Townships and Ranges

  Counting either east or west from the longitudinal 6th Principal Meridian, each six-mile increment represents a Range. Counting either north or south from the lateral Baseline, each six-mile increment represents a Township. These Town or Range numbers grow larger as distance increases from the common reference point.

Ranges West and East from the Sixth Principal Meridian

  Ranges numbers extend from 42 West at the Colorado border all the way to 19 East at the Missouri River. A 36-square-mile box in the Range table above could coincide with one of the 36-square-mile boxes in the Town table below.

Townships North and South from the Baseline of 40o North Latitude

  Townships pictured above the Baseline (red horizonal line) are in Nebraska, and those below the Baseline are in Kansas.

  The example below illustrates the location of Town 2 South, Range 3 East of the 6th Principal Meridian, which correlates approximately with Washington Township of
Washington County, KS.

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