How Well Do You Know
Kansas History?

This is not your ordinary history quiz! Questions and answers are drawn from interesting facts contained in the Kansas Collection -- some are easy, but if you get them all, you're a real expert on Kansas history! (Or at least the Kansas Collection!) When you've finished the questions, just click on "Answers" to see if you got it right. Ready? Begin!

1.    If, in 1877, someone offered you an Eagle, would you take it -- and why?

2.    Railroads had a profound affect on Kansas history, not the least of which was the ability to rapidly transport freight. What food, today considered a delicacy, was easily obtained in Kansas years ago?

3.    Several Kansas counties are named after Indian tribes and nations. Name five.

4.    What do the following people have in common: William Tecumseh Sherman, Susan B. Anthony, Samuel Clemens, and Washington Irving?

5.    Pioneers heading West in the mid-1800s faced a number of perils, including hostile natives, cholera, deadly weather, and wild creatures. Name a popular cure for snakebite in the 1850s.

6.    By 1880, approximately 40,000 black people had left the South for new lives in Kansas, a wave of emigration known as "the Exodus." Who was called "the father of the Exodus?"

7.    In 1901, Governor William Stanley declared, "We cannot afford to have the state made a dumping ground for the dependent children of other states, especially New York." Rev. J. W. Swan said in 1911, "What we want is a home where the child will be treated in a rational manner and where it will be given a fair chance to develop into a useful man or woman." What were they referring to?

8.    Who wrote in 1896 (in a fit of temper said to be regretted later), "Kansas just naturally isn't in it. She has traded places with Arkansas and Timbuctoo"?

9.    What is a crummy?

10.   Early in the 20th century, John L. Sullivan advised two youngsters to give up boxing and go to college. They took his advice. One went on to become a football legend; the other, a small-town Kansas boy, did equally well in the Army. Name the boy who grew up in Kansas.

All right, pencils down! Hope you did well!

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