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M. W. KELLER, dealer in groceries, queensware, etc., opened trade January 1, 1882, Carries a stock of from $3,000 to $4,000, and occupies two floors 25x100 feet. He was born in Fairfield County, Ohio, May 12, 1856. Lived in his native State until the fall of 1864, when he moved with his parents to Davis County, Kan., where he lived until March, 1868, when he moved to Sedalia, Mo. In 1874, he returned to his native State, and attended school at the Southern Ohio Normal School. In 1876, he again went to Kansas, and became a member of the State Agricultural College at Manhattan, Kan. The following spring he became a resident of Junction City, Kan., and began the hardware business, at which he continued until January 1, 1882, at which time he began by himself. He was married at Lancaster, Ohio, August 14, 1879, to Miss Mary E. Trovinger, of Fairfield County, Ohio. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Junction City, and the Knights of Honor.

JAMES KENNEDY, insurance agent and farmer, has a farm four miles west of Junction City, on Sections 7 and 8, containing 480 acres, 300 of which are cultivated. Has a fine orchard, and a large stone house 40x50 feet two and one- half stories high, built at a cost of $5,000; he also has other necessary buildings. He is insurance agent for the Burlington Fire Insurance Company of Burlington, Iowa, also agent for the Centennial Life Insurance Company of the same place. He located in Junction City, in the spring of 1872, and engaged in farming, which he is still interested in. He was born in New Jersey, November 8, 1834. His parents settled in Chambersburg, Pa., in 1840, where he lived until he came to Kansas. He enlisted in the fall of 1863, in Company A, One Hundred and Twenty-ninth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, and participated in the battles of South Mountain and Antietam, and he was mustered out in the summer of 1865, at Chambersburg, Pa. He was married in 1865, to Miss Mary Emma Gray, of St. Louis, Mo. They have four children--Thomas Gray, Guy Morrison, William and Mary Emma.

MAXWELL KENNEDY, physician and surgeon, firm of Kennedy and Daugherty. He was born in Warren County, N. J., November 16, 1831, and moved with his parents to Chambersburg, Pa., in the fall of 1839. He began the study of medicine in the fall of 1850. Graduated from the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, Pa., in March, 1855, and began the practice of medicine in the latter city, continuing two years, then removed to Chambersburg, Pa., and practiced one year, then removed to Orrstown, Pa., in the spring of 1859, and practiced his profession until the fall of 1871. Mr. Kennedy was a volunteer surgeon at the battle of Antietam and Gettysburg. He was married in December, 1859, to Miss Martha J., eldest daughter of Col. James B. Orr, of Orrstown, Pa. They have six children--Thomas B., John McClelland, Frank S., Hettie May, William Orr, and Margaret E. He came to Junction City, Kan., in November, 1871, and has continued the practice of medicine. He is president of the Board of Examining Surgeons for pensions, and is coroner of Davis County.

WILLIAM B. LOWE, dealer in real estate and insurance agent, came to Junction City in 1872. He engaged in the above business in the spring of 1882. He was born in Dayton, Ohio, September 13, 1835, and lived in his native State until he was about twenty years old, when he went to Keokuk and Montrose, Iowa, and engaged in lumbering and saw-mill business, until the winter of 1859, when he returned to Ohio. He was appointed captain of the Eleventh Regular Infantry, and served in the army of the Potomac, until the close of the war. Participated in twenty-three general battles and skirmishes, and was retired from active service in 1866, on account of wounds and sickness in the line of duty, and still retains his position of captain on the retired list of the regular army. Previous to entering in the regular army, he was a member of the Twelfth Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and went to his native city in 1866. He served on Court Martial duty three years in Richmond, Va., then returned to Ohio, and from there to Kansas. He was married in Cincinnati, Ohio, in December, 1859, to Miss Anna E. Finley of the latter city. His wife died in Junction City, Kan., May 26, 1860. Mr. Lowe was elected County Commissioner of Davis County, in the fall of 1881.

H. C. MCCARTY, of the firm of McCarty Bros., dealers in all kinds of farm produce, etc., P. O. Wreford; began business in July, 1882, at Wreford Station, Davis County. He located near the above place in 1872, with his brother opened a farm, and has always followed agricultural pursuits. He was born in Medina County, Ohio, January 16, 1838, and lived in his native State until 1848, and the family moved to Owasso, Shiawassee Co., Mich., where he lived until coming to Kansas; was raised a farmer. He enlisted in August, 1861, in Company D, First Michigan Cavalry, and served six months. Re-enlisted in the Tenth Michigan Cavalry, and participated in all the battles of his command. He was mustered out in November, 1865. Was married in 1861, to Miss V. J. Chase, of Summit County, Ohio. They have one son--Edwin L. McCarty Bros. own a fine bed of cement on Lyons Creek, one and-a-half miles from the mouth of that stream, and five miles from Junction City. It is an immense bed, eleven feet in thickness; it has been tested with the best cement known and found equal to the best. They also operate a lime kiln near their warehouse, which cost upward of $2,000, a fine location. Lyman McCarty, the other member of the firm, was born in Wayne County, Ohio, June 1, 1845. Served nearly three years during the war in the Fifth Michigan Infantry. Since then he has been engaged in railroad business, and is now General Western Passenger Agent of the Baltimore & Ohio railroad. He resides in Kansas City, Mo.

WILLIAM H. MACKEY, JR., of the firm of Mackey & Mann, retail dealers in staple and fancy groceries, glass, wooden and queensware. Opened trade May 1, 1880; carry a stock of about $3,000, and do an annual trade of $30,000. William H. Mackey was born in Easton, Kan., July 28, 1856; his parents lived there until 1859, then moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where they lived three years. He returned to Kansas and settled in Junction City in 1862. Educated in the home schools. He is now a member of the City Council of the Third Ward. He was married in January 18, 1882, in Manhattan, Kan., to Miss Eva S. Seymour, of New York.

FREDERICK MANN, of the firm of Mackey & Mann, dealers in groceries, queensware, glassware, woodenware, and provisions. Opened trade May 1, 1880, and carries a stock of about $3,000. Mr. Mann located in Junction City, in January, 1877, and engaged in various occupations until he entered the above business. He was born in East Windsor, Hartford Co., Conn., June 23, 1856, and lived in his native State until he came to Kansas. He is a member of the Union Lodge No. 7, A. F. & A. M., Junction City. He was married in the latter city in January, 1881, to Miss Wilhelmina Thiele, of Junction City.

CHARLES H. MILLER, of the firm of R. M. & C. H. Miller, proprietors of the Atlas steam flouring mills, Junction City. They erected the mills in 1881, and began operating the same in November of the same year. The size of the main building is 30x40 feet, three stories high, with basement; engine room is 22x30 feet, one story. The mill contains four run of stone, with all the latest improved machinery; capacity, seventy-five barrels in twenty-four hours, and seven hundred bushels of feed at the same time. The engine is forty horse- power. The total cost of mill and fixtures is $10,000. Mr. Miller first located in Davis County in 1868, and engaged in farming eight years; then into the grocery business three years at Junction City; then milling business. He was born in Worcester County, Mass., June 12,1840, and followed mercantile business in Massachusetts a number of years. He was married in 1861 to Miss Virginia A. Bigelow, a native of Belleville, N. Y. They have one daughter, Anna Virginia.

Image of Geo. W. Martin GEORGE WASHINGTON MARTIN emigrated with his parents to Kansas in March, 1857. The family located at Lecompton, and George W. entered the office of the Lecompton Union (a Pro-slavery paper) as printer. After about four months, the Union was succeeded by the Kansas National Democrat, Martin remaining with that office two years, and spending the following year in a book-publishing house in Philadelphia. He returned to Kansas in the spring of 1861, and located at Junction City, Davis County the following August. In February, 1862, in connection with William S. Blakely, he commenced the publication of the Smoky Hill and Republican Union, which they continued until the fall of 1864, when the paper suspended until the spring of 1865, when it was revived by Mr. Martin under the name of Junction City Union. Mr. Martin has been editor of the paper since February, 1862, and sole owner since December, 1869. In November, 1866, to August, 1867, a daily was issued by him from the Union office. On the first of January, 1865, he was appointed postmaster at Junction City, and served until October of the same year. He has also served twice as Register of the United States land office at Junction City, and as Assistant Assessor of Internal Revenue for Western Kansas. In 1872, he was elected Grand master of the Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows for Kansas, and also served as Representative to the Grand Lodge of the United States in 1875 and 1876. He was elected State Printer by the Kansas Legislature in January, 1873; re-elected in 1875, 1877, and 1879, retiring July, 1881; residing during those years in Topeka. At the close of his last term of office as State Printer he returned to Junction City, where he now resides, being still editor and proprietor of the Junction City Union, the first Republican paper in the city. At the November election, 1882, he was elected Representative from Davis County to the Legislature by a majority of 276. George W. Martin was born in Hollidaysburg, Blair Co., Pa., June 30, 1841. He was married, December 20, 1863, to Lydia Coulson, a native of Ohio, and daughter of Allen and Catherine Coulson, of Pottawatomie County, Kansas. They have three children--Lincoln, Millie and Charles.

CHARLES H. PARSONS, manufacturer of carriages and light spring wagons, opened the business February 14, 1881; employs five men; capacity to turn out work equaled $6,500 the first year, including repairing. He was born in England November 19, 1819; came to America in November, 1842, locating in Pontiac, Mich., where he learned the carriage business, remaining in the latter city until he came to Kansas. He began business for himself in April, 1840. He was married in Pontiac, Mich., October 14, 1848, to Miss Charlotte Stanley, of England. They have three children--William, Charles and Charlotte. He is a member of the Masonic order, of Pontiac, Mich.

CAPTAIN A. C. PIERCE, dealer in real estate, loan and insurance agent, first located in Saline County, Kan., in 1856, and afterwards removed to Kansas Falls and engaged in surveying and locating settlers. He moved to Junction City in 1860, and was elected County Assessor in the same spring, and took the census of Davis, Clay and part of Riley counties. He enlisted in Company G, Eleventh Regiment Kansas Volunteer Infantry, as second lieutenant; promoted to first lieutenant; was subsequently changed to cavalry; participated in the battles of Fort Wayne, Indian Territory; Cane Hill, Ark., and Prairie Grove; Price's raid, Independence, Mo.; Big Blue, Fort Scott and the battle on the line, near Kansas City. He was mustered out as captain of his company at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., in August, 1865, when he returned to Junction City. He was married in May, 1865, to Miss Harriet L. Bowen, of Otsego County, N. Y. He was born in the latter county, September 13, 1835, and was educated in Cooperstown, N. Y. They have seven children--Alfred B., Mary, Harriott, Madge, Levi Benjamin, Marcia and Maude. He is a member of the Universalist Church and I. O. G., Junction City; served a term in Kansas City Legislature in 1861, 1862 and 1868; was re-elected in the fall of 1880. He was been County Surveyor, County Clerk and Register of Deeds.

SUMNER W. PIERCE, of the firm of S. W. Pierce & Co., dealers in pianos, organs, sewing machines, etc., opened trade in the fall of 1871, and carries a stock of $10,000 of musical merchandise, etc. There are ten men employed in the above business. Mr. Pierce located in Junction City, Kan., in January, 1870, where he opened the insurance business, which he still carries on, representing twelve reliable companies; also, the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York. He also does a large loan business on real estate securities. he was born in Otsego County, N. Y., May 24, 1851, and lived in his native State until he came to Kansas. He was married in 1874 to Miss Anna E. Manley, of Buffalo, N. Y. They have two children--daughter, Lulu Belle, and son, Horace Manley. Mr. Pierce is a member of the Universalist Church of Junction City.

JAMES POTTER, dealer in all kinds of fresh and salt meats and live stock, also manufacturer of Potter's celebrated soda water. He also supplies the city with ice, and ships large lots by car-loads. He first located in Paola, Kan., in 1869, where he engaged in the manufacture of soda water during the summer. He then went to Fort Scott, Kan., and continued the same business until 1870. At Baxter Springs he was engaged in the manufacture of soda water and the ice business until 1871, when he went to Junction City, Kan., and opened business. He was born in England, April 17, 1842, and came to America in 1866, locating in Canada West, where he engaged in various occupations for three years. He was married in 1873 to Miss Mary Wall, a native of Germany. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias of Junction City.

P. W. POWERS, agent for the Badger Lumber Company, of Hannibal, Mo., located in Junction City, and began the above business in 1878. They keep all kinds of lumber and building material, paints, etc., carrying a stock of about $10,000. They employ three men in the business. Mr. Powers was born in Yates County, N. Y., February 19, 1852. His parents moved to Lyons, Iowa, in 1856, and lived there four years, when he came to Kansas, settling in Irving, where he remained a year. He then went to Manhattan, Riley County, where he obtained a business education. He engaged in the harness business in 1870, following the same about six years, and then engaged in the lumber business in the latter place for some time, finally locating in Junction City. He has also been quite extensively engaged in the stock business, in connection with his present trade. He is a member of Bluemont Lodge, No. 17, I. O. O. F., of Manhattan. He was married in 1872 to Miss Ida Bowen, of German, Chenango County, N. Y. They have four children--Bennie N., Hale P., Gracie B. and John. Mr. Powers is secretary of the Davis County Agricultural Society.

GEORGE W. REYNOLDS, keeper of the Bartell House, opened the above first-class hotel to the public on February 12, 1880. It is constructed of brick, three stories high, 90x120 feet, contains fifty-four rooms, and can accommodate one hundred guests. Mr. Reynolds was born in Baltimore, Md., in 1852. He has been in the hotel business since 1867, following the business nine years in Chicago, Ill.; also, has been in the business in Hickman, Ky., Evanston and Lake Bluff, Ill. He was married in Cambridge, Mass., in 1876, to Miss Gertrude M. Wright, of Chicago, Ill. They have one son, Ralph D. Mr. Reynolds is a member of the Masonic order, Knights of Honor and Hotelmen's Mutual Benefit Association.

ROBERT O. RIZER--Retired. First came to Kansas in 1862, as Quartermaster for the Second Colorado Infantry. Crossed the country to Kansas City Mo.; located in Junction City in 1865, engaging as bookkeeper one and a half years, he then went into a species of insurance and commission business a few months, after which he engaged in the banking business, under the firm name of James Streeter & Co., until 1878. He then created the Davis County Savings Bank, which he continued two years under the name of Robert O. Rizer & Co.; at the end of that time, he purchased the entire interest, and continued until 1880, since which he has been retired from business. He has been Mayor of Junction City three terms, county treasurer four years, city clerk eighteen months. Was born in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1837; educated in native city, living there until fifteen years of age; then went to Chicago, Ill., and was bookkeeper two years; then engaged in the commission business under the firm name of Rizer & Hudson until 1859, Col., and worked for a general merchandise house as bookkeeper for eighteen months. He then received a commission as Second Lieutenant of Second Colorado Infantry; crossed the plains in 1862, and served in bushwhacking, etc.; mustered out at Fort Riley in 1865; participated in all the battles of his command. He was married in 1865 to Miss Mary Josephine Keith, of Boston, Mass. They have five children--Harriet R., Josephine, Blanche, Mary, and Martin.

A. C. SCHNELL, grain buyer and speculator, now in the employ of McCarthy Bros., came to Junction City in 1866. Was train master for the K. P. R. R. two years. He then engaged in merchandising at Wichita a year; removed to Junction City and there continued merchandising until the fall of 1874; then engaged in railroading for Missouri, Kansas, & Texas, being agent for the above Company until April, 1882, since which he has been in the grain business. He has served as Register of Deeds for Davis County; been alderman and mayor of Junction City. He was born in Clearfield Co., Pa., June 30, 1838; was raised in Belfont, Centre Co., Pa., until 1861, when he enlisted in the Lochiel Greys, Cameron's Body Guard, of Harrisburg, Pa.; was soon detailed into Railroad and Telegraph Department; served in that capacity until 1863, when he was discharged. He then became superintendent of the Oil Creek Railroad until he came West. He was married in Lancaster Co., Pa., in 1862, to Miss Alice C. Haskins, of Columbia, Pa. They have five children--Joseph H., Andrew C., Alice C., Anson C., and Kate.

J. C. SCOTT, firm Scott & Thurston, dealers in hardware and agricultural implements. The trade was opened by Mr. Scott in the spring of 1878, running the business until 1880, when the company was formed. They carry a stock of about $12,000; also deal quite largely in live stock, and employ five men. Mr. Scott was born in Lucas Co., Ohio, September 2, 1844. His parents moved to New York when he was a small boy, where he lived until he was twenty-one years old, when he went to Eaton Rapids, Mich., and there farmed until 1876, them (sic) came to Kansas, as before noted, first engaging in the coal trade a year. He enlisted July 29, 1862, in Company C, One Hundred and Twenty-sixth, New York Volunteer Infantry; participated in all the battles of his command in the Army of the Potomac; wounded at Gettysburg, in July 1863. The whole regiment was captured at Harper's Ferry, but soon paroled and mustered out June 3, 1865. he was married at Eaton Rapids, Mich., in January, 1869, to Miss Anna M. Harwood of the latter place. they have four children--Susie A., Boyd P., Katie L., and John H. Mr. Scott is a member of City Council, Masonic order, Knights of Honor, and Universalist Church of Junction City.

CAPT. HENRY SWEENEY, Captain Company E., Fourth United States Cavalry, came to Kansas in 1859 as a member of the regular army, and remained in the service until 1862, as hospital steward at Fort Riley. He was in 1862 sent to the seat of war at St. Louis, Mo., being chief steward of the general hospital at Jefferson Barracks one and a half years. He then accepted a commission in the Sixtieth Colored Infantry as captain, and stationed in Arkansas until 1867. He was then appointed Second Lieutenant in the Fifteenth Regular Infantry which he joined at Mobile, Ala., in September, 1867, where he remained until January, 1868, then was ordered to Montgomery, Ala., as post adjutant for some time, then was sent to Huntsville, Ala., where he was post quartermaster, post adjutant, and post commissary until August, 1868, when he accompanied his regiment to Texas, and remained as first lieutenant and captain on post duty, etc., until 1879. He then went to the Rio Grande River for a short time only, when he was ordered to Colorado in consequence of the Ute outbreak. The captain being constantly on scouting duty for the past ten years, had a sever attack of rheumatism, and was placed on waiting orders until a vacancy should occur on the retired list of the army, and came to Junction City. He entered the regular army in 1864, in New York City; participated in the Sioux war under General Harney in 1855, Cheyenne war in 1857, and all through the Utah campaign of 1858--'59. He was formerly a member of the old Second United States Dragoons a well known regiment in the West. His first promotion to a commission, was that of captain, in October, 1863. he was born in Ireland, November 26, 1831, and served an apprenticeship of four years in the drug business in Dublin, Ireland. He was married in 1853, in the latter city, to Miss Agnes T. Plunkett of Dublin, Ireland. He came to America in 1854. They have had three children-- Agnes Mary, living, Edith Frances, deceased, and Bartholomew Henry, deceased. Mr. Sweeney was one of the first men to buy an interest in the original town plat in the spring of 1860 at Junction City. He is now located adjoining Junction City, and has a fine place of seventy-five acres on special Sections 11 and 12, named "Maple Lodge." He has a beautiful grove of timber, and plenty of water in the Republican River, which bounds one side of his grounds.

CAPT. MARCUS D. TENNEY, farm and Pastor, of the Congregational Church of Junction City. He first settled in Lawrence, Kan., in October, 1858, preached in Bourbon, Linn and Johnson Counties until the opening of the Rebellion, when he enlisted as a private, August, 1861, in the Third Kansas Volunteer Infantry, serving in that regiment until January 15, 1862, then was transferred to Capt. Thomas Bickerton's Battery, and was made First Lieutenant. He had command of the Battery in all the battles of Locust Grove, Newtonia, Fort Wayne, Kane Hill, Prairie Grove and Van Buren; promoted to Captain of the First Kansas Battery July 20, 1863. He then engaged in the pursuit of the Rebel, Gen. Morgan, through Indiana and Illinois. He was transferred to the Department of the Cumberland, October 23, 1863, and participated in the battle of Johnsonville, against the Rebel, Gen. Forrest, who sent word to the Captain, that he had the best battery in the field. He participated in the battle of Nashville, December, 1864, then was ordered to Chattanooga in February, 1865, to become a part of the Light Artillery Reserve Corps. under Maj. Mendenhall, and from there was ordered to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, for discharge, July 17, 1865. The Captain had command of ninety-five men during his service, and they received high honors for soldierly conduct, bravery and rapid firing while in action. After his discharge from the army, he went to Champaign County, Ill., and preached a year in the Methodist Episcopal Church; then returned to Johnson County, Kan., and preaching one and a half years; then went to Marshall County, Kan., and preached until 1879; then went to Washington County, Kan., preaching two years, and finally locating permanently in Junction City. He was born in Hillsboro, N. H., in 1826. Was married in St. Louis, Mo., March 29, 1848, to Miss F. E. Nichols, of Boston, Mass.; They have one son--Frank G. Captain Tenney has been commander of Clifton Post No. 24., of Clifton, Kan., G. A. R.; member of Masonic order, I. O. O. F., and Ancient Templars.

CAPT. C. H. TROTT, dealer in stationery, books, wall paper and a general variety of fancy goods. He carries a stock of about $10,000, and opened business in 1867. Was postmaster from 1868 to 1873 inclusive; City Treasurer, since 1874; County Clerk, from 1873 to 1874; Repository of the American Bible Society, since 1870; President of the Highland Cemetery Association, since 1878. He was born in Boston, Mass., August 8, 1837. He lived in Iowa three years previous to the breaking out of the Rebellion. Enlisted in July, 1861, in Company B, Seventh Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, and was promoted second lieutenant, first lieutenant and regimental quartermaster, and assistant adjutant general of volunteers. He participated in all battles of his command from Pittsburg Landing, including Gen. Shermans's campaigns. He was mustered out at Louisville, Ky., in July, 1865, then lived in his native city six months, after which came to Junction City, Kan. Was married in the latter city in 1867, to Miss Josephine McBratney, of Xenia, Ohio. They have one son--Loring Trott. Mr. Trott is a member of the Universalist Church of Junction City.

J. A. TRUEX, County Superintendent of Public Instructions for Davis County; first located in the above county in 1869, on a homestead. He taught school six years, and was elected superintendent in 1874; by re-election has since held the office; he was re-elected at the late election in November, 1882. He was born in Morrow County, Ohio, November 6, 1843, and was educated in the Goshen High School, Ind.; Kalamazoo College, Mich.; and the college of Abingdon, Ill., and made teaching his profession previous to emigrating to the West. He was married in 1876, to Miss Addie Merriam, of Lorain County, Ohio. They have one son--Howard E. Truex. Mr. Truex is a member of the Baptist Church. He is also a member of the A. O. U. W.

S. D. UNDERWOOD, Probate Judge of Davis County, and City Attorney; he came to Kansas in 1867, locating in Junction City, where he was first engaged in contracting, and shipping magnesia limestone for four years. He also had a contract on the State House, Topeka. In 1871, he went to Europe, and remained some time, returned and went to Arizona on a prospecting tour. He soon returned to Junction City, and engaged in the study of law. Was admitted to the bar of practice in 1880, was elected city attorney in the spring of 1878, and probate judge in the fall of 1881. He was born in Geauga County, Ohio, November 29, 1842. Came to Iowa when quite young, where he lived a year, then went to St. Louis, Mo.; engaged in steamboating until the war broke out, when in 1861, he enlisted in Fremont Body Guards, and was wounded in October 25, 1861, and taken prisoner. He was mustered out in December, 1861, then enlisted in the secret service in Virginia. He received a commission as Second Lieutenant of Company B, First Regiment Light Artillery, and participated in the battles of Cross Keys and Franklin. He soon received a commission as Captain of Company K, Tenth Missouri Cavalry, promoted to major of his regiment, and was transferred to the Veteran Reserve Corps, and was mustered out in 1867. He is a member of the St. Louis Lodge No. 5, I. O. O. F.

C. H. WARD, dealer in drugs, medicines, paints, oils, glass, heavy goods, druggists' sundries, etc., etc. Opened business in the spring of 1880, and carries a stock of about $5,000. He was born in Bradford County, Pa., September 2, 1849. He lived in his native State about fifteen years, and learned pharmacy in Athens, Pa. He worked in the business in Troy, Pa., three years, and Addison, N. Y. two years. Was traveling salesman for five years in the drug trade, and was in business five years in Van Ettenville, N. Y., then went to Junction City. He was married in Troy, Pa., in 1869, to Miss Mary E. Mastin, of the latter city. They have one son--Harry C., who was born August 21, 1872. Mr. Ward is a member of the Masonic order and Chapter: he has been junior deacon, secretary, and junior warden of the same. He was town clerk for three years.

CHRISTINE F. ZIEGLER, dealer in hardware, stoves and tinware, farm implements, etc. He began business in September, 1880, employs six men in the business, and carries about $15,000 stock. He was born in Germany, June 2, 1851, and came to America, 1852, with his parents, locating in Cleveland, Ohio, where at the proper age he engaged in hardware and woodenware business until 1880; came to Junction City in the fall of 1880. He was married in the fall of 1873, to Miss Lucia Kluever, of Cleveland, Ohio. They have one son--Oliver D. Ziegler.

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