Contributed by John Maier and produced by Susan Stafford.

A Pretty Church Wedding

From the Gaylord (Smith county, KS) Herald June 12, 1902

     Honas Henning and Miss Amelia Beckman were married yesterday afternoon at the German Luthreran church four miles north of town by their pastor the Rev. John Lehmann.

     The church was handsomely decorated for the occasion. This was one of the prettiest wedding ceremonies performed in the county and was witnessed by a large number of friends and relatives. The bride wore a beautiful pea green silk with a large bouquet of roses and orange blossoms in her belt while groom was attired in the customary black.

     The bridesmaids and bridegrooms were the Misses Lena Beckman and Lesa Henning and Messrs. Gustave Henning and Will Beckman.

     Immediately after the ceremony a reception was given at the home of the bride's parents and an excellent wedding supper was served, of which about 100 guests partook, the writer included, and we can truthfully say that all present were treated royally.

     The groom is an industrious young man of good moral character, and although only 25 years of age, is financially able to provide a pleasant home for his bride.

     The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs August Beckman and is a most amiable little lady and is well qualified to share the joys and sorrows of the journey of life.

     Both are highly respected and deserving young people, and the Herald joins with their many friends in wishing Mr. and Mrs. Henning a pleasant journey through life.

     In the evening the merry crowd repaired to an old corn crib which had been cleared for the occasion and dancing was indulged in by everybody, old and young, big and little, and a general warm time was had.

     In the midst of the merriment the band arrived from town and rendered a few choice selections, which were greatly appreciated.

     An old fashioned German schottische by our good friend John Henning and his daughter, Mrs. Bert Greisier (Grisier), set the crowd wild. The old gentleman limbered up and when he got in motion he was unable to stop.

     At a late hour the guests departed for their several homes expressing themselves well pleased with afternoon and evening fun.


Mr and Mrs. William Meier, paper holder; Lewis Dunavan, napkin rings; Steve Crone, shaving mug; Alma Crone, fruit dish; Mr. and Mrs. Long Irwin, table linen; Tilda McFarland, tooth pick holder; Otelli, one half dozen plates; Ida Jacobs, bowl; David Hecht, cake stand; Emma Hecht, lamp; Ira Dunavan and wife, lamp; Inez Dunavan, towels; Cora Clark, syrup pitcher; Elwin and Ester Cook, vinegar bottle; Frank Sasse, cracker dish; Misses Emma and Mary Sasse, fruit dish and half dozen sauce dishes; Mr. and Mrs. F. Sasse, water set; Lawrence Ramsey, one half dozen napkins; Mr. and Mrs. Griesier, window curtains; Oliver Griesier, large grater; August and Emma Suchsland, dishes; Mr. and Mrs. J. Henning, kitchen cabinet; Mr. and Mrs. August Henning, two chairs; Miss Lesa Henning, milk pail; Gustave Henning, pie tins; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beckmann, silver knives and forks; Lydia Beckman, towels; Willie Beckman, silver knives and forks; Lena Beckman, one half dozen silver tea spoons; Albert Beckman, tooth pick holder; Lizzie Beckman, salt and pepper set; Reinhold Sasse, trundle bed; Mrs. R. Sasse, one half dozen glasses; Willie Radloff, lamp; Henry Radloff, water set; John Radloff, syrup pitcher; Mr. and Mrs. Zierlein, flat irons; Clara Zierlein, sofa cushions; Willie Zierlein, stew kettle; George Zierlein, jelly dish; Emma Zierlein, chopping knife; Conrad Henning and wife, lamp; Rev. Lehmann, picture frame; Franciska Leh- two pictures; Henry Tietzen, paper holder; Mary Tietzen, glass set; Emma Borgmann, 3 bowls; Henry Borgmann, fruit dishes and flower holder; Henry Jacobs and wife, table cloth; William Frieling, table cloth and towels; G. Windsheffell, stand and stand cover.

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