Contributed by Lester Merklin and produced by Jean Suman, Lynn Nelson, and Susan Stafford.

Letter of Mary Jones

Panther Creek,
Caps County,
In haste. Ill.

Jacksonville, Jan. 20th 1848

My Dear Sir:

     I resume my pen to write a short epistle to you. I have anxiously looked for a letter from. you since you left Jacksonville, by not writinig I think you have forgotten Jacksonville and all the folks that are in it but I think there is one in it who has not forgotten you. I was out at Buena Vista at the appointed time and. heard the lecture delivered by the Rev. Mr. Daugherty of that place, I had a very pleasant visit but I would have enjoyed it more if you had been there. Dougherty told me he was a going to write you on Monday. I expect he gave you a full detail of all the proceedings. I have had my studying cap on ever since you was here but I have not got it entirely off yet. Oh! my friend you must not think hard if I take the liberty to ask you what your intentions are concerning this matter that you have been waiting for me to answer. It is my wish if I reject the other not to remain in Jacksonville any length of time. Since your last visit your conversation and proposals to me has not been erased. from my mind. I shall look for an answer the first of next week. You must write if you have to write it on the anvil in the shop. Pardon me if I have done amiss by being so explicit on the time of getting married and leaving Jacksonville.

Tis To Thee.

1. Tis to Thee my heart is turning
Though the eye be cast aside,
Tis for thee bright thoughts are burning
Though to speak the lips denied.

2. Though a look of love-like seeming,
Though a word of tender tone,
From the eye or lip be beaming,
Every pulse is thine alone.

Days of absence long and dreary,
Him that I love is far away.

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