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the Andreas Histories:  Cutler's Connections

In 1882, William G. Cutler finished the extraordinary History of the State of Nebraska, an extensive history not only of the state, but of each county, and the cities, towns, and townships within those counties. The Andreas Publishing Company published this book by subscription, and a year later, offered Cutler's next book, History of the State of Kansas. These books, known as both the Andreas Histories and Cutler's Histories, included not only stories, maps, reports, and statistical information, but also many biographical sketches (which certainly didn't hurt the subscription business!).

     Over a hundred years later, EKIS/KanColl volunteers have worked long hours hand-typing these two huge volumes to bring them to the Internet. Researchers, genealogists, students, and folks who just enjoy history have found the books a treasure trove of information. But . . .

     We wondered -- what happened to the people mentioned in the book after the book was published? What else is known about them? We had heard periodically from descendants, who offered a little more information or requested a correction to the book. What if we established a special area in KanColl for this information? And that is how the Andreas Histories/Cutler's Connections pages were born.

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Here you will find anecdotes, stories, brief notes, corrections, photographs, and other material about people mentioned in the Histories. For example, Mitzi Bateman contributed a 63 page memoir written in 1904 by her great-grandfather, Watson Stewart, who was mentioned in several places in the Allen county chapter. The memoir is as much a biography of Kansas as it is an autobiography of Mr. Stewart.

     Notes and other information can be accessed through an alphabetical list, combining the two Histories, and by county, with Kansas and Nebraska counties listed separately.

     We hope that this new feature proves helpful, and if you have any information you would like to contribute, please contact us at s_stafford@prodigy.net. We're eager to include more information about the people described in the Andreas/Cutler's Histories, and this is just the place for any letters, diaries, stories, or other information you might have about a "Cutler's ancestor."

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