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O. B. FERRIS, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. Columbus, was born in Pennsylvania March 6, 1839. He was raised on a farm, and began farming himself at the age of eighteen He remained in that business in his native State four years, and was then in Ohio on a farm four years, then in New York in the same occupation four years, and came to Kansas in 1869. He located in Cherokee County, took up land, which he improved, and built a house in November, 1869, living in a cabin before. He set out 100 fruit trees in 1870, which are now fine bearing trees. He has broken 160 acres of prairie, and in the meantime has bought a marsh harvester, two sulkies, strong plow, a mowing machine, sulky corn planter and grain drill. Raises Wainby wheat; has some corn, and has also raised cattle and hogs, having 50 to 100 head of each. He has on his home farm all kinds of fruits for family use. He was married to Miss Louisa L. Jewett, of Ohio, September 7, 1859, and has one child- Lena. Mr. Ferris started out in life without means, and by industry, energy and economy has gathered around him the comforts of life. He resides on Section 11, two miles northwest of Columbus.

JOSEPH M. FILLER, agent of the St. Louis & San Francisco Railway, was born and reared in Lawrence County, Mo., and engaged at the railway industry at the age of twenty-one years as agent of the above-named railway at Sarcoxie, Mo. After a reputable connection with it there for two years, he accepted the present position, which he has very reputably held since. In 1878, he married Miss Emily Odell, a native of South Carolina. Mr. and Mrs. Filler are active members of the Methodist Church here, Mr. Filler having been connected with it for the last fifteen years. He is also an active worker in connection with the A. O. U. W.

ORLANDO J. FRELIGH, Deputy Sheriff. He was born in Chautauqua County, N. Y., in 1851. He came to Kansas in 1869, and at the age of twenty began work in a saw mill. After leaving the mill he carried on a farm four years, and was appointed Deputy Sheriff in 1879, and also Deputy U. S. Marshall. He belongs to the order I. O. O. F. He was married to Katie E. Clark, of Columbus, in 1873. They have two children- Maudie and Bessie. and one by adoption-Rossie E.

JOHN S. GILLESPIE, farmer, Section 19, P. 0. Columbus, was born in Pennsylvania February 26, 1827. He was raised in the iron business, which he continued for twenty years, and was then a gardener in West Virginia for three years. He came to Kansas in 1877, and located his present home. His farm contains 320 acres, which he bought and improved, and which he is now running as a stock and grain farm, having it enclosed with a good wire and hedge fence. He is a member of the Catholic Church. He was married to Miss Alice Murphy of Ireland, in 1856. They have two children living- Mary J. and James F., and have lost six- Francis S., Catherine A., Rose A., John C., Rose A.

MARTIN GLASER, harness and saddle-maker, was born in Austria April 21, 1843. He received a business education. He was brought up on a farm. He came to the United States in 1853, and lived in St. Louis a short time. He then lived on a farm in Illinois one year, and then returned to St. Louis, where he worked at his trade four years. He next went South for a few years, and then located in Tipton, Mo., where he remained fourteen years. After a short stop at Kansas City and Rich Hill, he came to Columbus in October, 1882, and started in business. He was Councilman three years in Tipton, Mo. Is an Odd Fellow, and owns real estate in Rich Hill, Kan., and land in Morgan County, Mo.

WILLIAM PEPPER, grain merchant, was born in Michigan November 26, 1843. He received a liberal education and began teaching school at the age of nineteen, teaching twelve years in Michigan, Wisconsin, Kansas, Indiana and Indian Territory. He then engaged in mercantile business in Columbus, Kan., which he continued nine months, and then began his present business, having in the meantime been in the mining business in Galena and Webb City, Mo. He was elected Councilman of Columbus in 1882. Owns a nice residence in Columbus. He was married to Miss Sarah J. Bennett, of New York State, in 1868, and has one child-W. W. Pepper.

H. P. GRANT, farmer, Section 10, P. 0. Columbus, was born in the State of New York January 15, 1818. Began carpentering at the age of sixteen, remaining until 1843 in New York. He then came in Illinois and worked at his trade until 1853, when he went to California and was in the mines and engaged in trading for thirteen years, then went to the Andes Mountains, South America, and returned to St. Louis, then to Fort Buford and built a post for the government, then back to St. Louis, where he was engaged four years on the Iron Mountain Railroad as carpenter. He went next to Bismark, and remained one year in the mercantile business, coming to Columbus, Kan., in 1875. He there opened a carpenter shop, and bought 240 acres of land, which he improved, and is now running as a grain and stock farm. Has 140 acres in a wheat farm, within one-half mile of Columbus, and owns a residence and shop in Columbus.

JOHN F. GRIFFITH, stock and produce dealer, was born in Ohio August 3, 1839. He was raised on a farm. He taught school until twenty-two years of age, when he went to California, remaining there six months, then went with pack train to Boise Bason, Idaho, and remained as miner until the fall of 1865, and then returned to Ohio by way of New York. He next engaged in the mercantile business eighteen months, and then went to Missouri. While there he tried the milling business for twelve months, and then the stock and produce business until 1873. He then went to St. Louis, where he remained until 1878. He then went to Columbus and handled hay and broom corn and hogs a short time. He has since been operating in grain and stock.

T. M. GRISHAM, grocer, was born in Tennessee, February 8, 1850. He received a liberal education, attending Lebanon College and Cumberland University, from which be graduated in 1869. He was then in his father's store for two years, and came to Kansas in 1871, and located at Pawnee Station, where he was employed by a coal company for three years, and then engaged in the coal business with Mr. Sharp about two years. He then went to Godfrey Station, and then to Scammonville, being there two years in the same business. He came to Columbus in 1882, and commenced his present business. He was Postmaster at Scammonville two years and is now a member of the Board of Education at Columbus. He was married to Miss M. E. Hoffman, of Connecticut, in 1873. They have two children living- Maude and James Elmer. Minnie M. is deceased.

J. M. HAMMETT, proprietor livery and feed stables, is a native of Massachusetts, and was reared to the farming industry. In 1864, and at the age of twenty-one, he engaged in the whaling trade, with which he was actively connected for about two years, during which time he sailed the Atlantic, South Pacific, Indian and Southern Seas, visiting all the important points in the southern hemisphere, chief among which were Australia, St. Helena, the Celebes, the Azores, Cape de Verde, and Mauritius, etc. He then retired from that business and returned to his native State, and in 1869 located here, and engaged actively in the farming and stock-raising business, which he carried on successfully for several years, retiring from it to take up the present business, which he very ably represents. In 1862, he married Miss Adelia Tilton, of his native State. They have a family of two daughters- Mary E. and Sarah E.

MAJOR GEORGE S. HAMPTON, Deputy County Attorney, was born in Ohio December 2, 1838. In 1840, he went to Iowa with his parents, and was educated at Iowa City, being one of the first graduates of the State University of Iowa, graduating at the age of twenty. He then commenced the study of law, and was admitted to the bar of Iowa City, and to practice in all courts of the State. He located in Marshalltown, Iowa, and began the practice of his profession, which he continued until the breaking out of the war, when he enlisted in the Thirteenth Iowa Volunteer Infantry, as private, under Colonel M. M. Crocker. He served with his command at Fort Donelson and Pittsburg Landing, and was then promoted to Aid-de-Camp on the Staff of Brig. Gen. McKean. In the fall of 1862, he was promoted to Assistant Adjutant General, with rank of Captain, and served to the close of the war in various commands. He located at the close of the war in Lawrence, Douglas Co., Kan., and practiced law in that place until 1877, when he moved to Cherokee County, and was one of the leading pioneers of Short Creek, and took an active part in the development of the country. He came to Columbus in 1881 and is associated with William R. Cowley in practice of law.

JUDGE W. HARLAND, of the firm of Harland, Theis & Foster, clothiers, Columbus, was born in Illinois in 1857. He received a practical education, and began clerking in a general merchandise store at the age of fourteen, having come to Kansas in 1865. He remained in the position of clerk, in Kansas City, from 1871 to 1881, and in the latter years came to Columbus and began business for himself. He has mining interests in Webb City, Mo., and Galena, Kan., and is also interested in farm lands in Labette County, and city property in Columbus. Belongs to order of A. 0. U. W. and K. of P.

T. C. HARTLEY, stock and land dealer, was born in Ohio In 1842. In 1851, he went to Indiana, and remained five years, then to Iowa, and remained twenty years. At the age of fifteen, he began trading for himself and father, and traded in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Arkansas until 1879, at which time he came to Kansas, and settled four miles southeast of Columbus, on a farm of 160 acres, which be bought and improved. After remaining one year he came to Columbus, and has since been speculating and feeding and wintering stock, and is now wintering a herd of cattle west of Columbus. He owns one farm, and one-half interest in four other farms, also a residence and four lots in Columbus. He was married to Miss Ella Wilson, of Kansas, in 1876; took bridal trip to St. Louis, Chicago, New York, Niagara Falls, Boston, Philadelphia, remaining six weeks at Centennial, thence to Dover, N. H., Great Falls, in Maine, Washington, D. C., Cincinnati, Louisville, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City and Columbus. They have three children-Myrtle, Mabel and Carl.

DAVID P. HASELTINE, hardware merchant, was born in Ohio November 20, 1846. At the age of thirteen, he began clerking in Lawrence, Kan., having come to the State in 1857. He joined the army at the age of sixteen, and served three years. In 1867, he learned the tinner's trade, at which he worked for nine years, and then began business for himself, in Columbus in 1876, having bought out Ritter & Anderson. He has an interest in mineral lands in Colorado, and in coal lands in Cherokee County, Kan. He was elected Township Treasurer in 1878, and re-elected in 1879, and was elected Clerk of School Board three years (1878-79 and 1880). He is a charter member of I. 0. 0. F. Mr. Haseltine operates one of the largest hardware establishments in Columbus, his store being 32x120 feet. He was married to Miss Jennie Fisher, of Kansas, in 1870. They have three children- Cora L., Gyda E., Cady Stanton.

ARCHIE HOOD, dealer in farm machinery, wagons, spring work., and full and complete line of seeds. Mr. Hood is a native of Washington County, Ill., and received his rudimentary education in the public schools of his native State, and his literary education at Fayetteville Academy, Penn., where he was engaged in study till the breaking-out of the war. He then returned to his native State, and offered his services in defense of the country. The State quota being full, he enlisted in Company F, Tenth Missouri Volunteer Infantry, and remained in active service till September, 1864, when he was honorably discharged. After the war he located in Nebraska, but subsequently returned to his native State, and engaged at mercantile business, which he actively prosecuted there till 1868, when he closed out his business, and in 1870 located here, and carried on brokering business actively till 1873, when he engaged at the present business, which he has successfully operated since. In 1873, he married Miss Mary Wilson, a native of Chester County, Penn. They have a family of three sons and one daughter- Edgar, Gracie, Wilson and George. Mr. Hood is an active member of John A. Dix Post, No. 54, Grand Army of the Republic, and has been an active worker in the development of the industrial life of Columbus.

CHRISTOPHER HOOVER, farmer, Section 23, P. O. Columbus, was born in Ohio May 6, 1830. He received a liberal education and began farming for himself in Illinois, at the age of twenty-two, remaining in that State until 1859, at which time he went to California, and was in the mines for three years. He then returned to Bureau County, Ill., and farmed until 1875, when he came to Kansas and located on his present farm of 240 acres, buying railroad land, which he improved and on which he is now raising stock and grain. Has also a fine line of all kinds of fruits and berries. Mr. Hoover then bought 320 acres, east one-half of Section 5, Township 34, which he uses for pasture, and which is nicely fenced with hedge. Mr. Hoover is a member of the A., F. & A. M. and A. O. U. W. He was married to Miss Sarah C. Scammon, of Maine, in 1858. They have five children- Frank E., Henry H., Willie C., James A., and Loulie. Mr. Hoover is the ninth child and seventh son of Gen. Christopher Hoover of Belmont County, Ohio. Gen. Christopher Hoover was in Lancaster County, Penn., and his wife was born in Brooke County, Va.

J. O. HOUX, dentist, was born in Booneville [sic], Mo., November 16, 1843. He received a high school education, and in 1865, went to Colorado, where he was engage in mining one year. He then returned to Booneville [sic] and took up the study of dentistry which he continued two years and then commenced practice at Clinton, where he remained until 1872. He then came to Winfield, Kan., and remained in that place six years in the practice of his profession, removing thence to Short Creek. After being in the mining interests one year, he moved to Columbus in 1878, and is now engaged in the practice of dentistry in that city. He is a member of Columbus City Council and of I. O. O. F. He was married to Miss Clara Weir, of Columbus, in 1874. They have two children- Mabel C., and Freddie A.

HENRY B. HOYT, representing C. B. Shaw & Company, lumber dealers. Mr. Hoyt was born in Jefferson County, Ind., and was reared to his present business in the manufacturing department. In 1876, he located at Independence, Kan., in connection with this firm, and has been very reputably connected with it in the State since. In 1878, he married Miss Lucy Williams, of his native county. They have one little boy- Ralph W. Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt are active workers in and members of the Baptist Church here. He is also active as a member of the A., F. & A. M., K. of P. and A. O. U. W. societies here.

WILLIAM A. JORDON, M. D., was born in North Carolina, November 6, 1850. He was raised on a farm. four years at Girard. At the age of seventeen he went to Salt Lake, and was in drug business there one year. He spent the next year in St. Louis, and then returning to North Carolina, he began the study of medicine. Three years later he graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Baltimore, Md. He lived in Havre de Grace on [sic] year, and then went to Carter County, Ky., where he practiced eleven months. From there he went to Cincinnati, next to Campbell County, Ky., where he remained one year, and in 1880 went to Columbus, Kan. He is surgeon of south division of Gulf Railroad; is a Freemason and K. P. He was married to Miss Fannie J. Beall, of Kentucky, in 1880, and has one child- Hunter Garnett. He was connected with Board of Health, of Cincinnati, and is a member of Board of Health of Columbus.

WILLIAM C. LANE, baker and confectioner, was born in Missouri, April 16, 1836. He was raised on a farm, and beginning operations for himself at eighteen, he lived ten years in Illinois. He was then connected with a saw mill two years, with a grocery one year; then engaged in stock business in Texas two years; next in butcher business in Kansas, then in harness business short time and finally, in 1881, started a bakery. He owns residence and business properties in this city. He is an Odd Fellow and A. O. U. W. He was married to Mrs. Mary Whaler, of Illinois, in 1872, and has one child- Pearl. He also has a step son, Charley Whaler, and is educating a girl, Emma Savage.

[Picture of S. Lisle] SLEMMONS LISLE, land broker, was born in Holmes County, Ohio, on the 8th day of February, 1824. He received a practical education, and in 1846 began business life as a farmer in his native State. In 1848, he engaged in the grocery business at Berlin, Holmes Co., Ohio, which he continued until the California gold excitement, when he sold out, and in 1850, went to the new Eldorado, and followed the fortunes of gold mining two years. On his return he bought a farm of eighty acres in Allen County, Ohio on which he remained until 1856, when he moved to Lima and engaged in the mercantile business, where he remained until 1868, when he disposed of his interests and again determined to try the new West, in search of a permanent home; making Kansas City his headquarters he spent one year in seeking a location. In the spring of 1869, he returned to Ohio, and having settled his business affairs, removed to Baxter Springs, Kan.; here by the aid of a faithful pony he visited nearly every section of the surrounding township determined to get a location suitable for the successful raising of stock, where prairie, timber and water were combined. This he found in Shawnee Township, and purchased a large tract, which he immediately arranged into a stock farm. In 1874, he was elected to the office of County Treasurer, and which, by his management and conduct of the office was called a second time to fill as long a term as allowed by law. Since the expiration of his term of office, he has been principally engaged in the buying and selling of real estate, and giving attention to his stock farms. At present he is engaged in converting lands and other properties into bonds and other securities which can be easily handled. He is a prominent member of I. O. O. F, and had the honor of instituting Lodge 56 at Columbus; he is also a very prominent member of the Masonic fraternity, having been advanced in that order to Sir Knight Templar. He has mining and ore milling interests in Kansas and Colorado; is a heavy stock holder in the following companies: "Maggie Taylor," "Galena," "Pierce City Mining & Smelting Company," "Columbus Lead & Zinc Company," and "Columbus Mining & Manufacturing Company." He was married at the age of twenty years to Miss Lametta Steat, of Wayne County, Ohio, in 1844 and commenced life at the foot of Fortune's ladder. By that industry and zeal which has characterized his whole life, he is now one of the wealthiest men in Cherokee County. In 1867, his wife died. On the 16th day of February, 1869, he was married to Miss Anna Jenkins, of Lima, Ohio.

RICHARD H. LAWTON, real estate, loan and insurance agent, was born in Marietta, Ohio, February 24,1849. He received a scientific education, graduating from Wabash University, Illinois, in 1865, and the following year came to Crawford County, Kan. He was employed on a government survey for one year, and was then engaged in stock-raising for a short time. In 1868, he went to Texas, from whence he made an overland trip to Mexico, and returned to Girard, Kan., in 1870, when he assisted in laying out and organizing a town. He then engaged in trading in the Indian Nation one year, when he came back to Girard, and went to Southwestern Missouri, where he took a contract on the St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad, and built six and a half miles of the Missouri & Western Railroad, west from Columbus. In 1874, he was appointed emigrant agent of the Santa Fe Railroad, at Kansas City, Mo., leaving that position in the fall of that same year. He then collected a lot of specimens of native grain, fruits, etc., and carried them to St. Louis and other points East, for exhibition, and was awarded a $100 gold medal at each place. He was then appointed by the railroad to examine and appraise the land of Cherokee and Crawford County in 1874-75, and was afterward in the service of the land department of the Fort Scott Railroad for four years at Girard. In 1878, he was stationed at Columbus for the purpose of disposing of the railroad land, and in the same year added to his business, real estate, loan and insurance. In 1882, he assisted in organizing the Southeastern Kansas Real Estate and Loan Company of which he was made Manager. He was married to Miss Nellie Taylor, of Ohio, in 1879. They have two children- Arthur and Dessie.

ARCHIBALD T. LEA, druggist, drugs, and editor and proprietor of Lea's Columbus Advocate, was born in Nashville, Tenn., February 14, 1840. In 1847, he went to Illinois, where he was raised and educated. In 1861, entered and enlisted in the United States Army, and served two years, when he was discharged for disability, and in 1868, he moved to Kansas City, Mo., and remained there until 1870, at which time he came to Columbus, and started the publication of the Columbus Independent. He went to Baxter Springs in 1872, where he published the Baxter Springs Republican, and remained until 1877, when he returned to Columbus and engaged in the newspaper business with S. O. McDowell, publishing the Republican Courier. In April, 1877, he went to Short Creek and started the Galena Miner, in company with Mr. McDowell, and became a stockholder in the East Galena Lead Mining Company, whose property proved to be the best piece of mining land ever developed in Kansas or Missouri. He remained eighteen months when he sold out and January 21, 1879, was appointed Postmaster at Columbus. He then sold out his interest in both papers and confined himself to business of the post office until April 1, 1882, when he went into the grocery business and commenced the publication of the Columbus Advocate, which made its first appearance May 5, 1882. In December, 1882, sold out grocery business, and January 6th embarked in the drug business in Columbus. He owns a considerable amount of coal and farm lands besides property in Baxter Springs and Columbus. He is also interested in mining property in Colorado near Leadville. He is a member of I. O. O. F., A. O. U. W. and K. of P. He was married to Miss Margaret Newton, of Macomb, Ill., April 13, 1864, and has one child--Asa.

R. L. LEADBETER, farmer, Section 14, P. 0. Columbus, was born in Pennsylvania, in 1855. He received a business education and began boating at the age of sixteen, and continued this business for three years, and then worked on coal tipple for five years. He came to Kansas in 1879, and settled on his present farm of 225 acres, which he bought and is now raising stock, grain and fruit. He has a beautiful farm and home, his farm being in a high state of cultivation, and having upon it a pond covering seven acres, with a beautiful island in the center, and containing an abundance of fine fish. It is a fine place for ice. Mr. Leadbeter was married to Miss Cora R. Hicks, of Illinois, in 1881.

R. A. LONG, of firm R. A. Long & Co., dealers in lumber, laths, shingles, sash, doors and blinds, lime, etc., etc. Mr. Long is a native of Shelby County, Ky., and was reared to the agricultural industry. In 1875, and at the age of twenty-four years, he located here and subsequently engaged at the present business, which he has actively prosecuted since. Mr Long first began the lumber business here upon a comparatively small basis, but has so enlarged upon it as to control extensive yards not only here, but at Cherokee, Girard, Pittsburg, Opolis, McCune, and Baxter Springs, and does a business of over $125,000 a year. In December 16, 1876, he married Miss Ella Wilson, a native of Pennsylvania. They have a family of two little girls- Sallie and Lulu. Mr. Long is an active worker in the development of the industrial life of this locality.

WAYLAND C. LYKINS, general merchant and banker, was born in Missouri November 12, 1847. At the age of fifteen he went to Colorado with his parents, and lost his father on his arrival, who died after a few day's illness. In 1863, he went with a surveying party on the preliminary survey of the United States Railroad, and then to Arkansas River, herding sheep one winter. He then went to Denver and engaged in surveying, then to the Arkansas River, and began a survey from Pueblo to Canyan City; he returned home to Paola, Kan., and remained one year, and then engaged in mercantile business. Mr. W. Lykins began in life without means, and to-day is regarded as one of the most successful men in his line of business; he is operating one of the largest stores in Columbus, Kan., and has mining interest in the country; he has been Councilman and Mayor of Columbus, and belongs to Order of Odd Fellows and Freemasons; he owns a fine hall in Columbus, with a seating capacity of 600. He was married to Anna Middaugh, of Columbus, in December, 1873, and has three sons living-Webster M., Fred and Charlie; he has lost one son-Curtis E.

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