Faith and Benjamin. Mr. W. is Secretary of the Board of Trade, and a charter member of the Y. M. S. Club. He is also a member of the Lawrence Lodge, No. 798, K. of H., and of Washington Post, No. 12, G. A. R.

J. B. WATKINS & CO., counselors and loan brokers; business established in Lawrence in August, 1873; branches opened in New York City in 1876, and in London, Eng., in 1878. They employ twenty-seven hands in all, seventeen of whom are in the home office. They now have out over 7,000 loans for about 1,200 investors, the investments aggregating $4,500,000. Their specialty is first mortgage bonds on improved farms, on which they guarantee seven per cent interest to investors. J. B. Watkins, of J. B. Walkins & Co., was born in Indiana County, Penn., June 25, 1845. His mother moved to Blair County, Penn., about 1852, and from there to Fairfax County, Va., in 1860. J. B. received his preparatory schooling in Armstrong County, Penn. In 1867, he entered the University of Michigan, graduating in the law department in 1869. He was admitted to the bar in Illinois in 1870, and commenced practice in Champaign. While engaged in practice in Champaign, he began the business of loaning money and dealing in real estate. In 1873, he removed to Lawrence, Kan. Mr. Watkins is a member of the Douglas County Bar Association and of the Baptist Church.

J. M. G. WATT, confectioner, was born in Darke County, Ohio, July 28, 1854, where he resided until 1856, and then came to the State and settled with his parents in Anderson County; there he continued on the farm until 1865, when he came to Lawrence and engaged in various callings until 1882, when he formed a partnership with Harry Hutson in the confectionery business. The business was established in 1872, and has from the start been prosperous. Nine men are employed in this establishment. Mr. Watt was married to Miss Jennie Kibbe, of Lawrence, in 1882.

P. WEITZENKORN, proprietor of the New York One Price Clothing House. The business was established in June, 1882. He carries a stock of about $10,000, employing two clerks. P. Weitzenkorn was born in Westphalia, Germany, February 20, 1851. In 1872, he emigrated to the United States and settled in Reading, Penn., where he engaged in clerking until 1878, when he settled in Lawrence, Kan., where he engaged in clerking and attending the Business College until he established his present business. Mr. W. was married in Lawrence October 28, 1879, to Miss Biebusch, of Lawrence. He is a member of the Turn-Verein of Lawrence.

A. H. WHITCOMB, of Theo Poehler & Co., wholesale grocers and proprietors of the Kaw Valley Elevator, was born in Thorndyke, Me., May 24, 1838. He moved with his parents to East Hampden, near the city of Bangor, March, 1854. Was educated at Hampden Academy, of same township and State. On the breaking-out of the civil war, he enlisted May, 1861, in Company A, Second Regiment Maine Volunteer Infantry, for a period of two years, and was attached to the fifth Corps, Army of the Potomac. During his term of service, he participated in the battles of Bull Run, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Gaines Mill, Malvern Hill, Hanover Court House, Groveton, Centerville, South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. He was discharged May, 1863, from same company and regiment, by reason of expiration of term of service. Moved to Kansas October, 1863, and was engaged in clerking in Atchison until August, 1864, when he again enlisted in Company D, Seventeenth Regiment Kansas Volunteer Infantry, for a period of 100 days, and was discharged November, 1864, by reason of expiration of term of enlistment. He engaged in clerking at Valley Falls until March, 1866, when he settled in Lawrence, and engaged in the grocery and grain business, under the firm name of Griffith & Whitcomb, afterward Whitcomb & Mead. They were succeeded by the present firm in 1874. Mr. Whitcomb was married in Lawrence April 6, 1866, to Miss Mary B. Griffith, daughter of R. S. Griffith, Esq. They have five children - George A., Willie G., Carlyle, Mary and Julia. Mr. Whitcomb is at present a member of Washington Post, No. 12, Department of Kansas, Grand Army of the Republic.

ALFRED WHITMAN, junior member of the firm of Gleason & Whitman, dealers in real estate, is a son of E. B. Whitman, one of the Kansas pioneers of 1854, and prominent in connection with the E. A. S. and all the movements attendant to the settling of Lawrence. Alfred was born in Cambridge, Mass., October 8, 1842. He was educated in his native town and in Concord, Mass. - in the latter place, being under the instruction of Mr. Frank Sanborn, the noted John Brown man. He moved to Kansas in 1858, the family settling on a farm in Douglas County. In 1862, his father was appointed Assistant Quartermaster, with the rank of Captain, in the Army of Ohio and the Army of the Tennessee, continuing in the government service until 1868, the last three years being devoted to the organization of National Cemeteries, Alfred Whitman acting as Chief Clerk for his father during this period. About 1868, the subject of our sketch located in Louisville, Ky., being engaged in book-keeping in a wholesale house of that city about four years. He was then appointed manager of the Louisville Lithographing Company, a position he retained until 1877, when he traveled in connection with the Travelers Insurance Company, of Hartford, Conn., as special agent for the Southern States, his field covering ten States. Resigning January 1, 1883, he settled in Lawrence, Kan., and became connected with Mr. Gleason. Mr. Whitman was married in Lawrence, Kan., April 4, 1867, to Miss Mary W., daughter of Rev. J. S. Brown, one of the pioneers of 1857. They have four children - Russell R., John P., Ruth H. and Waldo. Mr. Whitman is a member of the A., F. & A. M.

C. WICKS, manger of the Grange store. This business was established, in a small way, about 1872. They now carry a stock of groceries, queensware and boots and shoes, of some $3,000, running one delivery wagon. Carson Wicks was born in Erie County, Penn., March 7, 1834. His parents settled in Stephenson County, Ill., about 1843, where he received his schooling and engaged in farming. In 1857, he moved to Kansas, and bought a claim in Douglas County, where he continued to reside until he took charge of the Grange store in 1880. He still operates his farm, having about 500 acres in all, devoted to grain and stock raising, 120 acres being in pasture, all being enclosed. Mr. Wicks was married, in Stephenson County, Ill., March 27, 1856, to Miss S. M. Wells, of that county. They have two children - William W. and Clarence W. He is a member of Clinton Grange, No. 66, of Douglas County.

F. W. WIEMAN, manufacturer of cigars, and dealer in smokers' articles; business established in 1873, by Julius Miller. Mr. Wieman succeeded him in July, 1879. He employs eight men, and turns out about 400,000 cigars yearly, the principal brands being "Our Best," "Lawrence Beauty" and "Pansy." Mr. Wieman was born in Halle, Saxony, August 18, 1846. He received his schooling in his native town. In 1857, he came to the United States with his parents, locating in Cincinnati, Ohio, where F. W. learned the trade of cigar making. He followed this trade in Cincinnati and other places until 1870, when he moved to Kansas, locating in Junction City. After working at this trade there for a time, he opened the Germania House. In 1873, he moved to Leavenworth, and from there settled in Lawrence the same year. He was working for Mr. Miller for some years previous to buying him out. Mr. Wieman was married in Lawrence October 22, 1874, to Miss Ella Brechtelsbauer, of Lawrence. They have four children - Fred, Charles, Lulu and Eda. Mr. Wieman is the President of the Turn Verein, and a member of the A. O. U. W.

MRS. F. E. WILBUR, dress maker, came to the State in 1856, and settled in Lawrence; her maiden name was Spicer; she was born in Dundee, Yates County, N. Y. In 1867, she was married to Orson Wilber, Esq., and now is the mother of two interesting daughters, viz., Lena A. and Maud. Mr. W. established business in 1873, and employs five women, who are kept busy in turning out fashionable garments.

CHARLES E. WILDER, of the firm of Wilder Bros., was born in Brandon, Rutland Co., Vt., in 1840. In 1853, he moved with his parents to Fort Edward, N. Y. He was educated at both of these places. After leaving school, he learned the machinists trade. From 1861 to 1868, he was engaged in the Remington Rifle Factory, and the Spencer Rifle Works at Boston. After leaving the later, he entered the employ of the Howard Watch Company continuing in business until 1870. He then moved to Troy, N. Y., where he became connected with the firm of Clapp & Wilder, shirt, collar and cuff manufacturers, where he remained until 1873, when he settled in Lawrence.

J. FRANK WILDER, of Wilder Bros., shirt manufacturers, was born in Brandon, Rutland Co., Vt., September 26, 1837. He was partially educated in Brandon, finishing his studies in Fort Edward, Washington Co., N. Y., where his parents moved about 1853. In 1855, he commenced the machinists trade at Fort Edward, N. Y. Afterward, moved to Whitehall, N. Y., where he worked at his trade until 1861, when he entered the Government employ at Watervliet Arsenal. In 1863, he became connected with the firm of Wheeler, Colburn & Co., shirt and collar manufacturers, Troy, N. Y. They were succeeded by Clapp & Wilder. In 1870, on account of failing health, he moved to Lawrence, Kan., where he opened a retail branch of the Troy house. He continued in this until 1873, when he organized the present firm. Mr. Wilder was married in Troy, N. Y., October 1, 1868, to Miss Abbie Bogardus, of that city. They have one child - Estella Edna, born November 26, 1873. Mr. Wilder is a member of the Baptist Church.

J. H. WILDER, Treasurer of Lawrence Plow Company, was born in Bolton, Worcester Co., Mass., June 19, 1829. He was educated in his native county, and studied civil engineering for a time, with the intention of adopting this as a profession. In 1849, he took a contract to furnish stone, and operated the quarry in filling that until 1851. In that year, he commenced to learn the trade of blacksmith under his father. He was given his time, and shortly afterward moved to Kansas. He settled in Lawrence in October, 1854, where he engaged in burning lime a few months, then formed a co-partnership with George W. Hutchinson, under the firm name of B. W. Hutchinson & Co., dealers in general goods. This firm put up the first store building in Lawrence. Mr. Hutchinson sold out to James Blood, and the firm continued under the firm name of James Blood & Co. until 1862, when Mr. Wilder disposed of his interest, and then organized the firm of Wilder & Palm, the predecessors of the Lawrence Plow Company. During the war, Mr. Wilder was connected with the Third Regiment Kansas State Militia, holding a commission as Captain of Company C at first; was afterward commissioned Major of the regiment. Mr. Wilder was married in Lawrence, in 1856, to Miss Anna M., daughter of Lorenzo Hoyt, Esq., one of the pioneers of Kansas. They had three children - Emma H., Harry and Georgiana. He married his present wife, Miss Amie M. Fisher, December 25, 1880. Mr. Wilder is a member of the Unitarian Church.

H. L. WILKINS, dealer in staple, fancy groceries, provisions, etc. The business was established in November, 1882, the stock averaging from $800 to $1,200. H. L. Wilkins was born in Winchester, Adams Co., Ohio, October 31, 1854. His parents moved from there to Ripley, Brown Co., Ohio, where he received his first schooling. In 1871, the family moved to Kansas and settled in Franklin County where his father E. E. Wilkins, bought the town of Wellsville. In 1874, the subject of this sketch engaged in handling horses, being located at Lawrence from 1874 to 1878; in the latter year, he returned to Wellsville where he remained until 1881. He then sold his interest in the town site, some sixty-four lots, and afterward engaged in general occupations until he established his present business. He was married in Franklin County, January 14, 1875, to Miss Nellie Pettibone, a daughter of Mr. M. Pettibone, who settled in Franklin County in 1858. They have three children - Edward, Harry and Lida.

P. J. WILLIAMS, A. M., D. D., Dean of Normal Department, Kansas State University; was born in Mansfield, Tolland Col., Conn., April 12, 1825. His parents moved to Williamtic about 1835. The subject of this sketch received his preparatory and academical course at Suffield, Conn., and at Williston Seminary, East Hampden, Mass. In 1846, he entered the Sophomore class of Dartmouth College. While in college, he was also taking private instructions in the Greek language and literature under Prof. Crosby. For two or three years after leaving college, he was engaged in teaching the classics in Brooklyn, N. Y.; in 1851, was ordained as a minister of the Baptist Church, and took a charge at North Stonington, Conn; three years later, removed to Colchester, Conn., where he also was Principal of Bacon Academy in connection with his historical work. Then he moved to Marion, N. Y., in charge of the church, and also of Marion Collegiate Institute. In 1860, he took charge of the Brockport Normal School at Brockport, N. Y., filling the pulpit there at the same time. In 1866, the doctor took charge of a boys' classical school at Buffalo, N. Y., where he remained until 1868 when he moved to Kansas and settled in Leavenworth, where he took charge of the city schools, holding the position of Superintendent about eight years. In 1876, was appointed to the charge of the Normal Department of the State University. The following year, was elected President of the Ottawa University, a position he retained until elected to his present one. Dr. Williams was married in Hanover, N. H., in 1849, to Miss Harriet Tracy, a native of Vermont. They have four surviving children - Lizzie, now Mrs. I. E. Mulkey, of Ottawa; Anna G., Harriet T. and Jessie.

E. WILSON, tobacconist, was born in England October 20, 1855; came to the United States and settled in Little Falls, N. Y., where he engaged in the dry goods trade. In 1876, he came to Lawrence, and in 1880 established his business. He was married in Lawrence to Miss Matilda Ober. Has two children - Albert and Lillie.

DR. F. H. WILSON, dentist, was born in Ross County, Ohio, January 5, 1829. He was born and raised on a farm, receiving his schooling in Ross and adjoining counties. Shortly after his marriage, he engaged in business in Greenfield, Highland Co., Ohio, as a watchmaker and jeweler, continuing there about eleven years. In 1863, he enlisted in Company C, Sixty-sixth Battalion Ohio National Guards. They were called into service in May, 1864, being in active service four months, and mustered out in May, 1866. Dr. Wilson had practiced dentistry some in 1850; after the war, he entered the office of Dr. Lewis in Greenfield, Highland Co., Ohio, and resumed his studies. In 1869, he began practice in Greencastle, Ind. In 1872, he moved to Lawrence, Kan., where he has since engaged in practice with the exception of a few months. He was married in Piatt County, Ill., October 25, 1855, to Miss Coovert, of that county. They have one child - Maria Co., now Mrs. Pitt Ross, of Leavenworth. Dr. Wilson is a member of the Presbyterian Church.

B. W. WOODWARD, proprietor Round Corner drug store. The business was established in 1855, the first house of the kind in the State, and with one exception the first in the Missouri Valley; they now carry a stock of $10,000, and Mr. Woodward is also senior member of the firm of Woodward, Faxon & Co., Kansas City, Mo. He was born in East Marlboro, Chester Co., Penn., February 15, 1834. His early years were spent in working on a farm and in attending district school, finishing his studies in an academy in his native county. Afterward he engaged in teaching until he was of age. In 1854, he took a trip to Illinois and Iowa looking up a location. In May, 1855, he left home and moved to Kansas, settling in Lawrence on the 20th of May. In August of the same year, he opened a drug and stationery store, which was the beginning of his present business. In December, he joined Company F, Kansas Guards, Gen. Lane commanding, in defense of the town. He took part in the capture of Titus and in Harvey's flank movement to LaCompton. In 1857, he was a delegate to the Free-State Territorial Convention which nominated Mark Parrott as a delegate to Congress. In 1858, he was a member of the citizens' city government. Mr. Woodward was married in Lawrence, October 9, 1859, to Miss Lucy M., daughter of Abraham Wilder, Esq. Mrs. Woodward died in Lawrence in 1865, leaving one daughter - Mary. He was married to hie present wife at Darnhall, near Westchester, Penn., November 28, 1866, she was Miss Emily P. Darlington, daughter of E. B. Darlington, Esq., of that place. They have two children - Brinton D. and Chester. Mr. B. has always taken a great interest in educational matters. He has been a regent of the State University several years, and of the Board of Education has been a prominent member.

HON. LORENZO J. WORDEN, Postmaster, was born in Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., N. Y., April 13, 1828. About 1837, his parents settled in Veteran, Chemung Co., N. Y. He was educated at the Ithaca and Elmira Academies; then engaged in teaching, which profession he followed eight years. In 1850, he entered Alfred University, graduating in 1853. After spending some time in travel, he returned home and engaged again in teaching. In 1855, he moved to Kansas, arriving in Lawrence October 27. He located a claim one mile west of the city, and engaged in farming until 1862, when he entered the office of internal revenue as Chief Clerk and Assistant Assessor for the State of Kansas, which position he retained until 1870, when he was elected State Senator. In the spring of 1873, he was appointed Postmaster of Lawrence, and was re-appointed by President Hayes in 1877, on the unanimous petition of the citizens. Mr. Worden was married June 7, 1854, to Miss Jane E. Wormley, of Corning, N. Y. He is a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity, having taken all degrees up to Knight Templar.

DR. E. WRIGHT, dentist, was born in Orleans County, N. Y., October 31, 1844. He was educated in his native county. In 1864, he entered the office of a practicing dentist in Albion, Orleans County. In 1866, he commenced practice in Columbus, Ohio, where he remained until 1877. From that time until he settled in Lawrence, he practiced his profession at several points, being located in St. Louis, Mo., about one year. He settled in Lawrence, Kan., in 1881, and entered into partnership with Dr. Wheeler; this firm was dissolved on the death of Dr. W. shortly after, and he has since practiced alone.

JOHN H. YOUNG, carriage painter, was born in Nashville, Tenn., May 14, 1850; came to this State in 1877, and settled in Baxter Springs, but in 1879 moved to Lawrence where he has since resided, carrying on the business of carriage painting, having the most extensive shop in the city, and employs from two to three hands all the time. Mr. Young learned his trade in his native town. In 1872, married Miss Florence Terry, of Lawrence, and they have five children - William H., James T., John, Albert and Mary.

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