'Voices':  KanColl's Online Magazine
Volume II, Number 1

Kansas Weather [photograph of dark green plain, with huge white clouds rising above it against a blue sky]

'Kansas in the Dust Bowl:  We Aim to Stay' by Susan Chaffin
'Living with Dust' by Lynn Nelson
'Postcards of the Dust Bowl' contributed by Paul Dale
'The Sirens Began Wailing . . . ' by Jim Banister
'Tornado!' by Susan Stafford

Also in this issue:

'J. C. Returns Home' by Ray Downing
'Brownie, A Hobo' by Jim Sumner
Progress in Kansas: Selections from the May 1935 Issue
'A Pretty Church Wedding' contributed by John Maier

Mystery Photos
'Behind the Scenes . . . ' [with a whimsical drawing of Ezekiah the dog, our EKIS mascot]

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