Mystery Photos

Who are the people in
this photograph?

The Priscilla Girls Club

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Perhaps it's just because Hallowe'en is around the corner as this issue is being "put to press," but we're also curious about the identity of the ghostly figure (behind the back row, between the second and third woman from the left). Perhaps this was a portrait on the wall behind the group? Or....

mysterious figure

If you have any information about the photograph of these women, generously contributed by Sioux L. Stoeckle, please send to the (please mention "Mystery Photos" in your message). We appreciate any assistance you can provide!

Our thanks to Connie Dipasquale, who identified the photographs in the May-June issue of Voices as scenes of the 1951 flood in Topeka, Kansas. To see previous Mystery Photos, please click on the button below. We'd be grateful for any additional information you might have about these lost photographs.

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