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Winter 1973

Charles L. Wood, "C. D. Perry: Clark County Farmer and Rancher, 1884-1908," p. 449.

Louise Barry, "The Kansa Indians and the Census of 1843," p. 478.

Tom Holman, "William G. Coffin, Lincoln's Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the Southern Superintendency," p. 491.

Edited by Joseph G. Gambone, "The Forgotten Feminist of Kansas: The Papers of Clarina I. H. Nichols, 1854-1885," Part Four (1867-1868), p. 515.

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From the cover: A settler and Indians in a confrontation, a painting "The First Furrow," by O. C. Seltzer, courtesy the Thomas Gilcrease Institute, Tulsa, Okla.