A Name by Any Other Name . . .

Dick Taylor

Cutler's History of the State of Kansas (sometimes referred to as "Andreas' History") is being transcribed by Bonnie Bunce's team of volunteers, and several chapters have been installed in the Kansas Collection by John Matthews. These folks are doing a fantastic job.

Anyone looking for any of the following surnames can find their respective biographies and those of very many more early-day Kansas settlers in Cutler's book:

Abel, Cain, Christ, Lamb, Pope, Bishop, Elder, Christian, Church, Bell, Sexton, Pray, Young, Child, Flora, Grow, Flower, Rose, Thorn, Clover, Leaf, Fields, Forest, Hill, Dale, Summers, Cool, Breeze, Frisbie, Holly, Jolly, Christmas, Green, Ivey, Winters, Snow, Ball, Leap, Fast, Holler, Duck, Main, Mouser, Walt, Disney, Land, Butcher, Block, Farmer, Harness, Hoss, Clapsaddle, Beagle, Bayer, Fox, Brown, Bear, Coon, Early, Bird, Black, Crow, Beach, Sands, Marsh, Crane, Pool, Swan, Lake, Fish, Pond, Flood, Banks, Ferry, Cross, Rivers, England, Britain, Albert, Brooks, English, Feller, Shoemaker, Doctor, Mason, Carpenter, Painter, Miller, Light, Roys, Boys, Marvin, Levy, Michael, Jordan, J. Getty, Howard, Hughes, Bill Gates, Donald, Trump, Frank Gifford, Cody, Sam Hill, Wilbur, Wright, Douglas, Edwards, John, Cameron, Swayze, Frank, Reynolds, Lee, Merriweather, Glenn, Campbell, James, Taylor, Neil, Smith,

Britt, Hume, Thom, Brokaw, Peter, Jennings, David, Brinkley, Tallman, Reagan, Goodman, Humble, A. Lincoln, Dick, Nixon, Jack, Kennedy, B. Dole, Nance, Landon, Kassebaum, Patrick, Buchanan, Masters, Johnson, Seymour, Butts, Bragg, Hope, Crosby, Nash, Cary, Grant, Rockey, Roll, Robb, Burns, Edgar, Bergen, Charlie McCarthy, Rogers, Hart, Hoag, Carmichael, Cole, Porter, Irvin, Berlin, Gilbert, Sullivan, Tom Jones, Jenney, Jones, Gordon, McRae, Rick, Nelson, Paul, McCartney, Ringer, Starr, George, Harrison, Abbott, Costello, Gay, Fellows, Martin, Lewis, Drinkwater, Casebeer, Tinkler, Dean, Pees, Fountain, Waters, Budweiser, Beer, Harvey, Firestone, Oliver, Twist, Frederick, Flint, Stone, Sparks, Fuel, Cornih, Cobb, Woodburn, Cook, Bacon, Ham, Bean, Coffey, Cupp, Fry, Rice, Chew, Chestnut, Sweet, Custard, Pye, Baker, Dill, Pickler, Honey, Moon, Light, Bay, Dark, Cloud, Freelove, Darling, Bridegroom, Favorite, Friend, Felt, True, Joy, Ask, Rush, Barber, Combs, Gray, Beard,

Sisco, Kidd, Marshall, Dillon, Lawman, Boon, Hiss, Wilder, Lawless, Crooks, James Jessee, Moody, Cutter, Simpson, Jukes, Ela, Laws, Sharp, Steel, Drew, Blood, Payne, Folks, Fall, Dye, Sunday, Eves, Slaughter, Swift, Short, Hard, Savage, Work, Neighbors, Hurd, Barker, Wildman, Rode, Way, McDonald, Munsch, McLean, Burger, Eaton, Fry, Rich, Rager, Showers, Gould, Man, Nicolay, Still, Chapel, Coffin, Graves, Long, Constant, Otto, Chase, Hertzell, Furnish, White, Ford, Copple, Hunt, Cowling, Wait, See, Loose, Fleer, Ketchum, Peoples, File, Good, Strong, Case, Dumm, Meek, Little, House, Guest, Lies, Hyden, Ahse, Ecret, Glover, Gamble, Minor, Fluke, Lingo, Mess, Hurt, Officer, Furman, Cochran, Bailey, Nott, Fair, Hatch, Low, Trick, Dodge, Justice, Lyon, Idol, Owen, Wiley, Lawyer, Goodrich, Fee, Clark, Loser, Best, Reasoner, Kant, Winn, Slicer, Freeman, Rash, Rude, Nut, Walking, Riddle, Igo, Bowling, Love, Momma.

              September, 1996

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