William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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F. J. ATWOOD was born in Washington County, N. Y., March 15, 1857; was educated at Castleton, Vt., and graduated second in a class of eleven in the class of 1875, and then took a commercial course at Troy, N. Y., graduating in March, 1876. In July, 1876, he entered service as teller in the First National Bank of Brandon, Vt., and remained in that position until 1879. In January, 1879, he removed to Kansas, and was made assistant cashier of the Cloud County Bank. In September, 1880, he was elected cashier of the same institution. The capital stock of the bank is $100,000; T. B. Smith is president and Mr. Atwood cashier. The bank deals largely in long-time loans. He was married July 15, 1880, to Miss Jessie Hawkens, at Brandon, Vt. He was elected City Treasurer of Concordia in November, 1880, and now holds the office.

WILLIAM BLAIR was born in Essex County, N. Y., August 29, 1842. In 1855 he moved to Wisconsin, where he engaged in the lumber business. He held the office of clerk of the District Court in Fond du Lac County for two terms of two years each. He emigrated to Concordia, Cloud Co, Kan., in 1879, and engaged in the lumber and grain business, and is now buying grain at Jamestown, Randall, Burr Oak and Concordia. He is the owner of 160 acres, southwest eight miles. He belongs to the Masonic fraternity. He was married in Fond du Lac County, Wis., May 25, 1866 to Miss Mary Brown, and is the father of one child, Minnie L,, born May 25, 1867.

DANIEL L. BROWN was born August 14, 1846, at Plymouth, Ind. He enlisted in the United States army, Company H, Eighty-seventh Indiana Volunteers, and at the close of the war was discharged, and returned to his old home at La Porte Ind. He was twice elected Sheriff of La Porte County. He was admitted to the bar, and commenced the practice of law in November, 1874, at La Porte, Ind. In 1879 he moved to Concordia, Kan., and engaged in the practice of his chosen profession. In the fall of 1882 he was elected Judge of the Probate Court by a huge majority, running several hundred ahead of his ticket. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., K. of P. and the G. A. R., and has been a lifelong Republican. He was married at Union Mills, Ind. July 28, 1867 to Miss Elizabeth M. Carpenter; they have two children - Maude and Daniel L., Jr., and Luella, a brother's child.

WILLIAM McK. BURNS was born in Platt County, Mo., August 13, 1840, and moved to Quincy, Iowa, in 1850. In the fall of 1861 he went to Missouri, where he enlisted in the United States army, in Company G, Twenty-fifth Volunteer Infantry, and remained in service three years. When he returned from the service, he located at Desola, Neb., where he remained a few months, and then went to Iowa, and again returned to Nebraska, where he remained until 1869; and he again emigrated, settling this time in Cloud County, Kan., where he pre-empted and homesteaded land. In 1879, he engaged in the drug business, which business he is now in; and in 1871, in the land business. Was president of the Concordia Town Company, and afterwards the company was reorganized, and he was made secretary of said company. He was married in Nebraska, November, 1873, to Miss Almina Brisbin, and has four children - Clara, Arthur, Robert and Frederick.

E. J. CARLYLE, was born October 19, 1847; with his parents went to Sigourney, Keokuk Co., Iowa, thence to Washington County, Kan., in 1871; thence to Republican County in 1873, thence to Concordia in 1874. In 1880, he engaged in the hardware business under the firm name of Coron & Carlyle, and have been doing an extensive business from the day they opened. He is a member of the Masonic order. He was married in Cloud County, Kan., November 3, 1878, to Miss Mary L. Hallowell. When Mr. Carlyle landed in Kansas, he did not have one dollar to rub against another. To-day he is running a good establishment, and is one of Concordia's flourishing business men.

N. E. CARPENTER, attorney-at-law, was born in Ottumwa, Iowa, January 13, 1856; was educated at the Iowa Wesleyan University, at Mount Pleasant; studied law at Ottumwa, and was admitted to the bar of the Circuit Court of Wapello County, in the fall of 1879. In June, 1880, he came to Concordia, and began the practice of law; was elected Justice of the Peace In January, 1881, and still holds the office; by a unanimous vote of the bar was elected Judge of the District Court of Cloud County pro tem for the April term of 1882. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. and Knights of Pythias. He was married at Concordia, June 2, 1881, to Miss Belle Elding, and has one child - Lora, born April 22, 1882.

JUDGE W. F. COMPTON, was born in Ross County, Ohio, March 30, 1838; moved to Republic County, Kan., in 1870. He was elected coroner of the county in 1871, and held that office until 1876, when he moved to Cloud County. He was elected Justice of the Peace in 1877, and held the office until 1880, when he was elected Probate Judge of Cloud County, and has held the said office ever since. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias. He was married in Indiana, January 30, 1860, to Miss Mary Johnson.

F. L. CORON, was born in Aurora, Ill., November 22, 1852; emigrated to Concordia, Cloud Co., Kan., in 187l, and clerked in a hardware store until October, 1880, when he opened up a hardware business under the firm name of Coron & Carlyle, in a room 22x74 feet, and is now doing a flourishing business. He was married November 9, 1874, in the city of Concordia, to Miss Edith Gorlow, and has two children - F. R. born October 30, 1875, and G. L. born October 25, 1878.

L. J. CRANS, was born in Philadelphia, Pa., February 26, 1826. He descended from a German family, which was among the earliest settlers of Orange County, N. Y. He pursued the principal course at the Central High School of Philadelphia, which institution conferred on him the degree of A. M. After graduating he studied law, and conveyancing for five years, and was admitted to practice in the common pleas court at Clearfield, Pa., in August, 1850. The same year he was nominated by the Democratic party for District Attorney, and unanimously elected. In 1853, he was admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and in July, 1854, to practice in the Supreme Court of the United States. He was married at Philadelphia, July 4, 1847, to Miss Margaret A. Peterson, whose ancestors were Pembertons, who came over with Penn and Petersons, early Swedish settlers in Delaware. They have six children - William E., Charlie, Merwin, Clotilda P., Margaret A., and Frank W., who were all born in Clearfield, Pa. He was a Douglas Democrat. After the breaking out of the rebellion, at the request of Gov. Curtin, he was active in getting forces in the field, and on the 4th of July, in an oration he delivered he traced the history of the doctrine of secession and exposed its fallacy. A severe and protracted illness, causing an anchylosed knee, prevented his going into service with the force to which he was attached. In the spring of 1871, Mr. Crans removed with his family to Concordia, Cloud Co., Kan., where he has since continued in the practice of his profession - his practice having extended over the northern tier of counties. Having been familiar with the common law, he became a concise and careful pleader under the Code. When addressing the court he is brief, and seldom cites authorities unless the question is new, or his position doubted. When before the jury he uses plain, forcible, logical arguments, appealing to their reason, rather than their feelings, and being possessed of a retentive memory he, without referring to notes, covers the facts as disclosed by the evidence. It is related of him that in defending in an action of ejectment for land on which his clients had a valuable mill-dam, tried before the younger Judge Burnside, on account of the rulings during the trial, he devoted the most of the hour allotted to argument in discussing the facts. This colloquy then occurred between the court and the counsel:

Judge B. - "Mr. Crans, you have but eight minutes left of your hour, and although you have submitted a number of points, the court has heard nothing from you on the law of the case." As Mr. Crans turned to the judge he continued: "In order to facilitate matters the court will intimate how it will charge. As to your first point - 'The marks on the ground constitute the survey and control the return,' we will tell the jury such is the law. As to your second point - 'In making a resurvey it is improper for the deputy-surveyor to remark old lines; we will tell the jury there is neither law nor common sense in it."

Mr. C. - "I conceive your Honor will commit error in so charging. Will you hear any authorities on the point?"

Judge B. - " What; can you produce any authority, for so ridiculous a proposition?"

Mr. C. - " Your Honor; I never make any proposition in court for which I do not have an authority, or what seems to me to be an authority. Shall I read some?"

Judge B. - "Yes! I would like to know what judge under the heavens ever made such a fool of himself as to enunciate such twaddle as law."

Mr. C. - " The first case I cite is Collins vs Barclay, 7 Barr, Page 73; the unanimous opinion of the Supreme Court is delivered by your honor's father, and is in these words: 'In making a resurvey it is improper for the deputy-surveyor to remark old lines,' (applause from audience), "because it leads to fraud and confusion.'" (Renewed applause.)

Judge B. - "Mr. Crans, will you please pass that book up to me?"

Mr. C - "Shall I read other authorities I have here?"

Judge B. - "I will charge the jury in the language of this book."

The cause was gained, and afterwards affirmed by the Supreme Court.

C. L. DRAKE, was born in Erie County, Ohio, September 9, 1848; removed to Michigan, thence to Indiana. In March, 1879, came to Concordia, Kan., engaging in livery and stock commission business. He is a member of the city council. Enlisted in Company G, One Hundred and Forty-fifth Ohio Volunteers, and again in Company K, One Hundred and Sixty-ninth Ohio Volunteers. Is a member of the I. O. O. F. and Knights of Pythias. Was married October 1, 1879, at Clyde, Kan., to Miss Edna Seavey.

D. T. DUNNING, was born in Vermont, November 4, 1838, and moved to western New York, thence to Leavenworth Kan., in 1863, thence to the Indian Nation in 1865, when he returned to Leavenworth, and in the spring of 1866, again made a move, making a move this time to Dakota Territory. He came back to Leavenworth in the spring of 1871. In the fall of 1871, he went to Independence, Montgomery Co., Kan., thence to Concordia in 1878, where he is engaged in the grocery business, and enjoys a splendid trade. Is a master, Royal Arch and Commandery Mason. Mr. Dunning is a married man, and has two children - Willis M. and Ellsworth D. Dunning.

C. J. ENGLISH, the youngest editor in the county, was born in Nodaway County, Mo., January 30, 1855. His parents emigrated to Cloud County in 1862, so it can be said that Mr. English is a Cloud County editor, and a Cloud County man, as all his learning and ability has been acquired within its borders. He is a young man of great promise, being a prominent Christian, and as does Mr. Hull, publishes a religions journal, the Empire (Concordia), the oldest paper in the county, having been established at Clyde in 1870.

A. GAY, was born in Canada, July 24, 1845; removed to Kankakee, Ill., in 1865, and remained until 1868, when he returned to Canada, and remained until 1870. He again made a move, this time going to Louisiana, and remained until March, 1872; thence to St. Joe, Mo., and in the same year came to Concordia, Cloud Co., Kan, where he established himself in the drug business after having struggled along until he got money enough, as he had to make his own start in the world. When he came to Concordia, he had just $1.50, but to-day he has an extensive business in a room 20x70 feet. In addition to his drug store he owns his own dwelling and fifteen acres of land adjoining the town of Concordia, and eight dwelling lots. Thus can be seen what a man can do by diligent enterprise and perseverance. He was married September 4, 1881, in Leavenworth, Kan., to Miss Savoie Manver.

B. GILBERT, was born in Toronto, Canada, November 29, 1837; came to United States in 1871, and settled at Concordia, Cloud Co., Kan., and engaged in the hardware and grocery business under the firm name of McKinnon & Co. In 1878, the firm went into the exclusive hardware business, and has been doing a very extensive business ever since. He belongs to the Masonic order, Knights of Pythias and the Knights of Honor.

W. F. GROESBECK, was born in Wisconsin, February 25, 1850. In 1866, he went to Harvard, Ill., thence to Monticello, Iowa, in 1872, and in 1878 to Concordia, Cloud Co., Kan., where he opened a grocery establishment, and is now doing an extensive business. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias. He was married in Monticello, Iowa, January 6, 1875, to Miss Addie R. Chamberlin, and has one child--K. H., born June 8, 1876. Mr. Groesbeck is a member of the City Council of Concordia.

DR. L. D. HALL was born in Franklin County, Ohio, May 5, 1834. In 1838, with his parents went to Indiana. Graduated at Physio-Medical Institute of Cincinnati, Ohio, Febuary 7, 1867, and began the practice of his profession in Jay County, Ind., where he practiced until 1869, when he emigrated to Atchison, Kan., where he remained until 1871, when he went to Republic County, and in February, 1877, to Concordia, Cloud County, where he has remained in practice ever since; he is and has been for two years United States ex-Surgeon for pensions; also appointed Medical ex-Surgeon for the Northwestern Masonic Aid Society, and several other insurance companies. He enlisted in the late war May 2, 1864, in Company E, One Hundred and Thirty-ninth Indiana Volunteers, and was discharged October 8, 1864. He was married October 19, 1858, at New Corydon, Jay County, Ind., to Miss Catherine Lewis, and has seven children--Ella R., Marietta E., Lenna K., Orestus C., Augustus J., Fred. Garfield and Baley Hall.

HON. JAMES MANNEY HAGAMAN. The subject of this biography, one of the early pioneers of Cloud County, was born at Tribes Hill, New York State, July 31, l830. His father was a private in the war of 1812, and was of German descent, and was killed in an altercation in Cloud County, Kan., July 11, 1868. Mr. Hagaman can boast of only three years' sojourn in the common schools, but being a great reader and ambitious he has won for himself distinction as an able man with his pen and in debate. Studied law a short time in 1849. In 1851, went to Wisconsin, where he was rafting, hunting and trapping until 1855, when he married Miss Mary L. Webster, who has borne him five girls and two boys. From the last date he followed the trade of a carpenter until 1860, when he removed to Kansas, reaching Cloud County the 8th of July. He homesteaded a part of the present site of Concordia. He is the oldest settler now in the county, and has perhaps done more for the county than any other man, being the most conspicuous character in the county to-day. During the Indian trials he rendered the settlers valuable service for which he was made lieutenant of Company C, Seventeenth Kansas Militia. He was representative from Cloud County to the legislature in 1868, and was the first delegate from Cloud County, to the State Republican convention. In 1871, was admitted to practice law in the State. He has written an extensive history of the county. In 1869, he and his son James E. established The Blade. It was at first a 6x9 (in.) folio, but has become to be one of the largest papers in the county. He is a man of energy and great force of character. His religious tenets are well known to be not in accordance with those generally accepted by the members of any Christian church; yet, in all good works, he joins hands with his fellow-citizens, and is counted a Christian of the strictest sect in deed, although denying the word.

DR. WILLIAM HAYDEN, physician and farmer, was born in Connecticut in 1821, and moved to Wayne County, Pa, with his parents in 1827; thence to Illinois in 1855. Attended medical college at Castleton, Vt., and graduated June, 1844. First practiced in Wayne County, Pa., and has been engaged in the practice of his chosen profession ever since. He removed to Concordia, Cloud County, Kan., in 1875, and has been county physician in Cloud County. The doctor is the owner of two farms of 160 acres each, and is going to give his undivided attention to farming, having practiced medicine for nearly forty years.

H. R. HONEY was born in Jefferson County, Wis., March 2l, 1859. Moved to Concordia, Cloud County, Kan., in 1864. Mr. Honey is a printer by trade, and being a young man of more than ordinary push and ability, he embarked in the newspaper business for himself at the age of twenty-one, and owned and edited the Empire of Concordia with marked success from August 1, 1880, to February, 1882, when he was elected cashier of the Concordia State Bank. This bank has a capital stock of $100,000. G. W. McDonald President; E. Linney, Vice-President; H. R. Honey, Cashier. Mr. Honey is also engaged quite extensively in cattle raising, and owns a fine herd of young stock.

C. F. HOSTETTER was born in Fayette County, Pa., January 8, 1847. Enlisted in Company H, Fifth Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry. Wounded April 5, 1865, and had his foot amputated. Discharged July 7, 1865. Took a commercial course in the Iron City College at Pittsburg, and graduated April, 1867. Took charge of a telegraph office at Belville, Washington County, until 1870, when he engaged in the mercantile business until April, 1872, and immigrated to Cloud County, Kan., landing in March, 1872, when he took a homestead, that he now owns. In l873 he was appointed assistant journal clerk of the House of Representatives of the State of Kansas. In the fall of 1874 was elected clerk of the District Court of Cloud County, which position he has held ever since. In 1880 he was elected docket clerk of the House of Representatives. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias, and was married October 9, 1881, to Miss Clara Livingston.

L. N. HOUSTON was born in Manhattan, Kan., July 9, 1858; attended Manhattan College and came to Cloud County in March, 1877; studied law and was admitted to practice in the District Court at Concordia in the said county in the fall of 1880, and has practiced his profession ever since. In November, 1881, he was elected county clerk of Cloud County, which position he now holds. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias and Odd Fellows' Lodges. He was married in Savannah Mo., November l0, 1880, to Miss Alice M. Selecman. They have one child--J. Lablanche, born August 17, 1881.

L. G. HULL is the present editor of the Concordia Republican, one of the most prominent journals of the county. He was born in St. Jossen County, Mich., in 1854; received scarcely the rudiments of an education, before he entered the school-room of compositors, having been connected in some way with the printing press for twenty years. He came to Kansas in 1881, and purchased the Scandia Republican, which he is making a neat and popular journal, being perhaps the best fitted journalist in the county.

HON. E. J. JENKINS was born in Washington County, Ohio, May 1, 1832. In the fall of 1854 and spring of 1855, he visited Doniphan County, Kan., and in the spring of 1856 he returned to Ohio, studied law and was admitted to practice in 1859, when he returned to Doniphan County, and began the practice of his profession. He was elected county clerk in 1861, and in the fall of 1863 was elected district attorney for the Second Judicial District and served one year, when he resigned. In 1864 he was elected county attorney and served until 1866, when he was elected to the State Legislature and re-elected in 1867, and in 1868 elected State Senator. In the same year he was elected one of the directors of the St. Joe & Western Railroad Co. Mr. Jenkins was appointed receiver of the Republican Land District Office, located at Concordia, Cloud County, in 1870, and has held the office ever since. He is a member of the Masonic Order, Knights of Pythias, and was married September 22, 1861, in Anderson County, Mo., to Miss Josephine Brown; they have two children living--Melvin C., born August 18, 1862, and Edwin, born February 26, l873. One son, Charles T., born May 12, 1865, deceased.

BENJAMIN LAKE, was born in Chester Co., Pa., on the 28th day of May, 1840. In 1858, he went to Cincinnati, Ohio; thence to St. Louis Mo.; thence to New Orleans; thence to Italy, and then to Havana; then back to New Orleans in 1861, when a proclamation was issued for all aliens to leave the State, so Mr. Lake went to St. Louis and enlisted in Company E, Fifteenth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, May 26, 1861, and remained in the army until the close of the war, when he went to Illinois. In 1868, he emigrated to Page County, Iowa, and remained until 1878 when he moved to Concordia, Cloud Co., Kan., and engaged in the harness and saddle business, where he is now doing a flourishing business. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and is a Royal Arch and Commandery Mason; also belongs to the Odd Fellow order. Was married the 23rd day of April, 1871, in Page County, Iowa, to Miss Ella L. Hicks, and has two children--B. H. was born August 8, 1872, J. L. January 13, 1879. Mr. Lake held the office of Justice of the Peace and Township Clerk.

GEORGE A. LETOURNEAU, was born in Kankakee City, Ill., May 26, 1853; attended school at a French institution at Bourbonnais Grove, for nine years, and graduated November 6, 1868. The first position he held after graduating, was keeping books for four different grain dealers. In 1876, Mr. Letourneau removed to Chicago Ill., where he speculated in 1878, when he returned to his native place where he was appointed Deputy Recorder of Deeds for Kankakee County. He emigrated to Concordia, Cloud Co., Kan., in 1880, and went into the Concordia flouring mills and took charge of the financial part of the business, including the keeping of the books. The firm is known as H. Lanoue & Co. The Concordia flouring mills are valued at $50,000, and the firm has paid out $10,000 in the past year for repairs. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias. He was married in Kankakee City, February 4, 1879, to Miss Rilla Gibson now deceased, and had two children--Pilore and Clore.

HON. B. H. McECKRON, was born in Washington County, N.Y., June 17, 1834; moved to Delaware Co. N. Y., in 1848; and in 1860 went to Columbia County, Wis. September 2, 1861, enlisted in Company E, Second Wisconsin Volunteer Cavalry. We was discharged on account of disability November 28, 1862, when he returned to Portage City, Wis., where he remained until the spring of 1868. He then emigrated to Cloud County Kan. In the fall of the same year he was elected County Superintendent of Public Instruction of said county. In the fall of 1870, was elected to the State Legislature, re-elected in the fall of 1871, and again in the fall of 1873, and at the same time elected Speaker of the House by a unanimous vote. March 8, 1874, he was appointed Register of the Land Office at Concordia, Cloud Co., Kan., which office he has held ever since. He is a member of the Masonic order. He was married in Randolph, Wis., April 26, 1864, to Adda M. Parmenter, and they have three children--George M., born July 19, 1865; Maud L., April 5, 1870, and Alexander S., December 26, 1880.

M. McKINNON, was born in Canada on the 12th day of February, 1858. In 1869 be emigrated to Waterville, Marshall Co., Kan., and in 1870 to Concordia, Cloud Co., Kan., and in the early part of 1871 established himself in the grocery and hardware business, under the firm name of McKinnon & Co. In 1878, he went into the exclusive hardware business, which business he has remained in ever since. Mr. McKinnon is a member of the Knights of Honor. He was married in Canada, December 31, 1864 to Miss Anna L. Gilbert, and has four children--Anna L., Malcom,, T. B., D. S.

W. L. MADDOX, was born in Iowa, February 14, 1858. Emigrated to Concordia, Cloud Co., Kan., in 1875; first engaged in farming and stock-raising. In 1880 the firm of Maddox & Sons established themselves in general merchandising in the town of Concordia, which business has continued to the present. W. L. was married in Concordia, April 2, 1882, to Miss N. L. Barcelo.

CARL J. MILLER, was born in Sweden, November 1, 1856; came to America in 1875, and first located at Leavenworth, Kan. In August 1882 he moved to Concordia, Cloud Co, Kan., and engaged in the marble business under the firm name of Wilcox & Miller. Mr. Miller learned his trade in Ystad, Sweden, and is a first-class workman, prepared to do all kind of work in his line.

ALBERT NICHOLS, farmer, P. O. Concordia, was born in Vermont, December 2, 1822; removed to Massachusetts then to New York City, N. Y.; thence to Brooklyn; thence to Cloud County Kan.; has held the office of township trustee. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity. He was married in Brattleboro, Vt., August 31, 1852, to Miss Delia A. W. Tisdale, and is the father of two children--Susan W., and A. T. The last named was born July 8, 1856; came to Cloud Co., Kan., with his parents and was married in Concordia, July 3, 1881 to Miss Kate Rlchardson.

M. OPPENHEIMER, was born in Germany, November 17, 1837; came to America in 1870 and first located in Baltimore, where he remained until 1872, when be moved to New York City, and remained until 1875; and he again moved, this time to Quincy, Ill., remaining there until 1880, when he emigrated to Concordia, Cloud Co., Kan., where he engaged in the grocery business, and has remained in said business ever since. He is a member of the Masonic order, and was married in New York City, December 15, 1872, to Miss Clara Heyman, and has one child--Isaac, born the 7th day of October, 1874.

J. W. PETERSON, attorney at law, was born in Helesingborg, Sweden, January 18, 1858; came to America in 1876, and first settled at St. Charles, Ill. In 1877 moved to Missouri, where he studied law, and was admitted to practice December, 1878, in the Circuit Court of the Twenty-Ninth Judicial District of Missouri. He settled at Concordia in January, 1879, and still continues in the practice of his profession. He is a member of the Masonic order, and is a R. A. and Commandery Mason. Mr. Peterson is also doing an extensive loan business.

S. H. PRATT, farmer, P. O. Concordia, was born in Riley County, Ind., March 16, 1841. In 1848, he removed to Peoria County, Ill.; thence to Marshall County in 1851, and to Henry County in 1855. He enlisted in the United States army August 19, 1861, in Company A Forty-Second Illinois Infantry; returned to Henry County January, 1866, and engaged in farming. In March 1871, he came to Cloud County Kan., and engaged in the livery business. He was one of the first settlers in Concordia, Kan.; has been coroner of the county, township trustee and assessor; was appointed superintendent of the construction of the Republiean(sic) River bridge at Concordia. He is a member of the I. O. O. F.; is the owner of a farm of 320 acres; was married in Henry Co., Ill., December 24, 1867, to Miss M. E. Adams. They have two children--C., L., born January 18, 1873; S. C., born January l8, 1876.

D. PROCTOR, was born in Indiana, August 16, 1845. Enlisted in the United States army September 4, 1851, in Company I, Ninth Indiana Volunteer Infantry; discharged September 5, 1864; returned from the army to Bristol Ind., where he remained until 1867, when he went to Washington City and there remained until he emigrated to Saline County, Kan. In 1871 he went to Bates County, Mo., where he kept a large grocery store till 1879, when he went to the Pacific Coast, returning to Beliot, Kan., in 1881. He moved to Concordia, Cloud Co., in 1882, where he now resides, and is engaged in the butter and egg trade. Was married in Washington City in 1871 to Miss E. F. Daniels, and has two children--A. H., and R. F. Mr. Proctor was once elected road overseer by a unanimous vote and without his knowledge or consent. He has always refused to take an active part in politics.

WALTER G. REID, loan, real estate and insurance agent, was born in Nashville, Tenn., July 20, 1852, and moved to Dodge County, Wis., in l855. Three years later moved to Joliet, Ill., and again to Wisconsin in 1860. In 1870, he came to Clyde, Cloud Co., Kan., and in 1872, settled in Concordia, having been appointed Deputy County Clerk and Clerk of the District Court, holding these offices until 1876, when he was appointed Deputy County Treasurer, which office he held until the fall of 1880; was also City Clerk in 1872 and 1873. He was traveling salesman from the fall of 1880 until spring of 1882, for the blank, law book and publishing house of George W. Crane & Co., of Topeka, Kan. He is a member of the Masonic order, and also of the Knights of Pythias. He was married in Concordia, Kan., January 14, 1879, to Miss Della F. Shafer. They have one child--Robert Emery, born January 29, 1880.

W. T. ROOT, was born in Washington County Ohio, April 15, 1850 and attended school in his native State; also attended the State Normal school, located at Concordia, Cloud Co., Kan. It was in 1870 when Mr. Root landed in Kansas, and in 1871, when he made Cloud County his home, settling on a homestead thirteen miles west of Concordia; and he has taught school most of the time since settling in the said county. He was elected county superintendent of public instruction in the fall of 1878, and agaiu(sic) re-elected in 1880, and still holds the said office. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. He was married April 29, 1877, in Concordia, to Miss Kate H. York. They have two children living, and one dead--Nellie, born March 3, 1879, and S. S. born June 2, 1882; Knowlton M. born October 10, 1880, died May 6. 1881.

J. W. SHEAFOR, was born in Ohio, March 9, 1852; moved to Iowa with his parents in 1853, and in 1865, settled at Burlington, Kan., and studied law, and was admitted to practice in May, 1873, and in the supreme court of the same State in 1877, practiced law in Topeca, when he made another move to Concordia, Cloud County, and engaged in the practice of his profession. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., and the Knights of Pythias. He is now prosecuting attorney for Cloud County.

DR. W. O. SPERRY, was born in California, September 23, 1856. In 1862, removed to Ohio, and studied medicine at Cleveland, and graduated at the Cleveland Medical College in March, 1881, when he removed to Lincoln, Neb., and began the practice of his profession. In February, 1882 the doctor moved to Concordia, Cloud Co., Kan., and again engaged in the practice, and formed a co-partnership with Dr. C. W. Oviatt. They are specialists in operative surgery and diseases of the eye and ear.

CAPT. E. E. SWEARENGIN, county treasurer, was born in Morgan County, Ind., January 17, 1840; removed to Centreville Iowa, in 1849; enlisted in March, 1862, in Company F Seventeenth Iowa Volunteer Infantry as a private, and went through all grades of the company to the captaincy. He was discharged in July, 1865, and returned to Centreville, but in 1869, he came to Cloud County, Kan. In 1875, was elected county commissioner, and in 1877, county clerk; was re-elected in 1879, and county treasurer in 1881; entering on the discharge of his duties October 10, 1882. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. He was married February 4, 1864, at Centreville, Iowa, to Miss Alice Udell.

JOHN TATE, stockman, was born in Massachusetts, September 6, 1844. In 1851, removed to Ottawa County, Mich.; enlisted in Company I, Third Michigan Volunteer Infantry, August 19, 1862, and was discharged on account of wounds October 8, 1864. He returned to Grand Rapids, Mich., and in 1871, he came to Concordia, engaging in farming and the buying and shipping of stock. Was postmaster in Sibley Township; also trustee and treasurer. He was married September 6, 1869, at Lowell, Mich., to Miss Fanny M. Miller, and has two children--Libbie B., born August 1, 1871; Edith L., born October 5, 1881.

W. H. TAYLOR, was born in Missouri, December 19, 1855. In 1877, he went to Concordia, Cloud Co., Kan., and commenced work in the well-known banking house of N. B. Brown & Co., where he has remained ever since. He was married May 10, 1882, to Miss Ida Neetzel.

DR. C. W. WHIPP, was born in Knox County, Ill., March 10, 1846; moved to Iowa in September, 1869, thence to Nebraska, and in 1871, again moved and settled in Cloud County, Kan., and took a homestead of 160 acres. Dr. Whipp taught school and practiced medicine for several years. In 1877, was elected register of deeds of Cloud County, and was again elected in 1879, and re-elected in 1881. In January, 1882, he purchased the drug establishment of B. F. Posten, and formed a partnership under the firm name of Whipp & Taylor. He belongs to the I. O. O. F. and Masonic lodges. He was married December 13, 1878, to Miss Dora E. Carter. They have four children--Bertha E,, Rachel O., Charles, Paul.

W. C. WHIPP, was born in Fulton County, Ill., November 27, 1852; moved to Iowa with his parents in October, 1867; thence to Nebraska in the fall of 1870, and emigrated to Cloud County Kan., in the spring of 1871. In the spring of 1874, took a homestead, and still owns said place with an addition of forty acres. He was appointed deputy register of deeds in January l881, and still holds the office. He is a member of the I. O. O. F.

D. C. WILSON, deputy Sheriff, was born in Harrison County, Ohio, September 7, 184l; removed to Van Buren County, Iowa, in 1845; in 1857 came to Marshall County, Kan., and in 1870 removed to Cloud County. Has been constable of Buffalo Township; elected Sheriff of Cloud County in 1879, and held the office two years; appointed Deputy Sheriff in January, 1882. Was married November 11, 1862, to Miss Alice E. Lovell, at Marysville, Kan. They have seven children--Laura, born November 23, 1863; May B., born September 14, 1866; Margaret E., born March 17, 1870; Lovell, born July 13, 1872; Elizabeth B., born July 24, 1874; Jodie, born March 23, 1877, and Joanna, born May 29, 1881.

J. D. WILSON, Sheriff, was born in Harrison County, Ohio, May 4, 1840. In 1848 removed to Van Buren County, Iowa; in 1857 he came to Kansas and settled in Marshall County; in 1868 removed to Cloud County. Was elected Sheriff in 1876-'78 and '82, holding the office until the present time. He enlisted in the Seventh Kansas Volunteer Cavalry, Company A, in August, 1861, and was discharged on account of wounds received in battle, March, 1863. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. Was married in Cloud County, Kan. November 7, 1876, to Miss Maggie E. Bland, and has three children--Edward, six years of age; Myrtle, four years, and Roland, one year.

THOMAS WRONG was born in Buffalo, New York, October 28, 1856. Went with his parents to Detroit, Mich., thence to Missouri, and in March, 1875, made another move, this time settling at Concordia, Cloud County, Kan., where he studied law, and was admitted to practice in the District Court of the Twelfth Judicial District of Kansas, and at once engaged in the practice of his profession. In the spring of 1882 was elected Mayor of the city of Concordia. It would surprise some of Eastern brethren if they would come out West and find young men like Mr. Wrong occupying the most important position in the gift of the people.

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