William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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ALBERT G. JONES, stock-raiser, Section 20, P. O. Iola, was born in Green County, Wis., in 1844, and spent his youth on a farm adjoining the town of Decatur. He came to Allen County, Kan., with his father, William Jones, in May, 1860. In the year following his father located on this farm where he continued to reside until his death in November, 1871. The subject of our sketch always attended to the matters of the farm and is now the owner of the original land and home. He has 360 acres, and is extensively engaged in raising cattle, horses, etc. During the late war he enlisted, but was not mustered in on account of ill-health. He was, however, employed in the Quartermaster's department of a colored brigade in Arkansas for a year, and also served for some time in the Kansas State Militia. Mr. Jones was married at Iola in 1869, to Mattie M., daughter of Dr. John A. Hart. They have four children - Albert William, aged 13; Pearl, aged 11; Ruby, aged 5, and Roscoe C., aged 3. Mr. J. is an active member of the A., F. & A. M., and I. O. O. F., of Iola.

J. C. KELSO, farmer, Section 3, P. O. Iola, was born in Mineral County, West Virginia, in 1837, removing in 1853 or '54 to Roscoe County, Ohio, where he was employed in farming. On November 23, 1861, he enlisted in Company H, Seventy-third Ohio Infantry, and served three years and seven months, in the band of that regiment. In 1866 he moved to Iroquois, Ill., where he farmed two seasons. He came to Allen County, March 1, 1868, and located on a farm in Iola Township; for eleven years he followed agricultural pursuits, and also carried on a nursery. In 1879 he moved to Humboldt and for a time conducted a saw-mill. His mill is portable, and he saws in various places. The mill is now located four miles from the city of Humboldt. He employs some ten men, and manufactures about 5,000 feet of lumber per day. Mr. Kelso has a nice farm of ninety-seven acres, all well improved.

WILLIAM M. KNAPP, proprietor of the Iola Carriage Works, was born at Bellefontaine, Ohio, December 15, 1841, and there learned the trade of carriage painting from 1858 to 1861. In June, 1863, enlisted in Ninth Ohio Volunteer Cavalry and served twenty-six months, after which, in company with two other men, carried on a carriage factory at Bellefontaine, Ohio. In 1867 moved to Howell, Mich., and engaged in hardware business two years; 1869 moved to Muncie, Ind., and engaged five years with Miller Carriage Company of Bellefontaine, Ohio, having charge of the branch at Muncie, Ind.; 1875 went to Union City, engaged in carriage business one year, in bakery and grocery fifteen months; 1877, returned to Muncie, was in the drug business six months; in May, 1878, with Mr. William Kinsley, bought the Miller Carriage Company branch factory at Muncie, Ind., and engaged in carriage business: on February 21, 1882, moved their stock, machinery, etc., to Iola, Kan., and commenced business March 1, 1882. Mr. Kinsley died, April 20, 1882, and Mr. Knapp has since managed the business. The factory does a large and extensive business in southern Kansas, and makes a fine grade of first-class work only. Mr. Knapp has permanently located at Iola, and will make it his home for good. A description of the works will be seen in the county history.

R. H. KNIGHT, attorney, was born in Belmont County, Ohio, November 9, 1849. In 1864 he removed to Jefferson County, Iowa, where he was reared on a farm, and at the age of twenty-two years he began to read law with the Hon. D. P. Stubbs. He was admitted to the bar at Fairfield, in April, 1875, and at once opened an office at that place for the practice of his profession. In December, 1880, he came to Iola, Kan., and at once opened a law office. Although but a few years a resident of this place, he is rapidly acquiring an enviable reputation for success in his profession. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity.

OTTO KRUEGER, of Krueger & Gray, meat market and dealers in hides, etc., was born in Germany, April 6, 1845, and in 1851 his parents immigrated to La Salle County, Ill. In April, 1861, he enlisted in Company E, Thirty-seventh Illinois Infantry, and served four years and five months. He received a breast wound at the battle of Pea River, Ark. Mr. K. learned the butcher business in Chicago, Ill., where he served as an apprentice some three years, after which he followed the business in La Salle County, Ill., for nine years. In 1878 he came to Allen County, located in Deer Creek Township, and for three years followed agricultural pursuits. In September, 1882, he engaged in his present business, in partnership with H. P. Gray. This firm do a large business in their line. They manufacture hams and sausage, and pack considerable pork. They have fifteen acres of land west of the city, which they use for pasturing their live stock, and on which they have erected a slaughterhouse.

IRA B. LAWYER, farmer, Section 21, P. O. Iola, was born in Frederick County, Md., May 14, 1826. There he was employed for some five years in four mills, and for six years in Jefferson Flouring Mills, Clinton County, Ind. He came to Kansas in April, 1857, and located on his present farm. He has 134 acres of fine bottom land. Mr. Lawyer makes a specialty of raising live stock; he has quite a number of high graded cattle and Cotswold sheep. On his place is a very neat residence, and a good orchard of about eight acres. During the late war he served in the State Militia. Mr. Lawyer has been married three times. His first wife died without leaving any children. He was married a second time in Jefferson, Clinton Co., Ind., in 1857, to Mary E. Utz. She died in 1863, leaving one son, George W., and Mr. Lawyer was married again, in the fall of 1864, in Washington County, Ind., to Mrs. Redus, a widow formerly Mary A. Patton. They have two children - Franklin G. and Sarah E.

A. J. McCARLY, dealer in live stock, Section 25, P. O. Iola, was born in Jessamine County, Ky., in 1844, and when nine years of age accompanied his parents to McLean County, Ill., where he was employed in milling, etc. In May, 1860, his step-father, T. G. Whitelock, came to Allen County, Kan., and the subject of our sketch, and his brother, Lake McCarly, came with him. The brothers began to farm on their own account in 1863, since which time they have continued in partnership. They have two farms adjoining each other, one 120 acres and the other of eighty. A. J. resides on the former, and his brother on the latter, in Section 5. Both are well improved, and each has a nice residence, barn, orchards, etc. For the past twelve years they have been largely engaged in raising and dealing in cattle, etc. Lake McCarly was born in Jessamine County, Ky., August 17, 1846. Both brothers served in the Kansas State Militia during the war. A. J. McCarly was elected a member of the Board of Commissioners of Allen County in the fall of 1879, and re-elected in 1882.

JOHN M. McDONALD, farmer, Section 27, P. O. Iola, was born in McLean County, Ill., February 22, 1842, and in October, 1857, his father, James McDonald, came to Allen County and located on this farm. The subject of our sketch has always made this place his home, and given his attention to agricultural pursuits. His father died here, April 11, 1874. Mr. McD. Has 120 acres of land, all improved; has an orchard of four acres, and nice buildings on his place. He also raises considerable live stock. In October, 1861, he enlisted in the Ninth Kansas Cavalry, was appointed Sergeant of Company E, and served three years and ten months. He was elected Trustee of his township in the spring of 1881, and again in 1882. He is a charter member of the G. A. R. post at Iola, and is Q. M. of the same. Mr. McD. Was married at Iola, August 19, 1866, to Lavina A. Anderson, who came to Kansas with her parents in 1857. They have a family of three children.

CORNELIUS W. McNEIL, manager of L. L. Northrup's lumber yard, was born in Butler County, Ohio, Nov. 10, 1834; there he was reared on a farm, and also for some years carried on a farm for himself. In 1871 he moved to Pettis County, Mo., where he was employed in a lumber yard, and also conducted a farm for some seven years. He came to Kansas March 1, 1879, locating on a farm in Allen County, near Iola, where for two years he followed agricultural pursuits. He then moved into the town of Iola, and has since been engaged in his present capacity. He still owns his farm, which consists of eighty acres all well improved. Mr. McNeil is master workman, of lodge of the A. O. U. W. at this place.

REV. E. SMITH MILLER, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, was born in Jennings County, Ind., in 1846. Six months after his parents moved to Johnson County, where he was reared on a farm. He received his preparatory education in Hopewell Academy. In 1868 he entered Hanover College, graduating in 1873. Mr. Miller was Superintendent of the Public Schools at North Vernon, Ind., for two years. In 1875 he entered the Union Theological Seminary at New York City, and graduated in the spring of 1878. He came to Iola, Kan., in June, 1878, and took charge of the church of which he is still the pastor.

H. M. MILLER, undertaker and dealer in furniture, was born in Mansfield, Ohio, in August, 1838. At the age of sixteen years he went to Iowa, and there worked as a carpenter and cabinet maker, also taught school. Returning home in 1861, he enlisted on September 3, in Company E, Third Ohio Cavalry. Nine months later he was promoted to First Lieutenant, and appointed assistant commissary of musters, serving in that capacity until 1864, when he was appointed military conductor on the United States railroads of the army of the Tennessee. He was mustered out in 1865. After the war he came west and located in Bates County, Mo., where he was employed at his trade and in teaching school until 1873, when he went to Adelphi, Ind., where he was employed as a cabinet maker for five years. In June, 1878, he came to Iola, Kan., and engaged in his present business with a stock of $1,200, which has since been increased to $5,000, to supply the demands of his trade.

EDWIN P. MINOR, farmer, Section 36, Town 24, Range 18, P. O. Iola, was born in Huron County in 1831, and was reared in Hartford and New Haven counties, Conn. Returning to Ohio at the age of seventeen years, he learned the carpenter trade in Lorain County, and also worked in saw mills. He came to Kansas in the fall of 1856, and for months worked at his trade in Lawrence, after which he moved eleven miles south of that city and conducted a farm. In the fall of 1859 he moved to Eureka, Greenwood County, where he followed agricultural pursuits. On July 11, 1861, he enlisted in the Third Kansas Regiment; was afterward transferred to the Fifth Kansas Cavalry, serving three years and one month. Returning to Lorain County, Ohio, he became employed in the saw-mills of that locality, and was also for two years in the oil regions of Pennsylvania. In 1870 he returned to Kansas, and located at Iola, and carried on business as a contractor and builder. In the fall of 1878 he moved on to his present farm. He has eighty acres, seventy of which are under cultivation. Mr. Minor was married in Lorain County, Ohio, in 1854, to Laura Clark, a native of that place. They have a family of three living children.

L. L. NORTHRUP was born in Geneseo, N. Y., April 12, 1819. He learned the woolen manufacturing business, and in 1840, engaged in the business on his own account, at Albion, N. Y.; in 1846, was burned out and removed to Lafayette, Ind., and two years later removed to Thorntown, Ind., where he continued in the woolen manufacturing business until 1858, when he sold out his factory. At the earnest solicitations and representations of the Union Settlement Company, a company who had selected a large body of land in northwest corner of Allen County, Kan., and laid off a half section of land into lots, and called it Geneva, he was induced to bring on a stock of goods and saw mill to that place after Iola was laid out. He started a branch store there, and removed to that place in 1862; in 1869, closed out his branch store at Geneva; in 1877 took in his son, O. P. Northrup, as partner in the store, under the style, O. P. Northrup & Co. In 1869, he engaged in banking, and is now doing a large and extensive business. He has also a lumber yard at Iola and at Yates Center, Woodson County, and has several thousand acres of land in the county.

S. P. OVERMYER & SON, contractors and builders. This firm is composed of S. P. and J. S. Overmyer. The father came to Iola, Kan., in April, 1879, established this business and the following year was joined by his son. They do the largest business in their line at this place; have built the opera house here, besides many of the leading business houses and fine residences. S. P. Overmyer is a native of Lycoming County, Penn., and learned the carpenter trade in Juniata County that State. He has had forty-seven years experience as a practical builder and carpenter. The son learned his trade at Williamsport, and has followed it for some fifteen years; both are thorough mechanics, and stand well with the community.

M. W. POST (deceased), was born in the State of New Jersey, in May, 1834; reared in Western Virginia, and also for a time resided in the States of Illinois and Ohio. In the spring of 1856, he came to Kansas, being engaged in the United States Government Survey. In the spring of 1861, he pre-empted 160 acres in Iola Township, Allen County, and opened up a farm. Early in 1861, he enlisted in Company E, Ninth Kansas Cavalry, and served three years and six months, after which he devoted himself entirely to the management of his farm. Mr. Post was married in Iola, Allen Co., Kan., April 8, 1858, to Miss Susan E. Terrill. He died here in February, 1881, leaving five children - Henry E., Minnie A., Edna E., Sarah E. and Bennie Ellen. His widow still continues the farm, residing on eighty acres on Section 22.

HUGH L. W. REAGAN, farmer, Sections 28 and 29, P. O. Iola, was born in Polk County, Mo., December 4, 1836, and reared on a farm in Barry County. He came to Kansas, August 18, 1854, resided in Linn County, and in June, 1855, moved to Allen County. He pre-empted 160 acres of land on the Neosho River, and was employed in general farm work. He enlisted October 19, 1861, in Company D, Ninth Kansas Cavalry. Was mustered out December 22, 1864.

W. H. RICHARDS, senior member of the firm of Richards, Lakin & Ireland, dealers and jobbers in groceries, etc., was born in Lebanon County, Pa., in 1833, and was reared in Franklin County, where he learned the carpenter's trade. This trade he followed in Maryland, Virginia, Ohio and Illinois. In October, 1865, he came to Iola, Kan.; for a year he followed his trade and then opened a bakery and restaurant and carried on this business for three years; about 1870 he embarked in the grocery business in company with W. A. Cowan with whom he continued for about seven years. About one year later he became associated with his present partner C. A. Lakin and John E. Ireland, and Mr. Richards first began business with a stock of $200, and has by industry and energy accumulated considerable property and built up a large and extensive trade, and is building a residence which when completed will cost $10,000. The present firm carry a stock of about $5,000. The subject of this sketch has been a member of the City Council for four terms; he is a prominent Odd Fellow and is treasurer of that lodge at Iola.

W. H. RICKETTS, dealer in groceries, queens ware and tin ware, was born in Coshocton, Ohio, November 29, 1843. He resided with his parents in the States of Illinois, Indiana and Missouri. In 1861, he removed to Franklin County, Kan., with his father, whom he assisted in farming. On August 21, 1862, he enlisted in Company C, Twelfth Kansas Infantry, and served three years, afterward farmed for one year, then traveled four years for patent rights. In 1870, he moved to Wilson County, where he farmed for two years, after which he traveled in the patent right business two years. He then went to Independence where he was employed in the lumber yard of S. A. Brown & Co., until the spring of 1876, when he took the road as traveling salesman for a marble firm, at Leavenworth. In September, 1881, he located at Iola, conducted a billiard hall for four months, then embarked in his present business. He has a good trade and carries a $1,000 stock.

[Picture of J. Richards] JOSEPH HARVEY RICHARDS was born near Gosport, Ind., April 7, 1844. His father, Rezin Richards, and mother, Elizabeth Fane Richards, were brought to that State by their parents when children, in the first settlement in that part of the country. His paternal grandmother was a member of the Harlan family, of Kentucky and Virginia, of whom Senator Harlan, of Iowa, is also one. His maternal grandmother was a member of the Newell family, of Kentucky, of whom Col. William Newell, of the Revolutionary army, was the sire. His paternal grandfather was a descendant of a prominent Welsh family, and died in early life. His maternal grandfather, Jesse Evans, was one of the very first settlers of Western Indiana, and though altogether self-made, was a grand character, and contributed much to the building up of that State and her splendid institutions. The subject of this sketch was reared on a farm until about the beginning of the War of the Rebellion, when his parents had just moved into the town of Waveland, Ind., the seat of Waveland Collegiate Institute, for the purpose of educating their children. Here he attended school until the spring of 1862, when, having got the "war fever," and being hardly old or large enough to enlist, wandered out to Carlyle, Allen Co., Kas., where he remained until the fall of that year, and thence went to Illinois, whither his parents had moved in the meantime. Here, after working for his father on the farm until the latter part of the year 1863, he enlisted into the One Hundred and Twenty-fourth Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He served faithfully with his regiment from Vicksburg to New Orleans, from New Orleans to Mobile, and the siege of Spanish Fort; thence to Montgomery, Ala.; thence to Meridian, Miss.; and was in all the engagements of that campaign. At this point, his regiment's time having expired, he, with others, was transferred to the Thirty-third Illinois Infantry, and was finally mustered out with this regiment about the 1st of October, 1865. He then returned to his alma mater, Waveland College, for the purpose of completing his course. He graduated from this College in the class of 1868. Thence he went to the city of Crawfordsville, Ind., and pursued the study of law with Gen. Lew Wallace, who was then in the active practice at that place. Thence, early in 1869, he went to Lafayette, Ind., and completed his law course under the tutorage of Judge Samuel Huff, and in the fall of that year began the active practice of his practice with his uncle, Andrew J. Evans, at the Delphi bar. His health becoming much impaired about this time, he made arrangements to come back to Allen County, Kas. He married and brought with him to Kansas, Laura Lois Lakin, of Greencastle, Ind., a woman of much more than ordinary intellect, education and refinement, and a pupil of Oxford (Ohio) Female Seminary, and a graduate of the same class with him from Waveland College. Making his residence in Iola, Kas., his present home, in 1870, he directly entered into the practice of the law, and has gradually built up a large and lucrative business. He is a conscientious lawyer; makes it a rule of practice to discourage litigation, take no bad cases, but fight to the last such as he does espouse. He lays no claim to either a dazzling brilliance on the one hand, nor great profundity upon the other; but he is fairly entitled to the well-earned reputation of being an able advocate, safe counselor, close reasoner, and ready debater. He is no politician, and has no political ambition or aspiration. He has never been a candidate for political honors, and has little faith in politics or political parties. If he has ambition it is in the line of his profession. When he first began the practice in Kansas he was defeated for the office of Probate Judge by five votes. He was a few years after that elected by an overwhelming majority to the office of County Attorney, which office he filled to the expiration of his term and declined to be a candidate for re-election. He has occupied the position of Alderman, Mayor, or City Attorney of Iola most of the time since his residence there. He is now assistant attorney for the St. L., Ft. S. & W. R. R., and general solicitor of the Nebraska, Topeka, Iola & Memphis R. R., which last road he organized, and is at this time, together with other citizens of Iola, and of Chicago and Philadelphia, engaged in constructing. He was also influential in building the first-named road and locating it upon its present route. He is officially connected with several other new railroads of Kansas and generally identified with the railroad interests of the State. He is one of the attorneys of the Historic Settlers' Protective Association, familiarly known as the "Land League" of Southeastern Kansas, and referred to in another part of this work. He is attorney for the famous Neosho Valley Land Agency, also referred to in another part of this work, which he and George A. Bowlus, who has been with him in all his enterprises, organized in 1876. He takes great pride in his town, county and State, and contributes freely to build them up. He is in every sense a builder and opposed to tearing down. He is a member of the Masonic order, and whilst that is probably the exponent of his religious creed, he is a believer in all the fundamental principles of the Christian religion. He has good law and literary libraries, and loves to read them. He wields a strong, swift pen and is fond of literary exercises, being prominent in all local literary exercises. His family consists of his wife, mentioned above, and two bright and promising children, a boy and a girl, Ralph and Rena. They have a cheerful, hospitable home, and their neighbors and friends often gather there to spend a pleasant hour.

CYRUS M. SIMPSON, Postmaster, was born at Rockville, Parke Co., Ind., December 9, 1844. In April, 1859, he came to Allen County, Kan., and located with his father, Prof. Mathew A. Simpson, on Deer Creek. In October, 1861, he enlisted in Company H, Ninth Kansas Cavalry, serving until January 16, 1865. During a portion of this period he was Company Clerk, and was also employed in the Quartermaster's office. After the war, he followed agricultural pursuits for three years, and in the fall of 1868, engaged in business at Iola, as dealer in general merchandise, continuing until the spring of 1871, when he sold out. Shortly afterward he was appointed Deputy Clerk of the District Court. In the fall of 1872, he was elected Clerk of the Court, and was re-elected in 1874 and 1876. During a portion of this period he read law and was admitted to the bar January 25, 1879, and practiced for two years in partnership with J. H. Richards. He was appointed Postmaster in March 7, 1877. He was elected to the City Council for three terms. Mayor of the city once, and was also City Attorney for nearly two years. He is a prominent member of the I. O. O. F. and G. A. R.

JAMES SIMPSON, contractor and builder (retired), was born in England, October 22, 1824; there he learned the carpenter trade, and followed that occupation as a journeyman. In 1849, he immigrated to Rochester, N. Y.; was for a year employed at his trade, then engaged in same capacity at St. Louis, Mo., for eighteen months; removing to Jacksonville, Ill., he carried on business as a contractor and builder for three years, and then in same business at Decatur, Ill. Mr. Simpson came to Kansas in July, 1869, located at Iola, and engaged in the boot and shoe business, which he carried on for about two years, since which time he has not been actively engaged in business. He owns considerable property in Iola, and his wife has for over ten years been carrying on a large millinery establishment. Mr. S. is a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity; he is deputy district grand-master of the I. O. O. F., at this place, and has for several years been Street Commissioner for the city of Iola.

G. SMITH, SON & CO., proprietors of the Iola Lock and Novelty Works. George Smith, the senior member of this firm was born in Staffordshire, England. For seven years he worked as an apprentice to the trade of machinist and locksmith, after which he followed it as a journeyman in the principal cities of England. In 1861, he immigrated to America; was employed at his trade in New York, Connecticut and other States, and in 1869, opened a lock manufactory and brass foundry in New York City. On account of increasing the size of his works, he moved, in 1872, to Brooklyn. His business still enlarging, he moved, in 1874, up the Hudson River to Nyack, where he continued to carry on a very large business until burned out in 1879. Shortly after he moved to Kansas City, carried on a lock factory for two years, and in October, 1882, came to Iola. He at once established this business in partnership with his son Joseph. They have a large building and ample facilities to carry on an extensive lock manufactory and brass foundry. A description of their works may be found in the county history.

HON. R. B. STEVENSON, dealer in drugs, etc., was born in Guernsey County, Ohio, in 1843, and at the age of eleven years moved to Iowa, with his father, who conducted hotels in various parts of that State. In 1864, he was employed in the sutlers' (sic) department of the Forty-seventh Iowa Infantry. He was also employed for three years as clerk in the post-office at Ottumwa, Iowa, and clerked in the mercantile business. In the fall of 1870, he came to Iola, and for fourteen months carried on a news stand in the post-office. In the fall of 1871, he was elected Register of Deeds, and served two years. In 1874, he embarked in the drug business, and is now the oldest established druggist in the city. He carries a fine stock of drugs, books, notions, etc., and has an extensive trade. He was elected to represent his district in the State Legislature in the fall of 1880. Mr. Stevenson is an active, enterprising man, not withstanding the fact that he is a cripple, having lost his left leg in 1858, by an accident in a steam grist mill.

TINDALL S. STOVER, County Clerk, was born in Hancock County, Me., January 18, 1844. His father was a sea captain, and he made several voyages with him. In February, 1863, he enlisted in Company D, Thirty-first Maine Volunteer Infantry, serving until the war closed. Mr. Stover came to Kansas, September 1, 1866, was for a year employed as a clerk in mercantile business, at Leavenworth, then came to Allen County, locating in Humboldt; was employed in the capacity of clerk in a store, until in 1869, when he formed a partnership with W. W. Curdy, and embarked in the general merchandise business; this firm dissolved some two years later, and Mr. S. assisted in organizing the Humboldt Manufacturing Co., and occupied the positions of secretary and treasurer, until in 1873, after which he was employed in mercantile pursuits. In November, 1875, he was elected Clerk of the County, entering upon the duties of his office in January, 1876. He was re-elected in 1877-79, and in 1881. Mr. Stover is a prominent member of the Masonic order, and one of the leading men in G. A. R., McCook Post No. 51.

[Picture of H. Talcott] HON. HENRY W. TALCOTT, Judge of the Seventh Judicial District of Kansas, was born in Valparaiso, Porter Co., Ind., in February, 1839. His father, William C. Talcott, was proprietor of a weekly paper, and the subject of this sketch learned the trade of printer, and for some months published the Valparaiso Republican. His father was also a lawyer. Young Talcott studied under his guidance, and was admitted to the bar in 1860, after which he gave his attention to the practice of law. On June 19, 1861, he enlisted in the Thirteenth Indiana Volunteer Infantry and was assigned to a position as musician in the regimental band. Shortly afterward he was detailed by Col. R. S. Foster to perform a portion of the duties of adjutant, which position he filled until August, 1862, when he was mustered out with the band. On his return to Valparaiso, he was appointed Deputy Clerk of the Circuit Court of his district, which position he filled for five years. During about three years also of that period he was Deputy Collector of the United States Internal Revenues. During the time of the "Military Draft" he was enrolling officer for Porter County. The judge came to Kansas in March, 1868, locating at Iola, and at once opened an office for the practice of his profession. In partnership with Nelson F. Acers, in July of that year, he purchased the Allen County Courant. In 1869 the law firm dissolved and the judge purchased his partner's interest in the paper and continued to publish the same until the spring of 1871, when he disposed of it and gave his sole attention to the practice of law. In the fall of 1873 he was elected Railroad Assessor for the Seventh Judicial District; but the office was shortly afterward abolished. Judge Talcott was appointed to his present position by Governor Osborn in January, 1875, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of the Hon. John R. Goodin, who had been elected Representative to the United States Congress. He was elected to the same office in the fall of that year, and re-elected in the fall of 1879.

E. J. THAYER, of Waters & Thayer, proprietors of the Elevator Mills, was born at Chelsea, Vt., in 1840. At the age of fourteen years he removed to Clinton County, Ohio, where he was employed in grist mills and at general farm work. In August, 1861, he enlisted in Company D, Thirty-ninth Illinois Infantry. He was promoted from Orderly Sergeant to Captain in 1864, and was mustered out January 16, 1866. In June of the same year he came to Kansas and located in Bourbon County, where he followed agricultural pursuits until 1878, when he came to Iola. He at once purchased a building and put in milling and elevator machinery. In September, 1881, he admitted his present partner, H. Waters. They do quite an extensive business in their custom flouring mills, and also deal in grain, coal, etc.

DR. S. TOZER, dentist, was born in Cheshire County, N. H., in 1832. There he learned the jeweler's trade and gradually merged into the practice of dentistry. In 1846 he moved to Pike County, Ill., where he engaged in the same business. Early in 1849, he moved to St. Louis, Mo., and there studied surgery. In the spring of 1850 he went to California, where he was engaged in ranching and also practiced dentistry. Nine years later he returned to Illinois, where he carried on an extensive farm in Macon County. The doctor came to Kansas in September, 1866, and six weeks later located in Iola, where he has since practiced his profession. He owns twenty-five acres of land near town, and raises live-stock. His wife has quite an extensive green-house and is widely known in the county for raising all kinds of flowers and exotic plants. The doctor is the oldest resident dentist in the place. He is a member of the Kansas State Dental Association, and was for several terms a member of the City Council of Iola.

KONRAD J. WEITH, blacksmith and wagon shop, was born in Peoria County, Ill., February 25, 1849. Learned the trade of blacksmith at Pekin, Ill., and followed that occupation for a livelihood. He came to Kansas in 1870, located at Iola, worked for a few months as a journeyman blacksmith, and in 1871 embarked in his present business. Mr. W. has the oldest establishment of this kind in Iola; he is an experienced blacksmith, having worked at the trade some seventeen years. In the wagon shop he employs an experienced mechanic, and is doing a large business.

HON. DAVID WORST, Sheriff, was born in Lancaster County, Pa., September 30, 1837, and reared on a farm. At the age of twenty-six years he removed to Ashland County, Ohio, and farmed for a year. Then two years in Seneca County, after which he moved west to Illinois, and for four years followed agricultural pursuits in Cumberland County. In 1871 he immigrated to Redwood County, Minn., where he was extensively engaged in farming, raising stock, etc. In the fall of 1876 he was elected to the Minnesota State Legislature. Mr. Worst came to Allen County, Kas., in September, 1878. He located in Elm Township, and has been engaged in farming. He has a good farm consisting of 160 acres. The subject of this sketch was elected to his present office in the fall of 1881, and entered upon the duties of the same in January, 1882.

A. E. WRIGHT, dealer in groceries, queens ware, etc., was born in Ashtabula County, Ohio, December 15, 1841, and was reared on a farm. During the war of the Rebellion he was in company with several others largely engaged in shipping live stock from Chicago, and after the close of the war carried on a farm in Huron County, Ohio, and also dealt in live stock. In the spring of 1869 he came to Allen County, Kas., and followed agricultural pursuits in Elm Township for about nine years. For three years he held the office of Township Trustee. In March, 1879, he purchased his present business from Messrs. Briggs & Thrall and is gradually building up a good trade. He is an active member of the A. O. U. W.

GEORGE W. ZIKE, dealer in general groceries, was born in Morgan County, Ill., January 7, 1850. In December, 1859, his parents came to Kansas, locating in Elm Creek Township, Allen County, where the subject of this sketch assisted them on the farm. In the spring of 1864 he enlisted in Company I, Sixteenth Kansas Cavalry, and served nineteen months. Returning home he took up a homestead adjoining his parents' farm, and followed agricultural pursuits till the spring of 1880, when he sold his farm and moved to the city of Iola. In January, 1881, he engaged in grocery business. He carries a stock of about $1,000 and has quite a nice trade. Mr. Zike was married in Allen County, Kas., July 18, 1875, to Mary E. Swap. They has one son, Luther William.

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