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Editor:               Susan C. Stafford
Director:                     Dick Taylor

Special Staff Writer:    Susan Chaffin

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January - February 1997

Governor Geary's Administration in Kansas, by Dr. John S. Gihon:   produced by Connie Snyder

Kansas: Its Interior and Exterior Life, by Sara Robinson:   produced by several EKIS volunteers, including Susan C. Stafford, Lynn Nelson, Annette Hampton, Timothy Thrush, Melissa Calhoun, and Sandra Harris

Letters of Thomas Wells:   contributed by David Haury of the Kansas State Historical Society, and produced by Lynn Nelson, Marilyn Dell Brady, Don Dowdey, and Dick Taylor

Letter to Edward Beedle from Richard Smith:   contributed by Betty Ralph and Debbie Wafford, and produced by Susan C. Stafford

"Some Notes on the Wyandotte Constitutional Convention," by Kirk Mecham:   contributed by Jean Pritchard and the Kansas State Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and produced by Susan C. Stafford

The Prairie Traveler, by Capt. Randolph B. Marcy:   produced by Mary Ann Thompson, Susan C. Stafford, Jude Glad and Lynn Nelson; we also wish to recognize the earlier work of Annette Hampton, Melissa Calhoun, Sean Furniss, Lee Weller, Sandra Harris, Timothy Thrush, Don Daigle, and Steve Chinn

Autobiography of a Common Man, by Milton Beach:   contributed by Jane Soder and produced by Susan C. Stafford

Emigrant Life in Kansas, by Percy G. Ebbutt:   contributed by the Lawrence Public Library and produced by Lynn Nelson and Susan C. Stafford

Eberly's List of Unit Measures:   contributed by Barbara Walters Eberly and produced by Barbara Walters Eberly, Dick Taylor, and Susan C. Stafford

"Oysters in Kansas," by Lynn Nelson:   contributed by Lynn Nelson and produced by Susan C. Stafford

"Well-Known Visitors of Early-Day Kansas":   contributed and produced by Dick Taylor

History of the State of Kansas, by William G. Cutler:   contributed by Bonnie Bunce and produced by Bonnie Bunce, John Matthews, Dick Taylor, and a corps of dedicated and skilled volunteers (we regret that we do not have space here to list them all individually; for a partial list, please visit the EKIS main site)

"Orphan Trains of Kansas":   contributed by Connie Dipasquale and produced by Susan C. Stafford

"What's the Matter with Kansas?" by William Allen White:   contributed by Lynn Nelson and produced by Lynn Nelson and Dick Taylor

"Ride on the Zulu," by Fred Wishart:   contributed by Fred Wishart and produced by Dick Taylor and Susan C. Stafford

"SUMMERFIELD on the KC, Wyandotte, & NW RR," by Dick Taylor:   contributed and produced by Dick Taylor

"Bootleggers in Jewell County," by Mike Jacobs:   contributed by Mike Jacobs and produced by Susan C. Stafford

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