KanColl:  The Kansas Historical Quarterlies

Volunteering for the
Kansas Historical Quarterly project

KanColl, in partnership with the Kansas State Historical Society, is putting the 1931-77 issues of the Quarterly on the Web. Volunteers are scanning and transcribing these articles to make them freely available to anyone with access to the Internet.

You can help! Like all our projects, this is purely a volunteer effort. We need many people to help scan or type these articles into electronic files for presentation on the Internet. Participating is easy:

small blue dot    Pick an article to transcribe from this list.
small blue dot    Obtain a copy of the article from your library or from KanColl.
small blue dot    Scan or type the article.
small blue dot    Send your word processing file of the article by email to KanColl.

That's it! You'll be given credit at that article for your part in putting the Quarterlies online, with our thanks for your help. Please contact Susan Stafford at to see how you can take part in this ground-breaking project.

Many thanks to the volunteer who suggested this project to us, and to the Kansas State Historical Society, for their permission to digitize the Quarterlies in KanColl.

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