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The town of Ellinwood is located on the north bank of the Arkansas River, on Section 32, Township 19, Range 11, west of the sixth principal meridian. The town site was located in the fall of 1871, by the Arkansas Valley Town company, of which Adam Speare was president. The site was platted and surveyed by John H. Cummings.

The records do not show when the plat was filed, but they do show that the signing of the plat was acknowledged in Suffolk County, Mass., on the 6th day of September, 1873, before George L. Goodwin, a Notary Public. To survey, plat and locate the town site, was about all the company did in 1871, and little or nothing was done towards building until the following year, the only house erected being a small frame building, by William Misner, which was occupied in the latter part of the year by A. Burlisson, as a store, he being the first man to start in the mercantile business in the place.

The original town of Zarah stood about half way between Great Bend and Ellinwood, and when the latter town was started, most of those located at Zarah moved their buildings and business to Ellinwood. In 1872 Rugar and Greever moved their building from Zarah to Ellinwood, and converted it into a hotel, for which purpose it was used for a few months, when it was purchased and occupied by Landis & Williamson, who re-converted it into a store and began merchandising. That same year J. L. Roberts moved his house and livery barn from Zarah to Ellinwood, where he went into business, as did also George Towers, with his house and blacksmith shop. That same year, R. A. Avery built the Avery House, which may be said to be the first regular hotel in town.

Among the people who settled there that year, aside from those mentioned, were D. J. Whitten and G. W. Hollinger, with two or three others. In 1873, several families arrived, among them that of Isaac Bacon, Andrew Barngrover, and Wallace Bay, the latter locating just outside the limits of the town site. A great many young men came, who entered claims close to or adjoining the town site, who boarded in town, and added considerably to the population.

The place was yet without a school, but in 1873, a one-story brick schoolhouse was erected, which has been considerably enlarged since that time, by two good sized additions having been made thereto. Several dwelling houses were also put up that year, and the place was commencing to look like quite a village. The town made but little development until after the advent of the railroad, in the summer of 1872, but in the spring following people commenced to arrive, most of whom, however, located upon homestead claims in the country surrounding Ellinwood, and a few remained in town.

In 1874 the place grew quite rapidly, and many improvements were made, especially in the number of dwelling houses erected. One very desirable improvement was made that year by F. A. Steckel, who, immediately upon his arrival, put up a good frame building on Washington street, in which he opened a general merchandising store in connection with the sale of drugs. The grasshopper destruction of 1874, was a severe check to immigration, and the following year was one of but little progress. Although little, if anything was added to the town in 1875, yet a grand, useful and very desirable improvement was made, in the construction of a very elegant and substantial iron bridge across the Arkansas River.

From 1875 until 1878 the growth of the town was exceedingly slow, the most that was done being the erection of a few unpretentious dwellings, and one building put up as a drug store by Mr. Rader. The immense crops of 1878 gave new life to immigration, and turned the attention of emigrants towards Kansas, not a few of whom found their way to Ellinwood. That year saw the going up of the first substantial business house in town, in the shape of a solid two-story brick building on Washington street, which was built by Joseph Harnish. The first floor of this building is now occupied as a store; while part of the upper story is occupied as a printing office by the Ellinwood Express, and part by the city as a council chamber. Other improvements of that year were two good frame store buildings put up by Mathias Rader.

Besides quite a number of dwelling houses that went up, an elevator, built by Brinkman Bros. was among the improvements of 1878. Since that time the growth of the place has been gradual but steady, and those that have been made are much superior to those of the earlier years. The only church in the town up to 1879, was one erected by the Catholics in 1877, but the former year witnessed a very good edifice put up by the German Lutherans. In 1881, Deupree Bros. built a one-story brick building, which they occupy as a bank. Two elevators were also put up, one by V. S. Musil, and one by Williamson & Ashton.

The year 1881 was chiefly remarkable for the completion of the branch of the A., T. & S. Fe road from Florence to Ellinwood, where it connects with the main line. The building of this branch was quite an advantage to the place, as it caused the putting up of a good stone round house, with stalls for nine locomotives, and was the means of causing a good many employees of the company to locate in the town.

The first person that taught school in Ellinwood was Miss Carrie Bacon, and the first church society organized was the Presbyterian, by Rev. Philander Reed, in 1872.

The A., T. & S. F. Railway Company has assisted to a great extent in advancing the town and furthering its improvement. The construction of the branch from Florence, resulting as it did in the building of a round house and blacksmith shops by the company, was of great benefit to Ellinwood. The company also built a five mile side track, and opened up an extensive material yard, or depot, where rails, ties, fence posts, and other material is stored, and from which other points along the line are supplied, as necessity demands.

The first marriage that took place in the town was that of William H. Misner and Miss Martennye J. Hawlett, who were married on July 8, 1874, by Rev. Philander Reed.


Pap Thomas Post, No. 48, G. A. R., of Ellinwood, was organized May 5, 1882, with thirty-seven charter members. The first officers of the Post were: W. H. Misner, P. C.; W. W. Shannon, S. V.; W. H. Blair, J. V.; O. M. Dotson, Surg.; G. W. Ashton, Adjt.; A. Johnson, O. D. A. H. Lynch, O. G.; G. W. Barngrover, Q. M., and John McDowell, chaplain. On January 1, 1883, the Post had a membership of seventy-four, and its present officers are: J. T. Spring, P. C.; J. K. Bennet, S. V.; W. N. Halsey, J. V.; O. M. Dotson, Surg.; G. W. Ashton, Adjt; Enoch Benefiel, O. D.; C. Wiegandt, O. G.; J. H. Craig, Q. M.; W. H. Blair, S. M.; A. A. German, Q. M. S.; John McDowell, chaplain.

Ellinwood Lodge, A., F. & A. M., of Ellinwood, organized U. D. 1882. F. P. Dunn, W. M., and T. L. Powers, Sec'y.

The Ellinwood Express was established at Ellinwood, in Barton County, early in 1878, by the Ellinwood Express Company, with Thomas L. Powers as editor and manager, which position on the paper he still occupies. The Express is a six-column folio weekly, Republican in politics, and has a circulation of about 500.

Ellinwood is a live town, containing about 600 inhabitants, four-fifths of whom are Germans. It is almost a German town exclusively, and everything is conducted according to German ideas. The business men, with scarcely an exception, are all German. They have their saloons, where they meet for conviviality, and their brewery where their beer is manufactured. The people, generally, are frugal, industrious, and prosperous, and manifest a spirit of considerable enterprise. There are two churches in the town, one German Catholic, and one German Lutheran; three hotels, Commercial, City and Avery House. Business is represented by five general merchandising stores, two drug stores, two hardware, two millinery establishments, one jeweler, one dealer in agricultural implements, two harness shops, one bank, two lumber yards, several restaurants, one furniture dealer, and various other establishments engaged in miscellaneous business. Ellinwood became a city of the third class in 1881. Its first Mayor being F. A. Steckel. The town is located on the A., T. & S. Fe road, 209 miles west from Topeka, the State capital; 269 from Kansas City, and eleven miles east of Great Bend, the county seat of Barton County.


GEORGE W. ASHTON, dealer in grain and live stock, came to Ellinwood in the fall of 1875, and began the lumber business. Opened the grain trade in the fall of 1877, under the firm name of Brinkman & Co. They erected an elevator, and dealt largely in wheat. Sold out, and the firm of Ashton & Williams erected an elevator and operated it for some time; finally selling out in the fall of 1882. He has continued the grain business since, in connection with dealing largely in all kinds of live stock. He was born in Holmes County, Ohio, April 19, 1849. Was raised in Tuscarawas County, same State, where he lived until coming to Kansas. He enlisted in 1865, in Company C, One Hundred and Eighty-fourth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and served nine months, and mustered out in the fall of same year. Married in 1874, to Miss Christina E. Brinkman, of Bolivar, Tuscarawas Co., Ohio. They have one daughter, Winona Gertrude. He is a member of S. A. Huribut Post No. 48, G. A. R. and I. O. O. F., of Sterling, Kas.

GEORGE W. BARNGROVER, Under-Sheriff and farmer. The parents of the subject of this sketch, were Andrew and Naomi Barngrover, both being natives of Ohio. George W. was born in Howard Count, Ind., August 6, 1845. In 1850 he moved with his parents to DeWitt County, Ill, where they purchased, and located upon, a farm, where G. W. attend the public schools, and received the only education he ever received. On the first day of August, 1862, when only seventeen years old, he enlisted in Company D., One Hundred and Seventieth Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He took part in the siege of Knoxville, and in the battles of Beans's Station, and Dandridge, Tenn.; Rocky Face Ridge, Kingston, Resaca and Kenesaw Mountain, Ga., and Franklin, Tenn., and was mustered out June 28, 1865 Leaving the army he returned to DeWitt County and went to work upon the farm. Moved to Kansas in 1873, and located in Barton County, were he took a claim and commenced farming. He was married at Ellinwood, in Barton Co., Kas., September 7, 1876, to Miss Matilda Ginzell, a native of Dubuque, Iowa. By this marriage, three children have been born to him: Robert O., born at Ellinwood, March 23, 1878, died March 19, 1880. May, born at same place, December 30, 1879; and Blanche, born September 9, 1882. Mr. Barngrover has held several township offices, including clerk, trustee, assessor and constable, and in 1880 was appointed Under-sheriff, which position he still occupies.

S. B. DEUPREE, cashier of the Bank of Ellinwood, first came to Lyons, Kas., in January, 1880, and was employed in the Bank of Lyons. He came to Ellinwood in October, 1881, and took charge of the above bank. He was born in Bloomfield, Davis Co., Iowa, in 1856. He was raised on a farm in his native State. The Bank of Ellinwood, was opened for business October 1, 1881, with a paid up capital of $6,000, surplus, $8,000. The stockholders are, Joseph Webb, J. P. Statten, J. L. Deeds, E. A. Deupree. The Eastern correspondents are, the Chemical National, of New York City; Armour Bros., Kansas City, Mo., State Savings' Bank, of St. Joseph, Mo.

MATHIAS DICK, dealer in all kinds of the leading agricultural implements, also collection, loan and insurance agent. He began business in February, 1882. He first came to Ellinwood in 1876, and became station agent for the A., T. & S. F. R. R. until April 29, 1880, thence to New Mexico in the same capacity for the same company, returning to Ellinwood in February, 1882. He was born in Ozaukee County, Wis., in 1852, where he lived until he came to Kansas. He was married in 1879, to Miss Mary Kimpler, of Barton County, Kas. They have one son - Felix Anton. Mr. Dick has served one term as City Treasurer of Ellinwood.

O. M. DOTSON, physician and surgeon, came to Ellinwood, Kas., in the spring of 1873, lived in that vicinity and has practiced medicine since. He opened the drug trade in the village in 1875, which he continued until the summer of 1882. He superintends a large farm of his own, and is largely engaged in the stock business. He was born in Wood County, West Va., in 1828. His parents moved to Washington County, Ohio, when he was a small child, where he was raised. He began the study and practice of medicine in 1866. He enlisted in October, 1861, in Company G., Sixth Indiana Volunteer Infantry; re-enlisted in Company D., One Hundred and Fortieth Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and was First Lieutenant of the latter company. He participated in all the battles of his command, and was mustered out in July, 1865. He married, in 1853, Miss Nancy J. Joy, of Washington County, Ohio. They have five children - John J., Mary E., Alice M., Cyndonia and Josephine E. The Doctor is a member and elder of the Christian Church, and in 1872 was district Evangelist of the southern district of Illinois. He served as Justice of the Peace in 1874-75, and was Mayor of Ellinwood, in 1880.

T. P. FAIR, came to Sterling, Kas., in the spring of 1876, and engaged in the lumber business, etc. He came to Ellinwood in the spring of 1882, as manager of the lumber, grain and hardware business of Edwards Bros. & Fair Bros. This company have yards and stores at Ellinwood, Lyons, Sterling, Little River and Nickerson. They opened business in the spring of 1881, at Ellinwood, now employ four to six men, and carry a stock of $20,000. Mr. T. P. Fair was born in Indiana County, Pa., in 1847. Was raised and educated in his native county. Went to California where he engaged in the lumber and mining business a number of years previous to locating in Kansas. Was married in January, 1883, to Miss Ell Socwell of Sterling, Kas. He is a member of the Masonic order of Ellinwood.

HEMENWAY & BRINKMAN BROTHERS, dealers in lumber, building material, coal and grain. They opened under present management in the spring of 1882. Brinkman Bros. established the business in 1873. They now carry an average stock of lumber of $12,000. They also own and operate the Ellinwood Elevator, erected in 1878, capacity of 12,000 bushels, and have shipped during the season of 1882, until January 15, 1883, 145 car loads of wheat. Mr. S. Channon came to Kansas in January, 1870, locating at Abilene, Dickinson County, where he engaged in the stock business until he came to Ellinwood, in March 1882. March 1, 1883, Mr. S. Channon withdrew from the firm, and the firm name was changed to that of above, viz., Hemenway & Brinkman Bros. S. Channon removed to Wyandotte, and entered the milling business, under the firm name of Channon & Wilson, having bought out the Lovelace Mills. He was born in England, February 14, 1841; came to America in 1860, coming from Africa. He went to the latter country in 1859, and followed railroading at Cape Colony nine years. He married, in 1861, Miss Elizabeth Brown of London, England. They have one daughter - Mary Augusta. Mr. C. served ten years as Justice of the Peace in Logan Township, Dickinson County, Kas.

MILLARD C. HEMENWAY, dealer in general merchandise. He began trade in Ellinwood in March, 1882. Occupies rooms in a brick store 23x60 feet, and carries a general stock of $4,5000, and employs two men in the business. He is also a member of Brinkman, Channon & Hemenway, who are large dealers in lumber, grain and coal. He first came to Abilene, Dickinson Co., Kas., in 1876; taught school and clerked in a general merchandise store for some time, also became agent for the Randolph Header until October, 1879. He then became the junior partner in the firm of Romig & Hemenway, who dealt in general merchandise until November, 1880. In the meantime he became traveling salesman for the above header until January 1, 1882. Then he bought a stock of merchandise at Abilene and moved it to Ellinwood, Kas., where he is at present engaged in business. He was born in Fond du Lac, Wis., in 1852, and lived in his native city until 1865. He then lived in Illinois, Iowa, and engaged in various kinds of business. He was married in 1881, to Miss Gussie Channon, of Cape Colony, Africa, whose father, S. Channon, was a large railroad contractor of the latter country, many years. Mr. H. is a member of the Masonic order, and K. of P., of Abilene, Kas.

W. E. HUTTMANN, dealer in a general line of hardware, stoves, tinware, also sewing machines and guns, opened business in October, 1878. His store room is 20x70 feet. He He began business with a stock of $2,800; now carries a stock of $4,500. Came to Ellinwood in 1878. He was born in Prussia, January 8, 1841, and came to America in 1849, and was raised in Wilmington, Del. When quite a large boy he returned to his native country with his father, who remained a year, when he returned to America and settled in Milwaukee, Wis., in 1854, and lived there, with the exception of a year spent in New York City, until 1860, when in the latter city, 1862, he followed the trade of manufacturing mathematical and philosophical instruments. He was then a salesman for Messrs. Van Cott, of Milwaukee. Enlisted February 18, 1862, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, and was made Second Lieutenant and mustering officer. He was transferred to the Twenty-sixth Wisconsin volunteer Infantry, and was promoted to First Lieutenant Company B. Participated in all the battles of his command for over two years and resigned. He then went into the manufacture of the above instruments, at Chicago, Ill., until 1870. He returned to Milwaukee, Wis., and carried on the same business successfully for eight years; thence came to Kansas. He was married in 1866, to Miss Cecilia Espeiding, of Cologne, Germany. He was married in Chicago. They have two children - Henry W. and Fritz. He is a member and Treasurer of the Masonic order of Ellinwood, and Blue Lodge; president of the Volksverrin Society, and a member of the A. O. U. W., aid-de-campe with rank of lieutenant-colonel of Gov. Glick's staff.

MANGELSDORF BROTHERS, dealers in general merchandise, opened trade in 1877 at Ellinwood. They erected their present brick store in 1881, size of which is 25 x 90 feet, two stories high, at a cost of $5,500. They carry an average stock of $8,000 to $10,000, and employ four men. William and August Mangelsdorf are the firm. William first came to Atchison, Kansas, 1864, and engaged in grocery business, which he continued there until coming to Ellinwood. Born in Germany, February 20, 1846. Came to America in 1857. Married, 1876, to Miss Minnie Halling, a native of Pennsylvania. They have one daughter - Clara A. He enlisted, 1861, Company E, Fourth Missouri Volunteer Infantry. Was mustered out in 1863. He is a member of S. A. Hurlburt Post No. 48, G. A. R.

WILLIAM MISNER, Postmaster, came to Ellinwood, Kansas, in April, 1873. Was freight agent for the A. T. & S. F. R. R., for some time. Participated largely in buffalo hunting as a business. He took a homestead, lived on it some time. Was appointed Postmaster in April, 1874; has since held the office. Was born in Kalamazoo County, Mich., 1847. Raised in his native county and State. Enlisted August 6, 1861, Company F, Sixteenth Michigan Veteran Volunteer Infantry; participated in over thirty battles in the War of the Rebellion. Promoted to Second Lieutenant. Mustered out July 8, 1865. Has lived in various places in Iowa and other Western States. Married, 1875, to Miss N. J. Howlett, a native of Kansas. They have four children - Willie H., Agnes, Nettie and Ada. Mr. M. is a member S. A. Hurlburt Post No. 48, G. A. R.

JOHN RADER, dealer in general merchandise, firm name M. Rader & Son, opened trade fall 1880; store building spring 1878, 24 x 80 feet, at a cost of $1,500. They carry an average stock of $8,000, and employ three men in the business. John Rader came with parents to Ellinwood fall 1878. Clerked some time, then engaged in the sale of agricultural implements until he became one of the above firm. His father, M. Rader, carries on a farm near Ellinwood. Mr. John Rader was born in Dodge County, Wis., 1854. Parents moved with their family to Minnesota in 1856, where he was raised a farmer. Married, 1881, to Miss Mary Hoggeman, a native of Minnesota. They are members of the Catholic Church.

HENRY J. REINTS, clerk and bookkeeper for Edwards Bros. and Fair Bros. He came to Ellinwood, Kansas, 1876, where he engaged in the lumber and grain business until 1882, now has an interest in the lumber business of the firm. Was born in Freeport, Stephenseon Co., ILL., 1857. Was raised and educated in his native place, where he lived until he came to Kansas, excepting a number of years when he was employed by Western Electric Manufacturing Co., Chicago, Ill. He is a member of Masonic order and I. O. O. F.

F. A. STECKEL, proprietor of Ellinwood Steam Flouring Mills, also agent for A. T. & S. F. R. R. lands. He also deals in all kinds of grain. The above mills were erected in the spring of 1878; re-built in the summer of 1882, when the new process of reduction was added. Size of main building, 32x52 feet, three stories high, with an engine room 32x32 feet, one story. The mills are driven by a sixty-horse power engine, capacity of mills are 300 bushels of wheat in twenty-four hours besides 150 bushels of feed, etc. The mills were built of wood at a cost of $10,000; re-building cost $5,000. He employs ten men in the business. Mr. S. first came to Ellinwood in April, 1873, and engaged in merchandising and farm implement business until 1879. He was born in Magedburg, German, October 13, 1833. Came to America 1853. In the spring of 1854, he returned to Germany. Came to America in 1855. He was married in 1861, to Miss Mary Hagan, of Fond du Lac, Wis. They have three sons - Willie, Fritz and Albert. Mr. S. is a member of the Masonic order, has been a member of the School Board ever since he came to Kansas. Mayor of Ellinwood three terms, and is at present City Treasurer.

FRANK FALLIS WILLIAMSON came to Ellinwood, Kas., in September, 1872, where he opened the first general store in the place, and continued the business until August, 1882. He was born in Harveysburg, Ohio, 1851. Was raised in that county. He began life as a clerk in a general store at Dayton, Ohio, continuing a year, then came to Kansas. Previously graduated in penmanship and bookkeeping at the Taylor and Jackson General College of Wilmington, Del, in 1870. Since coming to Kansas, he as been extensively engaged in the live stock business, buying and shipping, etc. The firm of Ashton & Williamson erected an elevator in 1882. He bought and shipped the first wheat in Ellinwood, in September, 1874. Bought the first car load of buffalo bones, soled the first agricultural implements and lumber, under the firm name of Landis & Williamson. Was Postmaster of Ellinwood four years, and City Treasurer one year. Married in 1876, to Miss Etta Avery, of New York State. They have two children - Eugene B. and Marriam P. He is a member of the Masonic order of Ellinwood and Chapter of Great Bend A., F. & A. M.


This is a thriving little town on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, in the extreme southwestern part of the county. The name is derived from a very large rock in the vicinity, which the reader will find fully described in the general history of the county. This village was located and laid out in 1874, by the Arkansas Valley Town Company. It has several thriving business establishments, which drive a good trade with the surrounding country.


JOSEPH N. BARRETT, dealer in drugs, medicines, druggists' sundries, etc. He opened trade in April, 1882, and carries a stock of about $1,600. He came to Pawnee Rock in the fall of 1878, and followed agricultural pursuits a year, clerked in general merchandising two years, then embarked in the drug business. He was born in Lycoming County, Pa., August 10, 1853, lived in his native county until twelve years of age, when his parents moved their family to Crawford County, Ill., where he was raised and lived until he came to Kansas. He was married March 5, 1882, to Miss Jennie Kemmerling, a native of Illinois. They have one son - Norman. He has a son and daughter by former marriage - Claude and Maude.

A. W. METCALF, dealer in boots and shoes, gloves, mittens, harness and horse furnishing goods, cigars, tobaccos, stationery and notions. He is also Postmaster. He came to Kansas in the spring of 1878, and engaged in the above business, and now carries stock of $2,800. He took charge of the postoffice in 1880. He was born in Manchester, N. H., May 29, 1837. Was in Europe and Africa in 1854 and 1855. Moved to Pennsylvania in 1860, and enlisted in the United States Service in November, 1863. Was transferred to Battery G, First Pennsylvania Light Artillery, in which he served until the close of the war. He was on detached service most of the time and was promoted several times. Soon after the war he went to Binghamton, N. Y., where he assisted in organizing a veteran battery of artillery, which soon become one of the finest organizations in the State, fully mounted and equipped. After his army life he embarked in the boot and shoe business until he came to Kansas. He was married to Miss Rosaltha T. Wheeler, of Meshoppen, Pa., in 1869. He is a member of Binghamton Lodge No. 177 F. A. M., and Great Bend Lodge No. 1088 K. of H., Great Bend, Kan. He is at present Notary Public and has served as Justice of the Peace a number of years. He has been identified with educational movements for several years, and is now a member of the School Board. Has had two children - Helen and Bessie. Bessied died in 1877, aged five years. Helen is now twelve.

JOHN M. VAN AKEN, agent for the A. T. & S. F. R. R. Co., first located on a farm seven miles northwest of Larned, in 1877, and farmed for two years. He yet continues to have his land cultivated. He has 129 acres, eighty-five of which is under plow. In 1882 there were 1,183 bushels of wheat raised on his land. He is also engaged in the stock business to some extent. He acted as agent for the Adams Express and operator at Larned, in 1879-81. He then moved to Pawnee Rock, and accepted a position as agent of the A. T. & S. F. R. R. He was born in Lenawee County, Mich., December 8, 1844; lived there until fourteen years of age. He then moved to Carbondale, Jackson Co., Ill., where he lived until 1862, and enlisted August 11, of the same year, in Company F, Eighty-first Illinois Volunteer Infantry, as a private. He participated in all the battles of his command, until June 13, 1864, when, at the battle of Guntown, Miss., he was taken prisoner, and confined in Andersonville, Ga. and other Rebel prisons, until April, 1865. He was mustered out in Springfield, Ill, soon after that date. He was married in 1869, to Miss Amy S. Luce of Belleville, Ill. They have four children - John A., Lena C., Sarah, and Ralph. They are members of the Presbyterian Church of Larned. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. and E. A. U. of Larned.


BENJAMIN I. DAWSON, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. Great Bend, was the fourth child, and third son, born to W. W. and Mary Dawson, both of whom were natives of Pennsylvania. The date of his birth was July t, 1844. In 1854 he moved with his parents to Iowa, and located in Jackson County, where they remained two years, and then removed to Jones County, in that State. His father being a farmer, Benjamin I., was raised to agricultural pursuits, and after leaving school, his entire time was given to farm work. His means of acquiring an education were those offered by the public schools which he attended during his early boyhood in his native State, and later in Iowa, closing his school career in the high school at Monticello, Jones Co., Iowa, which he attended for one year. Was engaged in mercantile business from 1869 to 1873, disposing of which he moved to Kansas in the spring of 1874, where he settled upon a farm in Barton County, to which State he was followed by his parents three years later, both of whom are still living, his father being seventy-two years old and his mother seventy-three. Benjamin I. Dawson and Emma A. Bonewitz were joined in wedlock at Longworth, Jones Co., Iowa, on the 10th day of December, 1868, by which marriage six children have been born to them, as follows: Fred I., born in Jones County, Iowa, September 9, 1869; Lille B., born at same place, January 19, 1871; Don H., at same place, born October 30, 1873; Mary C., born in Barton County, Kan., January 1, 1876; Chandler W., at same place, December 10, 1879; and Ralph E., at same place, May 5, 1882. Mr. Dawson has held several township offices and in 1878 was elected a County Commissioner from the Third District of Barton County, which position he occupied for three years.

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