William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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NELSON H. McCOY, of the firm of Work & McCoy, dealers in grain, farm implements, wagons and buggies; business opened in 1878, by Schmucker & Work. N. H. McCoy purchased the interest of Schmucker in 1880. They carry a stock of agricultural implements of $3,000 value; they shipped about six car loads of wheat per week during the business season of 1882, and during the whole season about 150 car loads. Mr. McCoy first located in Ellsworth in the spring of 1878, and engaged as a clerk in a grocery store two years, when he returned to Iowa and remained some time; thence to his present business. He was born in Delphos, Allen County, Ohio, in 1858; was educated at Cornell College, in Mt. Vernon, Iowa. His father served out county during the late war, and died from the effects of exposure while in service. His mother moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, when he was nine years old, where he was raised.

DR. E. G. MINNICK, physician and surgeon, and dealer in drugs, medicines, druggists' sundries, etc. He opened the business in August, 1872, with a general stock of about $3,500; now carries a stock of $5,000. He first came to Ellsworth in 1871, and continued the practice of medicine. He has one-fourth interest in the Ellsworth Sugar Factory, which was erected in the summer of 1881, at a cost of $26,450, including 800 acres of land belonging to the company, on which they produce a large amount of cane. The building is 64x64 feet, 58 feet high, machinery room 32x66 feet, with fifty-horse-power engine, including three boilers with an aggregate of 180 horse-power. They employ, when in full operation, eighty men. Capacity, 4,800 gallons of syrup per day. The doctor is a native of Valpariso, Ind., born in 1841. His parents moved to Ottumwa, Iowa, in 1848, where he lived until coming to Kansas. Began the study of medicine in 1864, and graduated at the winter session of 1870-71, at Rush Medical College, Chicago. Began to practice medicine at Ottumwa, Iowa, where he continued until coming to Kansas. Married in 1863 to Miss Mary A. Lander, of Elkhart, Ind. They have two children living--Ella, born in 1867 and Arthur, born in 1874. He is a member of Ellsworth Lodge, No. 109, I. O. O. F., and the Kansas State Central Medical Society.

REV. J. B. ORWIG, dealer in a general line of groceries provisions, willowware, glass and queensware, and farmers' produce; opened business in December, 1881. He occupies a building 25x60 feet, on Douglas Avenue, one door south of the post-office, and carries a stock of $2,000. He first came to Burlingame, Osage County, Kan., as pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church, in August, 1865, where he preached three years, at Baldwin City one year, Paola, three years, Oswego, two years, North Topeka, two years, Osborne, two years, and Marion one year. Mr. Orwig was married December 7, 1850, to Miss Sarah E. Albin, of Mercer, Pa., daughter of William Albin. Mrs. Orwig died in Ellsworth, September 19, 1878. Mr. Orwig has been a minister of the Gospel for thirty years, having preached in Erie Conference, Pa., thirteen years before coming to Kansas. He was born in Center County, Pa., September 4, 1823. After preaching the Gospel for five years, he returned to Meadville Allegheny College, where he had been at school before, and graduated in the Biblical department in 1859. He was married the second time July 18, 1881, in the city of Cleveland, to Miss Idalia A. Burt, daughter of D. A. Burt, of Cleveland. Mr. Orwig has one daughter--Carolina Electa, now married to Mr. John Getty, of Ellsworth, Kan. Mr. Orwig is a member of the Masonic order, and also of the I. O. O. F., No. 79, North Topeka, Kan.

I. W. PHELPS, dealer in general line of groceries, provisions, etc. He opened trade in Ellsworth in the spring of 1867, erecting his present store building in the spring of 1876, at a cost of $8,000, the size of which is 27 1/2 x 120 feet, two stories and a basement. HE carried about $2,000 worth of stock on beginning, now carries a general stock of $15,000 and employs four men. He first came to Ellsworth in 1867, and sold the first goods in the village April 4th of theat year. He was born in Chautauqua County, N. Y. in 1836, lived in his native State until 1845, when the family moved to Erie County and lived four years, thence to Elgin, Ill., where they lived two years, and to Oswego, remaining two years, then to Ogalla, Wis., where they resided four years. He then enlisted in Company H, Seventy Kansas Cavalry, whose record was 159 battles and skirmishes during the rebellion. Re-enlisted December 31, 1863, and was made saddler sergeant of his regiment, being mustered in on non-commissioned staff; was mustered out in November, 1865. He was married September 15, 1875, to Miss Rose Sternberg, a native of the State of New York. They have three children--Bertha M., Frank W. and Mary L. Mr. Phelps was County Commissioner of Ellsworth County in 1869-71. He is largely interested in the stock business. Has a ranch of 640 acres, where he now has about 100 head of cattle.

J. W. POWERS, cashier of the Powers Bank; established in 1870; incorporated in 1882; capital, $50,000; deposits equal to about $70,000. They do a general banking business; their correspondents are: Donnell, Lawson & Simpson. New York City; Union National Bank, Chicago, Ill.; Valley National Bank, St. Louis; Bank of Kansas City, Mo.; First National Bank of Leavenworth, Kan. Mr. J. W. Powers came to Kansas in 1860. He was born in Jessamine County, Ky., in 1844. His parents emigrated near St. Joe, Mo., in 1848. The subject of this sketch engaged with an uncle, then in Leavenworth, Kan., in the transportation of Government supplies; became a partner in 1865, continuing until 1868, then went into the cattle business until 1870, when they opened a bank at Salina, Kan.; continued until 1873, and moved to Ellsworth. He was married in 1867 to Miss Martha B. Hale, a native of Pulaski County, Ky. They have four children--Oscar E., Gracie. Emma B. and Edmund Everett Thornton. He is a member of Ellsworth Lodge, No. 109, and State Encampment, for past eight years.

JOHN PRESSNEY, dealer in staple and fancy groceries, and all kinds of county produce; opened trade in 1878, and carries an average stock of $8,000. He erected his store in 1878, at a cost of $2,000, size of which is 22x95 feet; he employs three men. He located in Abilene, Ky., in 1868, where he engaged in contracting and building for ten years; thence to Ellsworth. He was born in London, England, in 1850; came to America in 1866, and located in London, Canada, where he worked at the carpenters' trade until coming to Kansas. He was married in 1872 to Miss Elizabeth Johns, of Galena, Ill. His wife died in the spring of 1876. Again married in 1880, to Miss Philinda Small, a native of Indiana. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., of Abilene.

HENRY RAMMELSBERG, dealer in dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, millinery, notions, etc. He opened trade in May, 1879; occupies rooms 36x75 feet. He erected his store building in 1879 at a cost of $4,500. He employs four clerks and carries a stock of from $16,000 to $18,000. He was born in Germany in 1833; came to America in 1861, and settled in Davenport, Iowa, where he engaged in the cigar and tobacco business, with a capital of $21. He followed the latter business until he came to Kansas. Was married in 1878 to Miss Sidonia Karst, of Davenport, Iowa. He has one daughter by a former marriage--Helena.

F. N. ROSSITER, County Surveyor, first located in Brookville, Saline County, Kan., in August, 1876, where he engaged in surveying and civil engineering, farming and cattle business. Moved to Ellsworth in September, 1878. He was elected County Surveyor in the fall of 1879; was Deputy a year previous to that; has since held the office by re-election. He was born in Oberlin, Ohio, in 1848, and was educated at the Oberlin College. Lived in his native State until 1867, when he went to Chicago, Ill., and engaged in surveying about three years; he then went to Milwaukee, Wis., and took charge of the construction of the Milwaukee & Northern Railroad as civil engineer for three years, after which he returned to Chicago, where he was engaged in surveying until coming to Kansas. He was married in 1872 to Miss Emma E. Tyler, of Clarksfield, Huron County, Ohio. They have one daughter--Vera M.

GEORGE SEITZ, dealer in a general line of drugs, medicines, druggists' sundries, paints, oils, etc. He opened the business in the fall of 1868, with a stock of about $700. He now carries a general stock of about $7,000 to $8,000. He erected a stone building in 1874, at a cost of $2,000, which he occupies for a store. Was born in Germany in 1847, began at the age of fourteen years in his native country to learn pharmacy with his father, remained eight years, came to America in 1865, remained in Leavenworth, Kan., a few months as clerk, thence to St. Louis, Mo., as clerk in a drug store, after which he went into the cigar business in Montgomery, Ala., until he came to Ellsworth. Married in 1874 to Miss Emma Holzschuher, of Maseritz, Germany. They have tow children--Hans, and George. He is a member of Ellsworth Lodge No. 164, A., F. & A. M. Has been a member of the City Council seven years, and is the present Township Treasurer.

W. Z. SMITH, proprietor of the Grange Elevator, and dealer in all kinds of grain. He opened the trade in September, 1877. He ships on an average 200 carloads of grain and 50 cars of hogs per year. The capacity of the elevator is 2,000 bushels. He first came to Kansas in 1877. He was born in Manchester, England, November 20, 1846, came with his parents to America in 1849, locating in Brandenburg, Ky., where he was raised and educated. Moved to Chicago Ill., in 1866, where he engaged in the cigar trade for some time and after the big fire, in 1871, in the building and real estate business, and also in the grain trade, until 1877. He was married in 1873 to Miss Susan Proctor, a native of Michigan. They have four children-- Ada, Neta, Freddie, and Hattie. He is a member of Ellsworth Lodge No. 146, also of Chapter U. D., A., F. & A. M.

C. C. SPRIGG, deceased, came to Ellsworth in July 1867, and engaged as a clerk in the Quartermasters' Department of Fort Harker until 1870, when he farmed tow years. He was appointed County Clerk and elected to the same office in the fall of that year, which office he held until the time of his death. He was bourn in Baltimore, Md., in 1843, where he lived until 1863. He attended the Kenyon College of Ohio three years. He was a member of the Sir Knight Lodge A., F. & A. M. He died suddenly in Kansas City November 27, 1882.

D. R. THOMAS, proprietor of the Golden Belt Livery, Sale and Feed Stables. He began business in Nay 1873 and keeps a good stock in livery. He was born in DeKalb County, Ill., in 1847 and raised on a farm. He came to Abilene, Kan., in 1869, where he followed bakery and restaurant business until he came to Ellsworth. Married in 1874 to Miss Joanna Terney, a native of Missouri. They have four children -- Edna M., Cora L., Addie, and Daniel D. Mr. Thomas is the present Under Sheriff of Ellsworth County.

W. F. TOMPKINS, Assistant Cashier of the Powers Bank. He first came to Ellsworth in 1873 and accepted the above position. He was born in Janesville, Wis., in 1854, lived in his native city until 1865, when the family moved to Quincy, Ill., where they lived a year or two, thence to Lockport, N. Y., where the subject of this sketch received his education. He then came to Saline, Kan., and became Assistant Cashier of D. W. Powers & Co.'s Bank, and from thence to Ellsworth. He was married in 1880 to Miss Minnie E. Howard, of Hubbardstown, Mich. They have one daughter -- Mattie C.

A. O. WHALEY, County Superintendent of Public Instruction. He first came to Ellsworth County and engaged in farming in 1874, which occupation he has since followed, was elected County Superintendent in the fall of 1876, and by re-election has since held the office. Born in St. Joseph County, Mich., in 1840. His parents lived in Mendon, Mich., many years, and after he obtained a common school education, he went to Hesper, Iowa, in 1855. He graduated from Upper Iowa University of Fayette County in class of 1861. He afterward farmed near Pawnee City, Neb., and was Superintendent of Public Schools of that County eight years and five years County Surveyor also, and one term County Assessor. Engaged in merchandising in Pawnee City two years. Thence came to Kansas. He assisted to take the United States Census in Kansas in 1880. Married in 1863 to Miss Anna M. Shellhorn, of Mounty Vernon, Ohio. They have three children -- Flora Ella, George S. And Harry L. They keep the Tatonka post-office at their house in Columbia Township, Section 26, Township 14, Range 9. Have 320 acres of land.

JOSEPH A. WIGGIN, County Treasurer and agent for the Kansas Pacific lands, and National Land Company. He first located in Wyandotte, Kan., in 1874, where he engaged in various occupations for some time. He then went into the employ of the Kansas Pacific Railroad Company in the land department, two years after which he came to Ellsworth. He was appointed County Commissioner in the spring of 1877, and was elected to the same office the following fall. By re-election he held the office for three years. He was elected County Treasurer in the fall of 1878, and re-elected in 1881. He was born in Boston, Mass., August 17, 1838. He is a graduate of the high school of his native city. He was Clerk and Paymaster of the Boston Water Works for nine years. Mr. Wiggin was married in 1859 to Miss Priscilla Russell, a native of New York. He is a member of the Ellsworth Lodge No. 146, A., F. & A. M., and Chapter U. D.; also Askelon Commandery of Salina, Kan.

A. ZESSLER, dealer in a general line of groceries, crockery, stoneware, and provisions, opened trade in 1879 and carries a general stock of $1,500. He was born in Germany in 1848 and came to America in 1872. He engaged in the grocery business for two years at Long Island, N. Y. Thence he went to Davenport, Iowa, where he was clerk of Turner Hall until he came to Ellsworth. He was married in 1879 to Miss Dora Evers, of Davenport, Iowa. They have one daughter -- Meta Zessler. Mr. Zessler is a member of the Ellsworth Lodge 146, A., F. & A. M.

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