A History of Lawrence, by Rev. Richard Cordley.


Rick Pittaway, who contributed a copy of this book for transcribing, told us, "When I lived in Lawrence, I made notes to myself in this book in pencil." We have reproduced these notes here (with thanks to Rick), in case they may be of use to you.

Page 6: F. Fuller house stands at 113 Avalon.

Page 25: The Miller house stands at 1111 E. 19th St.

Page 95: Grover Barn is on W. 23rd St.

Page 159: John G. Haskell was a prominent architect. His home was at 1340 Haskell and he designed the Douglas County Court House.

Page 204: Col. Eldridge's home was 945 Rhode Island.

Page 212: Ridenour & Baker was at 804 Mass.

Page 213: Marker of this event is at 935 New Hampshire.

Page 250: Ridenour & Baker building was Sunflower Surplus in 1975 - 804 Mass.
                 Round Corner Drugstore 8th & Mas.

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