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cover of the Autumn 1977 issue     Autumn 1977

John S. Gray, "Veterinary Service on Custer's Last Campaign," p. 249.

Minnie Dubbs Millbrook, "An Old Trail Plowed Under--Hays to Dodge," p. 264.

Carolyn Berneking, "A Look at Early Lawrence: Letters From Robert Gaston Elliot," p. 282.

Harvey R. Hougen, "The Impact of Politics and Prison Industry on the General Management of the Kansas State Penitentiary," p. 297.

Donald E. Press, "Kansas Conflict: Populist Versus Railroader in the 1890's," p. 319.

James C. Juhnke, "Mob Violence and Kansas Mennonites in 1918," p. 334.

R. Douglas Hurt, "Naval Air Stations in Kansas During World War II," p. 351.

Bypaths of Kansas History: Before the Days of Deluxe Super Chief Service

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From the cover: The figures in this Picture represent Bat Masterson, left, and Wyatt Earp, obviously ready for action. The late Randy Steffen, Texas artist and author, did the original portrait in pencil and tempera from photographs and descriptions of the two lawmen. The sketch was made at the request of Gary Roberts, now of Norman, Okla., to honor Nyle H. Miller, long-time managing editor of the Quarterly and executive director of the Kansas State Historical Society, at his retirement last year. It is published here through the of Roberts, Miller, and Steffen’s widow, Dorothy A. Steffen.