Kansas Skies
by Mike Hayes and Lee Nichols

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Tuesday, 12-May-98 09:16 PM

And in far, far western Kansas (even further than Hays) you could see the Northern Lights sometimes.
Lee Nichols


     You didn't have to be that far west. I remember seeing them from just south of Hutchinson in the fifties. Of course they were a little more spectacular when I saw them from the North Slope of Alaska's Brooks Range while on a Wichita State University expedition in 1967. They were south of us from there.

     And if you really want to enjoy the vast expanse of the state and appreciate it anew take someone from the eastern coast on an auto trip across the state with you. They teach you a new appreciation for how far you can see and how beautiful it really is.

     I remember a friend of mine telling of stopping to help some out of state motorists who'd pulled off to the side of a Kansas highway. It turned out there wasn't anything wrong with their car. They were simply overwhelmed by that incredible expanse of sky, uninterrupted by tree or hill or mountain or even a cloud, that day, from horizon to horizon. It's kind of an awesome sight, especially if you aren't used to it.


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