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(Image of Geo A. Cutler, M. D. For biography of Dr. Cutler, see page 559) [Shawnee County, Ed.]

[Image of A. G. Abdelal] DR. A. G. ABDELAL, physician and surgeon, was born in Lyons, France, February 7, 1822, His father was a Surgeon General in the French Army. At the age of eight years, the subject of our sketch entered the Royal College at Marseilies, taking a full course of instruction in the classics and philosophy. He graduated in 1841, with the degree of A. B. In 1846, he entered the medical college a Montpelier, France, graduating August, 15, 1852, with an M. D. Degree. Immediately afterward, entered the Veil De Grace School of Medicine and Surgery at Paris, taking studies then preparatory to an army life. In 1854, he was commissioned Assistant Surgeon in the French Army. During the Crimean war, he was in hospital service at Galleopolis some months, and was the commissioned Assistant Surgeon of an Algerian Regiment of Turkos. On the close of the Crimean war, he went with his regiment to Algiers, Africa, where he remained until the breaking-out of the war with Italy, in 1859. He was with the army at Solferino, Mayenta and Monte Bello. On the close of the war, he returned to Algiers. In 1861, he left Algiers to join the army of Gen. Forry, and with then entered upon the Mexican campaign. Was attached to the French Army until the fall of 1863. He was the commissioned Surgeon in the Imperial army of Maximilian, with whom he remained until his capture. He was released after a short detention and engaged in practice at St. Louis Potosi, afterward at Monterey and Matamoras. In June, 1868, he came to the United State, remained in Baltimore, Md., a short time, and in the same year settled in Lawrence, Kan., where he has since remained in practice. He was married in Baltimore, Md., in June, 1868, to Miss Mary Le Febere, of Baltimore. They have two adopted children, Mary and Ellen. Dr. Abdelal was Coroner of Douglas County from 1870 to 1872. He is a member of the State Medical Society and the A., F. & A. M. and I. O. O. F.

D. S. ALFORD, attorney at law, was born in Riverton, Conn., October 2, 1848; he pursued his preparatory studies at Wilbraham Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. He then entered the Wesleyan University of Middletown, Conn., from which institution he graduated in 1871, with the degree of A. B., his degree of A. M. being conferred in 1874 by his Alma Mater. He read law with Judge Goodwin, of Connecticut, and was admitted to practice in the spring of 1873, in Lawrence, Kan., where he had settled the year previous. In addition to the practice of his profession, Mr. Alford is also interested in the manufacturing interests of Lawrence. He is owner of the Perry Flouring Mills, at Perry, Kan.; is also connected with the Western Steel Fence Company; is proprietor of the Kansas Daily Tribune, and was attorney for the Kansas Midland Railroad two years. Mr. Alford was married in Lawrence, Kan., April 14, 1874, to Miss Susan D., daughter of Joseph Savage, Esq.; they have three children - Alfred C., Anna M. and Donald J. Mr. Alford is a member of the K. of H., and is also one of the trustees of Plymouth Church.

ALLISON & SON, dealers in staple and fancy groceries, provisions, etc. The business was originally established about 1879; the present firm succeeded House & Searl in the spring of 1882. Lewis Allison, senior member of the firm, was born in Steuben County, N. Y., April, 1823. He moved to Lagrange County, Ind., about 1836, and a few years later to Ohio. In 1844, he moved to Keokuk, Iowa, where he engaged in the mercantile business. In 1846, he enlisted in St. Louis, in the Second Battalion of Artillery, under Maj. Clark, and took part in the famous march under Doniphan to Santa Fe, Chihuahua, Buena Vista and Balize, having several engagements with the Mexicans and Indians en route. After serving some sixteen months, he was mustered out. He then engaged in steamboating on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. Four years later he went to California, where he engaged in mining for one year; then went to Australia in the same business, remaining about two years. He then returned to California and Oregon, and shortly afterward to St. Louis, Mo., by the Nicaragua route. He then moved to Kansas, landing in Lawrence July 4, 1856. The same year he made a claim in Hays Township, Franklin County, where he engaged in farming until the fall of 1882. He enlisted in 1863 in the Missouri S. S. M., under Col. Nugent; was taken prisoner at Independence, Mo.; was paroled and afterward exchanged. In 1864, he enlisted in the Fifth Kansas, Company M, the company being consolidated with the Sixteenth Regiment, and served until the close of the war. He was married in Douglas County, in 1864, to Miss Louisa Morse, of Barry County, Mich. They have six children living - Charles, Edgar, Andrew, Samuel, Stephen and Thomas.

W. H. AMES, principal of the telegraphic department, teacher of commercial law, and assistant in book-keeping, Lawrence Business College, was born in Hancock County, Ill., February 21, 1857. He was educated in Hancock and Adams Counties, finishing at a seminary at Warsaw, Ill. He then entered the Gem City Business College, graduating in 1882. He then made a special study of telegraphy, and, after graduating, engaged at his profession in railroad offices until September, 1882, when he settled in Lawrence, to take his present position. Mr. Ames is a member of the I. O. O. F.

JOHN ANDERSON, proprietor of Dr. C. Newman's European Nectar, for territory west of the Mississippi River, was born in Swaland, Sweden, June 16, 1835. After completing his schooling, he learned the wagon-making trade, which he followed until 1864, when he emigrated to the United States. He spent some time in Chicago, Arkansas, and other places, and finally decided to settle in Lawrence, Kan., in 1865. For about two years, he engaged in carpentering, and then went into the grocery business, in which he coutinued (sic) about ten years. Then engaged in hotel keeping, running the Central House until 1881, when he bought the control of the European Nectar. Mr. Anderson was married in Lawrence, Kan., September 18, 1871, to Mrs. Jennie C. Anderson, a native of Nora, Sweden; they have once child - George. Mr. A. is a member of the Scandinavian Society.

S. B. ANDERSON, homoeopathic physician and surgeon, was born in Greenfield, Highland Co., Ohio, January 27, 1825. He was educated in his native county, and then commenced the study of medicine in the office of a homoeopathic physician. In 1850, he entered the Medical Institute of Cincinnati, taking the full course, and graduating in 1854. He immediately opened an office in Greenfield, Ohio, where he did a large and successful practice until 1868, when he removed to Kansas, settled in Lawrence and immediately commenced the practice of his profession, in which he has since continued uninterruptedly. Dr. Anderson was married in Greenfield, Ohio, August 9, 1849, to Miss N. L. Davis, of Greenfield; they have six children - Samuel H., now a practicing physician in Kansas City; Mary A., now Mrs. S. D. Coffin, of Kansas City; J. Frank, Will J., James A., George D. Dr. A. is a member of the State Homoeopathic Medical Association; has been both Vice President and President of the society. Is also a member of the A., F. & A. M. and I. O. O. F., and of Lawrence Union, No. 193, E. A. N.

H. B. ASHER, Sheriff of Douglas County, was born in Hancock County, Ill., February 24, 1838; moved with his parents to Adair County, Mo., in 1845, and in 1848 to Lee County, Iowa where he received his education. In 1861, he enlisted in Company H, Fifth Kansas Cavalry, being one of a party from Iowa, making a full company; he was mustered out December 8, 1864. The following spring he came to Leavenworth, Kan., and engaged in the lightning-rod business as agent for Cole Bros., of Mount Pleasant, Iowa. In 1868, he was admitted to partnership, the new firm being Cole Bros. & Asher, and located at Lawrence, Kan., where he continued to operate that business until 1879, when he was elected Sheriff, and re-elected in 1881. He was married in Holton, Kan., May 15, 1872, to Miss Mary A. A. Parkhurst, who died in Lawrence. He was married to his present wife in Lawrence, October 21, 1880. She was the second daughter of J. D. Herrington, Mollie E., born in Kansas, November 27, 1856. Mr. Asher is a member of Lawrence Lodge, No. 4, I. O. O. F., and Mount Oread Encampment, No. 4. Also of Washington Post, No. 12, G. A. R.

J. Q. ASHTON & Co., dealers in queensware, glassware, house-furnishing goods, toys, picture frames, etc. (a specialty made of the latter). The business was established by Mr. Ashton in February, 1881. J. Q. Ashton was born near Newcastle, Penn., September 22, 1829. About 1845, his parents settled in Clermont County, Ohio. J. Q. learned the mason's trade in Portsmouth Ohio, partially, and conpleted (sic) it in Louisville, Ky. In 1852, he went to California. He engaged in the mercantile business in Sacramento, for a time, and then engaged in contracting and building. In 18 6, (sic) he returned to Pennsylvania for a time, and then located in Portsmouth, Ohio. He followed his trade there and in Cincinnati, Ohio, until 1859, when he moved to Kansas. He spent the winter in Anderson County, and in the following spring settled in Linn County, near Osawatomie, his farm being the scene of one of John Brown's battles. In 1861, he settled in Douglas County, and continued his farming operations. In 1862, he enlisted in Company B, Twelfth Kansas. He was attached to the Commissary Department, acting as Quartermaster of the regiment some time. Was afterward connected with the Second Regiment Kansas Colored Troops. In 1865, he moved to Lawrence and entered into partnership with O. P. Smith, in the business of contracting and building, operating all over the State, one of their contracts being the construction of the college or Normal School at Emporia. Mr. Ashton personally put up most of the Government work at the numerous Indian Reservations in the State. He continued in this business until 1881. Mr. Ashton was married in Allegheny City, Penn., December 24, 1857, to Miss Priscilla Hamlin, of that city. They have one child living - Mary Louisa. Mr. Ashton is a member of Halcyon Lodge, No. 18, I. O. O. F., and of Washington Post, No. 12, Grand Army of the Republic.

[Image of C. W. Babcock] HON. C. W. BABCOCK, Secretary of the Kansas Basket Manufacturing Company, was born in Franklin County, Vt., April 21, 1830. He was educated at Bakersfield Academy, and after leaving engaged in teaching for a time. In 1850, he moved to Minnesota, locating in St. Paul, where he commenced reading law in the office of Babcock & Wilson. Was admitted to the bar in 1853, and the following year moved to Kansas, settling in Lawrence in September. He eng ged (sic) in the practice of his profession for a year or two, and then abandoned it to engage in real estate business. He was attorney for the plaintiffs when the town site was claimed for farm property. The case was compromised, and Mr. Babcock acquired a large interest in the town site. He also, at the time, had large property interests adjacent to the town. In 1857, he established a bank under the firm name of Babcock & Lykens; this only continued a short time, the panic of the same year closing up the establishment. Mr. Babcock was the first Postmaster appointed to the Lawrence office. He was appointed in the winter of 1854-55, and held the office about four years. He was also the first Mayor of the city, and has been a member of the City Council several terms. In 1856, he was elected to the Free State Legislature. In 1869, he was appointed by President Grant Surveyor General for the State of Kansas, and was re-appointed for a second term in 1873. From 1877 up to the time he connected himself with the basket company, he was engaged in contracting, one of his contracts being the east wing of the State capitol. Mr. Babcock was married in La Crosse, Wis., January 17, 1866, to Miss Martha Gillette, a daughter of S. H. Gillette, Esq., now of Douglas County, Kan. They have three children - Martha B., Clifford G. and Frances Adelaide. Mr. Babcock is a member of Lawrence Lodge, No. 6, A., F. & A. M.

BAILEY & SMITH, dealers in furniture and undertakers' goods of all kinds. This business was originally established in 1857 by F. A. Bailey, in undertaking goods. The furniture department was added in 1864, when the present firm was organized. They now occupy a brick building 25x117 feet in area, having three floors devoted to their business, and carry a stock of from $12,000 to $15,000. F. A. Bailey, senior member of the firm, was born in Framingham, Middlesex Co., Mass., October 21, 1827. He was educated in his native town, and after leaving Massachusetts until 1854, when he moved to Kansas and settled in Lawarence. (sic) Here he engaged in carpentering until he went into business in 1857. He was a member of the original town company, and in the early troubles was connected with the different Free State organizations. During the Quantrell raid his stock of goods was completely destroyed, and he only escaped by secreting himself. Mr. Bailey was married in Lawrence, December 10, 1857, to Miss Hattie Haskins, of Lawrence. Mr. Bailey is a member of the Congregational Church. He has served one term as a member of the City Council.

W. N. BANGS, general manager of the Pacific Mills, was born in Canada April 18, 1840. About 1855, he went to Boston, Mass., where he learned the soap business, and continued in it there until 1868, when he moved to Kansas. He settled in Lawrence and organized the firm of Bangs Bros., manufacturers of soaps. This business continued until 1881, when the firm dissolved. The same year W. N. was appointed to his present position. Mr. Bangs was married in Lawrence, Kan., to Miss Fanny, daughter of John Ross, Esq., one of the pioneers of Kansas. Mr. and Mrs Bangs have two children - Herbert Ross and Grace L. Mr. Bangs is a Director in the Lawrence Gas Light Company, and is a stockholder in the Southwest Mining Company. He is a member of Lawrence Lodge, No. 6, A., F. & A. M., and K. of H.

GEORGE A. BANKS, real estate, law and insurance, complete sets of abstracts for Douglas County. In insurance he represents the Aetna of Hartford, Imperial of London, and Northern of London. Business was established in 1865, real estate and abstract added in 1869. George A. Banks was born in Dutchess County, N. Y., May 21, 1836. His parents moved to Waverly Tioga County, about 1848. He received his education in both counties. After leaving school he learned the carpenter's trade, and followed contracting and building in Waverly and vicinity until 1863, when he moved to Kansas and settled in Lawrence, with the intention of entering the legal profession. Shortly afterward commenced reading law with Thacher & Banks, and was admitted to the bar in 1865. Was elected the first Police Judge of Lawrence, and was re-elected for several successive terms. Mr. Banks was married in Winona, Minn., September 5, 1870, to Mrs. H. M. (Hewett) Griswold, of Lawrence, Kan. They have one child - Frank E. Mrs. Banks has one daughter by her former marriage - Nellie F. Griswold.

J. C. BANTA, County Superintendent of Schools, Douglas County, was born in Linn County, Kan., July 14, 1855, his parents having settled there from Morgan County, Ill., the same year. J. C. was educated at the common schools and at the Baker University. In 1878, he entered the State University, where he took a select college course. During these latter years, was also engaged in teaching; was engaged in Normal Institute in Douglas and other counties about five years. About 1879, was elected Principal of the Eudora Schools. Was elected to his present position in the fall of 1882. Mr. Banta was married in Lawrence, October 2, 1880, to Miss Maggie Morrison, of Leavenworth County. They have one son, Dennis Raymond. Mr. B. is a member of the First Methodist Episcopal Church.

JOHN BARBER, of the firm of Barber Bros., was born in Preble County, Ohio, February 28, 1842. His parents moved to Kansas in 1857. He was educated partially in his native county, and finished his studies in private schools and the high school at Lawrence. In 1870, he was appointed Deputy Sheriff, and in the same year resigned to take a position in the Surveyor General's office, where he continued until 1875. Then entered the firm of Barber Bros. Mr. Barber was married in Lawrence, December 13, 1876, to Miss Belle P., daughter of Hugh Moore, Esq., formerly of Cincinnati, Ohio, where he commanded steamers on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers for years. Mr. B. is a member of the Lawrence Lodge, No. 6, A., F & A. M.; also of the Y. M. S. Club of Lawrence.

HON. OLIVER BARBER, retired, was born in Franklin County, Penn., December 10, 1816. He received his education in his native county, and at the age of nineteen removed to Richmond, Ind., where he entered into partnership with his brother, Thomas W. Barber, his senior by two years, who was afterward murdered in the border troubles in Kansas, December 6, 1855. Barber County, Kan., was named in his honor. Their business in Richmond was the manufacture of woolen cloth, and the partnership was continued ten years, both in Indiana and Ohio. After the dissolution of the firm, Oliver conducted business for himself and carried on the business of pork packing as well as the woolen manufactory for several years. In May, 1854, the brothers visited Kansas with a view to settle, but Oliver did not decide to make his home in the Territory until after the murder of his brother. Leaving his family behind him in Ohio, Mr. Barber immigrated to Kansas in 1856, and having prepared for their reception the family came to their new home in Douglas County the following year. In 1858, he was elected one of the County Commissioners of Douglas County, and was re-elected in 1859. In 1857, he was elected a member of the Territorial House of Representatives, and upon the admission of Kansas into the Union in 1861, was elected a member of the first State Legislature. In June, 1862, he was appointed Commissary by President Lincoln, commissioned Captain and served on the staff of Gen. James G. Blunt, for a little over two years, and resigned on account of his health. In 1864, he was elected to the Kansas Senate and served two years. In 1878, was elected County Treasurer of Douglas County and was re-elected for a term of three years in 1879; served until October, 1882. During his residence in this State, Mr. Barber has been engaged in farming and stock-raising, dealing extensively in cattle, horses and mules. Mr. Barber was married November 8, 1883, to Melinda, daughter of Samuel Burgess, a prominent member of the Society of Friends. They have six children, of whom there survive - William F., John, Annie E., now Mrs. J. C. Vincent; Oliver P., Mary E. Mr. B. has been a member of the Masonic fraternity since 1851; is now a member of the Lodge and Chapter.

BARBER BROS., dealers in drugs, druggists' sundries, paints, oils, varnishes, glass, etc., etc. The business was established in 1872, by O. P. Barber, the present firm being organized in 1875. They carry a stock of $6,000, and do a large and increasing business, both parties being practical business men. Oliver P. Barber, senior member of the firm, was born in Preble County, Ohio, December 23, 1846. His residence in Kansas dates from the family's settlement in 1857. He pursued his preparatory studies in the district schools of Douglas County, finishing his general education at the Kansas University. His business life commenced in 1868, as a clerk in the drug business, following this several years. Then, after a course in the Pharmaceutical College of Philadelphia, he returned home and established his present business. Mr. Barber was married in Lawrence, Kan., October 24, 1872, to Miss Fannie, daughter of Benjamin D. and Mary F. (Smith) Bigelow, of that city. They have three children - Perry B., Emma M. and Mabel Hail. Mr. Barber is a member of Lawrence Lodge, No. 6, A., F. & A., M., of the Kansas State Pharmaceutical Association and of the Kansas Benevolent Society of Salina, Kan.

MRS. MARY BARNES, dress-maker, born in Limerick, Ireland. Emigrated with her parents, when nine years old, to Montreal, Lower Canada; seven years later she came into the United States, and was married in the State of New York. Subsequently resided in St. Johns, Mich., till 1865, when she came to Kansas with Mr. Terry, her first husband, settled in Lawrence, and engaged in business in which she has continued up to this time. Some time after the death of Mr. Terry, she married Capt. W. C. Barnes, with whom she now lives, enjoying the comforts of a pleasant, refined home. Mr. Barnes is an old settler, having come to Kansas in 1858. Was a soldier during the rebellion, as a Captain in the First Kansas Volunteers, also in the Seventeenth Kansas Volunteers. Has since been City Marshal for three years, and Deputy County Treasurer three years. Is a member of the Masonic order and also of the Grand Army of the Republic.

HON. OWEN A. BASSETT was born in Troy, Bradford County, Penn., July 16, 1834. His father removed with his family to Hancock County, Ill., in 1837, and two years later settled in Lee County, Iowa, first locating in Fort Madison, then settling in Denmark. The subject of this sketch received the rudiments of his education at a school taught by his mother, and afterward pursued his studies at Denmark Academy. After leaving this institution, he pursued his studies with the intention of qualifying himself for a civil engineer, but soon afterward entered upon the study of law. In 1855, he was employed for a time in United States Land Office, at Fort Des Moines, Iowa, but resigned to form a partnership with S. H. Blood and G. C. Brockett, to engage in business in Kansas. In the spring of 1856, started for Lecompton, Kan. He early became connected with the Free-State cause. August 12, 1856, he joined the "Stubbs," a military company at Lawrence; was engaged at the battle of Franklin, also at the taking of Fort Saunders August 15, 1856. From this time, he was constantly engaged in the service of the Free-State army in Kansas, holding the position of Engineer and Quartermaster. In December, 1856, he removed to Leavenworth and engaged as engineer of the Quindaro Town Company. In the fall of 1857, was elected to the Territorial Legislature, and served in the special session of 1857, and in the regular session of 1858. In the spring of the latter year, he removed to Franklin County, and for a time edited and published the Kansas Freeman, abandoned this enterprise the same year and removed to Lawrence, where he has since resided. In October, 1858, he was admitted to the bar and at once commenced practice. At the breaking-out of the war in 1861, he tendered his services to the Governor and rendered assistance in organizing the First Kansas Regiment. Was appointed bearer of dispatches from Col. Weer, at Fort Scott, to Gen. Lyon, at Springfield, Mo. Before reaching his destination, he heard of the result of the battle of Wilson's Creek, and overtook the retreating Union forces at Rolla, where he delivered the dispatches to the commanding officer. He returned to Kansas, and soon afterward received the appointment of First Lieutenant under Col. Root, who was authorized to raise a regiment of calvary. At the organization of Col. Davis' regiment in November, 1861, as the Ninth Regiment of Kansas Cavalry, he was commissioned Lieutenant Colonel. On the consolidation with the Second Regiment he still retained this command. He participated in all the engagements of the regiment, commanding in most of the important engagements. At Prairie de Anne, he commanded a Cavalry Brigade covering the retreat of the Seventh Army Corps to Camden. During the winter of 1863-64, he commanded a brigade at Waldron, Ark., and in Gen. Steel's Camden expedition he commanded a cavalry brigade, and from May, 1865, until January, 1866, he was Chief of Staff for the frontier division at Fort Smith, Ark. At the close of the war, he returned to Lawrence and engaged in the business of prosecuting claims against the Government. In 1868, was elected District Judge, was re-elected in 1872, and declined a nomination in 1876. At the organization of the State Judicial Association in January, 1876, he was chosen as the first presiding officer. Mr. Bassett was married at New London, Iowa, November 19, 1857, to Miss Josephene E., only daughter of Richard Butland, Esq. They have four children living - Mary Viele, Thomas B. Frederick L. and Josephene E. Mr. Bassett is a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity, was made a Mason at Fort Smith, Ark., in December, 1864. Was appointed Custodian in 1867 by the Grand Master, and in 1868 was elected by the Grand Lodge to the same office for six years, and was appointed Grand Lecturer. In 1873, was elected Grand Master; and re-elected in 1874. Assisted in organization of the Grand Chapter in 1866, and was its first Grand Marshal. Was elected Grand High Priest in 1869, and re-elected in 1870 and 1871. In 1878, was elected Most Illustrious Grand Master of the Grand Council. Assisted in the organization of the Grand Commandery in 1868, and was its first Grand Captain General. Elected Grand Generalissimo in 1869, Deputy Grand Commander in 1874 and Grand Commander in 1877.

REV. B. F. BATES, minister, is the successful pastor of the A. M. E. Church in Lawrence. Mr. Bates was born in Missouri, November 3, 1839, and at the age of eighteen he fled from slavery to Canada, but settled in Chicago, in 1858, having been married to Miss Elizabeth Furguson, just before his departure from Missouri. He was ordained in Hannibal, Mo., in 1868, by Bishop Wayman, of Baltimore, and came to Kansas settling in Topeka in 1868. He has since been stationed in Wyandotte, Atchison and Lawrence. Mr. Bates has two children, viz, May and Melvina. He is a gentleman of fine personal appearance, and is a member of a lodge of A. Y. M., located in Hannibal, Mo.

BATES & FIELDS, wholesale and retail dealers in books, stationery, artist's materials and wall paper. The business was originally established about 1856, by O. Wilmoth. The business passed into various hands until Mr. Bates took control in 1875. The present firm was established September 7, 1881. They carry a stock of about $15,000, and employ two clerks. S. T. Field, of the above firm, was born in Rock Island, Ill., and spent his earlier years in Illinois, Tennessee and Louisiana. At eight years of age, he was sent to Philadelphia to be educated. When sixteen years old, he commenced business life in a wholesale importing house in Philadelphia. In 1879, he took a position as assistant book-keeper with Thomas Russell & Co., agents for Clark's cotton, in Philadelphia. He remained with this firm until 1881, he settled in Lawrence, and was in the employ of Mr. Bates until the firm organized. Mr. Field is Treasurer of Trinity Church, also Treasurer of the Political Science Club.

STANFORD, BAYLESS & CO., wholesale and retail grocers. Business was established in July, 1882. The firm is composed of A. A. Stanford, J. F. Bayless and R. Stanford. They carry a general stock of staple and fancy groceries. James F. Bayless, of the firm, was born in Alamo, Montgomery Co., Ind., April 1, 1847. He was educated at the Russellville College and Union Christian College. In 1872, he became connected with the firm of Stanford, Bayless & Co., general store at Alamo, at which he continued until he moved to Kansas in the spring of 1882. Mr. Bayless was married in Alamo, Ind., March 8, 1871, to Miss Mary R. Stanford, of that place. They have two children - Otis A. and Theodore A. Mr. Bayless was a member of the A., F. & A. M., Alamo, Ind., but is now a member of Acacia Lodge, No. 9, Lawrence, Kan.

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