Contributed by Dick Belt and Bus Cornelius, and produced by Susan Stafford.

Nick Names of Lane, Kansas by Dolly Belt

They speak of "Biddy" Martin.
   Though his name is really Floyd.
And they call another "Badger".
   Whose mother called him "Lloyd".

There's Clint that's known as "Foddie".
   And Alva known as "Cat".
And when Arlan Baker visits here.
   The fellows call him "Fat".

There's a "Dutch" who's name is Helm.
   There's a Courtland know as "Bun".
There's a Ward E. Coulter known as "Dag".
   To nearly everyone.

There's William known as "Studie".
   There's a Charlie know as "Hick".
There's a Richard Loch more widely known.
   As "Germany". Or "Dick".

There's a Clarence who is "Happy".
   There's a Marion whose "Punk".
There's a Jim Rhodes who is known as "Dusty".
   And a Donald who is "Monk"

There's an Austin known as "Skimmer".
   And a Lee who goes by "Bo"
And there's a Mr. Willard Laird
   Whom they call "Ole Kokomo"

There's a little "Shorty" Martin.
   There's a massive "Fatty" James.
And all sorts of funny nick knack's
   In the way of local names.

So what's the use of worrying.
   About a youngster's name?
Before the Kid is grown.
   He'll be re-christened just the same.

~Mrs. Dolly Belt.

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